Where does Dunk Live?

Duncan Oldham lies and lies and lies. Every day. I think he actually believes some of his own lies himself. Trouble is, now that we log them all, he contradicts himself.

I saw this last week, his response to someone asking where he lived –

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Community Shield videos I captured – #2 [Re: DURHAMSCOUSER1]
#1604600 – Tue Aug 15 2006 11:17 AM Reply Quote

I live in Scarborough mate but KOPTALK HQ is up in Newcastle where me mam lives. I’ve got property in Newcastle and Scarborough but Boro is me actually home

No it’s not. Not according to what you said in the middle of one of your rants about the blog and people who dare tell the world about your bullshit –

Dunk KopTalk Editor
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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting [Re: nigecardiff]
#1525099 – Mon Jul 03 2006 10:18 PM Reply Quote

dunk, its about time you got some real insider info mate

If we get any more inside we’ll get arrested.

I know a lot of people concentrate on transfers and stuff but I tell you what, for me I’d prefer to see training all week to see formations, injury recovery and so on. Watching practise matches will be superb.

I think it would be great to have a dedicated server used simply to power a webcam overlooking the ground with live streaming. However that can be costly so it may have to be static images. I really don’t know yet.

All I know at the moment is I’m fecked and I’m about to settle down for the night. I was going to stay over but when I checked my emails today there were some threatening ones from some anti-KopTalkers… not aimed at me but my family (daughter and mum). At the time I thought it best to come home (as me mam lives opposite me and I wanted to make sure she was ok) but having spoke about it with her tonight and having chilled a bit, I’m ready for tomorrow now.

So time to recharge and back at HQ in the morning

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Remember when he was about to buy a house overlooking Melwood? Before he discovered he could buy Chris Waddle’s home next to Melwood? That post is him talking about being able to spy on LFC and share his findings with his site members. He’d gone to Melwood because it was the first day of training and he thought he’d get loads of images using his camera from the top of a wheelie bin. He got one photo, and a bit of video, of Gary Ablett. We’re still waiting for the “loads” more he’d promised. There weren’t any he’s a liar.

He’s a liar for one of these two too.

  • July 3rd – “I thought it best to come home (as me mam lives opposite me and I wanted to make sure she was ok)”.
  • August 15th – “I live in Scarborough mate but KOPTALK HQ is up in Newcastle where me mam lives. I’ve got property in Newcastle and Scarborough but Boro is me actually home”

Make your mind up liar – at least try and keep your story straight.

Spot the lie in this lot –

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
Reged: Aug 20 2004
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Re: Best city to live in? [Re: The_Useful_Idiot]
#1605565 – Tue Aug 15 2006 08:46 PM
I’ve lived all over the place. I have family in Liverpool and in Newcastle so I’m lucky to have been able to experience both places.

Truth be told there’s good and bad everywhere.

I suppose it depends what you want mate. Where do you live now and what kind of surroundings do you want? What about work?

The best city I have ever been to is New York. It was amazing.

I chose to get married in Liverpool because it means so much to me yet I’ve lived in Newcastle where the nightlife and people are great.

York on the other hand is too boring for me. Great for the races but too slow for me, yes too slow for even me

Leeds is much faster… once stayed in Chapeltown, now that was an experience!

Dunk – you’ve no family in Liverpool. It’s not like it matters anyway, so why lie about it?

Someone else wanted his adress – or Koptalk’s address…

Josey8 Gold Member
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can someone give me the address for :
#1610768 – Fri Aug 18 2006 06:08 PM
Post Extras:

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: can someone give me the address for : [Re: Josey8]
#1610788 – Fri Aug 18 2006 06:21 PM Reply

PO Box 556
NE28 7WZ

If you need further assistance, please email editor@koptalk.com


That’s his “PO Box” address, but what’s his real address? Well, as I’ve had it sent to me a few times now and I’ve hinted at it enough, here’s the real address behind that PO Box. It’s available by getting in touch with the Post Office / Royal Mail…

Duncan Oldham
c/o Koptalk.con
5 Swan Avenue
NE28 7JH”

Remember how he once claimed that Duncan Oldham wasn’t his real name, just his internet name? Even though the wedding stationery from his Anfield wedding all showed Duncan Oldham getting married to Maria? Maybe one of you family history experts will be able to go to the records office in Liverpool and confirm who did get married at Anfield on July 24th 1999. If that’s his real name, and he lives over the road from his mum, how come he’s not registered to vote at that address or any address nearby?

