Make-up frenzy over Dutchman

First of all, thanks to TalkLFC for giving us a huge plug – it even got on NewsNow –

Click that link and you’ll be taken to the TalkLFC article – and whilst there why not register for their forums?

I’ve added a new article to the Read Me section. It’s a great summary of some of the infamous Koptalk Lies and was submitted by one of you – but the writer asked to be kept anonymous.

An example of a Koptalk Lie that didn’t make it into that summary was this one – more of Duncan’s false spin on something that happened yesterday. He was responding to questions from an insider member about what had happened to Red_Al_77 to make him leave –

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Re: Red_Al_77  [Re: pacman]
#1588424 – Fri Aug 04 2006 02:02 PM
Al was targeted by former members from here. He has a family and career to think about. Best left.

I don’t believe that’s the truth actually is it Mr Oldham?

The following could well be the truth, but where’s Dunk got the information from if it is? Well it will either be made-up guesswork, taken from another website, or read in a paper. It always is on the lie-spinning Koptalk.coN.  One of the aims of this blog is to save you your (up to) 30 quid subs for the Koptalk pay-site (10 quid off for cash in hand, nudge-nudge, wink-wink). We give you their bullshit for free.

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Feyenoord developments
#1588628 – Fri Aug 04 2006 03:32 PM

Feyenoord are meeting Rob Jansen over the weekend to discuss Dirk Kuyt’s future. Liverpool should know by Tuesday what the current state of play is.

Rick Parry is “rumoured” to have met Jansen earlir this week. I have no idea where and I don’t know if that’s true.
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(Two thousand “thanks for the info” posts removed. I am exagerating, but only slightly.)
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Re: Feyenoord developments  [Re: redexile]
#1588744 – Fri Aug 04 2006 04:34 PM

I’m not that confident yet as I’m concerned about the fee.
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“Concerned about the fee”? You mean you’ve read it somewhere and so have as much of a clue of what will happen as anyone else who can read. My favourite quote is this one, it should be framed on the wall of the KT Shed –

I have no idea where and I don’t know if that’s true. Duncan Oldham, Koptalk, August 2006.

Talking of Dunk having no idea –

Dunk    Executive Editor
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Thankfully it’s nearly over
#1588588 – Fri Aug 04 2006 03:08 PM

I don’t know about you but pre-season friendlies bore me senseless. I totally understand what they’re about but football to me is a bigger picture. With no atmosphere and no passion, I’m left praying for full-time.

The actual results mean nothing to me and neither do the performances of individuals which is why I can’t understand why some fans have been crying about Mark Gonzalez for example. The lad’s class but just because he did well in Spain doesn’t mean he will here. I understand that but I’m confident he will.

We don’t like covering pre-season friendlies on KOPTALK RADIO because there’s little to talk about but as the game won’t be widely covered on television, we will put 50p in the meter and let you know how the game pans out.

I expect the big guns will figure more today so let’s hope they come through unscathed for the big kick-off against Chelsea. While that may be a glorified pre-season friendly, there’ll certainly be no friendship on display. Look out for the KOPTALK plane and our banner above the stadium before kick-off!

Expect activity in the transfer market next week…

Duncan Oldham
Executive Editor

Duncan – Liverpool’s first competitive fixture takes place before the Chelsea game. It’s at a ground many Liverpool fans know well – the Anfield Stadium. It’s a Champions League qualifier. The first leg of a tie that could be worth millions to us. I think that you’ll call that “the big kick-off” really. You’ve got tickets for the Chelsea match at Cardiff though haven’t you? Yes, we look forward to how you bullshit your way around the fact that you won’t actually be going to the game yourself. Auction?

As for “Expect activity in the transfer market next week…” – are you now Russell Grant?

Next up with rumours on Mr Kuyt is “Private_eye_2”. Well, I say “next” – but this actually appeared at 9.27am, about 6 hours before Oldham said anything. Then again, “Private_eye_2” could actually be Dunk. Most of the remaining (none-blog-reading) members are.

