“I thought Koptalk was closed down years ago” – Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo

“I thought Koptalk was closed down years ago” – Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo

by Rupert Insider

9th August 2006

If you are a supporter of Liverpool Football Club, you probably know Chris Bascombe. He writes for the Liverpool Echo. One of the most common phrases you read on net forums in periods of intense rumour and counter-rumour, is: “What does Chris Bascombe say?”For many he is the gold standard of journalism as far as LFC goes. He is known to be close to the club, by virtue of his job, but not so close as to be dependent. He has even been known to be critical. For example, he has written of his disgust at how he and many others were manipulated by Gerard Houllier over certain issues, especially about Robbie Fowler. But that’s another story.

He is of interest to this blog because Duncan Oldham used to claim – prior to October 2001 – that he provided “inside” information to Chris Bascombe and received information from him.

That all changed when Chris Bascombe wrote an article in the Pink Edition of the Football Echo in October 2001 dismissing KopTalk and its outrageous lie about Fowler.

Robbie only has to breathe these days and someone, somewhere is writing about him.  This week when Robbie wasn’t even playing we saw another example of how, more than any other player, he is the target of rumour. 

I was sent an article in  by a reader which appeared on an unofficial website, which I won’t name because it doesn’t deserve the free ad it probably wants (ok I will.  Apparently it’s called Koptalk or Kopchat or something like that).  They wrote an outrageous lie which dared to suggest that Robbie’s absence on Tuesday wasn’t because he was ill.

As Robbie explained, “I woke up on Tuesday and felt really lousy and light-headed.  I was about to come into training in the afternoon and I called the doc.   The doctor came around to my house examined me and told me to go back to bed.”

The story that Bascombe alluded to was a report by Oldham that Fowler had missed training because of a hangover.  In fact,  it turneddout that he had a very serious chest infection.

Oldham was furious, not so much because a respected journalist had called him a liar, but because he had been vague about the name of the site and the “look what the cat borught in” tone of his references to it.Oldham responded by establishing the domain “kopchat.com” to benefit from any enquiries that the Bascombe reference generated. He also responded on Koptalk several times. He claimed that Bascombe had been  deliberately vague in order to deny him publicity. He proceeded to insult him in other ways that should be familiar to those of you who read my frequent updates of the long list of names Oldham calls those who disagree with him.

From that time on, Oldham pretended he did not know Bascombe’s name or who he was – and even today – five years later – when he steals Bascombe’s stories from the online version of the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post, he does not acknowledge the source or the author. Instead he claims that it is from his own exclusive sources “as confirmed by the local media”.

Given this stand-off, how would Oldham continue to profit from his pre-2001 pretence that he and Bascombe were “colleagues” and “confidants” swapping “inside” information?

Well you should know how. He would insinuate it. You’ve seen all his references as to how he picks up snippets from journalists in a pub, and how various journalists keep him posted about press conferences and events at Anfield and Melwood. He would also insinuate that Chris was a member of the Koptalk Gold Club. He would not correct the assumption of many in the Gold Club, that the poster “Lecter” was none other than Chris Bascombe.

In this blog we encourage people to puncture Oldham’s con by communicating directly with the club, with players and with journalists whom he says or implies or part of his shadowy world.

So yesterday I wrote to Chris Bascombe. I received a quick reply and an invitation to telephone and today we had a long chat.

Chris Bascombe’s first words to me speak volumes: “Koptalk? Is that still around? I thought it was closed down years ago”.

Need I say more?

Since I sent my letter, Chris has read the blog and wants to be kept informed. It was good to chat with him about the issues touched on in the blog especially those of which he has first-hand knowledge. I don’t want to detail all our discussions but can summarize them as being that he appreciated the opportunity the blog has given him to put the record straight and he will be following the blog actively.

In the meantime, he is aware that some of the contributors have been searching for his now famous “Kop Chat” reference and he will look it up and send it in. And by the way, it was deliberate!