Perhaps he does live in Scarborough then – if he lives with his wife and kids, as he occasionally claims, then he lives in Cross Street. According to one of his recent rants. Again, no sign of anyone called Duncan Oldham living in Cross Street.

So – where does Dunk live? Or more importantly, where is Koptalk based? Where does Koptalk really live? Is it a Newcastle or a Scarborough company? More importantly perhaps – is it even a company?

One other reason we need to know where Dunk lives is this – where did all that money for Lauren really go? Did she get any of it, some of it or all of it? He’s obviously feeling a little worried about it. Someone wanted to make a donation – Dunk was having none of it. Despite what he might try to claim, it’s because he’s worried about being caught. (If you recall, Dunk set up a website for Lauren which he rarely updated, filled with plugs for Koptalk, and asked for cheques to be made payable to his mum and posted to his PO Box in Wallsend)

RPAS Gold Member
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Lauren Fund
#1610552 – Fri Aug 18 2006 03:52 PM
Just a thought but seeing as a few of us have benefitted financially from the inside track on Kuyt (thanks again Dunk, & to all the insiders) maybe it’d be a nice gesture if all who did make a few quid gave their original stake money to Laurens fund as a thank you to the site & Dunk. I know I will be, its not a pile but still its €75. Hope it helps Dunk.



PS> Any chance of posting in the link again Dunk for anyone interested?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Dunk KopTalk Daddy
Reged: Aug 20 2004
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Re: Lauren Fund [Re: RPAS]
#1610563 – Fri Aug 18 2006 03:59 PM
That’s a very kind gesture mate but there’s no need to. Lauren has recently begun driving and she now has a lovely car which the Government helped her obtain. The last time I spoke to her she was looking for a special bike and I know she has that money for that. However if you want to send her a card, letter or a small gift (as she loves her music) you can do that.

The loons on the net (our rivals) started to target the family and we pulled her site as a result. It’s now private to only her friends.

But thanks mate, it does a mean a lot that you’re still even thinking about her.

I’d like to have her posting on here in the future as she is a big red.

You can email me editor@koptalk.com if you want any further info or advice about Lauren. I don’t bother providing many updates now because her family were really upset when they were targeted by the former rejects from here.

Note how it’s now “The Loons”? Not some loons, but “the” loons. It’s one word, “the”, but it says a hell of a lot. The trouble is, there were no targets on Lauren’s family as far as I am aware. I and others, especially those who’ve donated a lot of money, wanted to know that the money had got through OK to Lauren. Not a lot to ask. And why did the money have to be paid to his mum? Surely if it was paid to Lauren herself, or her parents, it could go straight to the cause it was intended for.

We’ve still had no confirmation from anyone that Lauren got all of the money. We’ve had no announcement of how much was raised. I’m sure that Lauren’s family would have been glad to put a thank you forward for the money raised. They obviously aren’t expected to, it’s just what usually happens. Without that evidence something stinks. So what does Dunk do? Deletes the site and hides the evidence. Or at least tries to hide it. The Lauren site now points to the Scope website – so why not offer that as an option in the post above? Dunk is worried to death about being investigated about Lauren.

The last I heard, the police were still “looking into” this, but if anyone’s still concerned I suggest you contact them yourselves, especially if you donated money to any of the campaigns Dunk launched.

