A Dunk Lies Roundup – Disastrous Summer Coming To An End?

Dunk’s been going mental with made up lies this past few days. With him being the starter of 90% of the posts on the insider site (watches tumbleweed passing by), we thought we’d give you a roundup of the ramblings of a madman.

Oldham has been up a ladder all day peering over the walls of Melwood, desperate for that insider exclusive that he’s been dreaming of for the past 7 years. Nothing yet though, so apart from watching a few players train, he’ll have a few stabs in the dark, hoping that one hits its target.

Lucas Neill deal 90% done
#1627059 – 30/08/06 08:25 PM Reply Quote

The deal is 90% complete. It should be resolved overnight.

RP is still in the office, RB has gone home.

Why not 99.9% Dunk? That’s your magic number. This deal is going ahead before the deadline, whether Neill buys out his contract or not, no need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

It didn’t go down too well with Bolo when I asked him if he was interested in Spurs! I thought he was gonna smack me one. He was furious. Said it was all bull… I’ve upset a few people in my time but this was a corker

Shame he didn’t smack you one fat boy, it would have put a smile on our faces. And if he knew you started the rumours yesterday then he probably wouldn’t have thought twice.

Sissoko update
#1627119 – 30/08/06 09:08 PM Reply Quote

Momo was running and doing stretch exercises today. He worked at a steady pace alone during the late session. He looked very well and showed no obvious signs of injury. He covered a lot of distance on his various jogs. He didn’t train with the ball.

He probably also thought, “Who’s that fat c*nt up the ladder taking photographs? Security!”

Update from Melwood
#1626856 – 30/08/06 04:40 PM Reply Quote

Diao is packing his jeep with his stuff (!), Kromkamp and Zenden are present so too are Fowler, Warnock, Aurelio etc.

I will know if anyone of interest arrives.

Maybe the crooked gateman will let him know. No, didn’t think so. Obviously no one of interest arrived then.

Celtic and Kromkamp
#1625551 – 29/08/06 06:52 PM Reply Quote

Internet rumours suggest that Celtic may be in for the player who could leave before Thursday’s deadline.

It’s only gossip… roll on Friday I say

He posted this yesterday, but it’s very relevant because what is suppost to be his record summer for signups has turned in to a nightmare. So the ‘roll on Friday’ comment must have come with gritted teeth. Thanks to the exposing of his lies on the blog the summer has been a monumental disaster, and at the current rate he’ll need to start thinking about getting a real job before the summer is out. But what job could the loon from the toon actually be capable of doing? Maybe the time is right to start work again on his Newcastle, Spurs and Nottingham Forest websites.


9 Responses to “A Dunk Lies Roundup – Disastrous Summer Coming To An End?”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    Just as I mentioned how bullshit stories at Koptalk has drastically decreased due to this blog, he comes up with another bullshit claim that ‘Neil to LFC’ is a Koptalk exclusive supported by his “insider sources”!!!

    Exclusive my ass!!!!

    The fool never learns does he?

  2. john Says:

    Anybody who read the story on the blog would know how late he was with the Lucas Neil story – two days – and then only by copying what the press and other sites said. But its worth repeating – the Big Lie technique is powerful. People have to see how hard-faced he is about it..

    It also demosntrates that many on KT really follow the leader and don’t know what’s happening in the big wide world of other LFC sites.

    It’s like a cult.

  3. BobTheCharmer Says:

    I say old boy are you inspector morse the return?

  4. scouse Says:

    Lucas Neill 90% done?

    Apparently the bid was declined

    Well there was always a 10% chance of this happening remember….

  5. DelBoyOldham Says:

    Lucas Neill deal was well, well known to everyone – broke a few weeks ago by Elisha Scott on YNWA and Dave_U on TLW. Chris Bascombe’s articles of the last few days tell it’s own story.,

    As for the Zenden remark – how did Oldham talk to him ? Players shoot through Melwood when finished so unless he bypassed security (Maybe his crooked doorman!) and was sitting drinking tea and playing pool with the players, I doubt it!

    Sissoko is well documented to be starting training again – should be fit for the Derby.

    As for “RP is still in the office, Rafa’s gone home” – what a load of shite. What’s the next update? “RP’s tucking into a steak and kidney pie, Rafa’s just drinking a Diet Coke.”

    he has NO contacts.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    There is no crooked gateman. That was another lie. We reported that to the club, too, and they told us it was not true. And even if one wants to talk in hypotheticals, the gatemen are rotated with other jobs on a regular basis.

    The club through his plan to video training from a nearby property was “laughable”.

    When Oldham made the claim that he had bribed a gatement who would then call him, stated a specific date and time, therbey identifiying the gateman on duty. It is typical of him to think nothing of smearing honest, hardworking employees of LFC in order to feed his con trick about having information.

    Can you imagine a savvy and loyal LFC scouser rsking his job in order to find a phone and call a fat, loud-mouthed stranger from Newcastle. If they were in that game they could make really serious money from the tabloids.

    His two reports from Melwood in the last two months show the truth. He makes Steve get up on a wheelie bin to take meaningless, long-dsitance photos over the wall. He stands around on the street outside like a fat whore trying to sell his rag to the players.

    They ignore him. In his video deal he used kids again – waited for them to approach players for autographs and when the players and manager had stopped to cater to the kids, the fat whore stuck his microphone in their faces.

    Rafa virtually told him to piss off – when you consider how friendly he usually is. Robbie said “no” and moved off, muttering some general remarks.

    Players are trained to be pleasant to anyone standing outside so he had a good chance of getting some response which he would then make a stickie on his site, claiming it as an endorsement. But they were not biting.

    I think we will have to drop the manager and all the players a line about the smirking fat bastardo and his jug-eared sidekick. But let’s see what his plans are for his “Melwood base” before we do that. We may as well be thorough.

  7. Peter Says:

    Why would anyone with access to the boardroom and dressing room have to stand on a ladder or a wheelie bin and perv over the wall?

  8. lobster Says:

    maybe we should inform the club of such activity of capturing footages of Liverpool training session.

  9. Mitja Says:

    Mr. Oldham is obviously recordin Liverpool training sessions as a spy to Newcastle United FC. He records all the activity and then delivers the tape to Newcastle’s manager…

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