Where's the promised information?

The headline on Koptalk.coN screamed about information to be found in gold-covered streets of Koptalkinsider.coN. “The truth about our failed transfer bid + Investment news and more” it screamed.

The truth? About our failed transfer bid? But wait, what about, “Investment news“? And that not it? There’s more says Oldham, probably in the voice of that short Irish ‘comedian’ whose name escapes me. Then again, he prefers Bernard Manning does the xenophobic Mr Oldham.

In fact the first encounter I had with the headline was from what he laughingly calls his “News” page. The headline was another of his misleading ones – because it didn’t relate to the story behind it. Which reminds me of this tagline on one of his own sites – “The name on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back…” In Duncan Oldham’s world, “The headline that brings you the hits is more important than the bullshit behind the scenes…”
Here is the article and its headline –

The truth about our failed transfer bid + Investment news and more

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That story was not a story at all. It was a plug for the Gold and Insider sites. Nothing in it about investment, about transfers, or about “more”.  We hunted around on the Insider and Gold sites to see what a poor unsuspecting Red might find should they fall for Duncan’s bullshit. What stories, true or otherwise, could they find for their (up to) thirty quid?

None. Nothing. No stories.

The plug above is full of crap as ever. Fans? They slag the club off from top to bottom. Survive? They claim they spend a lot more on hosting than they actually do. And most content is stolen! Save £10 if you pay cash too – “nobody needs to know about our little arrangement” says Dunk.

Existing member feedback? You’ve still got feedback on your feedback pages from people who asked you remove it. Much of the rest is made up. As is the magic number again – 99.9%. I wonder if Dunk actually knows what 99.9% means? As for 6000 members – you wish. And the most users we’ve seen online, including anonymous ones and any scams he’s carried out to increase the figures, was just over 300. I’m not checking all the time, but I’ve yet to see him beat 300. What percentage of your claimed membership levels are actually using your site then Duncan?

No sign anywhere of “and more”. No sign anywhere of details on transfers falling through. The only “investment” story on Oldham’s sites was seen on both his “free” site and his Insider/Gold site. In fact he posted the story in a forum post as well as a news post. You didn’t have to subscribe to read this. He’s proud of this one clearly, so let’s give it some airtime.

A planned ‘aggressive’ investment approach to try and oust Liverpool chairman David Moores from Anfield has been ditched.

KOPTALK understands that a consortium of wealthy businessmen based in England and Spain were preparing to make the approach but pulled out at the last minute for fear of creating negative media attention which could spark animosity from supporters.

The consortium claims to have the clout to buy all of the chairman’s shares and arrange funding for the new stadium.

They also claim that they could provide the manager with the funds to spend more heavily in the market.

According to the consortium, they’re not prepared to spend heavily on legal fees just to come to the table when they know the chairman isn’t interested in selling.

A spokesperson for the consortium told KOPTALK: “David Moores simply doesn’t want to sell. If he did we would buy all of his shares, press ahead with the [new] stadium and provide money for the manager.

“David is quite happy to see the club pick up a trophy each season. He just doesn’t want to let go.

“We know he cares about the club but he’s not prepared to spend his own money any more. There’s no reason why he couldn’t stay on in some capacity if we were to invest.

“We’re not going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on legal costs trying to speak to the club when we know David has no intentions of selling.

“The money is there – not just from ourselves but others – but the club simply don’t want to take it.

“Nobody will simply throw money at the club for a bit part role. It’s got to be all or nothing.

“We’re ready to invest but the club aren’t interested.”

Liverpool’s third biggest shareholder Steve Morgan remains interested in buying into the club.

That was confirmed this week when he sought clarification from the Premier League regarding what would happen if he loaned money to struggling Wrexham and then found himself in the position to take a seat on the Liverpool board.

The self-made businessman is another potential investor who has money waiting but he’s stopped banging on the door at Anfield because he also believes the chairman doesn’t want to sell.

