Australian Reds – a message for you all

Most members of the “Insider” site will remember a poster by the name of “cricket69”. A lot of members even thought he was John “Digger” Barnes. To be fair, neither Dunk nor “cricket” ever confirmed or denied this, but it certainly gave “cricket” a bit of fun, and Dunk a way of using his “former players are members here” line.

He has no former or current players reading his site.

Dunk is paranoid these days as you know and so bans as many members each day as he gets new ones coming in. The banned members are not deleted though, they are kept on the database to keep the numbers looking good. He banned Tom recently, and thought he’d got away with it. He hadn’t, he lost a lot of members through that silly move. As for banning “cricket”, well that might upset a few of his Australian readers, the country where “cricket” now lives.

I’ll let “cricket” give his side of the story, in this email he sent to me and all of his Australian Reds contacts.


I am writing to you separately from my e-football business as I don’t really want to mix Forums on the web with any commercial activities I am involved in, I am sure you understand.

If you are a fan of Koptalk and have no issues with the way they work (and know about their exploitation of the good name of LFC), then you have no need to read any further.

I was a member of Koptalk for approx 8 years, maybe a bit longer. During that time I became a respected member of the ‘community’, my alias as I am sure you know was cricket69. I enjoyed it for many years, however it became apparent to me that the site didn’t have many (if any) real insiders, some posters including myself have contacts within Anfield but Dunk and his site is full of lies and inaccuracies, that was the reason I tried for a long time to be all authoritarian, I didn’t want people to start believing all the rubbish that was on there, most people joined the Insider in good faith I didn’t want them to read and believe rubbish that was being sprouted – in fact I still don’t.

I remember exactly when I turned against Dunk, it was in 2001 when we played Leeds in the FA Cup away, I got him tickets, but he didn’t pay up for months – I was out of pocket for a long time, I have got tickets for many people over the years and he was by far the worst for being a debtor.

I have since moved to Australia and am, as you know, starting a new business and website, at the moment it is aimed at Liverpool fans, but that will change, I am even in talks with man UTD fans in Adelaide, I may help out their supporters club, just looking after email mail-outs etc (yes I hate Man UTD) but in turn they will advertise my site, take part in my tipping comp and probably buy more items if I can get Man UTD ones. I am in no way like Dunk who hosts (I think he still does) and promotes other club fan sites. My involvement is purely commercial, my love is and always will be LFC I can assure you. I hope you see where I am coming from on this!!!

Anyhow I stumbled, by chance, across this blog ( and my eyes were opened, I strongly advise you to read it and then decide if you wish to renew your membership on KT, I was an Honorary member until yesterday – I am now banned.

Yesterday I posted a new topic, nothing controversial, and not for the first time it was deleted by Dunk and the mods, I emailed him asking for it to be reinstated or I leave. I was also very disappointed he let a thread about The Haifa game stay on the site even when I asked it to go, he (Dunk) is a racist (he admits it)…do you want to give money to him?

On Dunks podcast last night he goes off on one against me, I wont lose any sleep over it, time to move in is my thought. Please though do not give him any of my email addresses. I was locked out of KT a few weeks ago (a mistake they say), but I only got back in after giving some personal details, I gave mainly false ones as it is known the KT see these details on. The next day for the first time in my life I start getting spam…If only I had known I would have given an email address I don’t use too often not my main one…my fault but I hope you don’t suffer the way I am.

Another thing never, ever enter any competitions or pay money to any of his charities, it has been proved prizes don’t exist and he pockets the charity money!!!

Yes I will possibly lose a bit of business through advertising on KopTalk but I think the risk is worth taking.

There are other sites around that are fee and in my opinion more informative and amusing two of which are and There are others that are good and it is easy to find links to them.

I hope you don’t mind this email, I just thought I would point out to you that Dunk is exploiting LFC fans and that is not fair on anyone. I am under the impression that LFC are aware of his lies and are in the process of taking action against him, I am not sure though.

