Oldham on why he uses his kids on his site

Still no justification for his use of paedophillia as a subject for a joke, but Dunk was asked about why he uses his kids on his sites so much if he’s genuinely bothered about their safety. If they are genuinely the subject of threats…

dbphase Gold Member
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Re: F’n Beautiful post Dunk..!” [Re: Shehzad]
#1631008 – 03/09/06 09:18 AM Reply

Im not one to normally comment on the politics of websites, but I am saddened to lean that your kids have had problems. One thing I must say tho, is why then keep them in the public eye? Why publish their pics, their names and even give them jobs as mods? Surely this only makes it easier for them to be open to any type of abuse? The same goes for Steve, he’s always featuring in pics and vids, making him instantly recognisable to certain people. In fact the only person we don’t see much of these days is your good self. If you’re too worried to show yourself on this site these days, surely you should give the same security to your family? I’m sorry if this sounds out of order, I don’t intend to be, but knowing forum-style websites like I do, if I had one meself, my kids woldn’t be anywhere near it.

“In fact I’m going to make a promise which will be welcomed by many. If there’s no finance secured by the opening day of the season, I’m going to hang up my keyboard and close KOPTALK down.” Dunk, 29/03/06
(Note the sig – it’s mentioned later…)
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Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: F’n Beautiful post Dunk..!” [Re: dbphase]
#1631033 – 03/09/06 10:25 AM Reply

There’s something wrong if we can’t post family pics etc. Having to blur out faces would be a bit sad. It’s always been a family thing here, that’s just the way it is. And as for worried about showing myself, everyone knows what I look like, my pics have been used on here loads of times. It’s just that I use the equipment because there’s only me who knows the kind of stuff I want. Even when I got married at Anfield we put all the photos on. We just never anticipated that we’d attract stalkers. When we met Richt at York I didn’t put a bag over my head.

It’s a family run website and my kids enjoy taking part. There’s no way I’m going to tell them they can’t contribute because of a couple of clowns.

As for names, people who know us have often said “How’s Charlotte?” etc. It’s impossible to retain privacy. What you say makes sense but when your kids have been on TV (Sky Sports etc) and in the papers in relation to the site, what do you do, ask them to blank out their faces because of some muppets?

As I said, your post makes some sense. Maybe I’ve been naive. Maybe I didn’t think people would ever stoop so low to frighten kids. Although they won’t be walking around with duvets over their heads Michael Jackson style, they won’t be involved as much as they have been. We just never knew how big the site would become. It was never intended to be anything more than a bit of fun, a hobby.

PS: The sig… I never said which season (that’s his answer to the quote about jacking it all in if we don’t get investment. Great answer Dunk.)
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Re: F’n Beautiful post Dunk..!” [Re: Dunk]
#1631090 – 03/09/06 11:55 AM Reply
Sorry mate but I’d have to disagree too, think it would be quite sensible and easy to keep your children out of the public eye, especially if theyve had nightmares. My opionion of the internet is that it is a dodgy place with all sorts of dodgy people, and not the kind of place for children.

can i just say to clarify, there’s no harm posting family pics if it’s kind of privately between the family, but koptalk is a HUGE community of people you don’t know anything about. they’re too young to be in the public eye mate.

It’s fair enough what you’ve said, sure, but i was intrigued about what was going on so took a look at the blog to see what the other side is (bad me! ), but they’re saying there as been no threats and youve made them up ?? – and if there is then they’ll help find the persetrators, id take up the offer mate. this is a VERY serious matter and the bloggers know it too and will help you find whoever doctored those photos you say you have received.

other than that keep up the good work mate, loved all the melwood stuff
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Now, rather than answer himself, he tells Steve what to say for him…
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Re: F’n Beautiful post Dunk..!” [Re: Dunk]
#1631091 – 03/09/06 11:55 AM Reply

Best have a word with Rafa and the lads and tell them not to involve their kids whenever we win a cup.

If we had a lense wide enough I’d snap the boss every day. He’s not as good looking as me though

Does anyone actually understand that? Still, take note briefly what it says. “If WE had a lense wide enough I’d snap the boss every day.” If Koptalk had a lense wide enough, STEVE would take a picture of Rafa every day. Actually Steve you wouldn’t – Dunk won’t let anyone else use the camera! Pay attention please. And he’s back for some more…
ST3 KopTalk Editor
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Re: F’n Beautiful post Dunk..!” [Re: MH42748]
#1631098 – 03/09/06 12:14 PM Reply
We’ve moved on mate. Dunk just posted about he could handle the flack given by other websites but that he was concerned that some people had started to target his kids and family with prank calls, nasty letters and so on. We don’t mind if they want to diss Dunk and I but the kids have been scared recently. The issue had to be raised

I think we can safely say that Dunk’s had an earbashing from someone in the family about his paedo joke and about the fake stories about his kids. I hope we can anyway, because if they can’t condemn him for the bullshit on that front then they are as bad as he is.


