Liverpool Players Shun Koptalk.con

In the latest desperate attempt for Duncan Oldham to attain some credibility from Liverpool Football Club and his ripped off subscribers, Oldham finds that no-one from the club wants to speak to Koptalk.

And a wry snarl by Robbie Fowler has he realises who the fat Geordie is that is trying to get him to give Koptalk a few words. 


41 Responses to “Liverpool Players Shun Koptalk.con”

  1. univofchicago Says:


  2. sawyerinsider Says:

    haven’t got time to right a story just yet but this was just said on the gold club by Dunk

    “We have a base seconds from Melwood now… not official yet, but it’s all going to plan “

  3. john Says:

    He’s so goddam embarassing – even though I’ve never paid him a penny and he doesn’t represent me – I still feel embarrassed that the fat whore stands in the street outside Melwood and bothers the players in order to promote his site.

    He was trying to entrap them. If he got one of them to mention Koptalk you could be sure it would be on stickie banner of his site for however long he survives.. But none of them know what Koptalk is.

    Obviously nobody recognised him. Robbie’s defences went up as soon as he saw the fat conman and when he heard the name “koptalk” he shook his head, mumbled something general and drove on. Rafa all but told him to piss off – given how friendly he usually is..

  4. john Says:

    His base seconds from Melwood – do they have a Public Toilet around there or maybe a pub?

    When we discussed his plans with the club to set up cameras from a property overlooking Melwood a senior official said it was “laughable”.

  5. univofchicago Says:

    I can see what Fatty was trying to do here…

    If he could get at least one tiny little message of support for Koptalk 1) he could post the quote all over his website 2) he could brag about how players and staff are regular readers of Koptalk 3) he could claim that he is friends with the player/staff 4) he could use the message to attack the blog again

    Sadly, he could not even get ONE teeny weeny bit of message of support….

    Very sad (and funny) indeed…

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    How are you keeping up with all the shite coming out of Fattys site insider?!!

    This blog doesnt bother Fat arse???? HA thats a joke you big fat ugly sick prick!!!!

    You respond to what this blog says, like clock work
    Day 1 : Blog says Koptalk is getting quiet
    Day 2 : Oldham posts 1000 threads to keep it ticking over
    Day 3: Blog says Oldham has a fat smelly shit stained ass
    Day 4: Oldham goes to Kwick Save to buy some bleach and a angled mirror

    You see OLDHAM your a COCK. So predictable and daft!


  7. Andy Says:

    Just what all Liverpool fans have been waiting their whole lives for – a 30-second shot of Salif Diao’s car.

  8. scouse Says:

    Can’t believe the cheek of the last one to Robbie Fowler, after all the crap they wrote about him!

    Interesting to see how they didn’t mind being upfront about anouncing the fact they were from Koptalk, I assume Melwood was quiet today and was mostly full of kids?

  9. univofchicago Says:

    “I assume Melwood was quiet today and was mostly full of kids?”

    Interesting point! Notice when Oldham goes to Liverpool to take pictures, the streets are always quiet with “mostly full of kids”? Unless I am wrong and Liverpool/Anfield/Melwood is always quiet as depicted on those pictures, it’s clear that Fatty takes extreme measures to only visit Liverpool when few people are present.

    I can understand why though. He’s obviously scared to death one of the many fatty-haters in Liverpool might confront him.

  10. Joe Says:

    I can’t believe the fucker is so cheeky, asking Robbie for a quote for Koptalk. Seemed to me like Robbie didn’t realise who he was to be honest, surely at the minimum he’d have told him to fuck off if he’d realised?

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    One of the posts awaiting moderation describes his demeanour outside Melwood and that of his jug -red sidekick as “arrogant”.

  12. DelBoyOldham Says:

    The Fowler part tells it’s own story

  13. Says:

    That traffic noise was really annoying!

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    There is a suspicious gap on KT between “the number of user online” and the number of posts. There are just not enough posts from that number of users. Also, the shoutbox is dominated by posts from Smoovy, Katie, Stevie and Dunk. In some of the quiet hours, they are the only people posting.

