More on Oldham's lies about Fowler

We were sent this article by email. It’s from an old issue of The Liverpool Way fanzine, from around 2001 / 2002. It talks about Duncan Oldham and how he lied about Robbie Fowler, how he had a go at Chris Bascombe, how he stole a photo from another site then tried to sue the person he stole from. Remember, this article was written four or five years ago, and somehow Oldham has been able to continue with his lies and his scams ever since. And as we saw in the summer with his treatment of Crouch and his words about Parry, he’s still happy to slur and abuse Liverpool players or officials to try and get more hits.

Last but by no means least is Duncan Oldham. Anyone who has access to the internet will almost certainly know of this individual. Those of you who don’t have access to it won’t have a clue, so allow me to give you a brief rundown on who he is. He lives in Scarborough, and he runs an unofficial LFC website which is responsible for regular doses of bullshit and anti-Robbie Fowler stories. He’s also tried his hand at several little money making scams through his site, and is someone who I would not piss on if he were on fire. I’m not going to name his website here because I’m not going to give it the plug that would make him happy. If you’re a regular on the net you’ll know it, and if you’re not then you don’t need to know it, so I won’t be mentioning it here.

I could fill the entire fanzine with gripes about Oldham and the way he runs his website, but I’ll try to just keep this to a minimum. The main reason for my inclusion of Oldham in this list stems from a ‘news’ item that appeared on his website about Fowler. Oldham seems to have a real axe to grind with Robbie, and barely a day seems to go by without some sort of story about Fowler appearing on his site. Apparently, most of his ‘exclusives’ come from a pal of his who runs a bar at the Albert Dock, which is a regular haunt of the players. In fact, Oldham and his buddy were indirectly responsible for the ‘Fowler/McManaman drinking storm’ before the England game. You know, when they were out until the wee small hours (it was actually half nine, I know this because my cousin was with them, she’s a good friend of Macca’s kid brother) and had consumed all of about two drinks before heading home?

Anyway, Oldham, under the guise of defending Stevie G (who the papers had slated for being out in Southport a full five days before a game), reported that two other England squad members – one a current reds player – had also been out on the ale that night. Now even a tabloid hack is smart enough to figure out who he was referring to, and lo and behold, the next day it’s picked up by all the papers, who up until then knew nothing about it. It provided them with a nice little follow up to the Stevie G nonsense they’d printed the day before. I think it’s only right that Robbie knows who ‘shopped’ him.

But that’s not even the ‘news’ item I was referring to. That came a few days later, when on October 8th (just before the Grimsby game), Oldham came up with his latest (and possibly the worst) piece of shit stirring, claiming Robbie didn’t have a chest infection, and that he didn’t report back for training because he’d been on a bender after the England game. It was completely untrue, and Robbie should have sued over it. If there was even the slightest element of truth in that story, you can bet your arse that the nationals would have picked up on it. The thing is though, this was so fictional that even the likes of the Daily Mail wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

Oldham and his mates seem to have a vendetta against Fowler, but this really was taking things too far. As he likes to inform us all on a regular basis, his website gets millions of hits from all over the world, and many of the visitors are gullible enough to believe every word Oldham tells them. With that in mind, I believe he has certain responsibilities, and printing shite like what he did about Fowler was a total f_cking disgrace. Robbie’s reputation was damaged by that article, as not everyone who read it will know the actual truth. In his Football Echo column, Chris Bascombe slammed the article written by Oldham, and set the record straight regarding Robbie. He wrote “I was sent an article this week by a reader which appeared on one unofficial Liverpool website which I won’t name because it doesn’t deserve the free ad it probably wants (Okay, I will. Apparently it’s called ******* or ******* or something like that.) They wrote an outrageous lie which dared to suggest Robbie’s absence on tuesday wasn’t because he was ill.”
There you have it, ‘an outrageous lie’, so anyone who read that knows the score, but sadly few people outside Merseyside will have had the chance to see it. Mind you, Oldham saw it, and responded to it in an editorial on his site. “I would like to thank local journo Chris Bascombe for a little mention recently. Obviously those of you outside the city may not know who Chris is. Well thanks to the internet’s global ability, even a local journo can get a mention on the other side of the world. Although saying that, I believe Chris contributes to the official LFC website so his articles may be already known to you if you can’t buy local supplements etc, admittedly his contributions tow the official line but anyone who gives the site a plug no matter how small will do for us”

Anyone seeing that who hadn’t read the article in the Pink Echo could be forgiven for thinking that Chris had given Oldham’s site a glowing endorsement. There’s no mention of the fact that Chris was criticising his site for an ‘outrageous lie’, and the whole thing smacked of unbelievable arrogance and smugness, two ‘qualities’ which Mr Oldham has in abundance. This lowlife didn’t even have the decency to say “I’m sorry, I got it wrong about Robbie and I owe him an apology,” and instead used Chris B’s words to slyly endorse his own site.

