Duncan Oldham, his KopTalk cons and his kids. A suitable case for intervention?

by Rupert Insider


“I’ve gotta picka pocket or two, boys!”

Oldham’s has always used his innocent young children to deflect legitimate criticisms of his shady business practices.

This abuse of his parental privileges has intensified in the last five months as his confidence tricks have been systematically exposed on this blog and on other sites, and as increasing numbers of LFC supporters have rejected him, personally, and abandoned his KopTalk site.

Yesterday, “Dunk knows best” wrote at length about his recent chat with a hitman in Liverpool. He was tempted to pay him 500 quid, he said, to ensure that the bloggers would be “pushing up daisies”.

This is his second mention, in as many days, of this criminal conversation. His repetition of it is clearly intended as a threat and is itself a criminal act.

And once again he has dragged his innocent children into his dirty business.

“The scouse hitter” reed02c_small.jpg

The Police

It’s time to call his bluff. He claims that his children are being attacked through the internet but refuses to produce the evidence.

We all have obligations to protect children in the community. Oldham has repeated his allegations many times and yet he says he won’t inform the police. We should do it for him.

The police can look into his conversations with the Liverpool hitman at the same time.

Child Protection Agencies

It’s also time to inform the child protection branch of the Department of Social Services. They should be interested to know how his children have been made vulnerable to abuse on the internet.

For years, he has published their photographs, their names, ages, sometimes their birthdays and sometimes where they live. He claimed four or five years ago that his eight-year old daughter had been raped at school. A few weeks ago he discussed the same daughter’s reaction to being told that she lived a “few feet” from a convicted child rapist. Two days ago he used her name in the the context of a paedophiliac “joke” about her two 12-year old friends being in his bed (a recording of the podcast is available on this site).

Oldham knows about weirdos on the net

It is not as though Oldham is an innocent abroad on the net.

This blog contains references to archives which contain his own usenet messages in which he advertised on a football group for young guys to do sadistic things with his wife while he used his camcorder – before joining in the action.

And he has acknowledged that his site poses danger to children.

Sometime ago – perhaps a year or more – he ordered posters on KopTalk to stop using sexually explicit avatars. The site was visited by young children, he said, including his own.

Yet almost immediately he put the Adult Date Finder front and centre and started a forum for links to pornographic videos, photographs and sex-oriented sites, and he hired a photographic model to pose suggestively in LFC kit and discussed his meetings with her suggesting that his selection of her was one of the perks of being a site owner.

He then made his daughter a moderator on the site – a 12-year-old girl moderating a site which is used by adult, anonymous males from all over the world!

As for his coarse and obscene language and his many sniggering references to perverted sexuality, including paedophilia – he answers criticisms by saying his site and his “radio” show and his podcasts use the language typical of a football stadium. I doubt that many LFC supporters at Anfield would allow him to use that language and those references in front of their 12 year old girl or 6 year old boy.

Since his children have been using his site, I have seen his references to his MySpace “shagging” of young girls and his lesson on his techniques for picking up barmaids, most of whom he says are “slags”, as well as references to his wife as a “tart” and his children as “a mistake” and his sympathetic views on child rapists.

KopTalk is not fit for children.

Commonsense would suggest to most parents that they not expose their children to the dangers of the internet in any context.

And that would be especially true in the context of KopTalk, because it is a particularly deceptive and troubling place. Ostensibly it is a site about LFC – that’s why people visit it in the first place. They soon find it is also a site run at the whim of the owner. They might unexpectedly be confronted with unwanted information about the minutia of his unpleasant life, his hitman acquaintances and other underworld friends, his fantasies and perverse sexual preoccupations.

If his young son did have a nightmare about the people on the internet, as he claims, Oldham should be ashamed of himself and his big mouth. He should not use his son’s distress against those, like us, who would like to see Oldham’s mouth shut and his nasty presence removed from the internet or, at least, from its association with LFC.

Exposing his lies

I don’t think any of us are interested in Oldham’s marriage or which one of them, if either, has custody of his children and where. I don’t think any of us are interested in any aspect of his private life. Like all wannabbe cult leaders he insists on forcing himself on our attention.

The belches and farts of his radio and podcast broadcast are his boorish and inarticulate attempts to get between us and LFC and say “look at me”.

He tries to stuff references to himself and his family down the throats of hundreds or thousands of unsuspecting people who log unto his site for LFC related news.

As a result, he has robbed his children of the privacy to which they are entitled, and has exposed them to public comment, ridicule and worse.

There is no other football site in Britain, probably none in the entire world, in which the owner and his family are front and centre.

