Dunk is Dunk – proof.

Back in June, Dunk’s anti-depressants were going haywire and his attempts to rescue his site from a big decline were getting more and more desperate. We spoke about it in an article, “Koptalk owner in using false name claims”.

I’d recommend reading that entry, to see a lot about how Oldham lies to get out of things. He says all kinds of stuff in his rant, including another claim that he regularly chats to Rick Parry. Rick Parry has never spoken to Duncan Oldham. That was another Oldham lie.

Possibly the funniest lie in what was one of his funniest rants, was clearly told in some kind of attempt to avoid being caught by “the Feds” (as he calls anyone in authority) –

“On the web I deliberately created a persona to attract publicity in the early days. This character would be in your face, a bit cheeky and controversial etc. Yet offline I’m dead quiet and I prefer to keep myself to myself. In fact not many people don’t know that my real name isn’t actually the one I use on the internet. Full info in me book when the time’s right… read on.”

Yes – he really did say that – “In fact not many people don’t know that my real name isn’t actually the one I use on the internet.” (Actually reading that again he’s got a lot of negatives in there. But we know what he meant.)

The thing about Oldham is that you can usually tell when he’s bullshitting. He trips himself up, he emphasises some trivial bits far too much – it’s just obvious. The more you read it the more you can tell. Sometimes though you can’t really prove it as such. The claims he spent a weekend in Cardiff for the Community Shield getting seriously drunk thanks to loads of “Koptalkers” buying him beer was clearly a lie. The lack of ONE single Koptalker confirming on his forums that they’d bumped into him adds more weight to it, as does his claim that he was drinking something you can’t get in Cardiff. There’s always someone who’ll defend that and find an excuse for him. Nobody can defend his name lie though. Not his real name? It is – and we’ve got all the proof we need now thanks to this email I got earlier today –

I’ve read your blog a few times now and i have to say it makes very interesting reading. I nearly joined up at KT but i decided against it after reading the blog! The reason i’m e-mailing is because of your last blog post. You said “Maybe one of you family history experts will be able to go to the records office in Liverpool”, well it turns out you can check Births, Marriages and Deaths online. I’ve attached 2 cropped screenshots to show that Duncan Oldham married Maria C Hartley in July 1999. I found the info on Ancestry.com. I’m a bit tight for time now so i’ll keep it short.




Hope thats the info/proof you were after,

(Name removed)

P.S Keep up the great blog!

Thanks very much for the email (and thanks to everyone else who’s emailed me recently – I’ll try and reply soon I promise!)

Anyway, there’s the evidence, but why lie about your name in the way Dunk did? There’s no problem with people using pen-names for writing, stage-names for acting. As long as it’s not for the sake of conning people where’s the harm? In fact it’s legal to call yourself anything you want in this country, as long as you get a bit of paper from (for example) a solicitor and you don’t change it just to try and do something dodgy. Oldham hasn’t changed his name though, he’s just tried to pretend he had already. Why? Clearly to hide something.

  • Next up in the challenge to readers to get proof of the bullshit is to consider getting in touch with this Manchester-based web-hosting company. Dunk’s 36-hour outage when he was trying to move his tumbleweed-infested forums from 1and1 to his new hosts was no surprise. If he’d really been paying in the region of £10,000 per year he’d have been helped to make the transition as smoothly as possible. He had to take the forum down with both hosts. Would you have been happy to spend £900 per month on a service, one that has you tied to a 12-month contract, only to find that you had no help with installing a simple piece of forum software? So, why not get in touch with Dunk’s new hosts? Especially if you’re thinking of moving a website of your own to a dedicated server. Ask for a quote, saying that you only want to host a forum on the dedicated server. See how much it will cost. And ask what they’ll do to help you make a transition from your previous hosts. His new hosts are UKFast.net. Their website is at http://www.ukfast.net. I wonder how they feel to be associated with the money-robbing Koptalk.com?

15 Responses to “Dunk is Dunk – proof.”

  1. hmmm Says:

    This blog gets sadder by the day. Do you have a day job mate? 😀

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    FATTY ALERT!!!!!!!! BREAKING FAT NEWS!!!! OLDHAM IN LIVERPOOL NEXT WEEK!!! ……….actually oldham himself said it, must be a lie. Doh!