    I suspect they have lengthend the time they count users – maybe 45 minutes after a person has left, they are still being counted as being online. Maybe someone would like to do a controlled expertiment?

    Yesterday I tested it. I logged off and logged on again ten minutes later. My user name was then listed twice in the number of people online.

    Does anyone expect Oldham to tell the truth about anything?

  15. Kopdan Says:

    Got say I think people are reading way too much into the replies that players gave especially Fowler. He just looked in a hurry to get out of there.

    Not defending anyone or anything but I just think on this matter you got it wrong. The players were just not really interested whoever stuck a camcorder in their face.

    Anyway carry on


  16. rupertinsider Says:

    There is no crooked gateman. That was another lie. We reported that to the club, too, and they told us it was not true. And even if one wants to talk in hypotheticals, the gatemen are rotated with other jobs on a regular basis.

    The club through his plan to video training from a nearby property was “laughable”.

    When Oldham made the claim that he had bribed a gatement who would then call him, stated a specific date and time, therbey identifiying the gateman on duty. It is typical of him to think nothing of smearing honest, hardworking employees of LFC in order to feed his con trick about having information.

    Can you imagine a savvy and loyal LFC scouser rsking his job in order to find a phone and call a loud-mouthed stranger from Newcastle. If they were in that game they could make really serious money from the tabloids.

    His two reports from Melwood in the last two months show the truth. He makes Steve get up on a wheelie bin to take meaningless, long-dsitance photos over the wall.

    They ignore him. In his video deal he used kids again – waited for them to approach players for autographs and when the players and manager had stopped to cater to the kids, he stuck his microphone in their faces.

    Rafa virtually told him to piss off – when you consider how friendly he usually is. Robbie said “no” and moved off, muttering some general remarks.

    Players are trained to be pleasant to anyone standing outside so he had a good chance of getting some response which he would then make a stickie on his site, claiming it as an endorsement. But they were not biting.

    I think we will have to drop the manager and all the players a line about the smirking bastardo and his jug-eared sidekick. But let’s see what his plans are for his “Melwood base” before we do that. We may as well be thorough.

  17. univofchicago Says:

    “Got say I think people are reading way too much into the replies that players gave especially Fowler. He just looked in a hurry to get out of there.”

    Does it look that way? I don’t think even the Dunk’s biggest critics are reading too much into it. I certainly am not. I agree with you. Benitez and the players weren’t really interested. It’s all a bit of fun I think.

    What is clear though is that this was an attempt (and failed one at that) to make one of the players/staff send a message of support for their website so that he can post the quote all over his website for as long as Koptalk exists. He has been attacked by people over his (false) claims that players/staff are regular readers of Koptalk, so he needed some kind of tangible evidence to dispute that.

  18. univofchicago Says:

    “the shoutbox is dominated by posts from Smoovy, Katie, Stevie and Dunk.”

    Is that so? Hahahahahahahahahaha

  19. Kopdan Says:

    Not wanting to get too involved on whats right and wrong but I think some are using the videos to have a go which I think maybe a touch too far when the videos dont really show much either way.

    Had Fowler not bothered to reply then yes I guess there would be a point to it but he replied and certainly didnt look angry towards Dunk, just uninterested, confused and in a rush.

  20. barry wom Says:

    Kopdan – it does prove something though, that he’s a no mark with no contacts. If he was the “someone” he claims to be, with club officials, playing staff and employees all in the palm of his hand, do you not think he might have got a better reponse than fuck all? He proved he was no different to any other person who might choose to stand outside Melwood on a boring August afternoon when most of the players are away on International duty. This is the fella who claims he part of the press, has people in attendance at all press conferences and games – yet can’t get more than some shit video of players and the manager being not arsed.

    Btw this is the 2nd time he’s supposedly been to Melwood this summer, both when most of the key players weren’t there (the 1st being when all the WC players were still on holiday). Maybe he thinks he has a greater chance of getting something to look good for his site when peoples guards down round melwood.

  21. Kopdan Says:

    dont see what it proves except that he was at Melwood yesterday.

