Paedaphilia Humour, Contract Killers, Parry Meetings & More Bannings

Every day in the life of slimeball Duncan Oldham is another day of controvery, lies and even more lies. We’ve become used to that. Everyone in the koptalk rebel alliance are fully aware of Oldham’s antics and not much would surprise us.

It doesn’t surprise us that once agains he attempts, unsuccessfully, to use his kids against this blog and other LFC fansites. This time though he takes one step further with the potential involvement of a contract killer, or a ‘hitter’ as he likes to refer to it as a member of the seedy underworld.

This was posted by Dunk yesterday afternoon.

“I’d do anything for my kids, as would most parents I guess.

Both of mine have been a bit freaked recently though as some people on the net have been scaring them. I can handle the net stuff, it comes with the territory, but involving kids is a no no. I was talking about it at the weekend to some mad Scouser who introduced me to a so called “hitter” (his words not mine). FLMAO… I only wanted a couple of pints, nearly bought a contract killer.”

What people on the net have been scaring them then conboy? Is that you by any chance. Nothing has been said about your children except for you, and as far as we know nobody here have brought your children into the debate of your crookedness apart from you. They are very much in the public eye on the Internet thanks to you – oh great daddy – parent of the year you are not. We’ll leave it there for now, we have morals, we just hope your children do not grow up with their father’s negative traits.

And when did you find the time to have a drink with a few scousers. Maybe these scousers are based in Wallsend or Newcastle because by all reports if you were in Liverpool last weekend you shot out of there as quickly as you got there for fear of being lynched, or as you would prefer to put it “to get back to Koptalk HQ and update the site for you”. We seriously doubt you were actually at the Liverpool FC v West Ham Utd match. There is no proof other than a solitary sighting of your D1 UNK number plate. That proves nothing.

Are you going to hire this imaginary contract killer now for soon-to-be 5,000 banned members who dared to question your fraudalent activities? We think not. Even the conmans £30 a hit subscriptions wouldn’t stretch to a single ‘hit’. But yet again, in an indirect way, Duncan Oldham with his history of violence again threatens the owners and contributers of this expose blog of being killed. This is desperate times for him and his tumbleweed website.

If crying wolf over your children doesn’t garner you enough sympathy why not throw in a tasteless paedaphilia joke into your latest excuse for a podcast. Well surprise surprise yesterday he did just that.

During the blobcast Duncan makes a joke about how he cannot call in sick, rather than make a normal contradictory joke about it though he has to bring in his daughter (yet again) and her 12 year old friends. Humour that belongs in a dirty old mens prison frankly, and not on an Internet forum where all kinds of people lurk.

In an imaginary phonecall to Koptalk HQ saying he couldnt come in because he was unwell.

Dunk: “Hello Steve, its Dunk. I can’t come in today because I’m sick”
Steve: “How sick are you?”
Dunk: “Well, I’’ve got two of Charlottes friends in my bed and they’re only 12?”

Funny? Definitely not. Sick? Probably, but once again he shows us what kind of person pie-eating Duncan Oldham really is. Is this the kind of person you want to be giving £30 a year to? Is this the kind of person you’d like to see making a living off the back of your club? Better still, is this the kind of person you want representing Liverpool Football Club on the Internet? Definitely not. This is the same person that alluded in a previous podcast how he understands why men his age revert to rape when young girld no longer give him two glances. A sick mind? Certainly.

Then there’s the insider meetings. Maybe from Rick Parry directly. Unlikely, we’ve already established that blob as no contact or relationships with the Chief Executive or anyone at or involved with Liverpool Football Club for that matter.

Here’s the latest made-up rubbish though. The transfer window is closing, and the ever desperate Geordie needs to make up more fantasy island ramblings for his unsuspecting readers, this time under the guise of The Informer. As we know this investment lark bores Oldham.

“Rick Parry is to meet up with casino guru Gary Loveman.

People will assume this is related to investment but it could be some kind of sponsorship enquiry”

“Loveman is an associate of Bob Kraft who is a very successful American businessman.…-name_page.html

Insider information? We know it isn’t. A desperate attempt to keep the community ticking over in to September? Bing. Correct.

On to the next roundup. Red_Del, known for his postings of Liverpool match footage, has now been banned. Having saw the light, and not being too pleased after finding out that cunning Dunk had been promoting his freebies for signups to the gold club, embedded links to into his latest match coverage. Unfortunately thanks to another member he got found out. Rather than let it pass though Dunk immediately banned Red_Del and the service he offered to other LFC fans at Koptalk.con no longer exists. Well done Red_Del, an excellent way to go out.
EDIT by RightInsider: I’ve attached below the sound clip of Fat Arse telling this joke, just in case he gets any funny ideas (such as taking the podcast off his site!)


