Bring Michael Shields home – how you can help

Let’s put the blogging about Duncan Oldham and Koptalk to one side for a moment. Instead let’s spare a thought for Michael Shields and his family, still separated from each other after all of this time. A campaign to try and bring Michael Home was started recently, but it’s an expensive business. However, as it says in the email below, if everyone who went to our next home game donated just £1 there’d nearly be enough money raised to bring Michael home. If you’ve saved yourself 20 or 30 quid on your next renewal for the Insider after reading this blog, why not donate a fiver of it to Michael’s cause?
This email has come from those behind the campaigns on Michael’s behalf. You may have seen it elsewhere, it went out to most LFC sites tonight along with us.

Dear LFC Website Admin/Editor,

You will probably be aware of Michael Shields, the young Liverpool fan imprisoned in Bulgaria. Michael has exhausted all the routes open to him via the Bulgarian justice system and the only hope he has of overturning his conviction is via an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

In the meantime the priority is to get Michael back to England, to do this Michael’s family have to raise money to pay the largest fine in Bulgarian history. Obviously as an ordinairy working class family they’re struggling to do this. To help them Councillor Joe Anderson has launched the ‘Bring him home’ appeal fund. The details are below:

Account no 02499003
sort code 309511

You can donate over the counter at Lloyds/TSB** or send a cheque to the campaign office:

Michael Shields Jr
3 Holland Place
L7 8TU

Phone: 0151 260 7165

LFC have kindly allowed Michael’s supporters to collect money from Liverpool fans at the West Ham game. We’d be grateful if you could let your members know this. We know that money may be scarce but if all our fans could donate just a pound we’d be well on the way to getting Michael back in the UK. Thanks for any help you can give.

Also, there’s a benefit night for Michael on the 25th August at the Devonshire Hotel on Edge Lane. There’ll be live music including Neville Skelly, raffles, prize draws, LFC memorabilia etc. It starts at 8pm

Phone: 0151 260 7165

Kind regards,

There’s some more information too –

This is from JonnyMack of RAOTL, you may already have had a copy in which case please ignore:

from the Free Michael Shields Campaign.

The club have kindly agreed to let us INSIDE the ground to ask for donations, on the afternoon of the first home game.

Through one individual’s persistance and dogged determination to get things done, there was a meeting yesterday with Rick Parry and Ged Poynton.

The club are showing real support for Michael and his family, by allowing this to take place within the ground, so hats off to them.

We NEED at least 60 volunteers to make this happen. Hopefully, this will be run with near military style precision. The volunteers are needed to collect cash INSIDE Anfield on Sat. 26th (West Ham – 12:45pm kick off).

Please be aware that you’ll miss most of the first half (if not all of it) and you will have to be INSIDE the ground at around 11am/11.30am – so you won’t be on the ale.

Please e-mail me on if you’d like to help out or post here:

Anyone kind enough to help will have 2 buckets, will stay at their turnstile until 10/15 mins. after KO, then take the buckets to be counted, ready for the Securicor pick up.

Also can anyone help in obtaining authentic charity buckets? We need at least 120, so any help would be much appreciated.

Please leave contact details if you’re willing to help.

Could those of you who go on other LFC independant sites copy this post please.

More info. to follow,


If you feel you can help in any way then please do. If you’ve any ideas of raising more money for this campaign then let people know – either on this blog as a comment, directly to me by email, on the RAOTL thread linked to above, directly to the people behind the campaign. You can also try supporting the campaign on other LFC forums too.

Imagine the joy for Michael’s family, especially his mum, if they could at least visit him in England. It’s a long way short of ideal but so much better than what the family are going through now.


12 Responses to “Bring Michael Shields home – how you can help”

  1. Mumsafan Says:

    I won’t be able to help out as I can’t get the ground in time that day but I shall be donating. I hope everyone going that game can donate something. Or if you know someone who’s going, give them a quid to donate for you. Let’s get this kid home!

  2. Fred Says:

    I initially thought that he must have been involved, but when I saw the documentary on the TV I realised that he’d been completely stitched up. Even if he had committed the crime he didn’t receive anything like the sort of justice that we would expect in a civilised country.

