Late again, this time with Lucas Neill story

If you’re reading this way in the future, August 19th was the opening day of the 2006-07 league season, when Oldham was going to close Koptalk down if no investment had been received. Liverpool kicked off at 12:50pm, their game had been finished almost an hour at 3.32pm.

So why was Koptalk still open? That’s another story for another time. This was what they were writing at 3.32pm on Saturday 19th.

Koptalk, August 19th, 3:32pm

EXCLUSIVE: Agent heading to Merseyside to try and broker deal

KOPTALK understands that Peter Harrison – the agent that represents Blackburn Rovers defender Lucas Neill – is heading to Merseyside in the hope of securing his client a move to Anfield.

The 28-year-old Australian international is out of contract in the summer of 2007 and so far he’s rejected the new offers put to him by his present employers.

Neill’s agent Peter Harrison is expected to attend the Portsmouth-Rovers game today. Afterwards he will hold a mini-conference with his client to discuss their options, one of which could be a move to Anfield.

The player can negotiate a pre-contract with another club in January. He could then leave Ewood Park on a free at the end of the season. However, Rovers may opt to cash in now or in January rather than letting him go for nothing.

For anyone who only reads Koptalk, this would be the first time they’d heard a link between the player who might actually be quite unpopular at Anfield (ask Carra!) and the club who play at Anfield. (Personally I can see good and bad in the deal, but you don’t want to hear what I think!) Anyway, two days before the Koptalk article there was this post on YNWA., August 17th, 6:14pm
SteMano      post Aug 17 2006, 18:14
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Just heard this from our kid. Was speaking with Carra’s brother ‘Bonk’.

QUOTE(SteMano @ Aug 17 2006, 18:10) *

Just heard this from our kid. Was speaking with Carra’s brother ‘Bonk’.

Mods – please delete as its already in another thread.

(see also

Also two days before the Koptalk article was this on TLW.

The Liverpool Way, August 17th, 8:37pm
17th August 2006, 08:37 PM
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Re: Another signing?

Originally Posted by snez1
I wish. Most people there thinkit’s Lucas f______g Neil.

They’d be right. But if they’re saying he’s defo coming then they’re jumping the gun quite a bit. I hear something could happen with him, but only if we manage to sell Kromkamp first.

This is a bit of a sensitive one, and sometimes it’s better if these stories don’t get out as it could fuck up any potential deal.

It’s also mentioned on TLW here (early hours of this morning), where Dave U says, “Old news mate. There was a thread about this the other day. It’s true as well, if we can sell Kromkamp, Neill is being lined up as a replacement. Apparently he can buy out his contract or something, so he’d be a free.”

I also found it mentioned here before Koptalk –

EST1892 (Aug 18th, 7:23am)

EST1892 (Aug 17th, 6:49am)

Also on the EST1892 site is a clue to perhaps how Oldham finally heard about this story. “ningnangnong” knew about it and had posted about it before Oldham, someone called “Robbie Slater” getting the credit.

EST1892 (Aug 19th, 3:04pm)
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Lucas Neill
Is very close to signing with us according to Robbie Slater.

He’s definately in the know, has links everywhere in world football.

Aussies will know what i mean by that last sentence.

Another site refers to it well before Oldham: RAWK (August 18th, 12.36am)

An insight into the mind of Oldham – once you’ve heard about the link, why not find out who Lucas Neill’s agent is to build a story from? Google it. (

At that point you can make your story up. If you are being really devious though, once you’ve got his agent’s name, consult the freely available list of agents (like I just did), where you can find this –

M.P.H. Soccer Management Ltd.
Norwood Road
NE11 9NE
Email: info@……….
Tel: +44-191/460 nnnn
Fax: +44-191/460 nnnn
Mobile: +44-771/384 nn nn

So, one local call later, you’ve got a story. Or a bit to add to a story that’s actually two days old.
One more thing – isn’t exclusive news supposed to be kept on the Insider site, for the benefit of those who’ve paid for it?


12 Responses to “Late again, this time with Lucas Neill story”

  1. :;togga:: Says:

    It’s like paying double the cost price of last week’s paper today. Maybe The Fat Pervert has a fetish for sniffing soiled knickers as well.

  2. jj_sawyer Says:

    another excellent example of fatty passing off other sites insider info off as his own, and trying to take the credit for it if it comes through.

    you missed the boat on this one chubbs, est1892 / ynwa and tlw were well ahead of you once again. Why didn’t you credit them for the info? That is where you got it from, so why have you tried to pass it off as your exclusive story?

    Duncan Oldham you are a low life, worse than that you are a pond dweller. Bow your head in shame. Your time is up, time to shut down the site like you promised and then maybe we can all move on. This blog will continue to get stronger and stronger until you’re gone, and when your gone so will we. So why delay the inevitable?

  3. univofchicago Says:

    Koptalk exclusive my a*s

  4. bigf00t Says:

    its actually even in the people today…

    Im shocked fatty figured it out before them…

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Fattys bullshit storys have dropped of quite a bit since this blog. There was at least 3 a week from the Lordie geordie, but recently its possible 1 a week. i would not class this lucas niell story as bull shit because other reputatble sites have reported it beofre fatty twatty. I have to say i kind of miss his bulshit, i.e chris waddle one was an absolute corker. Some come on Oldham give us another mind blowing lie and watch more of your members drop off laughing.

  6. Dickster Says:

    Koptalk should put a story about Lucas Neill, but it’s the fact he is claiming an exclusive that is plain wrong!

  7. rupert Says:

    The reference to Robbie Slater in the above post (Aussie) is explained by the following.

    Elisha Scott at YNWA nd Dave Usher at TLA had the story on Thursday. I notice Robbie Slater was also broadcasting it then in Ausralia. Does he pick up leads from LFC web sites or do they pick up leads from him? It’s a small world.

    In any case Oldham did not enter the picture until two days later, as has already been shown.

  8. silentbutdeadly Says:

    to explain – I believe the Robbie Slater in question is probably the ex pro. West Ham I think?

    I also think he’s fan so not out of the question that he uses YNWA & TLW.

  9. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    Robbie si the ex West Ham, Blackburn palyer who is a fan of LFC. He knows a lot about Aussie players probably heard it from Neill himself.

  10. Dame Edna Everage Says:

    Robbie Slater’s family is actually from Liverpool, which could also have something to do with it.

  11. univofchicago Says:

    “As exclusively revealed by KOPTALK last week, the player’s agent Peter Harrison was due on Merseyside at the weekend to try and broker a deal for the 28-year-old Australian. ” KOPTALK NEWS, 24th August 2006

    Koptalk Exclusive my ass again…

    Although as fat_boy_fat mentioned, fatty’s bullshit has dipped since the blog hit the big times – makes you think how bad Koptalk was when the number of Koptalk bullshit was at its peak…

    For this, we all should thank the blog…

  12. Tom Says:

    Robbie Slater was a very good player. We were linked with him a couple of times “back in the day” 🙂

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