The Americans should give this prick a job, as with him on board they’d have no trouble winning the propaganda war (mind you, his views on freedom of speech would make him more at home in the Taliban camp, but more of that later). Had he apologised over what he had written about Fowler, then I wouldn’t be writing about it now. I’ve been tempted to write a piece about Oldham for some time now, but I’ve been holding back for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I didn’t want to give him any kind of recognition whatsoever, as it’s publicity that seems to make him happy. Secondly, I didn’t want to come across as being petty by slagging off a fellow supporter. There’s a part of me that feels a bit uneasy about doing it now, but I could hold back no longer. Put it this way, if the Daily Mail had written what he did, then everyone would have been up in arms about it, so why should it be different simply because it appeared on what is supposed to be a pro-LFC website? The fact that TLW has it’s own website also means that any criticism of another website could be seen as some sort of professional jealousy. No doubt that’s what Oldham will put it down to anyway.

Anyone who dares criticise the almighty Dunc must be jealous. He even says so on his own personal webpage (a sickening piece of self indulgence which has to be seen to be believed). So let me say right now, I am not in any way shape or form, jealous of Duncan Oldham. What is there to be jealous of? Being reviled by many of your fellow supporters is not something I aspire to achieve. He may well make a lot of money from his website, but at what cost? Am I jealous of the fact that he drives a nice new Mercedes? Actually, no. I’ve never been interested in cars and have never even bothered sending off for my provisional license, so what good is a Merc to me! Am I jealous of the fact that he is apparently making money hand over fist?

Not really no, because I look at what he does to make that money. Of course we’d all like to be making more money than what we are (if there’s any players reading this, then you’re excluded from that remark as you earn more than enough already!), but at the same time we have to be able to look at ourselves in the Mirror. Maybe Oldham can justify his actions to himself, but to me he is no better than the scumbags who peddle lies in the national tabloid press. In fact, he’s worse, because he does it under the masquerade of being a fan. I’ve sat by and watched his attempts to exploit LFC fans with his priority membership scheme, his ‘buy shares in *******.com’ scam, his selling of two season tickets on a £1 a minute phoneline competition and countless other rip offs. “If people are gullible enough to fall for it then it’s their own fault” I reasoned.

The Fowler story, and Oldham’s subsequent smugness over it was the last straw though. It was complete and utter bullshit and he had to know that considering his mate supposedly runs the place where they were meant to be boozing until the early hours. Of course, Bullshit is how he makes his living. Who could forget the Sol Campbell “Exclusive” last summer? Dunc informed us that Sol had flown into Speke airport by private jet, and was whisked away to a hotel on the outskirts of the city centre for talks with the reds. He promised to keep everyone up to date with Campbell’s movements as he negotiated his big money deal to move to Anfield.

What he didn’t tell people was that Parry and Houllier were both out of the country on other business that day, and that Campbell was actually in London finalising his move to Arsenal. Funny though, he never admitting to getting that one wrong either.

His comments about Chris Bascombe would have been laughable if they weren’t so shockingly arrogant. Chris can’t really respond to it, as I doubt if the Echo would allow him to get embroiled in a war of words with someone like Oldham, but there’s nothing to stop me from doing it. Oldham remarked that “thanks to the internet’s global ability, even a local journo can get a mention on the other side of the world”. Yeah, and a f_cking arsehole like you can make a damn good living through writing scurrilous stories without any foundation or truth in them.

Perhaps the most comical line of Oldham’s rant though, was: “admittedly his contributions tow the official line….” By ‘towing the official line’ I presume he means visiting Melwood to speak with the manager EVERY day and contacting the relevant people at the club before printing a story to make sure that it is true. Oldham sits there in his little f_cking empire in Scarborough, miles away from what’s going on at the club, yet has the nerve to have a go at someone who is as well informed about what’s going on at the club as it’s possible for any ‘outsider’ to be. What are Oldham’s credentials? What contacts does he have at the club?

