A needless lie about websites.

Question time at Koptalk.

“iainskinner” has the question today for Mr Oldham, and it’s a fairly simple one too.

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How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?
#1591531 – Mon Aug 07 2006 09:27 AM
What I mean to say is, how many other websites has Dunk got on the go?

If you could provide links I’ll give you 5
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: iainskinner]
#1591552 – Mon Aug 07 2006 09:46 AM


iainskinner   Silver Member
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: Avenger]
#1591563 – Mon Aug 07 2006 09:57 AM
Randy, I wanted to know how many webites have sprung up around Koptalk. I know there’s http://www.koptalk.org, i wanted to know what else he has on the go.

Avenger, you should try: http://www.paraniodasfvck.com
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: iainskinner]
#1591570 – Mon Aug 07 2006 10:03 AM
you mean like other fan sites which have come about by members leaving or do you mean what other sites Dunk runs?

If you mean others he runs then i dont think he does because this one must eat most of his time. Then again who am i to comment.

If you mean other fansites then i dont know either.

So in summary i have not a clue pal.
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: WEwonINinstanbul]
#1591571 – Mon Aug 07 2006 10:05 AM          Reply
BTW i can see this thread getting locked when Dunk wakes up, so i hope for your own sake you get your answer soon.
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: WEwonINinstanbul]
#1591579 – Mon Aug 07 2006 10:09 AM          Reply

If he locks it i’ll live. I meant ‘Runs.’

This was a question sparked purely by curiosity…
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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: iainskinner]
#1591641 – Mon Aug 07 2006 10:35 AM          Reply

MSN Steve m8

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All this help for Dunk from his readers – surely he’ll get it right. And “Kopdan” – it’s “phone a friend” on these types of quiz, not “MSN a M8”. So, Duncan, for the chance to prove you can be honest once in a while, please answer the question. How many websites do you have?

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Re: How many pies has Dunk got his fingers in?  [Re: Red_Polo]
#1591706 – Mon Aug 07 2006 11:04 AM

I run 1 (one), KopTalk not that it’s anyone elses business.

I was approached in 2005 to help get some other club sites off the ground (12 in total) but I haven’t had much time to concentrate on them. I did announce this at the time all over KopTalk including here so it’s no secret.
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Oooh! Bad luck Duncan. It’s not 1 (one) at all is it? I’ll not be pedantic and list the many variations on Koptalk. We’ll pretend that it’s all one website, the Koptalk empire.

Caboodle though – that’s you. You started the “Caboodle Network” at caboodlenetwork.coN. Nobody else, you weren’t “approached”. In the world of Caboodle you’ve currently got two fan sites set up. Or at least you did. One of them (spursarmy.coN) was set up using FusionBB until it was pointed out to you that you may need to actually buy a licence for it. We all loved it until you got rid of it. The icons that were red for a few seconds until the page finished loading. The little site icon – a blue Liverbird was especially funny. And many of us still chuckle at the fact you forgot to change the keywords and description for the site, so search engines listed it as a Liverpool fan site.

You also had upthetoon.coN, and a year ago you were pretending you were called “Barry”. You used to talk to yourself between the Koptalk and UptheToon sites, pretending “Barry” had inside info over the Michael Owen move to Newcastle.

Oh – did Steve ever get round to his trip to London to interview your candidates for the Spurs website? Or was that bullshit too? Don’t worry, we already know.

You claim there would be 12 in total, added to Koptalk, so that would have been 13. Unlucky. They aren’t going to happen are they really? You’ve not got time to write your book, let alone launch all these extra sites. It’ll take you a week to think up all the aliases you’ll need.

Apart from the fan sites, what about footy4free.coN, or freesky4pc.coN? Two sites there you’ve forgotten to mention. And what was that transferwhispers.coN site all about? Generic bullshit?
One that made us laugh – your Michael Barrymore fan site. michaelbarrymore dot tv. Hence the picture of you with him at the top of this blog.

