More bans means more ranting

Another day, another rant from Dunk. Anyone left inside of the insider must be wondering what’s bugging him. Every day he has a moan about something, and tells anyone left listening that he’s banning troublemakers for the sake of the good guys. Every day a few more people have a search to see what they can find out about these bans. Oh – and Dunk doesn’t ban them actually – “People ban themselves.” he says. Again.

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Re: Any jobs?!  [Re: Rhodri]
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People ban themselves. We don’t pick people off for the fun of it because we know it has a knock on effect due to friends of friends. However, the majority always has to come first

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Re: Any jobs?!  [Re: Hustler]
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Am just after watching the video of Steve in the news section…. I need a job!!!!!

Your HQ is my dream. Ill work for free. Please?  raying:

I know im dreaming but it im honest in saying that its the Dogs balls! Fair play. 

Now, wheres tonights podcast 

LOL. Yeh it’s great here mate. It’s a dream job. You can get out of bed when you want, work 1 day a week if you like… sit in the sun or go to the pub… tickets for any game you like… it’s great mate. I’d hate me.

It would be very, very easy to sit back and do nothing. I could put my feet up and grow old with the Mrs but what saddo would want to do that?

The greatest satisfaction I get is the emails from Reds all over the world especially from places like Lebanon and Israel during the latest conflict. They talk to me like I’m a mate and these aren’t just members, they’re visitors from all parts of the site, everyone is as important.

You see the bitterness on the web towards us but nobody sees the thousands of emails and phone calls we take from Reds who really appreciate the site.

Instead of doing 9-5 5 days a week which we could if we wanted, we do 7 days. A typical day for Steve starts at 6 or 7 and runs until 1 or 2am the next day. I’ve done it myself but he takes the pressure off now. Now I go to work when I feel like it or when I need to. Once there we don’t stop. There’s no scheduled breaks. And when we get home (like I am now) we continue again.

This isn’t a job, this is a life. Supporting LFC and having this site is amazing. This is my baby and interacting with Reds like you – be it here or on the main site – is great. We just move the idiots on from our forums to other sites and concentrate our time on people like you that appreciate it and can (hopefully) see that we do what we can with the limited abilities we have as an unofficial fans site.

As for the podcast mate… there won’t be one this evening, we’re doing it in the morning and maybe another in the evening

To contact KOPTALK, please open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.misinfo or call us on +44 (0)7962 475020. Please do not post messages on the forums for our attention. If you ever receive an email claiming to be from KOPTALK, make sure that when you hit reply that is displayed.

Steve’s hours have gone up – he’s now working up to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. 140 hours work every week for no pay. Good ol’ Duncan.

“You see the bitterness on web towards us” says Dunk. “Where?” say hundreds of readers. “Look on Google” they think. And so they find the blog and Koptalk loses more members.

Dunk’s lack of knowledge on the Internet is frightening considering how long he’s been doing it. He’s probably still not clicked that he messed up with changing his email addresses when he was pretending to be Del Johnson the pirate Sky Card seller. He certainly doesn’t acknowledge it. Now he thinks that because a mail says “” in the “Reply To” field it’s unquestionable proof that he sent it. But it isn’t – faking a from address is slightly harder, but changing the “Reply To” field is very, very easy indeed.


11 Responses to “More bans means more ranting”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Faking a from address is easy as piss, SMTP doesn’t have any means of checking that the from address is who it’s meant to be so anyone can configure their email client to show for example and send emails out that way.

  2. An Observer Says:

    …although of course any reply would goto Dunky, but if it were an email to say you should now access koptalk through such and such a url, how many people would bother to reply?

    Not saying anyone should send out emails as Duncan mind.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider- Check your mail.

  4. punt Says:

    “There’s no scheduled breaks.”

    Duncan admits to breaking more employment laws.

  5. Sinon Says:

    Insider, did you get my email on Monday?

  6. Me Says:

    Sweet Jesus, why did I give him my money. 😦

    I want it back Dunk!

  7. Andy Says:

    You take far too much literally! Ive read lots of your blog and you seem to have a real hate for the guy but your hounding of everything he does is very childish. Please try and spend your time more productively…

  8. An Observer Says:

    Hello Dunk.

  9. andy Says:

    I think I’ve only made two posts on this (excellent) blog before but I have to point out that the “Andy” above isn’t me. I think there was a similar problem before with someone posting falsely under the name “willrobbo”.
    On one of my posts I refered to Oldham as a “lard arse turd” and, as we all know, he’s far too egocentric to ever describe himself as such, even if he’s posting under an alias.
    Is there anything which can be done to stop people coming on the site and posting under the same name as someone who already contributes (however sparingly) to the blog?
    As this site is certain to make Oldham’s situation increasingly desperate, the tactics employed by him and his cronies will undoubtedly become more underhand and unpleasant, which means we can probably expect more of this sort of thing.
    It also makes me sick to have somebody post “Hello Dunk” in reply to a message made in my name.

  10. est-er Says:

    Don’t you get it though andy? People have cottoned on to the fact that it wasn’t you who posted those entries and may well have been Dunk pretending to be you.

  11. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi andy,

    I can confirm that you are not the same Andy as the one further up the page.

    The one further up the page, who used a capital “A” at the front of his name is a user of the same ISP as Mr Fatty himself.

    He may not be fatty, but once again, it’s the same ISP.

    As for how to avoid being confused as someone else…

    We don’t ask anyone to register (it’s from days of old when people were frightened, for want of a better word, of revealing their email address to this blog).

    You can register though – you need to click the link at the very bottom of the page where it says “get a free blog like this”. When you sign up, you have the option of having a blog or not. But what you get is a username. You can then log in before posting a comment, and nobody can be in any doubt it’s you then.

    If you opt for a blog, your username is part of your blog’s address. For example if you register as steveoldham you would get a blog address of You’d also sign in to this blog as steveoldham (although it would still be optional).

    I recommend starting your own blogs up by the way, it can be fun, once you’ve found something to blog about.

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