    I couldn’t believe that he was taken in a police car to the scene of the crime, where witnesses saw him and then he was chained to a radiator for everyone to see in the police station reception where witnesses then had to select the person responsible (and he was the only obviously white English person in a line-up of non-white English looking people) .

    I don’t know whether he’s guilty or not, but the least he should expect is a fair trial.

  3. paulcooper4 Says:

    well done insider. a nice touch to put the other stuff to one side and post this.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Different legal systems.

    I don’t know about Bulgaria but many on the continent adopt the French style denunciation system. The police denounce the person they believe is the probable perpetrator. The courts generally accept the police denunciation and imprisons the suspect to await trial. They might allow “bail” if the crime was not grave and their is no likelihood of flight, but even then they demand a fine to cover the cost and compensation to the victim, if the suspect is found guilty at a trial.

    Essentially, this means that the person charge is presumed to be guilty. The burden is not so much on the state to prove guilt but on the accused to prove innocence.

    The system can lead to abuse – in that the police will infringe on natural principles of justice in order to strengthen their denunciation.

    I don’t know the circumstancs of this case – but what you describe is fairly typical of the rough justice that sometiems arises in this kind of system, especially when the alleged perpetrator is thought to be a foreigner.

  5. chapeau du soleil Says:

    agreed Fred, there’s only a couple of people who know whether Michael Shields was involved in any capacity or not. What IS clear is that he has been had off in terms of a fair crack so he has to go free. The whole episode stinks,let’s get him back over here

  6. Dean Pullen Says:

    Donated via bank transfer. Good post.

  7. Chunky Says:

    Does anybody have Dunk’s Michael Shields editorial?

  8. Ordinary to Rome Says:

    I have just donated £250 and have pledged a further £750 to the ‘Bring Him Home’ appeal, surely YOU can join me and donate a fiver or even a pound to a Red who needs our help?

    I’ve often seen many fans debating whether or not we should get involved in something when we weren’t present. Normally I’d take that stance but this lad – let’s face it, kid – should be here in the UK and not rotting in a Bulgarian jail.

    I firmly believe that Michael has been stitched up.



    The Michael Shields campaign team have been in touch with me this evening informing us that they have been contacted from some anti-KopTalkers – former (banned) forum members and/or others asociated to rival sites – who are trying to spin some yarns about your host. What these people don’t know is that Matt from and myself, have been in touch behind the scenes on a regular basis.

    Not many people know this but I personally arranged a £1000 donation from my own pocket, to try and help Michael’s cause, just like you guys helped Lauren and her family when she was paralysed in 2004.

    When I make donations I don’t ask for publicity. For example, when I donated a new PC to the HJC, I didn’t ask them to mention this on their website, just like we haven’t asked for any publicity on Michael’s campaign website.

    In an email to myself today, Matt informed us about these idiots and explained that Michael’s family wanted to distance themselves from them, just like Lauren’s family has done by having to take down the Lauren Forsyth website following threats.

    Matt said: “I’ve asked them to make it clear that the michaelshields campaign have no problem with you or KopTalk. In fact we’re grateful for the support and the donation.”

    He added: “If I see anything on other LFC forums I’ll put the record straight.”

    It was because of him tipping us off that I thought I’d throw something up on the site. As Matt can confirm, KopTalk owns – this is used to route to our own campaign pages about Michael. He has been aware of this since day 1 when I discussed it with him.

    However, since our site makeover, our campaign pages haven’t returned fully yet and until we receive a fresh update from the family, they won’t. They will be added when I decide and not before. Rivals of KopTalk have not only been targeting myself, my mother (a widow), my son (6) and my daughter (13) but they have also targeted my paralysed cousin Lauren.

    A decision was made earlier this week to simply move Lauren’s website to another URL and restrict access to friends and family only as a result.

    There have also been suggestions that fundraising for Lauren was some kind of ploy for me to personally benefit from. ALL administration and donations have been handled by my mother Jeanette who can verify this along with Lauren’s parents. All of whom are available to meet personally. This can be arranged at anytime.

    The reason postal donations went to the same address as KopTalk’s North East office is because I’m hardly going to put her home address on am I you fecking numpties doh… which looking at the last couple of weeks shows why. Shame on you for including her in your agenda.

