Still lying, still crying; nobody's buying.

I’ve had rough few days just recently. Whilst you lot were excitedly waiting for the latest news on Lucas Neill coming from Blackburn, and some of you were hoping in vain that Daniel Alves was a secret last minute signing, I’ve been stuck in hospital. Nothing major, just some surgery that I’ve been waiting for now for some time. No teletex in hospital, no internet (well there was, but I didn’t want to pay 4p per minute to use it, tight-fisted git that I am!) and the only newspapers I saw were all left around by other patients. As if it was some plot to get at me, the papers left lying around were all the one that should be burned. Yes, that one. It wasn’t a hospital in Liverpool that I went to by the way. And I seemed to miss the person delivering papers each time he came, either because I was asleep or was in the middle of having a needle stuck somewhere…

Prior to going in to hospital I didn’t have time to do much more with the blog than approve comments. I had some real work to do, and despite what people might think I don’t let the blog get in the way of that. I’m writing this now with bits of tissue stuffed up my nose in an attempt to stop the bleeding. I’m not allowed to lie down. The pain killers I’m on are quite cool though, they make me feel light-headed and woozy, although they don’t really get rid of the pain.

My next blog will be all about the NHS and the way they kick people out of hospital too soon because of the lack of beds!

Enough about me. I wasn’t even going to write anything for the blog this weekend but I read something from Oldham that couldn’t really be ignored. He’s had a busy week this week by all accounts. Desperation is a word that springs to mind. Too little too late is a phrase that springs to mind too.

I had a friend use my insider login to keep an eye on Oldham and to copy some stuff for me, but it’s hard to know where to start. Last Saturday Oldham was at Anfield for the match. He went to the museum on Sunday and Melwood on Monday. After that it goes a bit hazy for me. One thing I do remember him saying is that he had to rush to take photos of training at Melwood through a hole in the fence, and that he’d also visited his gran. I think he was staying at his uncle’s too.

I’ll try and get something more organised up about his last-ditch attempts to rescue his site, but I needed to address the lying fat parasite’s latest bullshit-infested rant. And that’s before I start on the 236 unread emails!
This rant had the subject of “For those who said thanks”. As you can imagine though, anyone who said thanks  is soon forgotten as Oldham launches into his rant about the blog and anyone else who has upset his cosy little world.

Apologies about my reply here if it goes off course a bit – I don’t feel quite myself at the moment so it might sound like I’m more angry than normal with Oldham. Maybe I am! It’s all so unneccessary though – if only he could have been honest at some stage this summer. And get a brew before you start reading – it’s a very long rant this one…

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For those who said thanks
#1629861 – Fri Sep 01 2006 03:00 PM

It’s 1.45pm and I’ve just got up. I’m shattered… just don’t tell Steve as he thinks I’m working at home (A minor issue, but he even lies to his trusted partner. Even Steve can’t trust fatty!)

I’m going to HQ in a few minutes and will spend the day adding the other stuff for you and then we’ll do a podcast today about it all. You might find it interesting. (Interesting to know where he’s travelling from to get to “HQ” – he’s told so many stories over the summer about where he actually lives it’s hard to say. I’ve now got a copy of the Land Registry entry for 5 Swan Avenue, kindly provided by a reader of the blog. It seems the house belongs to Maria Clare Oldham, who it seems bought it on July 22nd 2003. It was worth “under £60,000” at the time. It also mentions Halifax PLC, I assume this means they are the people who the mortgage is paid to. So why do the kids live in Scarborough, if Maria’s house is in Newcastle? It doesn’t really matter where Oldham lives though – 5 Swan Avenue is the base for / caboodlenetwork / chavgames / spursarmy / upthetoon and so on. It’s the place to serve any legal documents against Oldham’s many-named cons.)

Over the summer I have taken a lot of stick and abuse. (All founded too, in my opinion. It’s not so much stick and abuse though, as fact and comment). We made the brave decision that we needed to enforce a zero tolerance policy on the site relating to abuse and silly posts etc. I’m not talking about banter, I’m talking about things that overstep the mark. (He’s talking about things that might let other members know how questionable he is as a person, as a Liverpool fan, as a man taking money off them all the time.)

As a result some members have left and a few more tag on as they’re friends. (He means “THEIR” not “THEY’RE”) That’s understandable. It doesn’t bother me because I’m only concerned in the people who want to be here. (To say some members have left is true – a lot have indeed left. Some others were banned, certainly in the earlier part of summer. In fact the earlier members who were banned were actually still unsure of how true this blog was, and were really asking Dunk some simple questions. It would have taken very little for him to convince some members to stay on board, but his paranoid antics saw members banned. His loss, their gain.)

Rival sites and blogs have been created over the summer. (This blog is not a rival. Intentionally so. I have made sure that wherever possible I plug all other LFC sites. There’s a load of links to the right, some in other places, I want all LFC sites other than Koptalk to thrive. We are blessed as LFC fans with the number of sites we have. I tried searching for fan sites for both Spurs and Newcastle earlier in the summer to compare them to Dunk’s now demised fan sites for those two clubs. There’s very little out there for those clubs. Maybe it’s related to trophies won or something, but fans of Spurs and Newcastle are not given much choice. Dunk’s continued claim that this blog is a rival site is quite funny. Or maybe he meant “Blogs and Rival Sites” – I doubt it – in which case he doesn’t see the blog as a rival. The only two new sites I know of that have started over the summer started for good reasons, and he in many ways caused it. One of the sites was targetted by him last Friday when he got his mum to phone up one of the founders to make some threats. Around the same time he made threats by phone against one of his former members. Both calls went to the workplaces of those involved, and there is no way they could have come from anyone other than Koptalk. The two new sites from this summer are, which is now (loosely speaking) the home of former members of the koptalkinsider.coN forums, and which is in a similar way now the home of former members of the free forums. I’d recommend you check these sites out when you get chance – both are free (in money terms and speech terms). Now for what Dunk feels about them…) For some reason they feel the need to target our members here. (I’ve no knowledge whatsoever what either of these two sites have done to “target” Dunk’s remaining few members. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE OLDHAM?”) Again, I can handle that. However, there is an unwritten rule in life that you should never involve someone’s family. (And here, once again, is the start of Dunk’s lies about his family being threatened by people. A big fat lie.)

