The Day Oldham Dreamed Robbie Fowler Called

August 16th, 2006

by Rupert Insider

In November 2001, Robbie Fowler received prolonged applause from the Kop when he warmed up on the sidelines before coming on as a substitute.Elsewhere, it was a different matter. He got more than his fair share of abuse at Everton, Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge. He’d heard it all a million times – the smack-head, over-the-hill, spice boy, scally insults – and oh yes, the fat jibes.But On 23rd November 2001 he was preoccupied with much more serious matters – the prospect of his imminent transfer to Leeds United.So what did he do at this, the most critical juncture in his career? That’s right, he called the 27 year-old Oldham!Fowler broke training, left discussions with his agent, his lawyers, his family and life-long friends, and he avoided the attentions of the national and local press. It was that crucial to him that he give Oldham an EXCLUSIVE that he was NOT considering a transfer to Leeds and that he objected to a Koptalk poster calling him “fat”.What a lovely dream Oldham had that day!____________________________________________________(Archived version of Koptalk, 23rd November 2001)_______________________________________________________Kop

“ANFIELD EXPOSED”:Robbie Fowler denies transfer rumours.

Published November 19th, 2006 Edit

by Rupert Insider


Photo: Duncan (”Hitman”) Oldham, Executive Editor of the one-man Koptalk website and wannabe author of the book “Anfield Exposed” to be published 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 (maybe).

As revealed EXCLUSIVELY on this blog, Anfield will not be exposed in time for the entertainment of the kiddies at Christmas, despite Oldham’s promises that it would. But he has given us a peek at one of the central claims of his phantom book:

“* What really happened the night before Robbie Fowler’s shock move to Leeds and why did KopTalk insist on the eve of that transfer that he was not leaving when we knew he was”


Let’s translate that from Oldhamspeak to the truth.

Less than two full days before LFC announced Fowler’s transfer to Leeds, Oldham wrote a story that Fowler was NOT leaving. He claimed that Robbie, himself, had telephoned to tell him.

He claimed it as a Kop Talk EXCLUSIVE.

It was the kind of exclusive information the public could rely on, he boasted, if they gave him money to be part of the Koptalk “Insider” . His was the only LFC related site that charged for news, rumours, gossip and made-up muck on LFC.

He was so cocky about his scoop that he mocked the “local journos” who were working on the basis that Fowler probably WAS leaving.

Now, in 2006, he says he lied back then and wants you to pay him upwards of ₤10 to find out why.

But that’s a lie, too, because he didn’t lie back then. He actually believed Fowler called him. He actually believed Robbie wasn’t talking to Leeds and was not about to transfer.

Oldham was duped by a prankster who knew how stupid he was and how desperate to print anything that suggested his site was read by players, especially Fowler.

Who, but an Oldham, would believe that LFC’s most popular player, whose future was the subject of intense discussion in the national and local media and on the streets of Liverpool, would break training, leave discussions with his agent, his lawyers, his family and life-long friends and circumvent the LFC Press Office and his friends in the national media to make a call to Oldham, a guy in Scarborough, Yorkshire whom he had never met or spoken to before in order to give him an EXCLUSIVE that he was NOT considering a transfer to Leeds and that he objected to a Koptalk poster calling him “fat”.

Despite his current shameless teaser for his phantom book, Oldham was still ignorant about Robbie’s transfer the night before it happened. In fact, his next piece following his EXCLUSIVE was after the announcement of the transfer had already been carried by all the unofficial sites and the mainstream press.

Scrambling to catch up with the rest the sports world he addressed a sneering “editorial” to the departing player: “Shut the door on your way out”.

He’s never lived it down. After all, he built his Koptalk “Insider” business on the claim that he was Fowler’s stalker and knew everything about him.

He even tried to sell made-up muck stories about Fowler to the S*n and other tabloids.

The Fowler transfer prankster exposed his fraud. If Oldham were genuinely informed about Fowler and if he were an “Insider” at LFC, as he repeatedly claimed, how could he have been so wrong about the most important event in Fowler’s LFC career and one of the most important outward transfers in the history of the club? How could he and his paying customers have been the last to know?

