Another blog victory – Koptalk close the "free" forums

Further to my last post where Koptalk owner Duncan Oldham had seemingly merged the Gold and Insider clubs into one, it now seems he’s gone much further than that.

He’s closed down his main forum.

Visitors who go to his http://www.koptalk.*rg/forums site now get this message in plain black text on a plain white background –

KOPTALK is a members only website. To become a member, please follow this link –>>

This forum is the one that had seen such an increase in members over the summer that he had to upgrade his server to a new, ten-thousand-pounds-a-year server.

And remember, Dunk only takes money off people who want a bit extra, 99.9% of content is free blah blah blah.

As far as I am concerned, this is a victory for the blog, a major milestone on the journey towards making Dunk do one of two things. Either come clean or pack up.

So far, he’s refusing to come clean.


9 Responses to “Another blog victory – Koptalk close the "free" forums”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Get in!!!!!!!!!

    Hahahahah fatty twatty. You are getting what you deserve! Not just for ripping off thousands of Lfc fans, but for ripping people off who paid you money for dodgy sky cards, for ripping off your kids by using them as a tool in your stupid con and for ripping off your own family members, espically Lauren.

    Well done insider and rupert! Lets keep this fight going until he admits his lies or packs it all in.

  2. Phil T Says:

    This is excellent news and reward for all the hard work you’ve put in.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden the forums are re-opened but todays news should act as a motivator for this blog to push on. Harder, further, faster.

    The fat bastard is breaking down under the pressure and is making chronically stupid decisions. I look forward to watching him break further still!

    Bye Dunk.

  3. Sinon Says:

    I think that the straw which broke the camels back (in respect to the free forums at least) was this, posted last night at 8pm, 16 times in every forum! Dunk closed the site immediately (ok….20 minutes later when he had stopped surfing for porn and eaten his deep fried mars bar) and has since decided to scrap the free forums.

    Well done everyone!

    Posted by RossNoble:

    Hi there, I’m new here and would like to ask a few questions!

    (check out http://www.koptalk dash

    If you are wondering where everyone is, such as Ryan, Piedro, FFF, Rosco et al and wondering why the place is dead, check out their new site http://www.six crazy (without the spaces, Dunk doesn’t allow the truth), or visit the equally excellent http://www.est (again without the space) for the old regulars from the Insider, i.e the people who actually know what is happening at Anfield. I’m not affiliated to either site or the blog so I’m just helping you out!

    I’ve never been banned from this site under another guile but I’d like to just ask a few things, which your members may not be aware of:

    Mr Oldham,:

    Why did you wear that Sun hat when you knew about the boycott already?
    Where is the Peter Crouch tape you claim to have?
    Why did you lie and say you’d been talking to Steven Gerrard?
    As someone who hates foreigners, how do you justify pretending to be their friends whilst fleecing them for their money?
    Why did you lie about meeting Rick Parry.
    Why do you rip your users off by banning them without reason?
    Why are we jealous if we aren’t running another LFC site?
    How can sites be your rivals if you have no rivals?
    Why do you create misleading headlines for News Now?
    Why do you hate Fowler so much?
    Why do you hate Crouch so much?
    Why do you pretend to be “The Informer”, “wallet”, “Anfield Mole”, “barry” and “Pat McCat” amongst others?
    Why do you say and do so many anti-LFC things if you support LFC?
    Why do you make up staff members?
    Why do you lie about abuse of your kids from others?
    Why do you not have custody of your kids all week – is that because of abuse from you?
    Why do you steal domain names?
    Why do you pretend you’ve got more visitors than you really have?
    Why do you pretend to have season tickets at Anfield but refuse to provide any proof?
    Why do you pretend to have competitions for XBoxes when you’ve not actually got one to give away, never mind three?
    Why do you ban people for asking questions like “Where’s my Book?”?
    Why do you make ‘jokes’ on your podcast about sleeping with your daughers 12 year old friends?

    If you come across this thread (it will be deleted instantly by Stalag KopTalk so you will be lucky!) then visit http://www.********.com/ for the ‘truth’ (please take a few weeks to read everything, I was once gullible enough to believe these lies – and then make your decision)

    Duncan Oldham has and is being looking into for charity fraud, breaching Premier League rules, tax evasion and much much more – I won’t bore you all with the details!

    As a final point, please Dunk stop using your poor children as pawns in your money making scheme – its sick. If someone has emailed threatening them – report it to the police! After you do that, simply refund all your members and take the ill gotten gains you have already taken, and close down the site. As you promised.

  4. Chunka Says:

    I think in times like this it is time to raise a pint of Woodpecker and Chink the glass of the insider.

    We’re getting there………

  5. univofchicago Says:

    Well done Insider, Rupert, Sawyer & the rest! This is just the start!

    Very few people are going to signup anymore – they will want to learn more about the membership before committing. Now that the free forums are gone, they will most likely turn to GOOGLE for more info…And as we all know GOOGLE directs one to…the one and only INSIDER BLOG!!

    Killing two birds with one stone I say…

  6. The Jackal Says:

    I think he’s ‘rebranding’ precisely because the ‘Insider’ name is permanently damaged. The ‘new’ pay forum won’t be called the Insider.

    Also significant that he’s talking about the membership fee as a ‘donation’ to server costs and stressing that no-one is being paid a salary. Of course the Inland Revenue won’t be fooled by a name change and it won’t take them long after they secure the records from his ISP to work out exactly how much of his past five years revenue has gone undeclared.

    It’s a nice easy afternoons work for the taxman.

  7. univofchicago Says:

    “I think he’s ‘rebranding’ precisely because the ‘Insider’ name is permanently damaged. The ‘new’ pay forum won’t be called the Insider.”

    Interesting. What will it be called then? The Gold Club? Then this blog should change its name to Gold Club Blog to maintain its GOOGLE ranking me thinks..hehe

  8. lobster Says:

    down with fatty, down!

  9. penman Says:

    maybe I missewd this bit – but what was your Koptalk user name again?

    You’ve done a lot of work on this site, so stand up and be counted…


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