During the last few months we have been receiving prank calls, hate mail, threatening emails and so on. (Prank calls I can believe – Dunk is such a big joke of a so-called Liverpool supporter that he’s an ideal target for a prank call or two. Remember – a prank call is a harmless joke, so unless his sense of humour is as poor as his diet he shouldn’t have a problem with that. If anyone’s recorded one send it on to us! Hate Mail? I actually doubt anyone’s sent “hate” mail. I expect he’s had a lot of complaints though. In fact I know he’s had a lot of complaints. I’ve only heard of two instances where anyone got a refund from him. I’ve heard him ignoring most complaints, and telling others that if they have to complain then they aren’t welcome! Threatening emails? What kind of threats? That the sender will go to Trading Standards? I’ve got the address now for the correct person to write to now at Trading Standards – write to me if you need it. That’s the type of threat he’s had, but other than that I expect he’s upset some pretty angry people with his taking of their money for reasons different to what he said he was taking it for! All are to be expected I think you’ll find. And none of those have come from me, I’ve not emailed him for ages now.) Fine, it comes with the territory. It only reinforces our belief that who is responsible shouldn’t be here as a member or members. (I’m glad he sees it that way. People who want to complain about the lack of things like Insider information, goal clips, feed information, competitions where the prizes actually get delivered, lotto tickets that actually get bought, like the pools tickets and so on – all of these people aren’t welcome? What he means is, as long as you’ll hand over your money, and be happy with whatever you get, not daring to question it, you’re welcome. Or for short – he only wants “mugs”.)

(Here comes the bullshit.) What isn’t fine is that they have targeted my disabled cousin Lauren and her family. (Who’s targetted Lauren then Oldham? Nobody. Or at least, nobody except you. You tried to get money for Lauren, and fair enough she’s had a tough time, but the piece of scum you are, you had it paid into your mum’s account. Then you skimmed off what you wanted for yourself. I’d like to see you prove otherwise. If you haven’t then you’ll be happy to get an independent accountant to look at your records and to prove that every penny went to Lauren. If you’ve something to hide then you’ll be too frightened to do this. I expect to see a report from an accountant within a week that proves you’ve not been skimming any of that money for Lauren.) They have targeted my mother, a widow and they have targeted my children who have been really scared over the last few weeks. (Who’s targetted your mother? Apart from the fact that she’s an accessory in your theft of funds from Lauren’s collection, who would need to target her? Still no proof of what’s been done is there? Another lie really. Same with your kids. If you are so worried about them why do you still post their pictures on the internet? Why do you get your daughter to chat to other members on your forum? Why do you make claims like the next one without ever providing one shred of evidence? Because you are lying. Again.) They are 6 and 13 yet someone thinks it is funny to manipulate photos of them and publish their address on the internet. They’ve been frightened. (You published their address on the internet. You were ranting about a paedophile. You said he lived next door to your kids. You linked to the story about him, which also included his address. Dickhead – you published their address! Does Maria know how much of an arse you are? You frightened your kids if they have been frightened – by inventing threats in an attempt to keep people in your family on your side. They still trust you, but for how much longer?)

As a father they come first before anything so I have been considering my next move. My 6 year old lad Robbie came into my bedroom a couple of weeks ago at 3am and said “Dad, I’ve had a nightmare that the internet people have broken in to the house”. It wasn’t nice to see and my first reaction was that someone’s going to get their knees shot out. (Two things. 1) Your son didn’t have any such nightmare, you are making it up. 2) You love your threats of gangland violence don’t you? Truth be told though, you’re a softarse soft in the head, you’d run a mile if anyone shouted “boo” within five feet of you.)

Do I jack it in (after a year’s notice) or do I advance? (You said in March that you’d jack it in at the start of the season if there was no investment. You didn’t. You’ve threatened for years that you’ll jack it all in, but nobody believes you any more.) Firstly I don’t need to provide any of KopTalk. I could have retired when I was 25 when the huge companies were throwing money at the internet before the .com bubble burst. (Broken record) Instead I bought some properties for our family and my mum. (Maria bought the house that has the Koptalk shed, and bought it with a mortgage. Bit more bullshit?) Basically we’re secure. Not rich, but we’re secure. (That’s a new one – he usually swings from super-rich to super-poor) Maybe some people don’t like the fact that someone’s done ok for themselves (and this was pre-Insider/GC website days). (Funnily enough, prior to the Insider and Gold Club, Dunk was given money by footymad to produce content for them. Next thing you know, he decided they weren’t giving him enough money. That’s when he started his insider site off. He decided he’d keep the best of his made-up stuff for the insider website, which he’d get money for directly. This meant footymad were kept out of things. One of Dunk’s many rip-offs, this time he ripped-off footymad.)

The reason that KopTalk continues is because I love what we do. (No, the reason it has continued over the years is because it’s made money for Oldham. Cash-in-hand in most cases, nothing declared, he can still – so it seems – claim benefits whilst continuing with this “unwaged” job. At least he thought he could. Time for readers of this blog to write in numbers to the DWP and so on. Why? It’s time he paid Liverpool fans back again.) It’s supposed to be fun and it is to us. I absolutely love interacting with Reds from all over the world every day of the week. We source all the news for them to try and save them doing it. We like to think that we’re helping them. It gives great satisfaction. (It makes him money to steal every other news story from the internet. That’s where the “great satisfaction” comes from. Instead of the original site, the one who pays the reporter’s wages, getting the money from the ads next to their articles, their articles are seen alongside Dunk’s mad pop-ups. Theft, pure and simple. Some malware is designed to change the ads people see on legitimate sites with ads belonging to the distrubutors of the malware. Dunk is effectively doing the same himself.) Other sites carry adverts alongside their content, they rely on that for their income. In fact that’s what Dunk says to anyone who suse

The primary aim of KopTalk is to survive, to exist. Nobody, including myself, receives a wage. Steve works 7 days a week from 7am until after midnight, both of us usally do. It’s our life. He gets a roof over his head, I bought him a car which benefits the site and he doesn’t go without. We work as a team. (Those claims of no wages again. Steve got a Ford Ka off Dunk instead of wages. He gets other benefits, as Dunk does. Plasma tellies aren’t cheap! And how does Dunk manage to run his Mercedes, as well as updating the car every couple of years if he has no wage? All this bullshit is getting smelly now. It’s time he declared the truth to those who matter. Perhaps the accountant he hires to prove he’s not stolen money from Lauren will help him to put all of this down on paper and make it above board. Maybe he’ll help him to explain this ten quid discount for cash sent through the post. In the mean time perhaps the benefits people and the tax people need to find things out. Again – readers should report him to those authorities if they feel strongly enough.)