Please fell free to distribute this to anyone who you think may be interested.

I am happy to reply to any questions you may have, but please can we keep this separate from any e-football business we may do, I consider Internet forums fun (and informative) and, for me, e-football is my work.

Thanks for reading.


If you didn’t get a note from Matthew / cricket and you’d like to get in touch with him, drop me a line and I’ll forward your email onto him.

As for Dunk’s side of the story, well thanks to “univofchicago” we have a transcript of his podblast ranting session.

Dunk: You know about that email today, don’t you? Cricket69, what a wanker you were today my friend…Absolutely f*cking ridiculous. Apparently though one of the moderators inside the section of the website…He put something on the site…like a pose…I think its to promote his website or something…I don’t think its was big deal or not…I’m not sure…I didn’t know anything about it…Just minding my own business…you know me…and he sends me this email: “Why the hell did you delete my [thread] about Australians, if you don’t tell me I will email my 73 members I have email addresses from Koptalk” and he’s talking about all the bad sites that talk about us Steve. And he says “I am disgusted the way you treat members at times. I supported you until now! I gave up my email address to promote my selling website, nothing sinister, I replied by you explain your actions an apology by 3 PM your time or I turn Australian Liverpool fans against you. You’re call mate..Matthew”…That was the email

Steve: Can I say Dunk, we have more than 73 members from Australia anyways.

Dunk: I know. But apparently he is speaking for the all of Australia. I do know one of the main places we get feedbacks for Podcast is from Australia. They love it!

Steve: It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about this then

Dunk: Is he speaking on behalf of all the Australian Listeners? That’s what I want to know. Let us know. Podcast at Koptalk dot Com. Because he is going to turn Australia Liverpool fans against us!

Dunk: This is the sort of pricks we are dealing with on a daily basis. And then when we get rid of them, and they go through websites that slagging us off and that. Can you now work out why? Because we done something to these fucking idiots.

Dunk: So yeah so that was one of our members today telling us he is going to turn all Australian listeners against us. Let me, Big Dunk, send an explanation and apology by 3 PM our time as to why one of the moderators delete his thread. It is now 20 past 8 in the evening and we have not sent any explanation or apology. I did email note to f*ck himself and take his 73 f*cking friends with him.

So if you are one of cricket’s / Matthew’s 73 “f*cking friends” and you arrived here wondering what the fuss was about, why not spend an hour or so looking into it. Start with the “Read Me” at the top and feel free to email me or leave a comment below with any questions at all.

If you doubt the transcript, here’s Dunk’s reply to Matthew from earlier in the day.

>From: Duncan Oldham []
>Sent: Mon 8/7/2006 10:11 PM
>Cc: ————-;
>Subject: RE: Why
>We have decided to remove your HM status because we don’t take kindly to
>threats. I have informed people of your ‘I will turn Australia against you’
>A polite email from you and I could have asked which mod moved it and why.
>It seems like you’ll have to email your 73 Australian members telling them
>how bad we are, but please remember to include your original email. It is
>this kind of immature attitude that we are stamping out in our forums and
>breaking it up, it’s already proving to be a nicer place.
>We’re not concerned about rival sites, we’re not concerned about blogs.
>We’re only concerned in looking after the people that are genuine Liverpool
>supporters and who don’t talk to others – including ourselves – like
>a piece of sh*t.
>Sticks and stones mate, sticks and stones.

This had been sent in response to Matthew’s earlier note. Matthew was still upset that Dunk had locked him out recently, demanding that personal information be supplied before he let him back in. So when Dunk deleted his thread without explanation (blaming it on a mod) Matthew was extremely unhappy –

From: Matthew ——– [mailto:———–]
Sent: 07 August 2006 13:10
Subject: Why

the hell did you delete my thread about Australians. If you dont tell me I will email my 73 members I have email addresses from KT in Aus and tell them about the blog. I am disgusted the way you treat members at times. I supported you until now.

