Another bare-faced lie. Liverpool fans beware.

Pinocchio image from BBCConsidering how many people are watching him right now, you’d think Duncan Oldham would at least make an effort to cut down on some of the more blatant lies. Unfortunately for him, he can’t.

He published this story tonight on his pop-up infested “free” site – the one that he uses as a vehicle to encourage Reds supporters to part with their cash, using the promise of insider information. We say “cash” especially, because he’ll knock you ten quid off if you stick the banknotes in an envelope. Dodgy? Of course. And when the ripped-off Liverpool supporter gets into the Insider site they find their’s no insider information whatsoever.

So why did Dunk make this claim? Had we missed something?

Liverpool fans scoop a small fortune following Kuyt signing

Several of our Insider members are celebrating today following the official confirmation that Dirk Kuyt has signed for Liverpool.

One lucky member made £700 following our tip that the player was nailed on to sign. He stuck £200 on the possibility at odds of 7-2, well before anything broke publicly.

Dunk was a nervous wreck in the run up the confirmation of the signing, not because he’d also backed it to happen, but because he enjoys the use of his knees!

One Insider member posted today: “FAO Dunk. Cheers mate for the advice on that bet… a nice 700 for Dirk Kuyt joining the reds…..GET in there mate !! Cheers to Ladbrokes as well for offering those odds of 7-2 that Dirk would join the reds!!!!”

Several others emailed in: “Thanks for the tip about Kuyt Dunk. We raked in £200!” and “Cheers Dunk, seventy ridge in my pocket thanks to your info.”

If you want to read all the rumours and reports concerning the Reds, support the site and become an Insider member today! If you join the Gold Club you get a free Insider sub and free SMS alerts all year round so choose which membership level best suits you.

Please note that the Insider is a fun and informal feature. Please be realistic about your expectations. We don’t have a direct line to Rick Parry’s office so if you’re not switched on to undertsand that, you’re probably best off not joining. We do not offer information to make you money, this was a one-off fun event following a member’s approach for advice.

If you consider yourself be a decent Red and not one of the loons out there that is abusive or someone who behaves like a five year old, then we’d love to invite you into our family 🙂


So Dunk got one member telling him on the forum that he’d won a bet, the rest emailed him.  Or for that read, one member won a bet, nobody else emailed him.

Like the Koptalkers he claimed were buying him beer all weekend in Cardiff. He couldn’t name a single one. Was he in Cardiff?  He certainly wasn’t risking anyone spotting him.

But that’s none of those are the bare-faced lies I’m talking about. The evidence of his lies on those isn’t what you’d call “beyone a reasonable doubt”, but it’s pretty bloody obvious to anyone with even a small amount of open-mindedness about Oldham.

The lie we’re talking about is this – “One lucky member made £700 following our tip that the player was nailed on to sign. He stuck £200 on the possibility at odds of 7-2, well before anything broke publicly.”

Well before anything broke publicly? So when was this “tip” made then Duncan? When did the lucky member make his bet? May? We’ll have a look in a moment, but obviously you weren’t actually considering it “nailed on” at that time if this is true: “Dunk was a nervous wreck in the run up the confirmation of the signing, not because he’d also backed it to happen, but because he enjoys the use of his knees!” Another of Dunk’s many references to violent retribution. He’s obsessed with violence. He once threatened he’d rip my face off if he ever caught up with me.

So now it was time to find the lucky member’s first post about this bet, the first time he spoke on the forum about the gamble. Dunk’s not moved servers yet, and he’s not planning to move his US-based Insider server anyway. So would my search for this thread bring his site slowing down to a halt? It must have been such a long time ago that this bet was made, the software would have to hunt through months and months of threads surely.

Actually no. The post was actually last week. On Thursday evening.