On the net you read all this [oops] about me and I’ll respond through my book which will be out this season. (No it won’t. There is no book, never has been, never will be. Dunk says he needs to write his responses in his book rather than on the net. He says he has to spill the beans on all of this information he claims to have in his book rather than on the net. Why? Dunk, we aren’t as thick as you sound. Libel is libel, whether in a book or on the net. You can write much more on the net and get away with it, mainly because very few legal precedents exist for acusations made on the net compared to accusations made in print. You really are stupid aren’t you?) They slate me for the delay but they don’t realise how little free time we have. So I get no wage, it’s all doom and gloom, what a hero? No not at all. There’s no wage but if there’s money in the kitty then yeh, I’ll treat myself or me mam. I also have a fmily to provide for. Isn’t it rather sad that I have to justify this? (No – it’s not sad. You have been fleecing Reds and Sky viewers amongst others since the late nineties. What’s sad is that you can’t be straight with people, honest with people. You have to lie to justify yourself, and you make yourself look a bigger arse every time you try. No wage? My arse. I think you’ve had a nasty letter from HMRC or DWP myself, but as I say above, if people feel strongly enough then they should report him – he’s got to be looked at.)

So do I pack in? I’ve thought about it every year for years but I’ve always plodded on. (He’s just bloody said that! It’s part of his usual routine when he gets some attention. To say it twice in one rant says a hell of a lot about him.) Or do we advance further? (What does that mean? Has a member of his family found a new benefit they can claim for? Is he opening an Everton fan-site? Or is he trying to break the world record for least-believable bullshit? Ah, here’s the answer…) We’ve just had a bid accepted on a property adjacent to Melwood which will be ours within a few months if we sign for it. The benefits from this will be amazing for the site. (He now, still assuming his readers are as thick he sounds, think we’ll fall for this. Anyone’s who’s bought a house knows how the process works. If you are someone who has bought numerous properties as Dunk claims he has, you know that you can lose that house (in English law at least) right up until the last minute. There’s no need for a wait of a few months either. I suppose it depends on how Dunk’s planning his bullshit really. Is he planning to say he’s buying this house for cash? If so he can move there in less than a month. Is he planning to say he’s got to sell his down-the-swannie Avenue house first? If so then it will take more than months, because he’d have to demolish that portacabin first before he could sell, seeing as he has no planning permission for it. The thing is, it doesn’t matter which version of the bullshit he’s using. He’s lying. He’s not put a bid in. He’s too scared to move to Liverpool.)

Do we need to buy it? No. (You aren’t buying it you fat thief, get used to it!) Did we need to camp like tramps outside Melwood for a few days? No. (Oh, so now you had to camp outside. At the weekend you were claiming to be staying with family! B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. Try and stay consistent please. Or do you mean you parked outside Melwood all day, if so then that’s not camping is it, Mr BS?) We could easily work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and put in a few hours over the weekend if there’s a game. Do we? No. You come online and find a time when either msyelf or Steve aren’t watching things for you. (You mean you are online all the time yourself because you are frightened that someone might post some stuff about you that you don’t like.) We even mod the forums ourselves now 24/7 i.e. very minute of every day to try and prevent these idiots who lurk here from spoiling YOUR communities. (You mean you’ve got next-to-no moderators left now. They’ve all walked away, disillusioned at being a part of your scams that make you rich and everyone else suffer. And if they are OUR communities, why is it so easy to be banned?)

If people choose to follow friends to other sites, well so what, it’s not school is it? Why the drama? Why not just go? Everyone’s old enough and daft enough to make their own decisions in life. (Dunk, you are the drama queen of LFC forums. This rant is proof of that.)

They can keep pranking us, threatening us and so on but they won’t make a decision on whether we ever pack in. (What he means is that no matter how much it eats into his benefit cheques, he’ll still be running his site. His stubborness will be his downfall, which is nice.) The only people that count are the members here. If we feel there’s support here then we’ll plod on, if we feel we’ve lost it, then we’ll go. (You’ve lost it. Goodbye.) It’s no big deal. We won’t cry about it. (Oh, you’re still here.) We’ll just chill out for a bit. It’s your site, it’s your call. (Go – disappear. Soon. Either that or put the record straight. Write to me – koptalkinsider at – and I’ll ask you some questions. Answer them honestly and openly, unless you are scared.)

People have to remember that we’re a fans site. The contacts and friends we have made is mind boggling. (He means “none”, as we’ve said repeatedly.) It’s been an achievement. We could name sources, positions etc but we’d lose them and some ordinary Joes would lose their jobs. (Again, bullshit, as we’ve been able to prove time and time again. Dunk has no contacts at the club.) We don’t have the resources of the big media organisations but look at our set-up? (You do have the resources of the big media organisations you liar – without their permission I’ll grant you, but you’ve got all of their stories and most of their photos, and you didn’t pay a penny for them.) Not bad is it considering. (Actually yes, it’s very bad. Very bad indeed. Get rid of the stolen content then ask us that question.) We do what we can how we can. Most things we try to do the club try to block. (They’ve tried to stop us using photos of Liverpool players for example even though we’re registered and have a licence with the Premier League. Well if you have got a licence (maybe someone can write to the premier league and check) you’ve only got it in the past month.) They tried to stop us selling official kit through our supplier JC Sports because we offered free postage which saved overseas Reds around £15 per order. Because we offered free postage, we didn’t get commission. We did it for our readers. (So why have you been using Kitbag for your latest kit sales? More bullshit methinks. LFC and those supporters of LFC that know about you want you kept away from our club. You are a disgrace to the good name of LFC. You are a disgrace to your own town.)

So there you have it. Membership of the Insider and the Gold Club is vboluntary. Nobody makes you be here. We don’t want to lose any decent folk, we just want the idiots out. That doesn’t mean anyone has left is an idiot, they may be just friends of an idiot or someone who needs to bend the truth a little. (Oh dear. That little section is quite funny without me needing to say anything. You wanted to say, “They are all idiots, how dare they question the mighty Daddy of Koptalk.coN?” but you had to hold back just in case one or two decided they’d come back to you again.)

Nobody gets banned by us, they ban themselves. Usually we suspend their account and try to have a friendly word, if they ignore us or tell us to **** off, then I guess they’ve banned themself. (Now that is bullshit, as I’ve seen proved time and time again. Dunk – you ban people, stop saying otherwise. You’d get more respect than you do now if you could at least stand proud behind the decisions you make. You ban people for stupid dictatorial reasons, but at least be man enough to admit it. Mummy won’t love you any less if you admit the truth you know.) If they listen to us and see our point of view etc then if they were educated enough, they’d understand why we moderate the forums for example, like we do. (So what Dunk is trying to say is that anyone who doesn’t think he’s right is uneducated. Of course we are thicko. Dunk – you are thick. (He hates being called thick you know, it’s one of his pet hates.) You moderate the forums like you do because you have told lie after lie after lie this summer, more than you’ve ever done, and people are catching you out. Stop the bullshit, admit what you’ve been doing, try and rescue your site. Thicko.)