I have since found Lauren’s family’s home address, and am considering whether it’s worth writing to her parents to put my side of things across. I’ve no idea how much the family really do know about what’s gone on, but I think it’s only fair to defend the blog and tell the truth to them. Dunk’s told a lot of lies. Maybe they think Dunk and his mum are just great people, maybe they are delighted with a couple of hundred quid from Dunk. He was still getting big sums of money as recently as May for Lauren – did she get it? Despite what Dunk might say I’m sure her dad would be willing to answer some questions. Maybe a sensible former Koptalk member would like to write on our behalf. The doubts about whether this money was all handed over to Lauren is one of the main concerns of former members of Koptalk – why is Dunk scared to make it clear that it was all handed over, and not just used to find him money for other things?


25 Responses to “Where does Dunk Live?”

  1. The Platinum Club Says:

    He must have changed his name very early in life…


    and more interestingly…


  2. darkman Says:

    Where did my donation go Oldham? Is that how you funded all those new purchases of yours? I want a statement from your bank stating exactly where all that money went. Did you pocket that money for yourself Oldham?

    I’m absolutely furious. I never got even a thank you letter. The only thing I got was a reminder to renew my Insider subscription when it expired.

  3. rupert Says:

    Nobody, least of all Oldham, has ever explained how you raise money for charity by changing your name to Manchester United. What money did he raise, and for what charity, and did he pay it over?

  4. jj_sawyer Says:

    I wondered this also, there was this story of him changing his name to Mr Manchester United, but where did the money go? and what right in his mind Liverpool fan would even contemplate such a stupid thing.

    For charity you run a marathon, shave your head, do a sponsored “activity” but changing your name by deedpoll for the press publicity? What a knob.

    I think it started there, when he changed his name he realised there could be money to be made from Liverpool football club.

    All this was done at the same time remember when he was also known as Del Johnson selling dodgy pirated sky cards on newsgroups.

  5. rupert Says:

    I interpret the statement that he does not live in Wallsend to mean that he is trying to cover a dodge of some kind. In other words its important for somebody or some agency not to know he lives and works in Wallsend. He needs to keep alive the fiction that he lives in Scarborough.

    Also someone please clear it up. Whose back garden is the shed built in? Does he rent-own another house in the same street?

    I wonder if he could be claiming benefits of some kind which depend on his living in the Scarborough house, but he is renting that out and living in (a) in Wallsend in the house of his MA or in the shed or in his own rented-owned house in the same street.

    He always squirms and puts out these decoy stories (e.g. my true name is not Duncan Oldham) when his affairs are scrutinised.

  6. jj_sawyer Says:

    so is the shed not actually built onto his house, is it his ma oldhams house in swan avenue?

  7. jj_sawyer Says:

    in his own words “if we get any more inside we’ll get arrested” and knowing he does not have any inside information at the club maybe he should rename his site “koptalk stalker”

    and change his slogan to “we stalk to get your money”

  8. Chunky Says:

    There is no company, chances are he’s on the ‘sick’ with all those tablets he’s popping.

  9. rupert Says:

    Its not attached to any house. It is detached, probably a Portakabin or similar.

    I do remember how he described it once. He said he had bought/built a property close by his house. It was a stand alone, lock-up premise dedictaed for the KT headquarters.

    That was very misleading.

  10. rupert Says:

    I think the Mr. Manchetsr United – a deed-poll name change – was an early indication of his fascination with how easy it was to change names. At that time he was also carrying on business selling satellite cards as Del. There’s no way an LFC supporter would take on a name like that. Nor can I see anyone rewarding him with money for charity. Most people would think he was a potty attention-seeker.

    Secondly, I think it was his way of flirting with the idea of doing a fan site for Man Utd. I guess the scum supporters saw through his stunt.

    So then he tried another stunt – getting married at Anfield. He wanted his marriage certificate to serve as his certificate of autheticity as an LFC fan. He’s still pulling stunts like that and most people still dont believe him.

    He was a Leeds supporter when he was a kid.

  11. An Observer Says:

    Now his address is know, we can all send tax evasion tips offs to the good old inland revenue.

    Can someone remind us of the links?