He’s currently running a little scam called ‘the insider’, where for a nominal fee (about £15 I believe) he’ll send you updates on what’s happening behind the scenes. He claims to have players, ex players, secretarial staff at the club as well as local and national journalists supplying him with inside info. Naturally, he can’t name names, so you just have to take his word for it that these people will reveal all kinds of inside info to Lord Duncan.

The only player that has any affiliation with the website is Richie Partridge, and the club should really put a stop to that (if they haven’t already). And the mere idea that local and national journo’s would have any association with him is comical. There’s as much chance of Chris Bascombe becoming a blue as there is of him supplying info to Oldham, and I’m sure Chris McLoughlin knows the score too. The Post’s Andy Hunter is a blue and wouldn’t even have the faintest idea who Oldham is, and any national journo worth his salt would keep any decent stories for his own paper, he certainly wouldn’t be passing them on to someone else.

The whole thing stinks, and I just hope people can see through it. I had no time for this parasite even before his latest Fowler ‘attack’, but now I hold him beneath contempt. I know that he’ll be reading this, if he doesn’t buy it himself then no doubt one of his toadies will send him a copy. He’d love nothing better than to get his solicitors onto me over this – he’s quite partial to legal threats apparently.

A Norwegian mate of mine, Torbjorn Flatin (the editor of ‘The Kopite’), has first hand experience of Oldham’s legal threats. Torbjorn was having a browse at Oldham’s site one day when he came across a photo of Frode Kippe which looked familiar. It was familiar, because it was from the Norwegian reds’ site ( which Torby is involved with. What’s more, Torbjorn had actually taken the picture himself with his own camera! He contacted Oldham to politely ask him that if he was going to take photo’s from his site, could he at least credit them with it. He didn’t say he couldn’t use them, and he didn’t ask for any money. He just wanted his site to be credited for the photo. Oldham responded by saying that the photo wasn’t from, and then threatened legal action. When Torby told him that he himself had taken the photo, and he could prove it, suddenly the legal threats were dropped!!! The man is a real piece of work. The really sad part of all this is that I, like many others, used to really like his site. Now it simply disgusts me.

I’ve also recently found out that he’s registered the domain name, as well as and amongst others. He claimed that he did it as a favour to us, and it was to stop the domain names falling into the wrong hands! He’s all heart isn’t he? The fact that when you type in those names you are directed to HIS website suggests otherwise however. I don’t even want the “.com” address, and he’s welcome to it. If he’s so desperate to get hits to his site that he’ll stoop to such levels, then I pity him. He won’t be happy about this article, because he seems to think he should be above criticism. Anyone who goes on his forums and dares to question any of his ‘news’ articles immediately has their posts deleted, and if they persist they are banned. These people were referred to as ‘scum’ in a recent editorial by Oldham. He also claims that “there’s no such thing as freedom of speech.” Not on your forums there isn’t, that’s for sure. He runs his forums with a level of oppression that would make the Taliban blush. One Norwegian red had his post deleted for the heinous crime of stating that TLW is a good website! Can’t have any praise for any other LFC sites now can we, eh Dunk? Unfortunately for Oldham though, he can’t control what goes on other forums or what goes in fanzines, and he is now being exposed for what he really is. If he doesn’t like it, tough shit.

That bit about Fowler not having a chest infection – a journalist who actually saw Robbie with his chest infection said not only was it true he had a chest infection, it was a bad chest infection, he could hardly breathe because of it, let alone train. To make a story up that one of your own team’s players was suffering with an alcohol problem to that extent is low if you’re only telling your lies to your own friends. For a website owner making a fortune from Liverpool FC and its supporters it’s as low as low can be. It really is time he was stopped.

* There’s a mention above about Oldham’s share scam. He tried to make money by selling shares in Koptalk. If anyone has any information, especially any copies of emails from then, or just recollections, please let me know. Don’t worry, I’ll not reveal your name to anyone, unless you ask me to. koptalk.insider at


30 Responses to “More on Oldham's lies about Fowler”

  1. rupert Says:


    “Anyway, Oldham, under the guise of defending Stevie G (who the papers had slated for being out in Southport a full five days before a game), reported that two other England squad members – one a current reds player – had also been out on the ale that night. Now even a tabloid hack is smart enough to figure out who he was referring to, and lo and behold, the next day it’s picked up by all the papers, who up until then knew nothing about it. It provided them with a nice little follow up to the Stevie G nonsense”

    This excerpt agrees in substance with my version in my post yesterday “Duncan Oldham – KopStalker”. But my order of events differed slightly. I relied on memory. I actually read the Oldham post on KT between 7 and 8 pm that Fowler and McMannam were in the Living Room restaurant right then and there. I also read his later claims about knowing about the Gerrard event. The revelations about Gerrad came after the revalations about Fowler and McMannam. I also checked my memory the otehr day with newspaper accounts at that time via Google. So unless and until I see some other evidence I’ll stick with my version.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    This article proves me wrong; Fatty would make a great candidate for a propaganda team and help land himself a proper job.