His howler was not good for business. That’s why he tried to re-write history in the above-quoted teaser for his phantom book.

But only a hard-faced conman like Oldham would have the nerve to come back in 2006 to the original “Insider” customers from 2001 and ask them to pay ₤10, or more, to read his trumped-up story.

He prefers to be called a liar than stupid, you see. So it was not that he was duped by a prankster back then – don’t you know – it was he who was lying to his readers.

In other words – I lied to you then so you can believe me now.

And to add insult to injury he has not written a word of the so-called book in the three years since he started taking deposits as advanced orders . If you’re one of those who paid him a ₤5 deposit , it looks like the “teasers” are all you’re going to get, and they are all self-serving advertisements for his dodgy site.

You’d be better off demanding your money back. He’ll pay you because his site is currently being monitored by a Trading Standards officer.

You can read Oldham’s original tall-tale about Fowler for yourself. Thanks to blog contributor Sawyer Insider we were able to retrieve it directly from the Koptalk archives for 23rd November 2001


Kop Talk News

23rd November 2001:


Fowler – I’m not fat and there’s no deal with Leeds!

We can today reveal publicly for the first time that Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler is a reader of the site and in particular our forums.

( Why only “today”? Oldham had claimed many times before that all LFC players, including Fowler, as well as His Holiness Pope John Paul II, read the KT forums. Surely he wasn’t fibbing was he?

Odd, too, that he thought it necessary to identify Fowler as “Liverpool and England striker”. Oh, THAT Robbie Fowler!

It was a strange style of writing for an allegedly LFC site addressing LFC supporters. It suggests that he was actually writing for another audience.

At that time he was constantly trying to sell made-up muck about Fowler to the S*n and other tabloids. His grovelling contact with “the nationals” as he called them, went to his head. He came to fancy himself as one of them – their man in Liverpool – not only a “journalist” but an “Editor” of his one-man site).

Robbie, known these days as ‘The Judge’ because of the amount of time he spends sat on the bench……..

(Known as that by whom – apart from the sneering Oldham?)

………made a frantic telephone call yesterday after reading some of the speculation on the forums about him.

( You can call Robbie many things, but frantic isn’t one of them! As for Speculation on the forums” – Try “unrelenting abuse and false stories” from Oldham and his cronies – for more than two years!

But Oldham gave away his lie in that sentence. If Fowler had been a reader of the Koptalk forums he would not have discovered the abuse only “yesterday”.)

“I can’t believe somebody thinks I’m fat!”, laughed the Liverpool hitman who is desperate to regain his form which can only be achieved if given a proper run in the side.

(“Liverpool hitman” – I guess he borrowed that phrase from the ”underworld friends” he threatened to set on this blog recently.

desperate to regain his form” – Like the hat-trick he had scored against Leicester a month earlier?

laughed” – Do you laugh when you’re ”frantic”?)

The England international (remember him?) found it highly amusing when he discovered that one of our readers thinks he’s ‘fat’ but more seriously, he wanted our readers to know that he is not going to Leeds as was claimed by one of our readers yesterday.

(The “reader” said he met Fowler at a petrol pump. He had deduced from the conversation that Robbie would transfer to Leeds in a few days. Oldham was peeved that the reader posted the report on the Koptalk free forums rather than passing it on to him so he could sell it as “news and whispers” from an “Insider”).

It was claimed that a deal had been done for £10million and that he would make the switch in January. A simple prank by someone sparked off a frenzy of phone calls with local journos towing the line at Melwood yesterday having to explain that Robbie was indeed there and not at Leeds once the rumour mill had kicked in and the different versions starting circulating.

( You’d better take a breath here. Read the Editor’s mangled syntax of that sentence again to figure out what the poor man was trying to say.

When Oldham refers to “local journos” he means Chris Bascombe. Chris had embarrassed Oldham in the Liverpool Football Echo by a dismissive reference to “Kop Chat” when he nailed the “outrageous lie” Oldham had told – that Fowler had faked sickness to avoid training after he had been on a bender. So Oldham’s article was yet another clumsy attempt to get his revenge on Bascombe, whom he described as “towing the line” i.e. doing his professional duty by checking with LFC about Fowler’s possible transfer.