33 Responses to ““I thought Koptalk was closed down years ago” – Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo”

  1. univofchicago Says:


  2. lobster Says:

    I always love reading his articles, i mean Chris Bascombe’s.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Hahahaha, nice one insider. I have personally written to Rick Parry and asked for action to be taken against KopChat, I urge all of you to do the same.

  4. Chris Says:

    Chris Bascombe is a top bloke, he’s the only reason I bother reading the Echo. It was hell when he was away for about 3 weeks a while back. Good to hear he’ll be following the blog with interest.

  5. Tom Says:

    Class, well done, Iwas wondering if someone was going to do this.
    BTW just to clarify, Lec always denied he was Bascombe.

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAH suck on them eggs Oldham!!! If you can suck on eggs, as soon as you felt that eggy taste in your fat gob you will have to Bite and Chew!!!


  7. univofchicago Says:

    Great piece of freelance reporting by Rupert!!!

    I am sure Bascombe would have been impressed!

  8. Chunky Says:

    About time many of those libelled by Oldham started taking some action rather than let him get away with his lies,

  9. jonymadness Says:

    Brilliant Rupert lad. I presume Jabba’s stuff pretending to give Chris info has vanished?

  10. RedinSweden Says:

    I see Mark Gonzalez has had his photo taken in front of Dunks pad

  11. Fred Says:

    Bascombe is such a high profile journalist, respected by all Liverpool fans. Most of us won’t believe anything LFC-related until it appears in the Echo. I’m delighted that Chris has shown an interest in this blog, and hopefully his approval will add weight to the anti-KT cause.

  12. paulcooper4 Says:

    can only be good getting him on board. he has improved no end as a journalist over the past few years. used to really get on my tit for slagging us off when we had a go at the team during some of houlliers teams worst displays, and had a spell during that time where he came across as if he thought he knew more than us and we didnt know what we were talking about. BUT he has evolved from that into a top class journalist, everyone learns from their mistakes, chris quicker than most.

  13. Fat Tax Says:

    Truly hilarious. This is exactly why the swindler is running scared. As long as he can maintain the fiction of his site’s position as the premium LFC fan site, many fans will never look past the facade. However as the blog has seen before, it only takes a little exposure to the truth to pierce that facade. Once there’s a crack in it, once the fantasy of it’s perfection has been pierced, the rest of the false frontage begins to look very obvious. He’s Del Boy in his three-wheeler van, a spiv selling nylons and food coupons (except both of those actually had something to sell) and he’s dragging the name of the finest football club in the land behind him.

    So far as using the “Kop Chat” insult as yet another potential source of revenue by registering the domain, given recent coverage of his activities I expect that fatscammer.com and dodgycharity.org.uk have been snapped up too.

    I just discovered today that the famous “Caboodle Network” that koptalk is now part of is just another domain owned by him, although I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t suspected that from the start. OK, misrepresentation of this kind (calling a takeover a merger, misrepresenting a change of name as a takeover and so on) isn’t exactly unheard of, but equally it’s a perfect example of hsi smoke and mirrors approach to what’s alledgedly a legitimate business (albeit one that’s not registered for tax and provides a discount to encourage members to register by post using hard cash).

    He’ll be OK though – I think they let you maintain a myspace site in prison, don’t they?

  14. fattyhater Says:

    See fatty is exploiting his daughter again by getting her to explain the goals on his tictac board

  15. The Oracle Says:

    Excellent article.

    We’ll be watching you, Oldham

  16. paulcooper4 Says:

    why doesnt bascombe do an expose of koptalk in the echo? one article in the echo exposing it for the con it is and he is finished. It wouldnt be libelous as he could just use the bits that are proven and backed up by evidence

  17. Tom Says:

    He could easily do a review of all the LFC sites as a “feature” and then give KT a poor review compared to the others…………

    “Chris Bascombe looks a the LFC presence on the net”

    That kind of thing…….

    Sites could be given stars…



    you get the idea…..

  18. univofchicago Says:

    LOL at Tom.

  19. bigf00t Says:


  20. RedNose Says:

    Can I just say that I have just discovered this blog and can not belive the crap that Duncan gets up to. …. truely amazing..