As for Dunk’s “explanation” – what do you think? Should he keep his kids off his site if they’ve been threatened? Should he put hits first? Couldn’t he take photos of them so that they are “involved” as he puts it, but use other ones on the site instead? Simple enough ideas really, but that’s just my view.

Maybe someone should report the threats for him – if they are real then the people who look at these things will investigate for him. If not then he’ll have a bit of explaining to do. Especially if they find out about the paedo jokes.


18 Responses to “Oldham on why he uses his kids on his site”

  1. Peter Says:

    “If WE had a lense wide enough I’d snap the boss every day.”

    Doesn’t that make koptalk the type of stalkers that they are now moaning about???

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I think “snapping the boss” was referring to Steve taking a pic of the fat thief

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider Insider – you have mail – please take a look.

  4. The Oracle Says:

    Personally, I don’t see the reason WHY he has to include his children in the running of the website.

    What do his children have to do with Liverpool FC? If they are fans of LFC, fine, then you can mention that, but why include them on the website on a regular basis?

    Justs shows that his website is more about him and his family than LFC.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    “Do you know one anti-KT site even suggested my daughter who was 6 at the time, should be kidnapped and raped? That’s how nice some of these people are.”

    Taken verbatim from his December 2005 rant as posted in full by Ian in the comments section under the “Still Cryin… ….” article.

    So if he does not want to show us the so-called threatening emails or whatever, perhaps he can name the site, the poster, the date and provide the url to whoever suggested that his 6 year old daughter be kidnappe and raped?

    He did keep those important details didn’t he – any father would!

  6. Chunky Says:

    ” It’s just that I use the equipment because there’s only me who knows the kind of stuff I want.”

    So Steve can drive and admin a website but can’t operate a camera? Yer just a coward fatboy.

  7. Tom Says:

    That’s such a serious issue that any responsible parent would take the evidence straight to the police. But then we’re talking of someone who suffers from munchhausen syndrome…

  8. stu Says:

    When ste says hed snap the boss – he means his boss dunk, not rafa – implying that hes having a laugh a what a fat cunt dunk is and that ste is better looking than him. Bit nit picjy for you to comment so deeply on that when you didnt even get it.

    Although in all fairness it was a shit joke and they are both lying toothless bastards.

    This blog is fantastic. What a total cock dunk is.

    Have you read on est1892 about the “ive just spoke to rafa” comments – amazing. This man doesnt deserve to run a website. Dickhead.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ..” – or “you can’t stop talking about what is sin your heart”.

    Oldham can’t seem to stop talking about the rape of his daughter, paedophile neighbours, jokes about his own paedophilia, lectures about how child rape is understandable when you get to his age ………………….there is something fishy going on.

    Surely it is time for some professional third-parties to take a look to see if his kids are in danger from his exposing them on the internet and his constant references to them in these perverted contexts and his using of them to deflect attention from his tax doding, benfit cheating and other shady business practices.

  10. txtoto Says:

    “We just never knew how big the site would become. It was never intended to be anything more than a bit of fun, a hobby.”

    Funny that once the site became big and he started making money that he still involved his kids. Its bulshit to use this reasoning as once the site was no longer a hobby he should have removed his kids from it, allowing them to stay on is just stupid.

  11. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks for pointing out I’d not got Steve’s / dunk’s joke. I expect Dunk was either typing or dictating, because Steve’s writing isn’t the best. Not that Dunk’s is the best. Dunk’s always calling Rafa “The Boss”, a part of his make-believe familiarity with Rafa. But of course he’ll expect to be called “The Boss” when addressed by Steve.

    I should take some time off from blogging until my brain works again. I never knew how big this blog would become – it was never intended to be anything more than a bit of fun, a pisstake.

    Help! I’m turning into fatty.

  12. Tom Says:

    Go on a diet and get to the gym quick then!

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    txtoto: It is not true. In 1999 he was working part-time on KT as Colin Seamen did all the technical set-up work. Oldham wanted to turn it into a profit centre as fast as possible and Seamen did not. When they split Oldham went full-time. His daughter would have been 5 or 6 then. In fact he said even then she had been raped at school. None of us knew he had a daughter because he also claimed to live and run his KT business from a one-room “flat”. He had a live web cam on. There was never any sight of children or even a wife. His son was not born or was a small infant.

    So he introduced his kids to the site after he made the decision to make KT a full-time business. His wife became his full-time assistant. At some point she seems to have split – at least from the business.

    Why are we even discussing his family? Because he shoves it down our throats when we log into his site for news about LFC. He revs it up when he is being investigated. He uses it as a decoy to draw atention away from his lies about LFC and his dodgy business and accounting practices.

