It’s not just Dunk who does videos…


12 Responses to “Video”

  1. Adam Says:

    I can’t believe I ever game £26 to this idiot.
    Forgetting the sick joke, it sounds like the most amateur shit I’ve ever heard.

    Let’s hope Steve grows up soon before he wastes his life.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    Where are all the Dunk apologists who hammered this blog for bringing the family talk up?

    If there is anyone who has been shamefully and necessarily bringing family talk , it’s Duncan Oldham.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise needs their head examined.

  3. Ste Says:

    The piece of lowlife scum. How could anyone even contemplate a joke like that if, as he says, his daughter had been raped?

    What a piece of pondlife.

  4. txtoto Says:

    bloody sick


  5. JK Says:

    I was due to sign up for koptalk membership. Just as well I stumbled across this site to learn the truth about koptalk.

    Thank you

  6. andyhanrahan Says:

    lads get a life ye seem to be more concerned with koptalk than liverpool

  7. Lindsay Says:

    No, we’re concerned about fellow Liverpool fans getting ripped off by this scum. He’s using the name of our club to line his pockets and promote the s*n.

  8. sawyerinsider Says:

    JK, and for anyone else interested for that matter, you’ve made an excellent choice, and we’re glad that this blog has helped you to learn the truth about KoptalkInsider. It is a scam, pure and simple.

    Regardless even if it wasn’t a scam, the site is absolutely dead. Some startup sites, such as Est1892 and Sixcrazyminutes are busier these days. Just looking on there a few minutes ago and nobody is posting anymore. The rant from Friday may have been a final nail in the coffin for Dunk. Never seen the site so dead. Well done everybody!

  9. Another KT Mug Says:

    If you have iTunes go to the KopTalk podcast page and report a concern. Tell Apple how disgusted you are that they actively promote podcasts that joke about paepophilia. This is not just a KT issue.

  10. pdjrwordpresscom Says:

    family talk should be keep within the family.
    it’s a shame on you idiot.

  11. Tom Says:

    Hilarious pod cast. Mr creosote’s speech is slurred – obviously been using KTers subs to buy more woodpecker………

  12. aboutmakingmoney Says:

    oh man that is sick. You can’t joke about things like this especially with all the news and stuff about pedophiles.

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