  12. hmmm Says:

    Isn’t this whole blog a bit sad? Heck I contradict myself pretty much everyday, and you guys try and pick holes in where he lives etc. This is pathetic lol

  13. leftpeg Says:

    While I have lots of sympathy for Lauren, the whole asking for money for mortgage payments, etc. made me pretty uncomfortable at the time when it first came up, as it really seemed like it was preying on a somewhat captive audience, who on the whole are a loyal bunch, especially when you use Liverpool FC as the common bond.

  14. Rich Says:

    Search for Duncan Oldham on Friends reunited (don’t think a link would work as you probably have to be signed in). He’s there, under that name, so if his real name is NOT Duncan Oldham (which it is) then he has obviously stolen it from someone he went to school with.

    There’s nothing on his profile except one thing. Under ‘Work’ it says ‘Retired’!

    Signed off sick through gross obesity maybe?

  15. Toby Says:

    A bit off topic, although I suppose any article about lies with reference to Duncan Oldham is always on-topic, I found this on my travels…

    How to detect bullshit – http://www.scottberkun.com/essays/essay53.htm

    In summary…

    The first rule of BS is to expect it. If you want to detect BS you have to swallow some cynicism, and add some internal doubt to everything you hear.

    The first detection tool is a question: How do you know what you know?

    Throw this phrase down when someone force feeds you an idea, an argument, a reference to a study or over-confidently suggests a course of action. People so rarely have their claims challenged, that asking someone to explain how they know sheds light on whatever ignorance they’re hiding. It instantly diminishes the force of a BS driven opinion.

    I wish I had time to create an article on here quoting some of the comments from this article but I’m snowed under at the moment. Maybe someone else would like to take up the challenge?

  16. enema of the state Says:

    he showed a picture of a CPAP machine and posted an atricle that he had to have this to help him breathe at night. Now it might have been bollox but problems like obstructive sleep apnoea do happen in people of his size so I believe it. Theyre not cheap and if he has been given one of these by an NHS consultant then its a CERTAINTY that hed be signed off work and “on the sick”. i think that chunky (above) has it right and the address shenanigans may be to maitain his sickness/incapacity benefit while he actually works back in wallsend – 25 hours a day if you believe the site!!!

    If anybody wanted to cause him hassle then this is the way to go.


    for a full reporting form


    0800 854 440 between 0700 and 2300

  17. An Observer Says:

    Off topic again, but fattys new host seems to be these guys http://www.ukfast.net/linuxserver.html

    Interestingly, he’s fucked the move up already with .org being down all day. As a web host, if I had a client paying £900 / month, I’d have moved the site over for him with zero downtime. It really isn’t hard to move a site of that size with no loss of posts and only 10 mins downtime whilst the database is backed up and moved to the new server.

  18. txtoto Says:

    For those insider or gold club members disgusted by the fat one, why doesnt someone post a thread relating to his promise to close down the site if no investment was found etc. You could just put in down as a question” without insults” he cant possibly ban someone for doing that. I would really like to see the response from the fat scum.

  19. ScouseUK Says:

    if someone wants to send me the info of dates and what not,ill quite happerly do some digging for you here in liverpool,

  20. lobster Says:

    txtoto, he will ban, ban, and ban!

  21. univofchicago Says:

    For all the spamming hes done to us, I think we ought to get him back by spamming his ‘swan avenue’ mail address…

  22. RedinSweden Says:

    Well now Mr Hmmm. I am sure you do contradict yourself a lot, a lo of people do, not normally about where they live though, that is something most people tend to get right.

  23. Rich Says:

    Txtoto – He probably wants someone to start a thread asking about his promise to close the site. As soon as he does it the thread will stretch onto two pages with people begging him not to, telling him how much they love him and the site etc. Obviously all the negative posts will be removed.

    Obviously he can’t close the site. He can’t afford to

  24. Lindsay Says:

    Let’s all order some pizza for Swan Avenue 🙂

  25. An Observer Says:

    Lindsay ,

    The fat cunt would love that, would save him the effort.

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