Justin    Silver Member
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FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt
#1598435 – Thu Aug 10 2006 07:38 PM       

I was just reading the racing post and Ladbrokes have betting on where Kuyt will be at the start of the Premiership—- They bet 15/8fav Newcastle, 11-4 Feyernoord, 5-1 Spurs, 11-2 Liverpool, 6-1 Manure, 6-1 The Gooners…….Do they know something we don’t…and if not should we get on the 11-2 ?
– – – – – – – – – – – –

My memory was playing up – surely the world knew about the state of play regarding Dirk Kuyt back then? Actually they did, as it said in the very same thread.

Gold Member
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Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: Justin]
#1598495 – Thu Aug 10 2006 08:46 PM

given the news in all the papers this morning that we were closing in on him these odds seem very ODD to me. we have to be favourites now to land him
– – – – – – – – – – – –

So in comes Dunk with some clear advice. Probably expecting his site visitor to stick ten quid on, this is his response –

Dunk   Executive Editor
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Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: Justin]
#1598499 – Thu Aug 10 2006 08:51 PM

Go fill yer boots

– – – – – – – – – – – –

So armed with that clear advice, Justin puts his bet on and comes back twenty minutes later to tell us –

Silver Member
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Loc: Home of the 2006/7 Champions

Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: Dunk]
#1598522 – Thu Aug 10 2006 09:10 PM          Reply      Quote

7-2 now ….A put a couple of hundred on …..I hope your right Dunk raying:
– – – – – – – – – – – –

‘What!’ thinks Dunk. ‘Twenty quid yeh, but not two bleeding hundred!’  (That’s how Dunk spells the word “yeah” when he thinks it.) Panic time, what’s he going to say? He gulps, then wiping the sweat off his brow writes…

Executive Editor

Reged: Aug 20 2004
Posts: 9425

Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: Justin]
#1598546 – Thu Aug 10 2006 09:39 PM          Reply      Quote

**** me… you nutter! It’s a smokescreen…

…. JOKE!

Seriously though, football transfers can change in a second. I hope t his comes off for ya mate.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

So he’s now seriously worried. He’s not got any inside information about Kuyt, he only knows as much as the rest of us. £200 is a lot of money. More than he’s brought in from new subscriptions all summer. At least now he’s got out of the blame for the bet being made. He’s made it sound like it might not happen, he’s covered his back for that lad’s 200 quid.

A couple of hours later he realises. In covering his back for the lad’s bet possibly not coming off, he’s also made it clear he’s not got inside information on this deal. What’s he going to do? Luckily, he’s got one of his aliases to hand –

The Informer
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Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: Justin]
#1598647 – Thu Aug 10 2006 11:13 PM          Reply      Quote

The odds are rather generous.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

See – easy. Del’s been doing this for years. By getting “The Informer” to say that, he’s got himself covered again for the Kuyt deal going ahead. The one that was going to go ahead two weeks ago with a bid made after the friendly match. But that’s another lie, let’s stick to this one for now.

Dunk   Executive Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
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Re: FAO DUNK: Re Dirk Kuyt [Re: paddockopvet]
#1598711 – Thu Aug 10 2006 11:43 PM          Reply      Quote


jroc notice i never said what friday though  seriously though ive been told he will be signed this friday due to rafa/parry being away in cardiff for the weekend 

I wonder if there’ll be a delay cos of flight disruptions due to the security clampdown………..???

I did wonder this myself earlier today.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

You couldn’t make this up could you? Well you know what I mean. So an insider member is convinced that Kuyt will sign on Friday (11th) because Parry et al will be in Cardiff for the weekend. I can’t remember who said it now, but it’s clearly Bull. But Dunk is delighted at the thought that the latest terror alert means he can claim things didn’t work out due to flights not being on time. (Dunk announced last year that he was going to set up a terrorism website. I don’t think he ever did though.

So was Dunk being honest in his article today on Koptalk.coN that his member had made the bet, “well before anything broke publicly”?

A quick search on Google News found quite a few articles on the subject. All date the day before, on Wednesday the 9th of August.

For example the page that Duncan steals from every day, which on Wednesday night was looking at Thursday’s papers –

“Thursday’s gossip column.  BBC Sport, UK – 9 Aug 2006.  Liverpool are closing in on Feyenoord striker Dirk Kuyt. (Daily Mirror).