    Or even better, Kim Jong Il and his North Korean comrades should just kidnap the Fatty and use him for their own propaganda. That way, he’ll be surrounded by foreigners, whom he detests. He will be treated like shite, a lot like he treats his members. He will be threatened with torture and execution, a lot like he threatens his member with strikes and bans. He will be brainwashed by lies and deceit, a lot like
    he deceives his members with his daily bullshit. And it will definately do his bulging belly a lot of good I guess…

    Maybe I should try to use some of my Korean connections to inform my fellow Koreans on the North of this prodigious talent.

  3. rupert Says:


    “The only player that has any affiliation with the website is Richie Partridge, and the club should really put a stop to that (if they haven’t already).”

    I’ve mentioned this. You will find photos of Oldham when he first met Partrige on

    Oldham went to an academy or reserve game where it is relatively easy to chat with players and he introduced himself to Partridge who was about 16-17 and recently arrived from Ireland.

    Oldham came on heavy as the sole owner of the No.1 fans site. He followed up and started featuring Partridge on KT almost as his private “pet” or “project”. He got Patridge to write a diary for KT. It was clear from it that he was a pleasant, innocent, idealistic kid – a long way from home.

    Oldham milked the relationship all he could and often suggested that Patridge was one of his sources of insider information.

    But then, suddenly he stopped mentioning him. I remember someone asking why. he said he was busy and hadn’t seen him. I suspected at the time that Partridge had been warned off Oldham by LFC.

    Patridge eventally became enaged to Owen’s sister. Oldham insinuated last season that he knew what Owen thinks because he got information from someone close to his sister. This happened during a Liverpool away game at Newcastle. The implicaton was that it was Patridge. But the information – that Owen would be at Anfield at the start of this season – was obviously false. But Oldham was dumb enough to bet on it – or so he said.

    Even when he boats about his betting you have to ask yourself is it genuine or just an act to encourageothers to bet through his links so he earns a commission.

  4. Tom Says:

    Any of the dunkin apologists who read the above must now realise what we’re dealing with. An utter lowlife who damages the club and extorts money from its fans.

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Thanks for that article.

    Agree with you on that point Tom. This shows it just is not a recent thing with Oldham, it spans the whole life of his disgusting website. He is ripping us off and it is an in-built thing for him to do. He wont change because he just cant help himself

    BYDFTI OLDHAM!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lobster Says:

    Start contacting Kim already Univofchicago

  7. Tom Says:

    Dunkin has cyber squatted “” and “”.

    apparantly he did it within days of the site going live…….

  8. univofchicago Says:

    Question: Is this why Duncan Oldham frets everytime Dave Usher (editor of TLW) gets a mention at Kuntalk?

    There always seemed to be something going on between those two…was never sure what it was…I’m guessing the above article (written by Dave Usher?) is one reason?

    I don’t visit TLW that much, but Mr Usher seem to provide a pleasant contrast to the fat, grumpy, tyrannical editor that is Duncan Oldham.

    Great article btw.

  9. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Dave U of TLW was very angry recently, because excerpts of an interview he did with Carra, in which Carra calls Mourinho a “big baby” among other things ended up in the S*n before the Charity Shield.

    As Dave pointed out, its pretty unlikely that tabloid Journalists buy TLW, so the likelihood is that a reader of the fanzine has tipped them off.

    One name springs to mind…..

  10. univofchicago Says:

    “Start contacting Kim already Univofchicago”.

    I informed my insiders at North Korea yesterday, they just texted me with a message that a decision will be made VERY soon. They quite like the idea, Kim Jong Il apparently agrees with me that Duncan Oldham will be great for their propaganda.

    But they have also warned me that should the North Korean economy deteriorate then it may be hard to fund such a large-scale kidnapping operation. So at the moment, it is touch and go.

    I can’t go any further than that because its confidential information and I need to protect my sources. But they have promised to get back to me later this month.