You’ll hear them cry “If you disagree with Dunk, he bans you”. (I suppose that you can disagree with Dunk and not be banned, but you’ve got to be careful. Ask him a question about how the sales spiel for the Gold Club differs from the reality and you’ll be finding yourself “locked out”. And you won’t get back in, you won’t even get a reply.) Oh please, everyone disagrees with me. I know nothing. I’m a numptie. I rated Cisse remember!!! I’d be here alone if that was true. (Unfortunately Dunk you can’t list many things where people are allowed to disagree with you. You have the power to ban anyone you like, and prior to this blog a lot of people disappeared without any chance to reply. You’ve had the chance to reply to what we say on this blog, but haven’t got the guts to come here and reply to it. Why? Because you can’t reply, not without lying or looking stupid. I don’t think you’ll reply to this blog ever, because you’re scared of how much more shitty it will make you look.)

People who are abusive to other members will be kicked out. Usually we have a word because passion can spill over. Common sense prevails surely. To be honest that’s the only reason you’d lose your sub unless you’re spamming or trying it on. But when they leave, some people can’t handle it. They say how terrible we are yet they then dedicate their lives to talking about us on other sites. That’s how you can tell which other LFC sites to take seriously. Do you see us EVER slating other sites? No. (Oops – wrong again fatty. Why did loads of “lifetime members” get kicked out this summer, despite proving that they joined at a time when the only way of joining was as a “lifetime member”? They provided the details of their paypal transaction, you still insisted on an email. Why do you need date of birth for members? Why do you insist they use their work or paid-for ISP email addresses to register? Why did you get your mum to phone people up at work last week and make threats? Why have loads of members suddenly started to get spam on addresses you’ve got on your system? You are dedicating your life to pissing off your former members, the ones that stood up to the bullying Duncan Oldham. And that’s your real name – why did you lie and say it wasn’t? Frightened of the authorities getting on to you? People are spreading the word about you, because you are scum.)

They then say we’re scare of other sites because we register similar domain names. Not true. When someone spams our members or tries to disrupt our communities, then we’ll do what is necessary to prove a point and they don’t like it. They think it’s fine to spam our forums but if we trace the abuse back and contact them at the originating point i.e. a workplace or college, they say it’s not fair. RAWK… have we ever registered a domain associated to Rushian’s site? No. Why’s that then? Because Rushian is a decent enough bloke. We’ve exchanged the odd bit of banter over the years between each other and while we may have different views on life or LFC, he’s never acted live a 5-year old towards us. (I think that’s an admission that he’s made threats to one of those behind est1892 at his place of work. Also fatty, you’ve had a different excuse every time for your use of other people’s trademarks and domain names. Admit it – you steal those names to piss off the people you don’t like. Your rivals, the ones who aren’t afraid to admit what they think of you and to allow their members to do so too. All the other sites get along OK with each other, it’s just you that stands out. Because you are scum, and everyone is starting to see it. The last time I saw Rushian post on your site you gave him a load of stick and told a load of lies when trying to defend your support of the Sun. When you made a lie up about Peter Crouch you asked where Rushian was then. Probably banned, knowing how you work.)

I’ll explain much, much more in my book THIS season ok. I just wanted to throw a quick message up saying that if you appreciate the site and if you really do appreciate the work we put in for you then please, let us know because sometimes we need a lift. (A quick message? A long rant.)

Many other LFC sites accept donations and give nothing back. Instead of asking for donations we created a members site where we try to give something back. If a member comes to us for help about LFC or something non-LFC related, we bend over backwards to help them. A member asked yesterday if we could get some Gonzalez pics for his daughter… straight away I called Steve and told him what he had to do. (I thought Steve was at Melwood with you yesterday? He was on those photos you took.)

We enjoy what we do, we don’t want anyone to go anywhere, but it’s your choice. (Why not link to those other sites then, give your readers a chance to look around?)

I know that the persons responsible for threatening my family and scaring my kids has access here. (As I’ve said already, I believe that this is complete bullshit. It’s certainly not me. And as I’ve said before, why not forward these threats to me Dunk? I’ll even help you to find out who’s behind them. Send the full headers and everything, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to work things out. I don’t like the idea of people using threats against you. That said, without the proof I have to assume it’s bullshit, the product of your sick fantasies.) All I’d say to you is you must have too much time on your hands. You’ll never break me, ever. My family has been through so much in life that an internet stalker ranks at the bottom of the pit. Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll tell you you are wasting your time. The readers and members are the only people that count. (I might just do that Dunk, I might just do that. How about I get a solicitor to write to Lauren’s family explaining how I believe you’ve been skimming money from her collection to pay for your car and new tellies? You know you’ve stolen from her, but if you’ve not then you’d welcome me writing to Lauren’s mother. Perhaps the local paper near where Lauren lives would be a better port of call. Perhaps the local paper in Scarborough would be better. I did get a message from someone who went to school with you – they said you were a Leeds fan then. Who else can I ask Dunk? Send me the details and I’ll ask them. If you’ve nothing to hide then you’ll not be worried about me contacting your friends (if you had any) or family.)

People say go to the police, go to this, go to that. What’s the point? If I need to do anything, I’ll see it’s taken care of myself. (You’ve told us you’ve already been to the police. So was that bullshit too? You are full of it, completely full of it aren’t you? If your family is being threatened as you claim then you go to the police. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t there’s something wrong with you. Or you’re bullshitting.)