And the website Duncan uses to get his local information, but rarely gives any credit to, the Daily Post / Liverpool Echo website.

Daily Post website, 9th August 2006. Benitez is hopeful a deal can be agreed with Feyenoord for striker Dirk Kuyt, who is desperate to depart Holland and has privately set his heart on a move to Anfield.

“He’s one of the names on our list,” said the manager. “We have time to continue working and improve the squad.”

Even ITV knew about it –

ITV Football 9th August –  “Benitez targets new striker” Rafael Benitez praised match-winner Mark Gonzalez after Wednesday night’s Champions League qualifying victory over Maccabi Haifa – then revealed he is close to signing a new striker…
…He said: “We have two or three names, Kuyt is one. We are still working hard but maybe a little closer.” ”

So Duncan – will you explain this bare-faced lie to us? Apologise? Admit it? Or is just another one for the long, long list?

I wonder if Blue Square and other sponsors on Duncan’s site, including Google, are happy to be associated with Duncan’s implied claims that he can help people to win even more money from the bookies due to his insider information?

They won’t know if you don’t tell them.

  • Congrats to Justin by the way – but don’t ever take a tip from Dunk again until you’ve checked in a lot of other places first! 

14 Responses to “Another bare-faced lie. Liverpool fans beware.”

  1. Tom Says:

    Interesting that he’s now claiming that he “hasn’t” got a direct line to Rick Parry now. A few weeks back he was claiming the exact opposite. Maybe he thinks his members have the memory capacity of a goldfish (3 seconds)…….

  2. univofchicago Says:

    Just to remind everyone, if there is no financing by 12.45 GMT Duncan Oldham will close Koptalk down:

    Or was it another crap lie by the fatman? Duncan apologists will say it was only a joke, but one joke too many don’t you think?

    So finance/investment stuff is getting “boring” is it Fatty? Trying to back out? That investment bullshit wasn’t funny at all because I know for a fact that a LOT of people subscribed to the GC/Insider just because of that investment bullshit – he is solely responsible for fleecing money out of innocent and gullible LFC fans.

  3. Tom Says:

    I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks. I’ll look forward to Dunkin’s closing down announcement. 🙂

  4. Rich Says:

    He’s on about this on his Podcast but then goes on to say that people should be careful about what he says because things change so quickly and a lot of his readers are a “bit thick”.

    Never listened to one of these before. Completely outrageous.

  5. jj_sawyer Says:

    looking forward to koptalk.con going offline in just 35 minutes when the season starts… goodbye fatboy. you made a promise, now stick to it!

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    I posted this as a reply in the General Comments section to someone who said the blog was becoming scary and in danger of being a stalker. I’ve made a few editorial changes.

    As I understand what you saying is that the blog is correct and as a result of it you no longer wish to contribute to Oldham and will stop visting his site when you are inevitably banned from KT for not contributing. But the blog should stop doing for others what it did for you?

    The only thing scary or unpleasant about the blog is the subject-matter. A common theme among those – like you – who have “seen the light” is why did the club allow it to happen, why haven’t LFC supporters done something about it, why didn’t someone warn me or suggest alternatives?

    The contributors to the blog did not invent Oldham or KT. All the things you now find objectionable about him and KT have been going on for about 8 years. Many other people have tried to alert others, some by organising sites dedicated to exposing him, some by organising a mass exodus of his members to start other sites, some by complaining about him to various organisations and authorities. Despite all of that he continued.

    It could be those methods were effective in irritating him or setting up alternatives but they have not been effective in changing him, or protecting the other sites from his unfair predatory tactics or protecting the club from his constant attacks on the board, employees and players.

    The blog has been more successful than most other attempts. The blog is not the product of a “stalker” but of hundreds if not thousands of people, most of whom want it to continue. The leading posts – which set the blog agenda – are the discussion points are mainly written by Insider, a few by me. But others are welcome to contribute.