Steve the teenage Editor

And let’s not forget Steve, the new “Editor” of Koptalk. Oldham claims he is his step-brother who has worked on the KopTalk site since he was seven years of age. A few months ago, when Steve was still sixteen, Oldham said that although he didn’t pay him any money for his 16-hour workdays, he did give him free overnight accommodation in the KopTalk office and “unlimited access to pornography”.

Oldham’s own words, alone, are sufficient grounds for concerned third-parties to make a reference to the child-protection agencies.

If the police do uncover a perpetrator of illegal acts against his children and if social services do uncover some questionable practices, we will have protected his children.

If nothing comes of the enquiries then perhaps we can all assume that he is lying about this subject as he lies about everything else.

Oldham Diatribe

There is nothing in his diatribe today that he has not said before – perhaps three or four times in the last five months, perhaps fifty times in the last five years.

True to form, Oldham defence is a self-pitying whine in which he tries to portray himself as the passive victim of the jealous and the banned.

The guy who has made a living from personal attacks on LFC’s owners, officials and players – and their families – and has used dirty business tricks against other supporter sites – now pleads simply to be left alone. For example, don’t criticise him about his two-years of stalking Fowler with lies in order to make some dirty money from the tabloids – after all, he called his own son Robbie!

What would Oldham do without little, innocent children to hide behind?

And the big man who hides behind little children has no qualms about hiding behind women, either – whether his “widowed mother” or others from what he calls his “extended family”.

Last week he looked up the business numbers of former members of KT from their confidential IP or email addresses. Then he had a female member of his motely crew call them at work to threaten them that they would be exposed to their employer in a few days, because they had been “abusive” i.e.critical of KopTalk.

When Oldham saw the bewilderment and distress this caused to the named individals on other sites he laughed and called for more of the same kind of telephone threats.

That was a couple of days ago – from the same guy who presented himself as a victim of bloggers today.

But his scariest threat today was not the prospect of a mad hitman, but his promise to get back at us by publishing his book.

At least he’s consistent – he will defend his con tricks with a con trick.

He should just give it up and buy a window-cleaning round while “Melwood” Steve can still climb ladders for him. Oldham could always carry the bucket and squeeze the chamois leather.
(I have not cut-and pasted his long diatribe. Some of the other contributors will be doing that and dealing with some of his other remarks).


10 Responses to “Duncan Oldham, his KopTalk cons and his kids. A suitable case for intervention?”

  1. chapeau du soleil Says:

    the fat cunt has been talking shite again. Apparently “the stalker has published my childrens’ address”. Fucking idiot
    Still wittering on about having people shot too…yeah yeah
    Cringeworthy scouse impersonations….. just fuck off ,you are an infected boil on the arse of LFC

  2. Lindsay Says:

    He doesn’t know the going rate for a ‘hit’ either.

  3. The Jackal Says:

    I always offer ten pounds off for cash Lindsay as it saves on ‘administration costs’. Sign up now and I’ll throw in a free kneecapping and unlimited access to exclusive videos of previous hits.

  4. lobster Says:

    lying again for sake of gaining sympathy……..fat does it again

  5. Peter Says:

    You make an interesting comment about child protection issues.

    Had his children indeed been living next door to a paedophile, then Dunk should have presented this information to the Child Protection Team at his local Health and Social Services Trust.

    As a social worker, I feel that they would be most interested to investigate any threats against his children – and his role in it.

    Also, whether you like the police or not, their Child protection teams are second to none.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Part of the problem has bene we did not know which authority to report him to. I suppose it would be enough to report him to one and explain the circumstances? They could then re-direct the enquiries.

    As for the paedophile next door- as I read it – he said that the local TV and press reported that a guy in his 60’s who lived “two feet” from their front door had been convicted of several rapes of young girls and was sentenced to a long period in jail. This was about a six weeks or so ago. He said that he and his daughter were watching it on TV and she went pale – or some such stuff.

    So I don’t know if he knew about the guy in advance.

    But it still leaves open the question of him reading a NoW exposure of a convicted rapist of young girls on his internet radio. I wrote it up before. Basically he said he understood why a guy would want to rape young girls because when you get to his (Oldham’s) age and they ignore you it can be frustrating.

  7. hahaha Says:

    freaking hell you people are niave/thick/hypocrites. if you had a stalker – somebody stalking your children etc, you would make the bullshyte comments you people have. you’d be worrying yourselves sick. hypocrites.

    i dont see any of you running a well known site/business/radio show like them. thats initiative, you stupid

    if you dont like it – fuck off and stop listening??

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I see you’re from “TheOffical Site” http://www.sixpence-ntr.com/ What does “ntr” stand for – nutter?

  9. Mark Christie Says:

    Just been bumped after saying what a waste of money & lies….so wish i’d seen this 6 months ago, hope at least one person managed to read my post.

  10. Warren Says:


    What did you post?

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