Liverpool Football Club: LFC: Anfield: Supporters: KopTalk – REVIEW


by Rupert Insider

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) has more unofficial web sites for supporters than any other club. You can find a links to most of them by scrolling down the column on the right of this page.

Only one site is not on that list – KopTalk. If you arrived here by using a search engine, there is a good chance you will have seen a reference to it on the net. Its owner markets his site very aggressively. It is a business for him. In the process of marketing it, he makes many false claims about its size, its ranking among sites, its services and its reputation.

We do not recommend KopTalk for a number of reasons:

KopTalk is subscription only. It’s current subscription of 30 pounds per annum is very poor value in every respect compared to the 39 pounds charged by LFC’s own official site. The KopTalk price does not include VAT because the owner ignores the regulations. There is no real comparison between the LFC Official Site and KopTalk in integrity, services or quality of internet connection. KopTalk is clearly inferior – it just happens to be the only other site that charges for access.

  • KopTalk is not run by LFC supporters. The owner has a season ticket for Newcastle United and rarely attends games at Anfield. He also has an interest in developing sites for the supporters of Newcastle, Nottingham Forest and Tottenham Hotspur. He, himself, comes from Yorkshire, where he supported Leeds United, and now lives near Newcastle. Much of his editorial input into KopTalk is a form of carping criticism, or informing-on and mockery-of LFC – its owners, directors, senior executives and players.
  • The owner of KopTalk has built his business on the claim that he provides exclusive news, whispers, rumours and other information from Anfield and from the LFC training ground at Melwood and from the Academy. In 2006, the highest officials at LFC denied his claims and disassociated the club from him and KopTalk. He has never had access to any section of the club and never will.
  • The news he publishes on his site is almost always taken without permission and without attribution from other media outlets, including LFC’s official site. He invents much of the rumour he publishes by using false user-names which he claims are his anonymous informers.  He has used this technique for years to justify charging fees and to generate hits.  It typifies his manipulation of the affection and interest LFC supporter have for their club – especially if they are young or far away.  They have a right to expect that a site claiming to represent the interest of LFC supporters will be honest.
  • If you want information about LFC it is quicker and more reliable to get it where he gets it – directly from individual media outlets or from news services such as News Now or from the LFC Official Site.
    • Many, if not most, of the people who were users of his site at the beginning of 2006 have abandoned it and now use other sites or have started their own. They include those who were fully paid-up members, honourary members and  those who used his free forums. The free forums fell into disuse and were closed on 5th September 2006. He now hopes that people like you will discover his site through search engines and buy a membership “site” unseen, to coin a phrase, or as a pig in a poke.
    • We strongly recommend you visit the other sites first. They are all free. They all provide the same or better services than KopTalk and a lot more authenticity. Many of them are much more informative about the history of the club, player statistics, team formations and tactics and various public causes important to supporters of the club. Many of them provide better information about live links to games, videos and photographs, eyewitness accounts of games, information and gossip from people at the club or closely ssociated with it as well as lively forums and chat rooms. All these sites are genuine LFC communities – each with their own character and tone but all part of the Anfield “crowd”.
    • If you want to understand why KopTalk has a bad reputation among Liverpool supporters and at LFC, please read the archives on this blog.

    (This is a public service Review designed to be found by search engines using the terms in the title).

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    4 Responses to “Liverpool Football Club: LFC: Anfield: Supporters: KopTalk – REVIEW”

    1. rupertinsider Says:

      I hope regular Blog readers understand that this Review is directed at users of search engines. The titles of Blog articles have good visibility in search engines such as Google and are likely to be seen by anyone looking for a site.

    2. Macker Says:

      Good stuff lads,
      was around Koptalk since the early years along with Teamtalk YS and have seen the good and the bad……..I for one am delighted to finally see it being brought to its knees..
      Took great pleasure in not renewing..

    3. Giles Says:

      Great use of the phrase ‘pig in a poke’.

    4. Mug Says:

      Hi there,
      Ur blog almost lists all other liverpool blogs and webs. Thanks.
      It seems you r using google adsense. Try adbrite as well by clicking here×125-1-white

      It is allowed to use both. So u can give it a try:-)

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