As for the “simple prank” that fooled the “journos”? Was it anything like the simple prank that a cheeky scouser was playing on Oldham by pretending to be Fowler – that’s if he received any phone call at all?

There were many who thought his hearing voices was symptom of paranoid delusion. He was always telling his readers in those days about what the voice of the “Guru” was telling him, and the “Mole” and the “Big Cheeses” and “Top Brass” and “Rick Parry” and “the Wallet”. As we now know – all these voices were his own. Not surprising, then ,that when the prankster called Oldham believed he was hearing the voice of “God” – no other than his stalking target – “Fowler”.

And while we’re at it, does anyone know if you “tow” the line with your big toe or your little toe? )

Naturally Kop Talk did not report the speculation because we knew it was crap and had it been true, our ‘Insider’ readers would have known first.


Robbie wanted our readers to know that he is not ‘fat’, indeed he insists that he’s the same weight now as he always has been (7 lb 8 ozs?) and he hasn’t been talking to Leeds. He’s hoping for a new contract at Anfield and he’s extremely grateful for the continued support he continues to receive from the fans.

(But not from Koptalk?

When the fool from Scarborough posted that nonsense, Robbie was in the final stages of his negotiations with Leeds. He would be transferred in less than two days. Oldham and the paying members of his Insider would be the last to know).

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Have you subscribed to the ‘Insider’ yet?
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(These “tit bits” he referred to – was that the beginning of the now infamous KopTalk porno offerings?)


Poster acknowledgements to

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45 Responses to “The Day Oldham Dreamed Robbie Fowler Called”

  1. Billy Says:

    Who are you? What is your connection to Oldham? There must be one somewhere otherwise there would be no need for you to readily devote so much of your time to deriding him. What is the reason for your dislike of him? Please don’t refer me to read months and months of blog – if there is a specific reason with documented evidence (not just implied inuendo) please state it at the top of your home page. I would have thought that a good mission statement indicating that the sole purpose of the blog is to expose Oldham as a fraud would be a good idea too and then follow with the supporting documentation. That way it would save me having to search through pages and pages of what only so far amounts to your opinion. Also, why did you send me an unsolicited spam email?

    I visit KopTalk along with several other sites and if I ever go in there believing that anyone is privvy to untold amounts of inside information and is willing to give it to me, then I hope someone wipes the drool, changes my incontinence pants and shoots me. Thankfully, I hope I have many years until that eventuality. I login because I enjoy reading the debate about Liverpool and I think some of the people in the forums raise interesting points. I think all of the sites have far too many dickheads, so having a limited forum is fine by me.

    I consider myself open-minded, so I am ready to be enlightened. I would just request that you do it through something other than implying that you are a better judge of where I should choose to spend my money and editorialising posts that I already read with a very large shovel of salt.

    Finally, in another thread you talk about Oldham’s inability to sleep due to your efforts and base this on his posting at 3;16 am, yet you are posting at 3:02. Does this mean he is causing you the same sleep problems?

  2. rob Says:

    I’m pretty sure Dunk still uses ‘tow’ instead of ‘toe’ even now, although I haven’t read any of his rubbish for a while. This means he has a complete misunderstanding of what the phrase means. Toe the line means ‘To adhere to doctrines or rules conscientiously; conform’ ( towing the line implies they are moving it to where they want it to be, or is that just my interpretation?


  3. Alan Says:

    How can nothing be done about this fat fuck? why doesnt the club do anything about him? the only tit bits he has are the fucking man boobs he has under his xxxxl shirt

  4. hoff Says:

    He’s not worth the effort.

    No doubt if he was seriously affecting the clubs revenue streams then appropriate action would have been taken against him.

    Oldham is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to LFC.

  5. DanTheMan Says:

    that’s right hoff – in the grand scheme of things a website like koptalk is small fry. he may want us all to believe that it is important and a big earner but i really dont think it is. it gets less traffic than rawk and with all due respect that itself is small scale to the size and popularity of the official site. thats why the club dont bother doing anything, because he’s not worth the effort. the fake shirt merchants outside the ground probably damage the club more.