You’ve actually got hundreds of domains that really belong to other LFC websites. Technically some of them probably could be classed as yours, but the majority were clearly stolen. (Check the READ ME section at the top for some examples).

You even bought kraptalk.co.uk! Possibly my favourite of all that one.

Why of all names did you pick “Chav Games”? It points back to Koptalk now, but looking at this old version you were promising so much to come.

“Our website is updated around the clock, every day of the week by gamers. Not only do we offer you news about your favourite consoles but we also offers XBox and PS2 cheats, reviews and sales. We offer for sale various new and used video games and also link to the major outlets for specialist gaming hardware that you may be finding hard to obtain. We can help you with all aspects of your gaming and if we’re not around, just pop into our free community to talk to other gamers who will be more than happy to assist you.”

I suppose the plans for Chav Games Gold Insider are on hold for now.

I’ve no problem myself with all of these extra sites – it’s the bullshit that annoys me and many others. Why trust us with your nudge-nudge wink-wink tenner off for cash, and links to dodgy videos and the like? Why talk about a community where everyone should be nice to each other and you won’t stand for nonsense and then tell lies like this.

Good or bad, like it or not, this is the true answer to the question –

Duncan Oldham has a group of sites under the Koptalk banner. They have served him well and brought him cash. However he wanted to see whether there were other opportunities – fair play to him. None of the other sites worked, because it’s difficult to have a Spurs fan site run without a Spurs fan. He has many domain names belonging to other LFC Websites. He has some websites for branching out into selling video games. He has sites where he takes a subscription in return for football streaming information.

He has more than 1 (one) website.

Why lie? Something to hide?


30 Responses to “A needless lie about websites.”

  1. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    I got an email from cricket 69 today, can you publish it on here – did he send you a copy?

  2. Sinon Says:

    Don’t forget the fucking disgusting cyber squatting of http://www.michaelshields.co.uk – how delightful that it points to Koptalk. It mentions the sort code and account number to help Michael , but it still says he will update the section ‘shortly’ (as it has for months). Too busy drinking cider in the garden to help him.

    Doesn’t even fucking point to the official appeal site as Dunk won’t have ANY links to other websites – for the record its http://www.freemichaelshields.org/ – see its easy Dunk, just put that on your page! Lazy fat S*n supporting money grabber.

  3. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    and why are the account details seperate to the ones on the official site?

  4. scouse Says:

    Re duncs registering of competition variations

    He says this is to stop spamming of his members, but if I was to spam a member via PM they would obviously click the link, not go and type the domain in and get .com and .co.uk mixed up.

    This is a feeble excuse and one that has pushed koptalk into literally a league of it’s own

    Check most other LFC sites, they all link to each other. Check out koptalk, no links to other sites and more importantly noone links back to Koptalk, literally noone (apart from a few lame blogs by foreigners)

    All the main sites like rawk, ywna, raotl etc happily link to each other – koptalk have dug their own grave

    Notice he runs google adsense on footy4free.con – I wonder how google will react to him running it on sites promoting illegal video sharing…

  5. Sinon Says:

    Dunk Thinks I’m his pal – are they different? If so that needs looking into.

  6. Another KT Mug Says:

    This has got to be the lowest thing he has done yet. Some poor bastard rots in a foreign prison and this scumbag sees an opportunity to cash in.

    I am new to this blog so I am probably asking an obvious question here, Are the local media in Liverpool not interested in this cunts activites? In Northern Ireland we have a local version of the consumer affairs tv programme Watchdog. Is there a similar programme in the Liverpool region? If so surely this blog has compiled enough material for a programme.

  7. Sinon Says:

    Another KT Mug – I know that Chris Bascome (Liverpool Echo reporter) has indirectly slagged KT off in the past, but don’t know what the current situation is.

    Check on icLiverpool to see if there is a feedback or anything.