    Website rivalry sadly exists, which is a shame considering all Reds should be one united family. I don’t class KopTalk as a rival to anyone, you won’t see me bad mouthing ANY other websites or communities – EVER. And the rejects? Well they have to go somewhere and over the years there’s certainly been a few of them… so many infact that numerous sites have spawned up from them as a result.

    During the last few weeks some of these individuals have played on the following issues to try and have a pop at me:

    The death of 96 Liverpool fans
    The Michael Shields campaign
    An 18-year-old paralysed Liverpool fan

    They have also exchanged, distributed and manipulated photos of my 6 year old son, my 13 year old daughter and my late father.

    These photos have been freely available on this website for my friends to see etc but they have been altered and circulated for some kind of perverted reasons.

    Despite all of this I can assure you that thanks to the support of my readers – many of whom have become good friends over the years – I’m as strong as ever. Offers from let’s say ‘underworld’ readers to have them dealt with have been declined.. even though the emails have been humerous

    There is no justification for trying to capitalise on extremely sensitive issues. But if it keeps them amused talking and playing with photos of my children then so be it.

    But I tell you this, I aint going anywhere. KopTalk will continue ticking on until the day my readers tell me to call time. They’re the only people that count to me both here and on the main site. And this summer visitor numbers are up along with people supporting this site. Why the sudden interest in my book? I hadn’t been promoting it of late but they’re helping sales which is why I don’t want to comment too much as a lot of the internet myths will be answered in it when it comes out THIS season. – someone even joked that I was behind the negative publicity to raise the awareness of the site and the book

    What others choose to say doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I’ve had it for years and no doubt it will continue for years so please stop telling us what they’re saying coz I aint fussed. It’s what happens when you don’t tolerate idiots and when you achieve things that they can only dream of.

    Thanks for the emails of support. Without them, I’d probably be gassing myself out in the oven.. although it is electric….

    The reason I’m posting this in the open is because they have access here. Sadly they haven’t got the guts to say what their usernames are, unlike myself who’s at KOPTALK HQ just about every day of the week. Come and visit us.

    I don’t want to bore you all to death with this and I know they’re pathetic but I had to respond as while some of you may think it’s funny, it’s actually hurting people not associated to me. It doesn’t hurt me because if it did, I wouldn’t be here but to target others is a bit sick and a bit gutless.

    Don’t respond to them, don’t defend the site.. just ignore them.

    Dunk knows best

  9. Chunky Says:

    No, the editorial written about the Shields mosaic?

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Ordinary to Rome :

    Since you posted that Oldham piece again, let me point out that he threw a lot of mud in that rant. He never mentioned this blog (he never does) but many of his sycophants interpreted his remarks as though he were talking about us. As he was.

    The fact is that none of what he said that about what the Michael Shields people said to him was confirmed by the campaign when the blog made enquiries. Nor has the campaign ever corrected, publicly or privately, what contributors to this blog have said about Oldham and the campaign.

    What the blog said was :

    (a) Oldham stated emphatically many times, including two or three weeks before that rant, that he did not want to feature the Michael Shields or the Hillsborough campaign on his site because those were about “politics” and the people involved were difficult to deal with – and because his site was about “entertainment”.

    (b) That when Oldham first dealt with the Michael Shields campaign, he used a domain address that did not take enquirers to the official campaign site where they could get up to date information – it took them to KT. When they arrived they would be counted in KT’s hits and directed to all the KT features. The Michael Shields page on KT did provide the correct account numbers for donations, but he never kept the page up to date.

    Its good to see the change in his attitude to the Michael Shields campaign. Perhaps we can add that to the other successes of the blog?

  11. Lee Says:

    Rupert, help them with t he techy side of setting up a paypal account and then those over seas, like myself, can more easily donate.
    And it’ll make you feel good 🙂

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ll dodge that one and let Insider pick it up if he is about (don’t think he is). Maybe someone else?

    I’m overseas at the moment. And I’ve just lost the effective use of my own PayPal account because there was a comma different in my address they have on file for my credit card and the one my credit card issuer has on file. When I tried to correct this online the PayPal software disallowed that card permanently.

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