Anyone got their dead fish yet?

by Rupert Insider

godfather.jpg We all know the Blog doesn’t bother Duncan Oldham. If he’s told us once he’s told us a hundred times. He’s never once mentioned its name in public. As far as he is concerned, it doesn’t exist.

That’s not to say he has not discussed his “critics” with his “underworld friends“, as he was kind enough to tell us in June, or with the “police”, as he informed us in July, or with a Liverpool hitman last weekend (why a scouse hitman – don’t they have any in Newcastle?). And who will ever forget his charming promise to Insider in May to “tear off his face” if he ever meets him.

He went to the races at York on Friday – he’s in the market for a horse’s head. All he needs now is to know whose bed to put it in. The bloggers are dead men walking – he just doesn’t know where.

If a poster on EST 1892 is to be believed, its not for want of trying. He’s willing to reward anyone who tells him. They may need to lie and break the law to find out, but he will show them how. He’s been doing it to rival sites for years.

The bloggers may be hard to pin down. Apparently he has been busting his fat ass trying. But he has Inspector Clouseau on his payroll, now, and believes he already has one of us in his pocket (cough!).

But he must get us all. He wants the full St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

Anyway some of his criminal scheming can be seen on transcripts recorded by the keystone kops!

Go to the site Est 1892 and follow the poster “peterstannard”. Go to post 49 on this page for three links to screen shots.

The three screen shots show the full text of the exchange in which Oldham offers a reward to find who is behind the Blog-that-doesn’t-exist and offers advice on how to trick the Blog into disclosing identities by pretending to offer it inside information about KT.

He claims that some have already tried it but the Blog is on the watch.

Even so, he says, he has already uncovered one of us – allegedly!

But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions – maybe he just wants to deliver a birthday card to us or a nice big fish wrapped in brown paper.



21 Responses to “Anyone got their dead fish yet?”

  1. Says:

    Apart from getting my name wrong nice article 😉 (peterstannard)

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    There are 13 posts awaiting moderation. But the site editor has gone off for a few days with the keys to the moderation section in his pocket.

    “Awaiting moderation” means that the poster is new to the blog. The first post has to be let through the gate manually. After that it is automatic. There is virtually no moderation – except in obvious cases of spamming or false representation. So some of your posts will have to wait until the parky comes back and lets you in.

    There were 8 waiting yesterday – one perfectly good post from an eye-witness of Oldham and his sidekick outside Melwood – but the poster spoiled it by using the user name of someone else.

    I also noticed that one of the posts from was held up because he used a variant of his normal name (his other post got through).

    Today three new posts are held up – from Dave and Jon.

    Jon – we have done the checking you suggest. In fact there is a report of his marriage certificate in the blog and of his and KT addresses. As for reporting the guy to interested public interest investigators in the media – what we need is someone to follow up on some of these suggestions.

    I would also appreciate any information (in confidence) from anyone who has had a word with Revenue and Customs, DSS or any other relevant authority. My email is rupertinsider at

  3. univofchicago Says:

    Dunk in another bullshit claim! Claims to have talked to Rafa!

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Peter Stannard – without the “d” – I saw your post but it is “awaiting moderation” because you are using “” which is a new version of that name as far as the blog software is concerned. A post with the same user name has been held up since yesterday. But I notice a slightly different version got through yesterday.

    Sorry about the mispeloing and thanks for your posts on EST1892.

  5. RedinSweden Says:

    I saw Dunk’s claim. Mental.

  6. Right Insider Says:

    Come and get me, Dunk, you fat cunt! You’ll be on the floor coughing up teeth before you’ve even lifted your arm.

    Blog that!

  7. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Apparently the fat cunt is parker outside melwood as we speak.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m all for him hanging around Melwood and getting a”base” there. It will eat into his profits. But more important he will be a lot more acecssible to LFC supporters. It would also allow us to point him out to Robbie, Jamie and a few of the others. I’m sure we could arrange for him to be given the bum’s rush.

    But he won’t stay. He loves the comfort and safety of his Portakabin and he needs to show his face in the DSS in Scarborough from time to time.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve just edited my article to give a more direct link to the three screen shots in which Dunk offers to give a reward to someone if they can find out who is behind the blog, how to trick us by pretending to have insider information about KT and how he has already uncovered one of us – allegedly.

    Its an interesting glimpse into the mind of a Paranoid Dodger.

    Go to post 49 which gives the three links to the screen shots.

  10. a kt insider user Says:

    Luca Neill sleeps with the Fishes.

  11. a kt insider user Says:

    I heard he wants to deliver a brown fish wrapped in paper Insider. Thats what he’s doing in Liverpool. Fishing for Mersey Goldfish.
    Insider sleeps with the fecies. 🙂

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    If you missed his sick joke podcast here it is.

    I wonder if the do these podcasts in the nude, with the blinds down.

    Does he pay Stevie to laugh?

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    I hear DJ_Sydney is defecting from KT – at least that’s what I make of Rosco’s riddles on Est 1892.

  14. univofchicago Says:

    I want DJ_Sydney on Est1892!! Hehe.

  15. univofchicago Says:

    Oldham’s “I spoke to Rafa” bullshit is such a shame. I give credit to Oldham for actually going to Melwood, taking some pictures for his readers and spending considerable time there – I don’t think a lot of website owners would be willing to put in that kind of effort and commitment.

    But the shame is that he has to dig a deeper hole by bullshitting again in the process (i.e I have “exclusive” news – I spoke to Rafa). Completely undermines his effort…

  16. Ron Nasty Says:

    Of course many website owners wouldn’t do what Chunk has done. For what purpose would they wish too? Most of them are grown men I think.

  17. Alan Says:

    His “spoke to rafa” statement is like a kid outside Melwood who asks the manager when he stops for autographs whos getting signed.

  18. fat_boy_fat Says:

    christ uniofchichgo. Do i detect a softening around the edges when it comes to Oldham? 🙂

    You more than most must realise the one and only reason he went to Melwood.


    He has had a shite summer thanks to the great work of insider and rupert and cash reserves are running low. To attract more guilables he has pulled off this stunt. He is not doing it for the love of his members, its for the love of his McDonalds

    Oldham you fat shit we can see through you (dont know how because your BIG, you ugly fat freak)

  19. univofchicago Says:


    Agree with you 100%.

    Anyone who has been following the blog long enough knows that Oldham’s recent visit is nothing more than a lame PR stunt to recover his “cash reserves”. It’s so clear to me now that I need not mention it.

    Just bear in mind that when I say Duncan does some “good”, it is compared to his despicably low and corrupt standard that he has set himself. He has gone so low for a human being that anything **moderately** sad he does, it may actually look very good.

  20. Mighty Reds Says:

    I see all this talk of Oldham getting a property opposite Melwood, and having worked in law and order I can quite happily say that if he sticks a camera opposite Melwood and starts filming the gate or the training ground it is highly illegal and he will be prosecuted.
    It is also against the law to take pictures or video footage of the players training or pictures of anything that goes on in the grounds of Melwood, even the players in the car park. Melwood is private property and is classed as a place of work, if Oldham takes any pics and publishes them we should inform LFC immediately.
    If Oldham does any of these he will have a huge legal case to deal with.

  21. Koptalksucks Says:

    I’ve just noticed that there’s a username He’s not me, and I’m not him. I guess he was here first. Apologies if anyone thought I was him, or vice versa.

    I used this nickname as I posted asking where the domain had gone. I then entered into discussion about Dunk’s joke. If I post again, I’ll use a different username so as not to cause any confusion with the original person.

    It wasn’t my intent to pass myself off as another poster, and again, I apologise for any confusion caused.

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