He dropped out of the media spotlight after spending a fortune trying to take-over the club but he still wants in.

2-years ago his wife said: “My husband has spent nearly £300,000 on legal fees trying to put money into Liverpool Football Club. The response hasn’t been slow, it has been intolerable.”

KOPTALK understands that the L4 consortium – which Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish is associated with – would also come forward if invited, but again they will tell you that the club doesn’t want to do business and they’re not planning any kind of fresh approach as things currently stand.

Minted American businessman Robert Kraft is no longer on the scene but he continues to be looking at extending his business portfolio into Europe. There is nothing to suggest he couldn’t be tempted back if attitudes at Anfield change.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry insists the club is looking for potential investment, especially as the club must prove by September 28th that they have the money to build the new stadium.

If they fail to convince the Objective 1 committee that they have the resources, the club stands to lose around £20million in grants and city councillors have threatened that if there’s no regeneration in the area, they won’t allow the stadium to be built.

Oh dear. Duncan – you look a dickhead, but did you have to go to all this trouble make sure you look a dickhead? In one sentence your mystery consortium is backing out because they’ve got to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees just to open talks with the club – then L4 are waiting for an invite? I’ve said it before – stop lying, because despite the years of trying to perfect the art, you are totally crap at it.

How about your quotes from your contact? They won’t accept David Moores having any stake in the club, but he can stay on in some capacity. Please at least read your bullshit before you publish it. You’ve got no contacts at Anfield, Melwood, The Academy, L4, Steve Morgan and co, or mystery English and Spanish investors.

You are a fraud, and more and more people are starting to see this.


22 Responses to “Where's the promised information?”

  1. Whois Lookup Says:

    Surely if I had planned an ‘aggressive’ investment approach to try and oust Liverpool chairman David Moores I’d expect as par for the course some negative media attention which could spark animosity from supporters.

    If I really feared creating negative media attention and sparking animosity from supporters, I’d instead plan a non-aggressive investment approach and PR-massage the supporters first to get them onside.

    This investment lark is easy.

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHAHAHAH Oldham!!!!! YOU LOSER!!!

    He has tripped himself up here because i know how he has made this story up.

    Looking through old quotes on the investment front, he see’s that one from Morgans missus. Oldham thinks………… “shit £300,000 is alot just for the legal costs” ………..”huuuuuummmmmmm I KNOW” he thinks. “i can make up a story from this which will sound believable because it has some fact behind it”. So off he goes and types it out and everyone on KT believes Uncle Oldham.

    This article highlights another of his tatics in his lie making. He finds a story or quote that is genuine i.e this one from Morgans wife. He then makes a made up story around this geniune one. He then uses the geniune story or quote to back up his made up story i.e everyone reads this consortium dont want the legal costs, then see what Morgans wife says, and think ‘aaahhhh that sounds true’.



  3. rupertinsider Says:

    It is impossible for an investment group to be certain that they want to buy all the shares, and build a stadium unless they have done due dilligence. To do due dilligence they have to get access to the books and to the directors. They don’t get access unless they first prove they are bona fide – that is they the serious intention, the financial ability and management experience to do what they say. They have to prove this first to the professional advisors who are handling these matters for LFC and then, on the recommendation of the advisors, the board of directors.

    If they have pass these normal tests, and are allowed to do due dilligence, yes they will have to pay any accountants and lawyers they retain to help them. LFC also has to pay staff to cooperate with them. But the sums involved in doing due dilligence would be in the 5,000 to 15,000 range, not hundreds of thousands.

    If they are crying about having to pay those kind of costs they are so small time as to be laughable.

    Costs of hundreds of thousands would not even occur if they went ahead with a successful bid.