(Before reading the next bit, I want those of you who’ve watched “Phoenix Nights” to try and remember the scene where Potter gets a call in the middle of the night from Max and Paddy, a prank call. I can’t remember the details of the sketch in full, but Potter shouts down the phone to them – “I know who you are – who is this?” Read on…)

You’re faceless. You daren’t reveal yourself, you daren’t reveal your contact details, you daren’t knock on my front door. You’re a coward. We know who you are (a couple of members are police officers and you forget my father was a copper too) and we know where you live but do you know what, I aint gonna do anything because my kids come first. (See – who are you, I know you are… So the police have the ability to find out who the blog writer is? My arse fatty. They have got the ability to investigate you – and if your dad was a copper, assuming he wasn’t corrupt like you, then he’d be ashamed of you today. Extremely ashamed.) I’ve declined the hitter (yes I laughed too at the time) although when my lad was crying it was tempting. I was just explaining to an associate over a drink about what had been happening with the kids. Immediately this guy (who I know) nearly lost control and said that kind of stuff should never happen. It might have been the best £500 I’ve ever spent but if I gave the nod, I think I’d be giving in. Go anywhere near my kids though and you’ll be pushing up the daisies, guaranteed. (As I’ve said before Oldham, I’ve no intention of “going near” your kids. They are the victims of the way you are, if you care about them stop fabricating nonsense about them. You can’t keep using them to fight your battles. Stop bullshitting, stop threatening others, start sorting yourself out. Tit. When I contact the police about you, as I am now considering given what you’ve been up to in recent days, I’ll make sure I mention this veiled threat of you dealing with hitmen who charge £500 a time. I just wish it wasn’t complete bullshit, because they’d really have something to hit you with then. Is it worth it? Just for the sake of admitting a load of bullshit for what it really is?)

If you want to dedicate your every minute to talking about me, my family and my website, you must live a sad and shallow existance. You receive the support of the rejects and not the tens of thousands of Reds who email me every year telling me how much they love the site. Think about it. Take a look around yourself and compare your life. (Unfortunately Oldham you’ve not got a clue what my life is. Without giving too much away, my kids love me for what I am, not what I pretend to be. I don’t use my kids against people who are threatening to tell the world about how I’ve conned my own family and who knows how many others. I don’t take photos of cans of woodpecker and pork pies on a regular basis. I don’t pretend to be out boozing in Cardiff when in fact I’m sat in bed at home (alone) with my sleep apnoea machine. I don’t drive around in a car that says “Fat Bastard” on the number plate. If I give money to charity I do it discreetly – I don’t pretend to give it when I haven’t or to be more accurate pretend I’m not skimming the biggest part off the top. I started this blog as a bit of a laugh, purely to expose your bullshit “Insider” stories. If you’d got any contacts, and inside gossip, you’d have looked good. Even just one scoop in the whole of the summer transfer window. You got none. The problem with this bit of a laugh at your fake stories was that you couldn’t just hold your hands up and admit it. You had to add bullshit to bullshit. Lie to lie. You drew more and more attention to this blog by your own means. You are thick, you really are. And how we laugh – at the funny bits. People get angry at other bits. As for “me, my family and my website” – I thought it was “our” website. It’s not though is it. It is Dunktalk, not Koptalk. It’s your way of making money for you and your family. You are on the fiddle, you know it, we know it, you are shit-scared that those that have power will know it soon. I receive a lot of support, but to be fair, most people are happy to move on once they’ve seen you for what you are. Thousands of your members have left. Koptalk is dying. And you did it, not me.)

As for the members here, many of whom are extended members of our family, just let us know when it’s time for me and Steve to start cleaning windows to keep ourselves occupied. (Actually your family are all you have. They are your moderators now. You’ve lost anyone who has no need to show loyalty to you through thick and thin. A rough life you had at times means a lot of your family sympathise with you. They don’t know how bad you really are, they give you the benefit ( ! ) of the doubt. Up until now. Maybe it’s time they found out about the real Duncan Oldham. Maybe it’s time to speak to those local papers from North Yorks to Northumberland.)

I don’t intend to reply to this thread because I don’t want a debate. (You don’t want a debate do you! You don’t want anyone pointing out your lies. It worries you.) I just wanted to post a statement if you like to say thanks for the support and to remind people that life’s too short for nonsense. (At last, he remembers why he started this topic. Remember? “To all those who said thanks”. Well all those who said thanks, if there were any, have just been treated to page after page of your anger at being close to having to close your site. Pictures from outside Melwood are admirable, but let’s face it – you’ve bolted the kennel door long after the greyhounds have buggered off.) All we want here is LFC. (You hate LFC – you complained in this very rant about the club trying to stop you being a twat with them. Thickie.) That’s all we care about. It’s just a shame that some so called Reds don’t respect their fellow fans. (You ought to start respecting Liverpool supporters Oldham. Stop pissing them about, ripping them off, slagging them off, taking money off them for things you don’t supply. And stop thinking they are as thick as you, because that’s downright disrespectful). It’s just a website ffs. It might be funny to some of you but come on, please leave my kids out of it. (Fatty – you leave your kids out of it you deluded dope. The offer still stands – if you aren’t lying (unlikely as that is) then send examples of this abuse here. I’ll help you to find out who’s doing it. If you can’t do this, then for their sakes, stop abusing them in this way.)

If anyone wants to email me personally, my email address is (maybe he’ll actually reply to some people’s emails this time. From what I’ve heard he’s ignored a lot of them recently).

I’ll be in the office soon.

YNWA (Stop using that – it’s not yours to use any more.)


(Not spellchecked… in a rush) (In a tizz more like!)


So what triggered that rant then? As he wrote that I was laid up with blood pouring out of my nose, feeling like I’d had a good kicking from one of these contacts in the underworld that he pretends he’s got. The trigger for his outburst is not something I did, clearly. My guess is that he’s come back from his trip to Liverpool, after finding his trip was a waste of time because nobody signed, to find nobody at all said thanks.



30 Responses to “Still lying, still crying; nobody's buying.”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    Oldham’s all too familiar rant with the usual “my family got threatened”, “I only do this cuz of my love for LFC”, “People only ban themselves” bullshit claims…

    As Insider says, a real shame…

  2. kaip Says:

    Have you had your nose done fella,my old man had it done last month and was sent stright home in a taxi with 2 black eyes and a pot for the blood to drip into

    It looked fcuking painful 🙂

  3. Chunky Says:

    The boy who cried wolf. We’ve heard it all before Dunk and there’s never any evidence to back these claims; claims which you have made many times in the past.

    To be honest the only threatening person you’ll hear relating to Koptalk is Oldham himself and his wigga dreams of guns, violence and misogyny.

  4. Fred Says:

    ‘My 6 year old lad Robbie came into my bedroom a couple of weeks ago at 3am and said “Dad, I’ve had a nightmare that the internet people have broken in to the house” ‘

    Why would a six year old be worried about ‘the internet people’? If this was true (sound like complete bull to me) then maybe Dunk should stop frightening his own children.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Yep kaip – got my nose and sinuses done. Not a “nose job” though before anyone says anything. The bleeding’s nowhere near as bad now as it was to begin with. 🙂

  6. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Have you ever read such a load of shite? It’s like bullshit bingo again:-

    targetting my children
    comes with the territory
    do I pack it in?
    Nobody gets banned
    I am rich/poor/secure
    Rival websites

    Expect an ailment next…..shall we have a sweep on which one?

