A very sick individual.

Koptalk.com’s owner makes up false stories about his daughter and son being the victim of threats and dodgy nasty photographs from people who oppose his years of lying and scamming.

He talks about a paedophile who lived next door to his kids, and in doing so reveals the address of his children. Then he repeats his claims again.

He produces no proof of the threats he’s received – he’s made them up.

He puts his daughter onto his podcast.

He gets his daughter to post on his website.

Then he produces this piece of despicable sickness on his “podcast”. Bear in mind this is in the same week as he talks about his kids being threatened again, and the same week he claims his son is having nightmares. He’s a liar, but I seriously wonder what other sickness he’s capable of.

Sick Duncan Oldham’s sick “joke”.

He needs taking away by people in white coats before he does someone some harm.

Are you proud of your son Jeanette? Are you proud of your husband Maria? Are you proud of your step-brother Steve? You are getting tarred with the same brush as him, do something about it, and do it soon, before he drags you down with him.


10 Responses to “A very sick individual.”

  1. FoxForceFive Says:

    Sick, twisted, pathetic. There’s a number of words to describe that. If he said that in public he’d be lynched. Good God.

  2. Nash Says:

    what a sick joke from a sick, sick individual. It’s not in any way funny at all, it’s condoning peadophilia, something which the pie eatin machine claims his kids are victims of.

    Great blog, you’re doing very well. Is Fatso actually at Melwood, or around Liverpool? I’m here and I can’t see him which is a surprise. And we’re well in stock of pies here, which is another surprise if Dunc is here.

    It’s clear he’s sent Steve to Melwood, has he been given access to inside the training complex? If he has how so as LFC are onto Koptalk.

  3. paulcooper4 Says:

    tell you what, anyone who still defends the horrible fat twat just needs to listen to that. Ive never heard anything so disgusting in my fuckin life. He even mentions his daughters fucking name in it.

    Also the 1st time ive heard his voice, he sounds a bigger tosser than I originally gave him credit for.

  4. FoxForceFive Says:

    I’ve heard his voice a few times, he regularly calls ‘Hawksby & Jacobs’ on TalkSport on weekday afternoons (you know, when the rest of us are at work) he talks shite on there too. Perhaps someone may like to contact the presenters of that show to tell them what one of their regulars gets up to?

  5. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    I’ll listen out for him on H+J, I haven’t noticed his dulcet tones on there before.

    Nash – There was a couple of threads somewhere (possibly TLW and est1892) about them both being spotted hanging round outside down there the last few days peeping over the fence. The pics they took are on the ihateeverton site -Including a voyeur/candid snap I may add. Theres a vid on you tube too, (from Melwood not a voyeur one before you rush off to look!)

  6. txtoto Says:

    you huys should really read the duncan mitty blog updates….wonderful

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Here’s an extract of his diatribe about the bloggers:

    “As a family man, my family come before anything. You know what? my 2 year-old kid came into my bedroom the other night and said to me “Daddy, I can’t believe the sheer animosity these internet bloggers display toward you on a daily basis (the sad *******) it’s quite plainly inconsiderate of them to even consider reporting you to the authorities, Daddy” I can tell you, that wasn’t nice to hear and my first reaction what that I was going to hire a hitman and get these rival blog members taken out in a really brutal manner. This is my livelyhood and I’m in the shit big time if this goes under as I’ve never done a proper day’s work in my life. Please send me money, please please please.”


  8. rupertinsider Says:

    That joke was spoken in an unusually quiet tone and he had a cold. If you have never heard him before you should listen to his internet radio and podcasts. They give you the full force of his loudmout, his belching, burping, arrogant cult-leader style.

  9. univofchicago Says:

    “They give you the full force of his loudmout, his belching, burping, arrogant cult-leader style.”


  10. punt Says:

    It’s clear he’s sent Steve to Melwood, has he been given access to inside the training complex? If he has how so as LFC are onto Koptalk.

    no, he stood outside Melwood, anyone can do it

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