  8. andy Says:

    The accounts are different.
    The Kop Talk appeal account is that of the http://www.michaelshields.uwclub.net/ site, not the http://www.freemichaelshields.org/ site.
    The http://www.michaelshields.uwclub.net/ looks genuine.
    Why Kop Talk doesn’t just link directly to that site is another matter.

  9. lobster Says:

    the fatty probably wants to pocket some if not all of the donations himself.

  10. The Platinum Club Says:

    Why not get in touch with the actual Watchdog program?

  11. bigf00t Says:

    I think Dunk answered the whole “Michael Shields” thing… he claimed he was in direct contact with one of the brothers or something…

    I cant remember what the conclusion was in the end… i think InsiderInsider accepted that the shields family is recieving help from Dunk…

    not sure though.

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    Without going over old ground too much again, Dunk actually created a page for his domain to point to, which included the latest details of how to donate to Michael’s cause. It had been pointed to a long-since defunt address for some time prior to us mentioning it, and so now Koptalk readers once again have details of how to donate. Unfortunately without linking to the official site for Michael they’ve not got any access to any new information that appears.

    I’ve checked and the bank details on Dunk’s site do indeed go to the right place, so if you’ve already donated then rest assured it went to the right place. The account details on the Koptalk page are for donations to a fund to help pay Michael’s fine. The Bulgarian authorities will let him serve the rest of his sentence in England if his fine is paid, but it’s no small amount.

    If you’ve not already donated, why not visit either
    http://www.freemichaelshields.org/ or
    http://www.michaelshields.uwclub.net/ ?

    Both sites are genuinely there to help Michael. And no matter how much you put in you’ll be helping out a fellow Red who’d love to be able to have nothing more to worry about than which LFC websites he should visit.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    I’ve checked on ic website around September/October 2001 when I think it was that Bascombe made his throwaway remarks about how a site was misleading fans by rpetendign to have information on a specific issues and he called it Kop Chat, or soemthing. But I have nto found the entry yet. It may have been earlier than that.

  14. Sinon Says:

    I did the same on icLiverpool site and the only thing that came up in the search (again 2001) was a letter from a ‘Dave M’ which mentioned “articles written by Alan Edge – which can sometimes be found on koptalk.com or shanklygates.co.uk regarding staying at Anfield.”

  15. rupertinsider Says:


    I remember all those articles by Alan Edge and his activist group and guess that that letter was written by one his group to publicise their campaign rather than to publicise koptalk.

  16. TW Says:

    I was only liberated yesterday, ironically and inadvertently by the user “Lecter’ . Lecter is one of the most prolific posters and he in fact claims that he is Chris Bascombe. Is this just some loser pretending to be him then?

  17. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi TW – so how did “Lecter” free you then? He’s assumed by many to be Chris Bascombe, Dunk lets them assume he is too – but he’s not Chris Bascombe.

    Welcome to the blog!

  18. TW Says:

    I will post the whole story in the general comments section, but the short version is that he was talking about finances and investment saying that we werent as bad off as everyone thought. He suggested we read a post by Rushian on another forum site. That google search turned up the stuff about the S*n lover and his hat. I just love the fact that it was one of his fake cronies that accidentially tipped me to his BS.

  19. Another KT Mug Says:

    Re: TW – Does this mean that Lecter is already / soon to be banned from KT?

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    TW Did you search using the words “Rushian Liverpool” – I ask because I saw that’s how someone found this blog the other day.

  21. DelBoyOldham Says:

    Bascombe’s article was in his column in the Football Echo – they don’t go on the icliverpool site or any other websites.

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    DelBoy: Anyway of finding it?

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve written to Chris – let’s see if he responds.

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    I received a reply from Chris Bascombe and then we spoke about it on the phone. There will be a post later, giving his reaction.

  25. univofchicago Says:

    Hey Rupert!

    You serious???


  26. jj_sawyer Says:

    maybe Bascombe is preparing an exposee in the Liverpool Echo on koptalk.

  27. Chunka Says:

    Come on Rupert. Get typing

  28. univofchicago Says:

    Above link isn’t working…

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