    Some asked this question in today :

    I have read elsewhere that there are some new players training with the reserves. Could this be true? How about contacting your ‘gate-man’ and asking if it’s true and who they are?

    And Fatty Twatty’s answer :

    We know a couple of lads on the gate now. I haven’t spoke to any since the Kuyt signing. I’m in Liverpool next week so will see one of the lads (he’s not the brightest spark lol!). Usually such info hits the official magazine first.

  3. jj_sawyer Says:

    another blatant lie, but his unsuspecting and unenlightened koptalk members will have little reason to disbelieve him when he makes up another cock and bull story, while ignoring serious questions from the jedi alliance infiltrating his corrupt world.

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Yep like the post in the gold club locked out. Someone asking about Dunk being a Con man.

    Thats the feeling of being brought down from the inside(r)

  5. ScouseUK Says:

    10 k per year omg what a blatent lie,i own a site its not a free site its on a dedicated severs lol,it cost me a tenner to buy the domain name and luckiely my brother is co-owner of the sever company i use but if i had to pay it would cost me 15 quid a month,that on top of a 1 off payement of 80$ to buy a lifetime contract with v.bulletin

    this dunk needs a good dunking in a bath of his own bullshit for ripping off fellow liverpool fans also liverpool fc should do something about him ripping off genuin lfc fans to line his own pockets

    also how come on them pic it says district liverpool county lancshire that dont make any sense at all…

  6. ROCK Says:

    in the summer he was complaining about the cost of season tickets for liverpool and claimed he would be going to every home game this season.
    so surely he should be in liverpool on sat?

  7. Chunky Says:

    He’ll have fun with UKFast – their customer service is phish poor.

  8. An Observer Says:

    ScouseUK – Not being funny, but welcome to real life a dedicated server doesn’t cost a tenner a month, your site is obviously on a shared server.

    As for your district liverpool county lancshire comments, I really can’t be bothered explaining them you you, Merseyside technically is not a real county, I’m not going to explain it to you, use google.

  9. Will Robbo Says:

    Fucking good work whoever delved into Ancestry.com.

  10. jj_sawyer Says:

    I concur with chunky, I know of UKFast and I have spoken to them a few times regarding managed servers and I know how poor they are – they’ve won some awards and they do host some big brands but the customer service goes towards the big guys and the result is that generally their service to the small time customers suffer significantly.

    Out of interest I had a quote a year or so ago for a dedicated managed server, quite high spec too at the time for £300 a month. They are quite expensive if you need a managed solution. It is possible that fatty is paying them £900 a month for sure but that can only be a good thing when he can’t make ends meet.

  11. univofchicago Says:

    hi again hmmm!

    are you duncan oldham in disguise? hehe

  12. Alan Says:

    Today, Chunk is quoting the s*n again, on the bbc site in transfer rumours, it says liverpool are going for woodgate, (the s*n), he has it saying “newspaper reports”. why must he persist in quoting this shit, he clearly is not a liverpool fan, hes nothing more than a s*n hat wearing, over eating, lying, no friends fat prick with no morales. Fuck him

  13. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    being fair all the LFC fan sites are quoting the woodgate story, most saying they saw it in the BBC but mention it is the S*N reporting it.

  14. sal Says:

    The fatty liar is getting on my nerves.

  15. Jon Says:

    Some other possibilities re: his name. He could have changed it in the past, before he was married. Did his mother remarry? It would be that kind of scenario as his mother has the same name. It could also be something as simple as Duncan is his middle name. The birth records would settle that more conclusively. Do you have his date of birth.

    He mentions a Radio DJ that he bullied at school. Do we know which school? Have you checked friendsreunited.co.uk? It all depends how far you want to go.

    Other records to check are the electoral register – in particular other people living at the same address.

    A couple of suggestions for the shop koptalk section. Dear Anna in the Guardian for people attempting to get their money back, and watchdog. Dunc is ripe for a door-stopping. He’d make a good section – he provides all his pictures and copy. Simple to get a story out of that. All you need is a lazy researcher looking for a story.

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