    Listen Creosote, do you REALLY believe people are jealous of you? Seriously? They dislike you because you are a crook, a thief, a lying conman, a serial bullshitter. Ask yourself this…. why is your site (which used to be a good site to be fair) the ONLY one that gets shedloads of flak? Why is the mention of your name usually followed by an insult? Perhaps you could email I-I with the answer? Oh and once again, “jealousy” isn’t the answer. Honestly, it isn’t.

  7. txtoto Says:

    Hes finally lost it. It really looks like a guy who’s desperate and very frustrated at seeing the money is not going to come in any more.

  8. kaip Says:

    Hahaha………………my mother made my oldman get his done,to stop the snoring…….it has`nt worked………….hahaha

  9. est-er Says:

    LOL at Kaip.

  10. Redz Says:

    Thats a rant from a man on the edge,i think the pressure is getting to him.And if all the complaints to the different authorities come good fatty will be having a stint in HMP Durham.

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Desperate desperate times for Oldham.
    When i was reading it on koptalk i was waiting for slow violin music to start in the background.

    What a complete and utter tosser you are. You have alearted more members to the blog you fucking THICKIE!!!!!!!!!!! I found this blog out because you kept refering to it, so keep up the good work.

    We wont give up until you stop stealing from us Liverpool fans! WE ARE A BIG FAMILY! ALL TOGETHER THROUGH OUR LOVE OF LFC! I WONT GIVE IN UNTIL I SEE YOU STOP RIPPING OF FANS OF MY CITY’S TEAM!!!!

    time to go and write more letters to various government departments


  12. stoa Says:

    ‘Many other LFC sites accept donations and give nothing back. Instead of asking for donations we created a members site where we try to give something back.’

    That’s just bullshit. Other sites accept donations, but there are no restrictions if you don’t pay anything. Furthermore, they really DO give something back. They have real insiders who really know people at the club and who give you some insider info if they have any. FOR FREE. They provide a community where there are enough people to help fellow reds without getting paid, if they are looking for a special picture, some video-clips or if they just want to know something. You can find links to live-streams, videos, etc. And you get all that without having to deal with some thicko who only thinks you’re not ‘an idiot’ and therefore deserve to be allowed to stay at his site, if you’re completely agreeing with everything he says. Because what he basically says about the ‘idiots’ banning themselves that many of them didn’t share his point of view, got temporarily locked out and then banned, because they weren’t telling him that he was right and they weren’t…

  13. lobster Says:

    the bit about his son having a nightmare of internet ppl breaking into his house is a fucking joke..hhahahaa

  14. The Oracle Says:

    Oldham really is quite sad.

    And thick.

  15. Rosco Says:


    As someone who was a member of KT for many a year, I’ve seen a lot of that post Dunk made regurgitated many a time. Same old shite time after time.

    He’s quite clever in making these fabricated threats against his kids the focal point of his post since he’s bound to get a bit more sympathy that way. He’s hoping it’ll distract everyone from the real issues at hand , mainly the fact that the insider site is a scam and that he’s a compulsive liar. It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths he’ll go to. While on the topic of threats as far as i can tell the only person making threats is you Dunk, not other site owners, not the people here who run the blog. As you can see everyone is laughing these threats off. It’s a constant source of amusement.

    Anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence on Koptalk can see through his stories, for a long time a lot of us were aware of it but just put it to one side. There comes a time though when people feel like they need to make a stand. More and more people continue to do it. There are plenty of better Liverpool fan forums for those of you fed up with the lies, fed up with the pop ups and the overbearing moderation. You’ll find all the links on this blog , check them out.

    P.S. Just in relation to this point Dunk made earlier “You’re faceless. You daren’t reveal yourself, you daren’t reveal your contact details, you daren’t knock on my front door.”

    Now I’ve never threatened Dunk and have no intention of doing so, but if he wants someone to knock on his door he can email me at with his address. I’m fed up of him giving it the hardman bullshit.

  16. Peter Says:

    What a whopping good read. Sums up the lot really.

  17. lobster Says:

    well said Rosco.
    Publish your address Dunk, we will make sure to knock on your door whenever we are free.

  18. RedinSweden Says:

    That was a cracking read. The blog clearly doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

  19. Nash Says:

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Onto the fat fuck though, that was quite a long rant, and repetative and contradictory as fatso’s rants usually are.

    My question is though is Dunc not in violation of any data protection act when requesting work e-mails and ISP e-mails?

    And I wish he’d stop using his kids to try and gain sympathy, and try and defend himself against the stick he’s been getting. Their innocent, and probably don’t even know what’s going on. And I doubt a 13 year old Geordie girl would post on an LFC unless under instructions to, so if any threat has come to his kids it’s because of his doing.

    This blog really is getting to him, his stress levels at getting caught must be sky high. And he’s so paranoid and un-easy.

  20. Says:

    Dunk’s address is 3 or was it 5 Swan Avenue. Do a search.

  21. Ordinary to Rome Says:

    “They then say we’re scare of other sites because we register similar domain names. Not true. When someone spams our members or tries to disrupt our communities, then we’ll do what is necessary to prove a point and they don’t like it.”

    He’s forgotten his own bullshit.

    Back in 2001 his excuse for registering alternative domains of four major websites including the three associated with the fanzines was as a protective measure. He’d just come out of one of his many meetings with “suits” and they had let it slip that they were going to buy up all the alternative domains for football websites and fanzines in the UK.

    His first thought was to rush home and save these sites from nasty big business and register those domains first. 10th October 2001 – remember the date and the headline which was sure to run across all Liverpool-related websites “Duncan saves the day!”

    The only thing was he forgot to tell the owners of the four sites of his magnificent benefaction and made the strange decision to point the alternative domains to Koptalk. In fact he seemed to have forgotten to tell anyone. It was only when a couple of posters found themselves redirected to Koptalk after typing in the wrong web address, and a fuss was kicked up on RAOTL and TLW, did Duncan’s generosity emerge for all to see later that week.

    As for RAWK it was a very small website at the time and wouldn’t have come onto Koptalk’s radar. I’m also pretty sure they bought up all the domains for the site at an early stage to stop cybersquatting. Best to ask Ben over there who runs the site.