    Actually neither Insider nor I have ever been involved with Oldham. We have not paid him money, or worked with him, or met him or bought anything from him and have never been banned from his site. Neither of us were regular or very active posters on his sites.

    Oldham and his sycophants also have the right to reply to the blog. They can deny any accusation, any statement of fact they read on the blog – but they have not.

    The blog has been very effective because it has provided evidence and persuasive analysis. It has also tracked him over tsevral months showing how quickly his inconsistencies occur and what contempt he has for the intelligence of those he lives off.

    Every day, the young and not so young in Asia, the Americas, and even in the UK use the internet to seek out information or communities associated with LFC. We see their searches on the blog’s tracking software. Many of them now find themselves being led by Google and other search engines to the blog-rather than Koptalk. And even if they find Koptalk they also see the references to the blog. Until the blog started most of those would become users of Koptalk and many would pay money to Oldham. Now, after reading the blog, they find their way to other sites.

    Its not uncommon to see people snipe at the blog and then announce they have just left KT. Its almost as though that while they were in the process of making a decision they blamed the blog for promptingt them to consider their position. And some who have made the decision don’t want to hear any more about KT because it is a chapter they would prefer to close- they don’t want to be reminded of what they used to be involved in.

    I would say that if the blog has served its purpose for you and you want to move on then you should. Good luck. If Insider or other contributors can still find the time to do the good work they have been doing, let that good work be for others rather than you.

  7. SteveO Says:

    To be fair on the fat geordie conman, he is now cleaning up his act, there is a newsnow headline “Roeder: Kuyt never rejected us” so the previous one about Kuyt turning down 90K has presumably been deemed made-up bullshit.

  8. SteveO Says:

    I suppose I am being presumtive in interpreting the “Roeder:….” headline given the fat geordie child exploiter’s records of misleading headline though.

    Which brings me to a suggestion for this blog inspired by the site and their slogan “We watch FOX so you don’t have to.” There is a headline on newsnow that intrigues me yet I don’t want to click it to give him newsnow click throughs and ad revenue (though I tend to block most ads). It would be nice of offer a service that allows people to see the crap first hand, yet without giving him hits.

    Maybe it is not for this blog though.

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    I think your suggestion is a good one. It would not be necessary to copy all his News Now “come-on”s just those that seemed to be unique (even though we know from experience they are misleading in order to earn him hits). People could find the content here.

    Perhaps it could be a special link on the right of the page – Oldham’s News Now Scoops. Or perhaps people could volunteer to post them as a comment. Better that one person click on it, copy it and post it on here than everyone click on his link.

    By the way, that’s the reason Insider began to quote all the content of the Gold Club – so it would not be necessary for others to pay Oldham to read it. (Not because he is stalking him). In the process, the sheer banality of the content became apparent. Then people say why publish such trivial and childish stuff – forgetting that it comes from Oldham and that thousands paid to read it (if he is to be believed).

  10. SteveO Says:

    Anyone done a google for “fat geordie conman” recently.

  11. Lindsay Says:

    Anyone done a google for “fat geordie conman” recently.

    Absolute quality, insider wordpress number 1 🙂

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    SteveO : if you were referring to “EXCLUsIVE_ Agent on way to try to broker a deal…”

    That is the speculation that Rafa might want to sign Lucas Neil. That story was on TLW and YNWA on Thursday. Oldham got onto it on Saturday. The only difference is he called it EXCLUSIVE.

  13. geordia loser! Says:

    even the sarf afrikan fan site had it before dunk!!!!! dunk – your most pathetic exclusive yet…..,wanker!

  14. SteveO Says:

    Yes that was the headline, the EXCLUSIVE tag was the give away that the obese oldham was presumably talking shite. I refused to club on it. Yes I had already read about Lucas Neil elsewhere.

    Interesting that he has even moved from naming the position, i.e. lard boy used to write things like “EXCLUSIVE: Rafa targets striker” so at least you could work out which story he was ripping off.

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