I gave out my email address to promote my selling website…nothing sinister. A reply by you explaining your actions and an apology by 3:00pm your time or I turn Australian LFC fans gainst you.

Your call mate


If you are new to the blog, Dunk will not let any of his members communicate with each other unless they go through him first. He even wants to vet contact between members. Private messaging is disabled, he’s changed his forum’s scripts so that email addresses aren’t shown by members who wanted to show them. He is frightened about the truth getting out to more of his members.

UPDATE: Matthew / Cricket has asked me to put this email address on here for anyone who wants to get in touch. will be monitored for at least the next couple of weeks. 


78 Responses to “Australian Reds – a message for you all”

  1. Disco Says:

    Chunky – “considered” : I’ve said several times that it’s got to him! 😉
    This whole data-clense is suspiciously like ‘let’s find rupert and insider’ 🙂

    I really don’t get why if someone gets a post deleted, they also get their account locked. It’s treating people by children, and we must be getting close to double figures of decent posters who this has happened to. I can also see why they’ve not phoned up/e-mailed either : it’s pretty demeaning.

    I guess when I said “independently” earlier, you could argue that his actions (caused by paranoia of the blog) that have resulted in people leaving aren’t therefore independent. I don’t know, but it’s certainly ironic!

  2. Tom Says:

    I like Disco, he’s good on est. However I think he’s wrong about this blog. It’s significantly raised awareness of Dunkin’s activities and in doing so hugely contributed to the flight from KT of many of the posters.

  3. Disco Says:

    Cheers Tom…. I think 😉

    IMO though, the more significant losses (if I was to be as crass as suggesting that some posters were more ‘important’ to KT than others) have been down to Dunk’s behaviour towards them or simply because Est1892 seems a more relaxed place to be and NOT the blog.

    Presumably the editors here aren’t too bothered how they leave though 🙂

  4. est-er Says:

    I like Disco too. It’s like I said, you only really have your eyes opened when you finally leave Koptalk in my experience, especially if you’ve been there a good while.

  5. est-er Says:

    Anyway, what’s happened to http://www.dunkknowsbest.coN ? It seems to be down plus no blobcast today.

    Summat’s up.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    “Presumably the editors here aren’t too bothered how they leave though”

    But you are. You are obsessed on this and other boards in trying to define precisely why they leave in order to downplay the contributions of the blog. I suppose it doesn’t have anything to do with the criticism you received on here when you came calling (repeatedly) defending all the Oldham practices which you now apepar to decry.

    I can’t speak for other contributors – but it doesn’t matter to me what precise configuration of factors caused people to stop using Koptalk or sending it money.

  7. Red_Al_77 Says:

    Please remove a link to the email list in these comments for this thread. You are playing with fire on that one.

  8. Disco Says:

    Rupert – what’s with the aggression mate?! This is the first time I’ve been on here in bloody ages, yet you know what I’ve been saying on other forums (albeit a fucked up version). One of us is obsessed mate, and it isn’t me 🙂

    I don’t care much for this blog, and you don’t care much for my views, so let’s just move along and play nicely. 😉

  9. Disco Says:

    Red_Al – I was wondering why I was suddenly getting e-mails linking to this site 😦

  10. univofchicago Says:

    my guess is that he has abandoned it again and moving on to a new version…

    dunk’s koptalkblog version 21.5

  11. Peter Says:


    Lets not go to town with that list of emails. It’s a list of members (ie ordinary fans) not a list of Dunks email addresses. Sending crap to them will only lose credibility for this blog – IMHO.

    I think if the administrators of this fine blog have already sent a mail shot letting them know about this blog, then that should suffice. I am fully aware that there is some nasty stuff out there that can be sent by email, but remember that these guys are fans – they aren’t Dunk himself.

  12. itwasalreadyoutthere Says:

    mentioned previously – the reason the list is out there is because dunk the fucktard had it advertised to the world on koptalk.guys guys guys complain to him if anything happens – its his was a list he collected and then made available to any twat.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    So my email would be on that list?

