Internet Watch Foundation FAQ

IWFThis blog, through its article and comments, has touched on a lot of things that Mr Duncan Oldham (exec) Editor of has been up to.

Some things are just funny – his pathetic lie about buying Chris Waddle’s house one of the most memorable.

Some things are annoying – his ways of banning people then claiming they aren’t banned and that they only need to make a phone call.

Some things are sickening to a Liverpool supporter – his support of The Sun and regular attempts, over many years, to slur Liverpool Football club and its players and officials.

Some things are illegal, or seem to be illegal.

I was asked by a reader of the blog to put together a list of the activities Dunk has carried out that come under the category “illegal”. I am working on that now (I’d appreciate any help if anyone’s got time to knock up a list).

I was also provided with this link to help people deal with Dunk’s dodgier activities – how to report him, where to report him to and so on. is the FAQ page for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). On the left of the page are links to information on a list of offences, many of which Mr Oldham has been involved in, some of which even he’s not capable of. As bad as Dunk is there are a lot worse than him out there. Here’s the headings they have information on –

CEOP Centre, Chat Rooms & IM, Child Abuse, Communications, Computer Crime, Consumer issues, Copyright, Domain Names, Education & Awareness, Fraud & Financial Scams, Grooming, Helping the IWF, Hotlines, Identity Theft, Internet Safety, Internet Security/Malware, Internet Stalking, Legal Issues, Lottery Scams, Mobile Internet, Morbid images, Obscene Content, Online Auctions, Online Games, Peer to Peer services, Phishing, Photographs of Children, Premium rate dialers, Preventing Child Abuse, Pro-Anorexia Sites, Racial Issues, Rape Images, Rating & Filtering, Safer Surfing, Spam, Suicide websites, Terrorist Sites, Violence – mobile cameras

If you’ve any doubts about the validity of this link, it was supplied to me by the police.


2 Responses to “Internet Watch Foundation FAQ”

  1. jj_sawyer Says:

    just sent this to

    This website is setup with misleading and untrue news stories to intice Liverpool football club fans to subscribe to an “Insider” site promising insider contacts. It is a known lie. This person (Duncan Oldham) is fraudently using the site to exploit football fans from all around the world. He charges his members up to £30 for a years subscription to the site, which are just a set of forums, and will happingly ban a user, without notice, for asking where the information is.

    This person has also conned LFC fans into pre-ordering a non-existent book. He started taking £5 pre-orders from thousands of unsuspecting fans over 3-4 years ago and the book is still not published. Many people believe the book will never be published.

    There are many other allegations about the person, who has a track record of being an Internet based conman.

    A web blog as been setup ( to warn Liverpool Football Club fans and existing members about this scam but this unethical so-called-fan of the club still exploits the club and its fans out of hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.


  2. Toby Says:

    There may be a lot worse out there, but he does pretty well if you use that list of headings as a checklist (maybe not the pro-anorexia category though).

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