    But whoel recognsisign hsi tactics, it should be said that he seems to need to boast that he made kids – and seems to need to be meladramatic about defending them from paedophiles and others – most normal dad’s would do that as a matter of course, msot normal dad’s would not expose them to danger in the way he has.

    But since he draws our attention to this apsect of his life, we are entittled to comment – that there is something very odd goign on. Most fathers do not continually talk about child rape, use their daughers name in paedophiliac jokes braodcasts to “tens of thousands” – according to his boast last week – and go on and on about child rapists.

    The red flas are flying. Someone ougt to check him out.

  14. Fred Says:

    I agree that it’s repulsive the way Dunk uses his family when he feels threatened, but occasionally this blog loses focus and I think it’s doing that at the moment. Perhaps I could respectfully suggest that less frequent, but more substantial / significant posts would have greater impact?

    Although Dunk’s repugnant use of his children is disturbing I’m not sure that the blog will achieve a great deal by repeatedly referring to this issue. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t highlight it, but it seems to have become the main focus of the blog during the last few days and it may work in Dunk’s favour. Dunk says on KT “They’re attacking my kids”, then people come over here and read the recent blog entries which are about Dunk’s kids (or more specifically Dunk’s (ab)use of his kids). Some people will concur with Oldham’s account.

    Again, I repeat – I think the issue is worthy of discussion, but perhaps interspersed with some of the other points of contention. After all – we all hate Dunk for different reasons! 😉

  15. Cy Says:

    It is well to remember that (according to what I once read) about one third of the population suffers some degree of clinically definable mental illness at some time on their life. Also, it is easy for the fortunate people who never have mental dysfunction to miss what is going on. It is no good looking for logic in the behaviour of a person who is imbalanced. An ill person can seem to straighten up and fly right for a bit but then goes off half-cocked on some aspect. A typical mistake which an ill person makes is to make an inappropriate remark intended as humour. It is also well to remember that many a true word is spoken in jest, whether deliberately or not. Of course, I do not know anything about this case. I know all about my own case. I recognise the face of a person from TV atop the page. I never liked that sort of entertainment show. Kindly delete my comment after a day or two. cyquick.wordpress.com

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks Tom – I need to find a gym with wi-fi access so that I can blog from the side of the pool.

    Fred – I understand what you’re saying. In fact maybe it’s time to list again the reasons why people do have a problem with Dunk.

    Rather than a list from each person, it would be useful if people could pick one reason, above all else, why they dislike Dunk or Koptalk. “Hate” is a strong word.

    If anyone knows of a site where you can create polls that can be posted onto a site like this, let me know – maybe we can do a poll to see just what really does bother most people.

    The issue of posting too much on the blog keeps cropping up, but then I get people saying that we are posting the right amount. With more contributors now the blog probably will get more updates than before. Would anyone be willing to put a weekly summary together for those that don’t have time read it all? A mixture of topics covered, along with links, and perhaps extracts of the most interesting comments. If anyone fancies the idea, drop me a line.

  17. Tom Says:

    On the kids
    Tirsly on the kids issue, I would make a section on this. Something along the lines of the readme section. Carefully collate all the material on it and your considered responses and then whenever he brings his kids into it, just point to the section.

    I would start the section with a repeat of your offer to track down the miscreants that are supposedly sending the offending material.

    Dunk Topics
    oooh so many to choose from:

    1) lies about inside contacts and influence at the club – got to be pretty high up. Rupert’s Keystone. It’s the basis of his profits. It erodes the respected brand of the club and rips-off liverpool fans at the same time.

    2) Overlapping with the above. Tracking his lies and cut and paste activities from other sites.

    3) His support for the S*n. His comments on hillsborough etc.

    4) His Newcastle connections. His Leeds connections. His spurs connections. The fact that he’s not a liverpool fan.

    4) His offensive, racist and misogynist comments.

    5)His attacks on other sites. Cybersquatting etc.

    6) His illegal activities.

    I’m sure that others can make a better fist of teasing out the many threads of Dunkin’s obnoxious activities but this a start for you.

  18. Fred Says:

    ‘Rather than a list from each person, it would be useful if people could pick one reason, above all else, why they dislike Dunk or Koptalk. “Hate” is a strong word.’

    I agree, hate is probably the wrong word – perhaps ‘loathe’?

    There are many reasons why I have no respect for Dunk, some of them are minor irritations, some are quite disturbing. The main reason I dislike Dunk is because he interferes with the KT forums so much that sensible discourse becomes impossible. It would be a much better site if he left it alone. I don’t particularly object to paying for membership of a forum (it’s my money after all!), even if it isn’t quite what it said on the tin, but I hate (there’s that word again) being constantly patronised by some intellectually challenged oaf.

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