    I will keep you informed!

  11. RedinSweden Says:

    I am a regular on TLW and Daves attitude is completely different. there is no interference with regards what you are allowed to talk about, obviously within certain reasonable bounds. You get snippets of genuine inside information, not loads, but when it comes you know it is bang on.
    I can recommend TLW. I am sure a lot of the other forums are good too. I have been banned from KT twice. the first time on purpose and it took seconds, the second was just unbelievable really. I pissed DJ Sindy off and the next day I was banned.

  12. Tom Says:

    Just as a point of interest, Rafa often comments that at this level of the game, tiny margins in performance make a difference between defeat and victory. One wonders what the affect on moral on the liverpool players – specifically macca and robbie – was of the press campaign in part orchestrated by dunkin.

    – How did it translate into lost points that season?
    – What was the drop-off in performance of robbie and macca?
    – what was the effect on other team members, the staff etc.

    Remember for Rafa it’s all about margins, tiny differences in performance. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Dunkin and KT had a serious negative effect ont he club and specific players that season that translated into lost points….

    What an utter scumbag.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Tom : And I wonder what the KT free forums did to Peter Crouch’s performance last year – especially in the first half when he was new to the club and struggling to get a goal?

    He is computer savvy and would almost certainly have searched out the fan sites. On KT it would have been the free forums. The once to thrice daily “Lurch” threads and the extremity of the language and the bitterness of the mockery must have been hard for a newcomer to take. The “Lurch” threads never failed to attract a hundred or more responses and hundreds of views. It amount to thousand or more repetitive posts a week.

    Oldham claimed to be the inventor of that little name (memories of his own god-forsaken lurches?) although it came to be associated with a particularly unpleasant swearing parrot of a poster who was banned from most other LFC sites.

    That poster freqently boasted that he was important to Oldham because he generated so many hits (many of them from the bemused and outraged) and more than once I saw Oldham reward him with a little smiley and a few encouraging remarks. The Mods were instructed to give him lots of licence and to issue strieks and bans against other posters whe took him on.

    Oldham used the “lurch” name on KT and on his radio show. Eventually, especially after Crouch established himself as a fan favourite, Oldham grew uneasy about it and quietly stopped using it.

    The parrot followed in the summer – after this blog started up.

    I think it was the worsed sustained attack by Liverpool “supporters” on one of our own players in the history of the club – after the KT attack on Fowler. I don’t think you can blame either of those attacks on the onset of the internet. Other fan sites seem to be able to distinguish between lively criticism of a player and vindictive, repetitive scorn.

  14. lobster Says:

    LOL @ Univofchicago………doing it the fatboy style!!
    You have forgotten to use the word “pencilled in” mate!
    I will try

    Kim Jong Il has pencilled in a date between now and the next 3 months to launch an operation to kidnap duncan oldham and use him as a tool for his propaganda campaigns. The operation has been codenamed “Operation Hippopotamus”.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Don’t forget to comment on the photos on the right. You’ll need a free Yahoo membership.

  16. Robbie Says:

    Well I think you consider Brendan a lot more important than he really is. Him and other posters dont deserve the attention you’re paying to them. Im sure they dont have any kind of connection to Dunk and dont give a shit about Dunk’s opinion or Dunk’s methods as they never paid for KT.
    You shouldnt read his posts that seriously. They made me laugh actually. He knows that his posts were generating hits(and he knows Dunk likes this) because of his provocative tone. But thats all what it is : provocation. The nicknames were part of that provoking game. Brendan himself explained it in est1892.
    To be fair, Crouch was awful in the first 3-4 months of the season and Brendan was quite right even though his criticzm was a bit extreme (but as i said, i never took them really seriously).
    He doesnt like Crouch and says it in a particular way but you’re making a really big story about forum discussions that only are…forum discussions.

  17. silentbutdeadly Says:

    revisionism – Crouch was not awful, his general play was excellent for the most part. He just needed a goal.

  18. chapeau du soleil Says:

    spot on silentbutdeadly, Crouch played very well for the first few months of the season

  19. lobster Says:

    hahahahaha hilarious!!!

  20. Robbie Says:

    Well he was useless but wasnt entirely guilty for that. Rafa shares the responsability and shouldnt play with Crouch alone upfront.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    Crouch was not awful in the first half. He did what Rafa asked him to do very well when others were not doing as well. He proved the KT mockers wrong.