17 Responses to “Paedaphilia Humour, Contract Killers, Parry Meetings & More Bannings”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    In supplement to sawyer’s post, I recommend people read a post by Rupert written months ago in response to another one of Dunk’s criticism that the blog and its contributors had threatened his family. It’s an excellent post and sums up Oldham’s disgusting tactic of using his family to attack the blog and defend himself. It will be a good read to all you folks who are new to this blog. Here is the link:

  2. RedinSweden Says:

    Just when you think he can’t get any worse. Fuck me, this bloke is scum.

  3. Koptalksucks Says:

    I’m going to stick up for Dunk on the joke. (He is absolute scum in every single other thing he does). It’s a sick joke, intentionally shocking, and of course not to everyone’s taste. But it is just a joke. I’m sure everyone has told or laughed at one joke or another that they would be horrified were it to be true.

    Almost everything else he does offends me greatly. This, however, I can see was just a joke.

  4. Paul.S Says:

    Koptalksucks – On its own it’s just a joke yes, but when its coming from someone who claims that others use his kids on the internet, and who claimed that his own daughter was raped in school. It is DEFINATELY not the kind of behaviour to expect.

    If anyone had a raped daughter, I couldn’t imagine a single one of them wanting to tell a joke like this.

  5. univofchicago Says:

    Well said Mr S!

  6. enema of the state Says:

    just the kind of joke someone whose 12 year old daughter ad been threated with rape would tell

  7. sawyerinsider Says:

    Koptalksucks Says: i know what your saying, and that’s why I found it relevant due to what has gone on in the past with him using his children to garner sympathy from Koptalk users. The joke was simply inappropriate to use considering the history and a much better joke could have been used which did not bring his children into the punchline.

  8. Mitja Says:

    I downloaded two Koptalk.con’s podcasts and I almost freaked out! Dunk is allways eating something and burping to the microphone… It’s like listening to a pig at its meal. Fcukin disgusting!

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Mitja. That’s the personality cult thing, I was talking about. Most wannabe cult leaders rub the noses of their followers in the familial, sexual, culinary and lavatorial activities. Belching in your face is an ancient technique of asserting dominance, as is farting.

    Many dumb animals use these tecniques and some humans.

  10. Koptalksucks Says:

    Oh I get that. It’s just the bit of the post after the joke read a bit more like “Look: bad joke = bad man”, rather than “Joke = manipulative hypocrite”.

    Anyway, it’s all splitting hairs. I did feel moved to say something this time though, whereas usually I just nod, agree, and am glad that someone is holding a mirror up to his dishonesty, lies, and squirming.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  11. sawyerinsider Says:

    koptalksucks: the way I wrote it was the way I interpreted it, just my opinions, knowing the background of Oldham and what has gone on before… it wasn’t just the joke, or the context of the joke but getting into the mind of the man. How can he use the sympathy card that internet folk are upsetting his kids, bringing his kids into the debate etc, but then make such a distasteful joke. In a way your right my point was that he is a manipulative hypocrite, we already know of his obvious shortcomings as a human being.

  12. RightInsider Says:

    Well said, SawyerInsider. Love the way he cries harrassment and then makes jokes about sleeping with her friends. Perhaps her friend’s parents should be told?

  13. est-er Says:

    Sorry, Koptalksucks, I don’t think this is ‘just a joke’. There’s nothing funny about it whoever tells it. It’s just one of those subjects which should not be poked fun at.

  14. amused Says:

    I was going to say something about the joke (i.e. its an age-old joke but yes the chioce of punchline was inappropriate) but its already been raised by KTS and answered.

    However, I would say that the insinuation in the above post that because Dunk has mentioned a “hitter” it is fair to claim it as a threat of violence against the insider is a bit of a stretch for me. This is said bearing in mind that (i) I don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes between Insider and Dunk (i.e. correspondance that didnt go on the blog), (ii) I wouldn’t be surprised if Dunk did make threats (in fact i think you said he did before), and (iii) he’s probably bullshitting as usual.

    I just thought I’d point it out as it would be something pro-Dunk campaigners might use against Insider. Anyway keep up the good work!


  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Who are these pro-Dunk campaigners?

  16. sawyerinsider Says:

    Steve, Ma Oldham and Katie?

  17. amused Says:

    I was thinking specifically of Disco, but I guess in general anyone who wants to undermine the work of Insider Insider and Rupert insider.

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