    And it could be sold to any spanmmer in the world?

    Is that what happened – he or someone who got access to a list he did not guard – sold it to spammers. Isnt that why we have the Data Protectiona Act – to set standards for protecting the privacy of personal information?

  14. chapeau du soleil Says:

    but rupert, the lying con artist said his info is only stored on paper remember 😉

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    In light of some comments received and some emails received, I’ve decided to remove the links to the email list.

    Bear in mind that this email list was taken from a website and any spambot was capable of finding the email addresses – they weren’t hidden to members only.

    I don’t particularly think anyone wants spammers (and I mean true spammers) to get hold of the email addresses now if they’ve already failed to get hold of them straight off Koptalk.

    That’s the reason I removed the link to the list.

    If you still want the link to the list drop me a line, but to be honest I think all of those on it have already been sent a link to the blog by now. If you email me though try and explain why you want it then I know you’re not a Manc on a mission to wind up some Reds.

  16. univofchicago Says:

    Fatty has actually bothered to collate all the emails and present it on a nice spreadsheet.

    What are the chances of him keeping a database of his GC/Insider member’s work email, address and telephone number on a similiar spreadsheet? Very likely – which would be in violation of the Data Protection Act.

  17. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    Is the email list Gold club members only? I am not on there or is charlie1 (my mate). We never went to the upper levels of gold.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Was Charlie 1 a cricketer, too?

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    univ: “Fatty has actually bothered to collate all the emails and present it on a nice spreadsheet.”

    I’m just wondering why he would do that. I suppose an innocent purpose would be to make it e sier to send out administration emails. But it does seem odd.

  20. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    Cahrlie1 is no more a cricketer than you are a bear.

  21. univofchicago Says:

    It is odd. Everything the fat man does is odd.

    But going back to my earlier point, if Fatty put all the emails down on a spreadsheet, then its “99.9%” certain that he would do the same with the new set of emails/addresses/tel no. The loon claims that all the info is stored on paper. What BULLSHIT!!

  22. Giles Says:

    Red_Al – agree 100%. I don’t appreciate spam whether it be from oldham or anyone else.

  23. Chunka Says:

    Thats not Fatty’s spreadsheet. The Data was mined from Koptalk insider quite easily. All you do is download this software

    And put the Koptalk Insider URL into the box and press GO

    and a couple of hours later it spits out a nice excel spreadsheet.

    The reason it was so simple to do, as someone frpm YNWA has said elsewhere is because fatty uses Fusion BB. A Cheap piece of shite compare to Vbulletin or other various forums available.

    I’m sorry if anyone got spam because of it, But I listened to that Podcast and got annoyed at his Australian rant.

    I’ve watched neigbours for years.

  24. Peter Says:


    I’m not doubting what you say. The point I was making is that people here shouldnt go on a mission to piss off Dunk via his members who are at the end of the day – ordinary fans.

    I dont care who else could easily get the list, the fact remains that none of us should use the list for our own ends or for negative reasons.

  25. Sinon Says:

    Rupert – as to your question why Fatty would collate all the email addresses, I believe that the reason boils down to what it always does – money.

    I could be wrong, but a big of list of email addresses could be VERY useful to some people who want to profit from it, via spam, begging letters and scams such as the Nigeria syndicate. Dunk would just let them know, for a price, where to find such addresses.

  26. Sinon Says:

    Insider – do you know if my email address is on that list? Its my works email but I haven’t got access to the list or been sent any spam (maybe it’s filtered away from me). Reason being is I was only ever a ‘free’ member of KT and therefore never supplied phone number, address etc. Cheers

  27. Chunka Says:

    Sinon, it was Koptalk insider. not the free site.

  28. snoop dogg Says:

    newcomer to your blog and i find it very informative in relation to a decision i am about to make. cheers

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