  6. The Oracle Says:

    What gets me is that some people still defend this fraudster.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Alan: “..the only tit bits he has…”

    Just to be clear – this was not an isolated typo. He often said “tit bits” instead of “tid bits”.

    Likewise, he often accused the local press of “towing” the line. Maybe he couldn’t spell “toeing”.

    He had only recently promoted hismelf to the position of “Editor”. The rapid rise to the top of his profession had left little room for classes in spelling and grammar.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Billy: I’ve never sent spam mail to anyone. I may have sent you mail if you are my wife or one of my kids or associates. But not about Oldham. If you would tell me who you are and give me the date of the email I will check and get back to you.

    I never made any reference to Oldham’s inability to sleep.

    The times of the posting are GMT. However, contributors are not restricted to UK office hours especially if they are not posting from within a GMT time-zone

    Nice try – but Im afraid you are going to read the blog like everyone else if you want to know what’s in it. This is not a paid service – its a blog.

    Thanks for taking the time to make such a long commentary.

  9. andy Says:

    Billy – go to the “Read Me” section for a quick run through of some of Oldham’s many, many sins. I’d recommend you read the “Koptalk Lies” thread first.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    Billy I too enjoy some of the banter on the KopTalk forums, or I should say used to enjoy it.

    I won’t be paying £30 in order for Dunc to completely censor any kind of feedback or even restrict me from giving people my email address. The kind of community he is running is purely for one thing, to line his own pockets and that is exactly what I won’t be doing in the future.

    Don’t you hate the way he rips off other sites but won’t allow any kind of reference to them? Try mentioning on KT any other LFC fan site you enjoy and see how long your post lasts before one of his stooges deletes the post.

    If he likes control so much perhaps he should try controlling his fucking diet.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    DanTheMan: “…it gets less traffic than rawk and with all due respect that itself is small scale to the size and popularity of the official site.”

    Does anyone have a recent reliable report on the traffic of the various LFC related sites.

    Counitng “fan sites” only – someone posted an ALEXA report about a month ago that put the Official Site in 1st place and KT in 4th

    It would be interesting to see the actual numbers and if they are changing.

  12. Ted R. Says:

    HOLY Shizzit guys!

    You are now in the Top 5 most viewed / hot blogs on wordpress….Good job! The word is spreading further than you coulda imagined!

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    TED R: “HOLY Shizzit guys!

    You are now in the Top 5 most viewed / hot blogs on wordpress….Good job! The word is spreading further than you coulda imagined ”

    Thanks. They have about 300,000 blogs. I’m not sure how many of them are English language – the majority, I believe.

    We are usually in their Top 4 (we are No.4 at this very minute) and have been No.1. But 4 is normal and 3 and 2 possible on busy days.

    Last night I was looking through the WordPress site where they listed recent oustanding posts from all of their blogs – meaning ones that attracted a lot of interest – and our “I thought Koptalk Was Closed Down Years Ago – Chris Bascombe ” was high on the list.

    Now that we have had part of the desired effect on KT – we should think about what our target audience should be.

  14. Ted R. Says:

    Rupert, I think it’s time to advertise with a special article on the Front Page. Imagine Fatty’s eyes when he realizes how much publicity this blog is getting! Good job on bringing down corruption lads.

  15. Toby Says:

    You can’t get much more damning evidence than a photo of a Sun hat Billy. you want more? Try the scam to accept pre-orders for a book two years ago which has still yet to be written, if ever. How about cybersquatting of multiple domains, or unlawful competitions to win match tickets? If you’re prepared to read the drivel on Koptalk then you should be prepared to wade through the unravelling of Duncan Olhdham’s lies and scams on here.

    You may visit Koptalk for the banter and don’t believe ‘that anyone is privvy to untold amounts of inside information’ but unfortunately that is exactly what Duncan Oldham advertises and there are many other subscribers who do need their drool wiping. That is why it cannot continue.