    I haven’t read the parrot’s after-the-fact rationalisation now he is looking for a new perch because his KT audience has disappeared. He tried to use the “lurch” term on Est 1892 but it was automatically changed to “Crouch” by the software.

    You seem to agree that the two of them used each other in a self-congratulatory kind of way. Oldham wanted hits to snare new members and make money and he has explained many times that he likes to say controversial things just for the sake of getting “bites” . The parrot wanted an audience that other sites would not give him. His only “joke” was to mock Momo, Crouch and Morientes.

    If you are arguing that in the grand scheme of things that posters on KT are unimportant – well you’re right.

    But the comment I was responding to from Tom was that small things can make a difference, according to Rafa, on a player’s and therefore a team’s perforrmance.

    Are you seriously saying that the anti-Lurch bile from KT would not have affected him if he was aware of it? Or are you saying that the “joke” was worth it?

  22. silentbutdeadly Says:

    This is going to turn into a Crouch blog 🙂

    “Rafa shares the responsability and shouldnt play with Crouch alone upfront.”

    Revisionism again. Look back on last seasons games up until Crouch scored. Apart from the 1st few games, for the most part he wasn’t playing on his own up front.

  23. ROCK Says:

    have you sought help off older member who founded other websites like ynwa tlw rawk etc…

  24. Robbie Says:

    Ruppert: the whole national media was mocking Crouch…All my friends were mocking him and they dont even know Koptalk.
    I was defending him but he was still brutal(i felt sorry for him as he just couldnt put the ball in the back of the net) in some games…He(LFC in general) started to score goals when he had a partner up front.
    EVERY poster on EVERY forum is unimportant. To me in any case.

  25. silentbutdeadly Says:

    He didn’t start scoring when he had a partner up front. That had no bearing on it, because he didn’t play on his own most of the time. Have a look here

    While he didn’t score for the most part he played well. Tabloid journalists and idiots with agenda’s don’t focus on that – especially if you’re 6ft 7 and look strange.

    The media mocked him largely because of his appearance, as did/do those nobs on Koptalk who Rupert refers to.

  26. Robbie Says:

    People were mocking him because he was not scoring. Fact. Something like 17 games before he scored his 1st one. Its not the best ratio for a £7M striker. He has other qualities and was defo an asset to our team but lets not be blind only because he’s a red.
    I rate Crouch but he’s useless when he’s alone upfront. If we buy Kuyt, he will play a lot less.

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    ROCK: As far as the past is concerned, I rely on my first-hand knowledge, memory (which can be faulty) and some Google research. I also get some email correspondence from people who have first -hand knowledge or memories and I do some letter -writing. My email is not on the site much but is

    Insider receives all the email sent to the blog address. I understand that quite a few people from KT Insider-Gold Club and from other sites contact him. And he and I have some ongoing correspondence with other interested parties.

    Some of the best stuff comes from contributors who take their own direct action either with respect to Oldham or other parties.

    Its not all about the past though. I think the analysis of what he is doing now and what he intends to do is important. It might seem trivial sometimes – because he is trivial – but it crowds and pressures him and forces him to reveal stuff.

    He has survived for so long as he has because people tend to say “why bother, just don’t sign up” . And that’s what he wants them to say. But the number of people interested in this blog – only a few of whom post – proves that there is a very lively interest in exposing him, and reducing or stopping his scams.

  28. txtoto Says:

    what crap is he taking now about a buundesilga and la liga duo that weve been offered?

    He puts it as a free news item in that section thems links it to his insider site

  29. rupertinsider Says:

    He had done three stories on Kuyt today, last time I looked. One based on “insider” sources cloes to his agent which was a load of crap about Kuyt turning down 90,000 from Newcastle to take 45,000 from LFC. Thats the only one of the stories that got into the News Now top 20 – Oldham really knows what lies to tell to generat the clicks.

    The other was all old stuff stolen from other soutces. Hes milking Kuyt. God help him if he ever drinks in the Blue Bar.

    I notice that he is also fiddling with his advertisement at the bottom of every “news” item. He had to remove the “Exclusive News and Whispers fron Inside Anfield etc etc” he replaced it with a “Support us by joining the Gold Club etc etc” But today he is trying to slide the “exclusive” and “insider” words back in again. He has relied on them for years and the weekend must have seen a big drop in new signings and revenues. So its back to the tried and tested con.

  30. silentbutdeadly Says:


    That is all.

    Resume Oldham slagging.

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