    I think the whole video thing is a weak argument in the grand scale of things.

    Its seriously just my opinion so dont beat me up over it


  22. univofchicago Says:

    Agreed Barry Wom.

    And you raise the interesting (and quite funny) point again about how Melwood/Anfield seem to be practically empty everytime he visits…

    For someone who claims to booze/socialize with players/staff/fans in Liverpool, its not very impressive…

    Don’t be scared Oldham! hehe

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    If you know Fowler, that was about as near to get you get as a brush off from him.

  24. Kopdan Says:

    I dont know Fowler so wouldnt know.

  25. Kopdan Says:

    Get him to record a message if you know him 🙂

    Its just an opinion on this bad thursday morn.

    Carry on

  26. Chunky Says:

    I agree, Dunk’s clearly a nomark. If you were at Melwood and Robbie pulled up would you:
    A) Say hello and wish him well.
    B) Stand in the background and let your teenage cousin do the honours.

    As with Koptalk TV, Fatty once again hides in the background shouting.

  27. Steve O Says:

    Someone ought to go to Mellwood with a video camera next time there is a special offer on pies and ask the big fat geordie if he has a message to the readers of ‘the blog’

  28. Kopdan Says:


  29. Steve O Says:

    Chris Bascome is reporting the Diao move is off, Kronkamp to PSV and the Blackburn asked for Warnock as part of the Niell.

    Did koptalk manage to scoop these?

  30. univofchicago Says:

    “Did koptalk manage to scoop these?”

    Oldham will surely find a way to make it his “exclusives”…

  31. lobster Says:

    Please f*** off already Diao!!!!

  32. Mitja Says:

    “Just what all Liverpool fans have been waiting their whole lives for – a 30-second shot of Salif Diao’s car.”


    Anyway… The admin of this fab Blog (cheers mate) has forced Dunk to lift his fat arse, get out of his office chair and start doing something… And the first thing he does is going to Melwood and record the youth team + Diao’s car! LMAO!

    Now that we know he is at Melwood quite often… Would anyone go there and take a picture of this fat cnut or give him some abuse? 🙂 Just a thought…

  33. An Observer Says:

    Anyone know why chunks forums are down?

    Hardly great service at the price the stupid lardy fucker is paying?

  34. chapeau du soleil Says:

    If I knew the fat f*ck was def there, I’d nip up and ask him a few questions

  35. Redz Says:

    Fatty was there at 10am with gimp boy on a purple bin using his exclusive access rights,courtesy of Liverpool city Council.
    Then he popped into Deysbrooke tesco for some grub and a S*n.

  36. rupertinsider Says:

    “Then he popped into Deysbrooke tesco for some grub and a S*n.”

    Maybe that’s the “Melwood base” he’s on about. Unless there’s a public toilet in the area.

  37. Dave Says:

    I like the look from Jermaine… it a bird, is it a plane oh no wait it’s just a fat con man on a bin

  38. Tim Says:

    Shame there was no-one there to tell Robbie who the fat bastard was and the lies he’d spread about 5 years ago. I’m sure Robbie would have been more than happy to have a quick chat about that.

  39. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m all for him hanging around Melwood and getting a”base” there. It will eat into his profits. But more important he will be a lot more acecssible to LFC supporters. It would also allow us to point him out to Robbie, Jamie and a few of the others. I’m sure we could arrange for him to be given the bum’s rush.

    But he won’t stay. He loves the comfort and safety of his Portakabin and he needs to show his face in the DSS in Scarborough from time to time.

  40. Justrandom Says:

    why do you care, some people dont mind paying for what he does, you must have some personal endavour against him and to be honest you just refer to lauren or robbie fowler for everything lol

  41. Ian Says:

    Justrandom do one will you if you are happy to give money to a charity that doesn’t reveal how much it has recieved or were the money goes then why don’t you give to my charity I can’t afford to go to Athens so I could really do with a helping hand I’ll even send you a postcard to prove I was there.
    It’s more than Dunk’s ever revealed for were Lauren’s money has gone you imbecile.

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