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    jj:lawyer: Are you about? Thanks for all the archive research which led to today’s post.

    Any chance you (or anybody else) can find another Oldham con that was referred to in the TLW article under “More Oldham Lies about Fowler”. In that article the author referred to an alleged visit by Sol Campbell to Liverpool. The author said it was “last summer”. I think he meant the summer of 2001.

    It was a classic Oldham con and worth writing up.

    My memory of it is that we had a week or so build up and then virtually an entire weekend where he gave a blow by blow account of Campbell in Liverpool. He was relaying inside information from his sources every few hours on the Friday night Saturday and possibly Sunday. He tracked Sol from the airport to his hotel to Anfield and back to his hotel.

    It turns out Sol never left London.

    I’d like to use it to make certain points.

  17. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    I remember the whole Campbell thing, he even had Campbell and his agent talking to Parry at the time AFC announced he had signed!!!!!

  18. lobster Says:

    “Please don’t refer me to read months and months of blog – if there is a specific reason with documented evidence (not just implied inuendo) please state it at the top of your home page.”

    Even if someone is kind enough to prepare a concise version for you, you still have a few pages to read, which i suspect is too much work for you.

    It is people like you that dunkin thrives on. Ignorant fool.

  19. RedinSweden Says:

    Just as a note Rupert, tidbits is the american version of titbits. Being americans they don’t want to say tit, as they are a shy and retiring bunch. titbits is completely correct.

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    RedinSweden: Oldham writes “tit bits” not “titbits”. And that is neither English nor American usage.

    I’ve never seen “titbits” either. But your note caused me to look it up in I entered it as “titbits” but it changed it to “tidbits”. It then offered a note that “titbits” is a variant on the main spelling. I then looked it up in the Cambridge online and they do give “titbits” as well as “tidbits”

    Neither of them give “tit bits”.

    So, thanks, I learned something, but I would still never use “titbits” let alone “tit bits” and I’m not an American!

  21. Le Chacal Says:

    Well I’ve got interesting news last night and it was really a good coincidence. The world is small isn’ it?
    I was at a girl friend’s birthday dinner in a restaurant and was sat just beside a french lad that I know for some time now. Not really well actually, but i had just learnt he used to work in Liverpool in some bars for a couple of years a few years ago. So I started to chat with him, I asked:
    “So you used to work in Lpool?”
    “yeah 2 1/2 years untill august 2001…”
    Me “Ah yeah cool, and what kind of bars?”
    guess what he answered…”THE BLUE BAR, i was supervisor upstairs”
    me “Ha!! no way” laughing
    him” do you know it?”
    me “yeah of course, its quite famous..”
    him “there were often LFC players, I saw GH and his wife, Heskey, Gerrard, Henchoz, Owen…they were coming here and then partying in the club” (he talked about a club next door or in the underground, i dont remember clearly then he followed: “Hyypia and his wife were coming every sunday for lunch”…

    Me, wondering he didnt mention Robbie Fowler (which can be taken as a clear indication he wasnt as a frequent user of the pub as some said), I asked:

    “And Robbie Fowler?”
    him ” Yeah Fowler too..” his tone was really significant that there was nothing special to say about him…
    I wanted to know more “Is it true that we could see Robbie often drunk or/and in the late hours in your bar?”
    him. “eeerr not that i remember…”
    the discussion about LFC ended there…

    I thought it would be nice to share it with you…


  22. RedinSweden Says:

    It’s definitely yank Rupert. tit bit is wrong as you say though.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    LeChacal: Thanks for that. It’s what I have always known from first hand experience. I used to say it on the 2001 KopTalk but got shouted down by Oldham and the rabid anti-Fowler crowd.

    People on other sites at the time used to have a go at Fowler. In so far as they based criticism on his football – fair enough. But usually they justified it on his “lifestyle” or “unprofessionalism”.

    It still amazes me how many times you hear from decent fans (not involved in Oldham or his anti-Fowler gang) that although they like Fowler he used to be a bit of a boozer or spice boy etc etc.

