£8000 pa for a small messageboard's hosting costs?

Apologies if the response time on the blog is slow tonight – maybe there’s some technical difficulties at WordPress.com, but I find that’s a rare event which is excellent considering WordPress.com are a free, and ad-free, host.

Especially when you look at how much money Dunkan has to spend on his sparsely populated forum.

KopTalk Daddy
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09-08-06 01:31 PM – Post#296758

We will be moving the koptalk.org forums to their new server after the Community Shield clash with Chelsea.

As soon as that match is out of the way, we will begin the transfer (possibly Monday).

You will not need to re-register but you may find the koptalk.org server down for several hours as a result of us making domain name changes.

Announcements will be posted on http://www.koptalk.info and http://www.koptalk.com during the move.

The reason for the move is to provide you with an even better server. The forums continue to grow and so do we.

The current cost of providing these forums is around £2000 per year. From next week, that will increase to around £8000 per year.

Once the move is complete, we hope to be able to turn back on the numerous features that this particular forum software boasts. We have limited them at the moment due to the fact that the current server falls over when they are turned on.

I apologise about the disruption the move will cause but I’m doing this to try and provide you with the best experience possible.


KopTalk Daddy
Posts: 2389

10-08-06 04:35 PM – Post#298341
In response to caramel

I’d rather not have to pay it and it is a bit of a gamble but we’re now talking about hosting alongside some of the biggest websites in the world. If the move goes well then I’ll move the other sites also.

Those of you in the UK, especially those in the Liverpool areas, should all notice a dramatic increase in speed.

The forums continue to grow and so do we.” – half of that sentence is true, remembering when Dunk says “we” he means “I”.

“The current cost of providing these forums is around £2000 per year.”  No Dunkie – you told your friends at FusionBB.com that you were on a £59 per month server. That doesn’t work out anywhere even close to two grand. You lying webmaster you.

As for limiting the features on the forum because the FusionBB software was too heavy for the 1and1 hosting servers – well one or both of those parties might want you to clarify that. I’ve heard bad stories about both of them, but I really doubt that Private Messaging and the ability to look at other member’s profiles was down to crap software or a crap host. Especially with the drop off in numbers.

And, users in Liverpool will notice huge speed increases then? What about those users in Liverpool who have a service provider that isn’t based in Liverpool? Will it still be faster for them as well?

The only reason it will be noticeably faster on any benchmark test comparing next week with, say, March this year, is because you’ve lost most of your users.

And why splash out eight grand now, when you’re still sweating on Liverpool Football Club getting investment sorted by the start of the season? You’re quitting if they don’t – or did you forget?

Eight thousand Pounds Sterling? Approx $15,200 US. Approx €11,800. Less than the figure you claimed it would be on your now defunct blog last month, but still not true, not even close to being believable.


9 Responses to “£8000 pa for a small messageboard's hosting costs?”

  1. scouse Says:

    I wonder how this new great respectable host will respond to the many abuse / copyright claims that start to flow in after the move…..

    Thats if it ever happens, as if Oldham would go from a £59 server to a £900 one, this is per month people – he could rent an office / pay Steve a wage for that…

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I hope that it is true, because there is no way he can afford to keep the site running with overheads like that and his dwindling members numbers. (although i really know its not true, but we can dream that he is paying that much)

    I soon expect another sympathy drive from Oldham to get some more cash in. Comeon Fatty, give us a laugh with a new made up story to steal money from people.

    There is a good posts in the gold club today. its been made a sticky about Sms service. The amount of people who obviously read this blog in that thread is funny. Quite a few joking digs at fatty.

    Another thing thats made me laugh the last few days is this birthday card thing he is now doing. HAHAHAH dickhead Oldham. sending out birthday cards in a last ditch attempt to stop your member numbers only including you and steve. I betya people are really made up paying 30 quid for a birthday card!!!!!!!!! the queen does not pay that much for a birthday card!



  3. est-er Says:

    “especailly those in the Liverpool areas” 🙂 NEWSFLASH Dunk- you don’t have any members in the Liverpool area.

  4. An Observer Says:

    Newsflash, there aren’t any Datacenters in the Liverpool area, certainly none that hosts some of the biggest websites in the world.

  5. lobster Says:

    Talk cock king of kings, arise mr fatty dunkin

  6. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Perhaps Chrissie Waddle’s house is to be converted into a server farm?

  7. KopWank Says:

    It will be interesting to see what hosting company are taking over the forums, as shite as 1&1 are their latency really isn’t that bad so the whole ‘Liverpool members seeing a speed increase’ is complete BS.

    Let’s hope for Duncs sake he isn’t hosting this in Liverpool 😉

  8. An Observer Says:

    He’s probably renting a shed in Anfield and putting it on an old 486 with an ADSL connection.

  9. scouse Says:

    Wheres the hosting transfer then….both koptalk com and .org both are still with tossy cheap 1&1

    More lies that will never happen? Surely Dunc wouldn’t lie this blatantly in public 😉

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