Private_eye_2  Gold Member
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Feyenord negotiating
#1587817 – Fri Aug 04 2006 09:27 AM

The confidence that has been apparent in Rafa and co, stems from the fact that they have been secretly negociating with Feyenord officials to agree a fee for Kuyt. I reported way back (not bragging) that we had offered Krompkamp and/or Dudek as part of a deal. We know this was rejected, mainly because Feyenord didnt see the need to sell. Kuyt was always keen on a move but didnt want to be seen to be trying to engineer a move and upset the fans that have treated him so well. However, Feyenord’s tough stance has forced Kuyt’s camp to make a move and declare his desire to leave but only to Liverpool. This is important as it shows the Feyenord faithful that he simply wanted to move to a bigger club albeit one with ambition. It would not have looked good had he simply declared he wanted to go and would consider all offers.

This has forced Feyenord to negotiate. My understanding is that both parties are fairly close on the valuation but it will take a week or two to sort the structure of the fee etc. Reports of other interested parties are probably designed to disrupt the talks and/or force LFC to pay a bigger fee etc but it is too late at this stage.

I expect this to be a straight forward process and Kuyt to be a Liverpool player by the end of the month. (Well if he’s not a Liverpool player by the end of the month there’s going to be a bit of wait isn’t there?)

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Re: Feyenord negotiating [Re: Private_eye_2]
#1587829 – Fri Aug 04 2006 09:32 AM

When did you move to Ireland, PI?  (Is HG genuinely interested, or does he think PI is an alias?)

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Private_eye_2    Gold Member
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Re: Feyenord negotiating [Re: honourablegeorge]
#1587853 – Fri Aug 04 2006 09:49 AM


When did you move to Ireland, PI?

May 2005. I am originally from the north but have lived here and there since 2000.
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(Dunk lets people think this is actually Chris Bascombe. It isn’t, just like Cricket69 isn’t Digger.)
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Re: Feyenord negotiating [Re: Private_eye_2]
#1587859 – Fri Aug 04 2006 09:54 AM

Was at a corporate event yesterday got speaking with somebody loosely connected to LFC, last year at the same event he told me Baros was going to Villa a good 3 weeks before it happened (predicted the fee and wages correctly)

Anyway was talking to him and he claimed that a deal for Kuyt was imminent (he seemed to have pretty good reasons for saying this but unfortunately it would give away who he is and I wont do that)

Anyway have texted my source but doubt will get a reply till tonight / tomorrow


4 Responses to “Make-up frenzy over Dutchman”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Rupert and Insider:
    About Talk LFC, I never said you were bashing the site and I quickly saw you werent going on the right site. Lets move on, it was just misunderstanding.
    And yeah I agree Talk LFC is a very good site. It was created under more or less the same circumstances as Est1892 was: Banned posters from KT.

    Peter: Are you Superledger/Imback?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham has one of those 360 degree mirrors and he gives everyone of his reflections a different name.

  3. Vanfield Says:

    A quick read through today’s Chill Out room suggests the natives are getting restless. An earlier thread included statements suchs as “a lot of good posters have either left or been banned” and “thread deletion and over modding, another reason people are running away from Koptalk. ” Now Robcmccreary posted an homage to Red_Hot after she buggered off this morning. It got locked, prompting this exchange:

    Gold Member

    Reged: 04/07/08
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    Loc: Invergowrie

    FAO Dunk
    #1589161 – 06/08/04 03:24 PM Reply

    That thread was blatantly not about anyone being banned – i stated that quite clearly a few times. She’s obviously decided to move on and that was just a collection of comments for her!

    It would be quite good of you to re-open the thread.

    Your welcome to delete this one though.

    Post Extras:

    Executive Editor

    Reged: 04/08/20
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    Loc: KOPTALK

    Re: FAO Dunk [Re: robmccreary]
    #1589166 – 06/08/04 03:27 PM Reply

    Yes I saw what you posted. But people often chip in making assumptions as was evident.

    As she hasn’t contacted support yet (to my knowledge), it’s not right for people to claim to speak on their behalf etc. If people want to pass messages on we can arrange that.

    Also, if you want to bring something to my attention, you can email me


  4. TW Says:

    This is an awesome quote from the last comment,

    “As she hasn’t contacted support yet (to my knowledge), it’s not right for people to claim to speak on their behalf etc.”

    Not that the S*n lover has ever spoken on anyone’s behalf before.

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