    If you analyse where they got that information from it usually traced back to KT propaganda. Maybe they also picked it up from the national tabloids – but a lot of the tabloid stuff came from KT – as I tried to show.

    Some of the other supporter sites at the time had anti-Fowler bashers. But in those days, anyone who used the net for information or chat about LFC, even if they preferred other sites, also visited KT which was the biggest site at the time. (Oldham had bought into it – it was established by another guy and had a very articulate group of members). And some of the leading Fowler bashers on KT also played a leading, opinion-forming role on the other web sites.

    My personal analysis of Fowler was that he was usually shy and a bit awkward in public. He would always give a friendly response if approached, but in a quiet way – a bit watchful. He needed to feel he was with friends before he could relax and open up.
    He loved a laugh when he was in such a situation. So you would see a of that joking in the club itself, on coaches or planes or private club events. He also loved to mix with supporters and it took him some time to fully realise the danger of that. But when he went about it was usually with someone very trusted – McMannaman and a group of the younger players who had come up through the Academy. He’s popular among players not only at LFC – so as time went by he would also mix with players from other clubs – some in the England squad – if they were in the Manchester- Liverpool region – playing away.

    He goes out of his way to make connections with supporters in a low-key way. One story I know about from back then when he was being bashed on KT was that a guy was at his house near Formby doing some electrical repair work. When Robbie returned from training he sat with him in the kitchen and had a chat about football. The guy asked for an autograph for his kid who was having his 10th birthday. Robbie asked him for his address to send something around. On that day he drove to the house and took the kid to MacDonald’s for a meal with one of his own daughters and spent the better part of 40 minutes discussing football with him.

    Robbie is pretty fluent and confident when interviewed now – he’s even lost some of his scouse accent. But that is a late development. For most of his early career – up to about 25 he was tongue-tied and not socially confident except, as I say with other players or trusted people.

    He does a lot of charity work in and around Liverpool which is never mentioned.

    I’m not saying he’s a saint – but he ‘aint how Oldham and the 2001 KT crew described him either.

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    RedinSweden: I notice that the root word is “tid” meaning tender – not tit.

    We should start a thread on various uses of the word “tit”. I always wondered but was too lazy to find out why so many birds (the feathered type) are called “tits” – blue tits, yellow tits etc.

  25. Tom Says:

    If that’s the Billy I think it is then I’m not surprised by the tone of his post. First he slags you off, then confesses that he can’t be bothered to the blog. Lazy classless fecker.

  26. RedinSweden Says:

    Originally, the birds were called titmice. The mouse part comes from mase, old word for bird and tit which meant small.

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m happy to say the first bit of “insider” information I posted on here about the modern era proved right – that Rafa wanted Kuyt. As I explained at the time I got it from the horse’s mouth – sorry Chris! But I also pointed out that Chris (Bascombe) had already said it in the Echo.

    I scratch my head at the intense interest on some sites about who is the most reliable poster for providing inside information. I understand it if it is just game-playing to pass the time – but its past a joke when someone like Oldham makes money from it. I would think any LFC supporter who wants to know what’s likely to happen would be better off logging in to the ic Liverpool Echo and Post.

    I notice that Oldham’s ridiculous story the other day that a person close to Kuyt’s agent said he had turned down 90,0000 to accept 45,000 from Liverpool, has been repeated this morning in The Mirror by Maddock. So maybe Maddock is still using KT as a source! Or maybe he lifted it from the News Now story from KT that got to the top of News Now top twenty list yesterday. The headline was that Kuyt had turned down 90,000.

    That was a dumb story. Newcastle never started negotiations with Kuyt let alone offered a salary.

    And even after he posted that story Oldham was still spinning it out, talking about Kuyt-Newcastle possibilities. By then the deal with LFC had already been agreed in principle and Oldham was talking out of his large rear end, as usual.

    I notice that most of the stories in News Now today cite a figure of 10 million. But Chris Bascombe said it is 9 million.

    BTW Chris Bascombe pronounces Kuyt as “Queet” – unless I misheard.

  28. silentbutdeadly Says:

    I am up for a discussion about tits. Set up a tit blog.