    KOPTalk took a tenner off me years ago …. but I soon found a proper fan site http://www.ynwa.com and never looked back.

    A Big Thanks to Rupert Insider, for his crusade against this conman

  21. Mudface Says:

    Superb stuff, well done.

    Did Mr Bascombe say when we’re signing Kuyt though? 😉

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    “Did Mr Bascombe say when we’re signing Kuyt though?”

    He told me that Rafa wants him. It’s a question of raising the money to do the deal. But, he said that in his artices in the Echo – so its no big secret.

    However if you want to pay me 30 quid, I’ll tell you many other things that appear in the Echo.

  23. DaftCnut Says:

    What’s your paypal address then ? ;o)

  24. punt Says:

    I imagine Chris B is disgusted by the fact that Duncan charges people for information that he (and others) put in the public domain. whenever Oldham references Bascombe’s reports he quotes “sources on Merseyside” offering no credit to the journalist at what is often an exclusive and has no doubt taken time to verify, write and gone through an editorial process.

    the fact that Duncan rips off and re-reports Chris’s exclusives without permission from him or the Echo is bad enough, the fact that he offers no credit to the source of the material is even worse (and probably illegal)

  25. leftpeg Says:

    Q: What does the dedicated Liverpool supporter use to keep dry and feel fresh?
    A: Kop Talc

  26. bobhorse Says:

    It wont belong before Fat Dunc puts a spin on this, along the lines of. Local media keep close tabs on what Koptalk have to say 🙂

    Keep up the good work mate, the word is well and truley out about this grabbing ****** his days are numbered S** loving ****

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    JJ:lawyer: Thanks for that. Chris has confirmed he will send in the links to his article when he finds it. So your link will help pin-point it.

    But that was not the end of Oldham’s reaction. He returned to the theme many times, obviously stung and sore about Bascombe mention. I also know that Oldham went on the rampage privately about it almost busting a gut. As I explained he settleed on the tactic of prentending not to know who Bascombe was, never mentioning him, but continuing to steal his work and passing it off as his own or of is exclusive sources.

    The reference to the Houllier flower appeal is also interesting. I believe that finally led to his appeal for flowers for Houlliers wife. And there was some bad feeling about the fact that he never provided an accounting for the money he received and esepcially what he did with any surplus.

  28. jj_sawyer Says:

    rupert – i believe that editorial we are looking for re: fowler was at http://www.koptalk.com/archive/news/2001-2002/november/28g.shtml – I am looking for it now in the archive.

  29. mrmercedesman Says:

    Skamp Says:
    February 3, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    We need to register on this LV and spread the word to the unsuspecting masses about Oldhams motives & past.

    Koptalk Outsider Says:
    February 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm
    Don’t worry. He does that perfectly well himself. Since he started to talk about his rivals in his “business” (that’s what he calls Koptalk over there), we’ve had loads of hits from people seaching for mrmercedesman. We’ve also had e-mails from LiveVideo members who are worried about what they’ve read here. Members that are closer to him than he’d think!

  30. David Says:

    You are all pretty pathetic. Get a life.

  31. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Care to explain why? Is it not more pathetic to throw such comments around with no substance? We’ve proved over and over again Dunks dodgy practice. How he lies, how he uses the s*n as a news source, how he runs competitons where the winners don’t get their prizes (if at all there are winners), and much, much more. Still people like you keep on supporting him, letting him continue to go on with this. And this makes you as bad as him. If you really were interested you’d send me an e-mail and I’ll show you how much garbage you get from Dunk. But I guess you’re not man enough to do so. That’s how pathetic you are. My e-mail address is in the top of the left column. You don’t dare to contact me in private because you are afraid that you’ll be shown that Dunk isn’t this great guy you think he is. You are afraid to find out that you’ve been wrong all these years. Some people have just left koptalk, having been members for close to ten years, because they eventually saw threoug Dunk’s lies. They were adult enough to admit they were wrong. It seems you’re not. Pathetic? Yes you are.

  32. Bosco Says:

    @KO its David’s opinion. It’s an uneducated opinion but it’s his.

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