    Whois domain records for the sites registered by Koptalk on 10th October, 2001:
    PO Box 145

    Domain name: RAOTL.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 145
    Record last updated on 12-Oct-2005.
    Record expires on 10-Oct-2006.
    Record created on 10-Oct-2001.

    PO Box 145

    Domain name: LIVERPOOLWAY.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 145

    Record last updated on 12-Oct-2005.
    Record expires on 10-Oct-2006.
    Record created on 10-Oct-2001.

    PO Box 145

    Domain name: LFCONLINE.NET

    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 145
    Record last updated on 25-Sep-2004.
    Record expires on 10-Oct-2006.
    Record created on 10-Oct-2001

    PO Box 145

    Domain name: TTWAR.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 145
    UK +44.798004536

    Record last updated on 12-Oct-2005
    Record created on 10-Oct-2001
    Record expires on 10-Oct-2006

  22. anon Says:

    “As a result some members have left and a few more tag on as they’re friends. (He means “THEIR” not “THEY’RE”)”

    Ok, this’ll be pedantic, but what the heck.
    He does mean “they’re” short for “they are”. Their has a possessive meaning.
    “As a result some members have left and a few more tag along as they are friends”.

  23. IanTheRed Says:

    Remember this (see my next reply) from last December? It was in response to some people ‘invading’ from TLW, and started the doubts in my head – and the likes of Jon, Ross. Pete, Ryan, Mark et al…in retrospect congratulations to the ‘Invaders’ as it got us all talking, abeit it took us 6 months to leave (and for the ingenious, i.e. not lazy, ones to set up their own site).

    Very similar to the Dunk tirade this week, but you can see how much he has fallen apart in the last 8 months – he has no response, just the same tired whining and threats. The reply back in December had me agreeing with Dunk (abeit with some doubts) due to its concise and ‘factual’ manner but now he is just ranting.

    Give it up Dunk, its over.

  24. IanTheRed Says:

    DUNK’s reply, December 2005:

    In 1998 I attended the World Cup finals in France. While in Marseille these birds were putting England hats on football supporters. On one side was a Tango logo, the other the Sun logo. I thought I had a Tango hat on but even if I thought I had a Sun hat on, I would have still worn it. It was after those World Cup finals in 1998-99 that my very popular mailing list evolved into a website. As someone not from Liverpool I was unaware of what the Sun had said in 1989 when I was 14 years old. Even to this day, many fans that aren’t from the city or were too young to be there, don’t know about what the Sun did which is why I encourage my readers to educate them rather than turn on them as if they are willingly ignorant.

    When I first started the KopTalk website there was no Hillsborough support websites so it was only through the education of fans based in Liverpool that started logging-on to KopTalk, that people such as myself were educated about The Sun. Eventually we were lucky to see more and more websites sprout up that detailed what was said by the Sun. You could even buy books online now about the disaster thanks to Amazon so you could educate yourself further.

    The question is, would I have worn such a hat today, knowing what had happened? Of course not.

    KopTalk isn’t a huge campaigning website. Yes we’ll publicise events and news relating to such matters. The HJC often send us things to publish and we do, even though the club won’t recognise the HJC, instead choosing to endorse the HFSG. Although the club don’t recognise the HJC, I do, which is why I bought them a new PC to them a couple of years ago when they had their offices screwed.

    I don’t usually respond to pathetic, ill-informed swipes made by small LFC websites who are bitter at the success achieved with KopTalk, especially by an out of towner. There’s handful of these sites out there, some of which host our banned former members, hence the bitterness. Now I’ve made mistakes over the years but now that I’m in my thirties I have learnt a lot as a result.

    I go out of my way to help Reds behind the scenes and contrary to the believes found on a selection of bitter LFC fans websites, KopTalk doesn’t make any kind of profit. It did do during the .com bubble period as companies were throwing money around and I capitalised on that and made sure my family were secure without having to sell off the site, which I was offered large sums of money for. I couldn’t turn my back on my readers.

    When the .com bubble burst, advertising revenues nosedived. For 1000 displayed ads, you may have been paid anything between £200 and £1000. Today, you’d be lucky if that amount of ads generated 50 pence. Because of this huge drop in revenue alternative ways had to be found to make money to survive hence the introduction of subscriptions. Instead of asking for donations – like many LFC websites do – I decided it was fairer to reward contributors with their own website. Newspapers charge for content, fanzines charge for content, LFC charge for access. A busy website should be no different, especially one run by one single person that has chosen to remain independent of the suits.

    Take this week for example, I have just sent £1500 as the final instalments for the new KOPTALK.COM website design. The site didn’t need to be made better looking or better, I could easily have blown that last instalment over Christmas on myself and family but I didn’t. Instead I borrowed it off me mam. Each month I spend around £1000-a-month on our free SMS service, £1000+ on webhosting, £1000+ on utility bills. I’ve shelled out for new forum software licences, custom skins and so on – all to try and offer a better site for my readers. There are phone bills, office costs, mobile bills, cameras, organisers, photocopiers, ink, printers, sofwtare, internet access, Sky subs, columnists/interviews, foreign subs, satellite gear, maintenance, drinks and food for helpers, couriers/post, koptalk radio (£200+ montly) moderator gifts (every moderator received a gift worth £100 for Christmas), fuel etc etc etc. Where am I supposed to find this money by myself? Find me one LFC website out there run by a one man band that offers the level of service that I do? There isn’t one – FACT! There are good LFC websites out there but I’m addicated to my site and my readers.

    I work voluntary, Steve works voluntary, my 12 year old daughter works voluntary, my mum works voluntary, Chloe works voluntary, my wife works voluntary – all to make things tick. All the mods work voluntary. All of us are ardent Reds. It’s a family affair.

    Both Steve and myself put in up to 16 hours every day of the week. He’s left school now and I’m trying my best to educate him to become a success in his own right. I’m trying to improve his English, I’m trying to train him up. He’s only 16 but he’s a good lad and he makes it tick too.

    One criticism I have seen raised against me is that I promote fundraising for my disabled cousin Lauren. At just 17, last year she was suddently paralysed for life. No previous illness, nothing. She’s a big Red, acknowledged by Steven Gerrard himself last year. If I can’t help my own family, it’s a sad, sad day. So I have a nice car and a nice house. Wel I’ve worked damn hard for it. When I started KopTalk I had a £200 Ford Fiesta with no handbrake so to achieve my dreams has been amazing. But I have never and will never, turn my back on my readers.

