The reason KT don't link to competitors

by Pot Talk Insider.

Notice how Koptalk don’t link to competition or rival sites? Whether this be a member posting on the forums and the link being censored or quoting one of the many ‘scoops’ that they no doubt get from the many various other sites out there.
Well the real reason is posted at http://www.k* “Absolutely no website links may be posted on any part of the KopTalk network without the permission of KopTalk except links to any official football club websites, national newspaper websites (e.g. The Mirror, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian) and other mainstream media outlets such as The BBC, Sky Sports, ITV, Sky News, Ananova, Sporting Life, Press Association, Eurosport. Anyone posting links to any sites that do not fall within these categories will have their account closed without notice. This is due to restrictions placed on us by certain advertisers and because we do not want to appear to endorse certain websites that may contain material not sutiable to minors.

So let’s discuss the last part of the above statement

“due to restrictions placed on us by certain advertisers”
Let’s have a quick look through the advertising companies on Koptalk: Amazon affiliates, Google adsense, overture and valueclick. These companies all allow links to other sites, if anything they have more strict policies on the site actually hosting the adverts which links in with the next point.

“we do not want to appear to endorse certain websites that may contain material not sutiable to minors”
So Koptalk don’t want to ‘endorse’ other Liverpool sites by linking to them as they will contain content not suitable for minors. This is coming from a site who frequently use swear words to enforce their points and have adult material all over their site (take a quick look at the adultfrienderfinder adverts plastered on every page and the models section which has page 3 models baring all.)

Double standards have been mentioned several times before and here they crop up again. Being members of various Liverpool forums it’s obvious that the sites do get on with each other and there isn’t a huge rivalry between them. They will constantly link between stories on other sites and give them full credit, most sites also have a dedicated links page linking to the ‘competition’.

So what is the real reason Koptalk won’t link to any other rival site? It’s obviously not for the reasons stated above, the advertisers DON’T enforce who they link to and the other sites DON’T contain porn banners and galleries nor do they have any less swearing than koptalk.

The simple reason is Koptalk don’t want you on another site where you will discover what’s really going on behind the scenes and stop visiting, remember every time you click a banner or even view a page on Koptalk you are increasing their bank balance.

Do Koptalk not realise why no one links to them? Check all the other big sites and not ONE reputable site does. Whilst the other sites will happily run alongside each other Koptalk continues to run in a world of it’s own which is gradually getting smaller and smaller. The other sites didn’t decide overnight not to link to Koptalk for no reason, if it was another free site providing LFC news they would have no objection whatsoever but since they continue to charge for false stories they will never be a real part of the LFC community.

Pot Talk Insider, August 20th 2006.


4 Responses to “The reason KT don't link to competitors”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Sorry for anyone who tried to comment on this post earlier. I un-ticked the wrong box, but I’ve now ticked it again. Comment away…

  2. jj_sawyer Says:

    Chubbs likes to keep his users ignorant to whats going on outside his Orwellian world, simple as that, and when they do find out what is going on they are usually gone.

    All this sponsors yadda yadda is nonsense.

  3. DanTheMan Says:

    good post.

    koptalk prefers the ‘lobster pot’ method whereby visitors arent allwed out once they are lured by his ‘insider exclusive’ bait. speak to 99.9% of koptalk’s forumites and they’ll tell you its the best community in the world, before then admitting they don’t visit others. thats because if they had theyd have flown the nest. even rashid did eventually ffs.

    the reason no other lfc site links to koptalk? duncans answer would be ‘bitter, jealous rivalry’ but the real truth is that the rest of the lfc community on the web refuses to condone his methods and actually care about the fans who could be ripped off if they were to find koptalk. outside the koptalk ringfence theres very little goodwill towards the bloke.

  4. ScouseUK Says:

    wow i love this site,i own a lfc site an wouldnt dream of chargeing people to see something they love,we have most of what kop talk gives out,we have the highlights we had a radio station and never onced charge a pennie,we have also been looking for afileate withing the lfc comunity,there is a reason for this to share lfc with all REAL fans.

    dunk shouldnt it be chump,lol

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