  29. rupertinsider Says:

    Are you of the “tit” means small or tit means “tender” persuasion?

  30. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham’s Newcastle “insider” source speaks on the Kuyt 90,000 a week deal.

    “Toon won’t buy a KuytAug 17 2006

    By Alan Oliver, The Evening Chronicle

    Newcastle United have moved aside and left the way clear for Liverpool to sign Feyenoord striker Dirk Kuyt for £11m.

    A United delegation of chairman Freddy Shepherd and manager Glenn Roeder watched the 26-year-old striker come on for the second half at Dublin’s Lansdowne Road, as Holland crushed the Republic of Ireland 4-0.

    And there was talk coming out of Ireland late last night that Kuyt was coming back on United’s private plane – and some television stations planned to be at Newcastle airport when it landed just before midnight.

    But this was never going to be the case, as United only rate Kuyt in the £5m bracket and, unlike Liverpool, were not prepared to pay e15m for the Dutch striker.


    Kuyt will now line up alongside Craig Bellamy at Anfield, and what would United give to have a striker of the quality of the little Welsh international in their team now?

    After last night’s match in Dublin Kuyt said: “There are a few clubs interested, but only one is my dream club.”

    Well that club was Liverpool and reports today that United had tried to change this by offering him a weekly wage of £90,000 are simply not true…..”

  31. jj_sawyer Says:


    sorry mate my laptop died the other night and had to get a new one. Anyways I will do some research on the Sol Campbell lies.

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    JJ: As you see Down Under (above) says it was almost simultaneous with Sol signing a new contract with Arsenal – so that provide a marker.

  33. jj_sawyer Says:

    i’ve found it mate… all coming up in due course

    here’s one from 17th July 2001
    We name and shame Liverpool star involved in petty car crime

    Kop Talk sources are every where and Steven Gerrard of all people should know that!

    We can reveal that the England international was recently seen at Shrewsbury Town during a friendly with Burscough and that at half-time, Steve with two partners in crime in tow, were seen letting down the tyres on old foe Ian Dunbavin’s car.

  34. Jon Says:

    So disapointed with this hate mongering, honestly he may well be not offering 100% service that is promised but put lightly; NO ONE FUCKING DOES.

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    Yes, they do. Most people offer a 100% – and sometimes more – than they promise.

    You may have missed some of the other main points of this blog which are not only about the shoddy service he delivers but about what he says and does with relation to LFC and its supporters.

  36. jj_sawyer Says:

    hardly surprising but Del Trotter WAS his hero

  37. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve read that before. It reads like a caricature orf himself but he was so proud of it he published it.

    I’ve no idea who Del Trotter is !!!

  38. jj_sawyer Says:

    Del Boy, david jason in Only Fools and Horses.

    ok here’s another

    his forced refunds for his share scam

  39. jj_sawyer Says:

    classic Oldham lies aboout his money issues, not wanting to being outsiders in who would EXPLOIT LFC fans

  40. rupertinsider Says:

    The “Paul” he refers to is Paul Tomkins. Eventually he hired him as a columnist. But then he refused to pay him. Paul “resigned”. He now writes for various sites including the Official Site (and Oldham steals all his copyrighted stuff). Paul has also published at least two books on LFC.

  41. jj_sawyer Says:

    I saw some references to Paul Tomkins on the archive, didn’t realise he used tow rite for them.

    The Sol Campbell stuff I can’t seem to find anything stored in the archive. I will keep looking.

  42. rupertinsider Says:

    After a long tear-jerking plea of how poor he is and how he is swallowing his pride to beg for money he says

    “Finally, you may like to know that if you can get a banner caught on television cameras at any Liverpool first team game at Anfield or away from home with “” or “Kop Talk” on it somewhere – you’ll earn yourself £1000 cash if you can prove it was you! A friend of the site who is a ‘nice suit’ has pledged the money!! ”

    Maybe the friend who is a “nice suit” is the Wallet.

  43. rupertinsider Says:

    jj: I wrote it up (about Paul Tomkins) on the first page “Comments Page” about half way down.

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