    If anyone doesn’t like KopTalk, don’t visit KopTalk. If you don’t like me, Steve, the mods, our reporting style – which tries to be controversial to spark debate hence kop ‘TALK’ – don’t visit us. We like to think we welcome every Liverpool fan be they in Anfield or Australia. We’re not bothered about race, religion, sexuality, status or nothing. As long as you have Red in your heart and respect our communities then you’ll do for us.

    I have made great friendships with some of the biggest legends to ever represent the club, both present day and past. As long as I have their support, and the support of my readers, that’s all that matters. What some rejects may say on other sites doesn’t concern me.

    In March 2006 I hope to have my book on general sale. In it, it will respond to every claim ever made and boy I can’t wait for payback time. Those people who have tried to make things difficult for a fellow Red will regret it because I have so much on them. It’s going to be fun. They will be sorry. The book was an idea of mine a couple of years ago. I made it available for pre-order to get an idea on numbers and since then only 1 person got sick of waiting and asked for a refund. It will be published when I am ready, not when others are ready.

    In July 1999 I married Maria at Anfield. Not the suberb, but the actual stadium. We had our pictures taken in our season tickets, the works. During the reception (while the speeches were on) we even had the Feyenoord v Liverpool game on every television in the European suite! Superb! My daughter (12) still receives personal Christmas presents and cards from Michael Owen, her favourite player. My son Lil Robbie (6) is named after Robbie Fowler but as documented on the site by myself, he’s taken a soft spot to Newcastle because his nana lives there and in his own words, it’s his local side. Of course he still has his LFC shirts etc but it’s his life and I admire his mentality – he’s more switched on and mature than half of these clowns on the web. Because of this I bought season tickets so that Steve or Charlotte could take him to the odd match. I have used the same season tickets to see probably 2 or 3 games in 2 years, usually Liverpool. Criminal offence? Grow up.

    In 2005 I was approached an asked to help create some additional club websites. I announced this myself on KopTalk. They would feature Spurs, Newcastle and other teams – even Forest! The idea is to create a hub of sites but I and my team (Steve, mum, Charl etc) work purely on KopTalk and always will. However if I want to be involved with such projects then I will. It is nobody elses business. The money will help advance KopTalk because every penny I get in goes back into the site.

    Another issue I have been raised about is legal action against other websites. This has never been taken regardless of the claims. To suggest I sued a 15 year old is laughable. I did though win a legal case against a website group that tried to take me on and the judge laughed at them. Told them they had wasted his and my time and made them pay up to me and pay my costs which is a rare ruling as you usually pay your own, even if you win. That website group has a current LFC website that is very anti-KopTalk as a result. But it makes me laugh when people don’t know why they hate us so much.

    Finally, KopTalk did once look at generating revenue by offering shares. In 24 hours more than £1million was received but Future Publishing, my backers at the time, threatened action against me if I proceeded saying they had first rights to buy the site. This was not a public float as has been claimed. I was forced to issue refunds which did take time because of the sheer volume but everyone to my knowledge was sorted. If someone claims they haven’t, get them to call us, get them to email us, get them to call in person with you by their side to see if they’re genuine or just telling porkies to try and slur the site. That was the only reason we couldn’t do the share thing as I was under contract and Future had me. When I was free of that contract NetBetSports tried to but the site and offered close to £500,000 for a very small percentage of the site. I rejected them as it didn’t feel right. They later went bust but their group still exists and the guy is minted. I did the right thing though.

    Everything you read on the net is usually jealousy aimed at my achievements. Some people are also bitter because they may have been banned or they don’t like out of towners. Some are still crying over the fact they lost in court against me. Some people don’t like my controversial style, some people believe we should force opinions on people, I don’t. I don’t believe anyone should be made to justify their support of Liverpool Football Club. If someone makes other allegations, why do they not come to me if they have a problem or if it’s something they say was never resolved, why have they never come to my office, or called me? I’ll tell you why, because they’re in dream world and they make nonsense up to try and stir things.

    Some people say I registered domains of other LFC sites to make money. Funny that, I’ve never tried to sell them even when I’ve been offered more money. No thanks. I offered one LFC site a domain I own which I had before they were a LFC website. They offered me money I said no and that I was prepared to give them the domain myself when it was due for renewal and that I would meet the costs myself. However, this site became a base for banned forum members and the site allowed themselves to become anti-KT so instead I told ’em to get f***ed and the domain now points at a holding page. Other sites that have either a) spammed KopTalk or b) published lies, may have also come unstuck because if they make life difficult for me, I’ll make it difficult for them and I will do what I can to defend my readers from such nonsense. If an LFC site is ok with me, I’m ok with them but if they try it on, they will come unstuck because I don’t suffer fools gladly. Do you know one anti-KT site even suggested my daughter who was 6 at the time, should be kidnapped and raped? That’s how nice some of these people are.

    It is very sad that others have to concentrate on KopTalk. As Vegard Heggem once said to me, it comes with the territory of been the best. I’ve also been told by Tommy Smith that if you’re a nobody, people don’t talk about you and they only want successful people to fall. In an ideal world every LFC site and ever LFC site would respect their fellow fans but it’s not an ideal world. There’s enough room for anyone and everyone. People should concentrate on their own success and failures rather than those of others and that’s why I’ve done well with KopTalk. You won’t see me slating other sites even if they deserve it. I find it petty, time wasting and I don’t believe it’s what my readers want.

    At the end of the day my readers, and myself, just want to support Liverpool Football Club and it’s only them that I am bothered about.

    Now I won’t be drawn on the issue of other clowns any more. I’m a busy man and also a busy father who is preparing for Christmas to put a smile on my kids faces. KopTalk and LFC first, family second 😉



    (not checked for spelling errors or english, can’t be arsed)

  25. sawyerinsider Says:

    IanTheRed, thanks for posting that 2005 rant, actually is a goldmine of contradictions. I’m sure Insider will have a few comments to make as it deals with quite a few of the questions that he refuses to answer to us here.

  26. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Anyone know much about the WIPO Arbitration process re: cybersquatting? Registering “rival” sites and pointing them at his own? He surely wouldn’t have a leg to stand on

  27. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks “Anon” – I hadn’t seen it that way. Funnily enough I do now though, which suggests I was out of it on Friday after op. I’d genuinely read it as “their”, meaning that people had left with their friends.

    Does that excuse work?

  28. Le Chacal Says:

    Where’s Chloe by the way?

  29. IanTheRed Says:

    Under the patio Tony, which is now under KopTalk HQ. It’s where we will all end up for crossing Dunk and the ‘Hitter’

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