    Oldham’s article is just a concoction of all the bits and pieces of rubbish he has sold a hundred times before. He is desperate. He is also an ignorant pig who should keep his snout out of LFC’s business.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    what bullshit from oldham again…even i can make a better story up…


    “I was saddened to be informed recently that a non-executive figure at the club has apparently been trying to make things difficult for KOPTALK. Whether the top brass are aware of this I don’t know but I will be investigating when I can be arsed. It’s not the first time that this has happened and it certainly doesn’t concern me in the slightest.”

    i wonder what he has been up to…someone “trying to make things difficult”? anyone in the know?

    and as with EVERY rant, its the same old bullshit again: “certainly doesn’t concern me in the slightest”. if it didn’t concern you duncan, you wouldn’t be going on a rant everyday and TELLING us how you can’t be bothered…

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I’m thinking it must be something to do with ian Cotton. Telling to stop robbing copyright material!!!! He has never liked Cotton, probably because he knows he is a fat lying rip off merchant

  6. jj_sawyer Says:

    i just saw that as well univ, wonder what that’s all about then 😉
    *now wheres that insider smily?*

  7. paulcooper4 Says:

    So dunk knows billionaire spanish business men eh?, they must pop into his shed for a sangria now and again. Theyre so rich they can buy the club, a new stadium, and a shitload of players for rafa – yet they cant afford a solicitor??? makes loads of sense that fatman. YOU TALK SHIT YOU FAT REPULSIVE SUN WORSHIPPING COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

  8. paulcooper4 Says:

    by the way – off subject here. est1892 is working again now, ive just logged in

  9. Robbie Says:

    Ha ha now its this site that is down 😉

    I’ll get me coat….

  10. Tim Says:

    They are willing to spend upto £500m on the club but not pay the legal costs? That in itself shows that dunc is talking bollocks. If they are not willing to do that then they are not serious about investing in the club.

    Also there is the fact that if they were to buy moores’ 51.6% holding in the club they would also have to offer to buy out the remaining 48.4% holding of the minority shareholders.

  11. txtoto Says:

    “Whether the top brass are aware of this I don’t know but I will be investigating when I can be arsed.”
    The sad fat one thinks he’s going to INVESTIGATE in LFC. Who the fcuk does he think he is??. Like hes going to take some action against the one arsing him. LOL he’s going nuts

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    Nobody at LFC – top brass, middle brass, or lower brass has ever spoken to Oldham – ever – and never will.

    But various departments of the club has been alerted by this blog and its contributors.

    Expect to see him selling less and less material stolen from LFC by himself or his collaborators, and making fewer and fewer claims that he has official representatives at all games, events and Press Conferences, and showing more care about touting tickets – even his alleged season ticket – more care about plastering his sites and advertisemetns with LFC logos and claims that his news is official and from indiside Anfield, Melwood and the Academy.

    His “when I can be arsed” is up there with his claim that he has a deal going with Parry and will be meeitng with him “when I can find the time”.

    You have to wonder is this lying, as we know it, or psychotic delusion.

  13. Paul.S Says:

    Yep, We’re back! However, it may take some time for DNS to propogate on the domain name. In the mean time you can use

    If you visit http://www.est1892.co.uk and still see a username/password window with a message from me, it means your ISP hasn’t yet updated.

    The site needs some tidying up, but I can’t do any more now as I’m on my way to the house to do some work.

    – Paul

  14. Le Chacal Says:

    I need help… I think I forgot my details for the est1892 site. Could you please email them to me.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Le Chacal Says:

    Ha thanks, ignore my question.

  16. ROCK Says:

    hey paul, i cant log in! are you sure its up and working?

  17. ROCK Says:

    forget that paul, im in.

    ask someone in the know at the club about koptalk selling signed gear which he claims he can get any time at etortionate prices!

  18. est-er Says:

    Maybe the “top brass” have been speaking with “the suits” whilst eating a “big cheese” and watching “the horse” have sex with “the mole”.

    I’ll investigate this possibility when I can be arsed 😉

  19. Insider Insider Says:

    To translate what Paul S said above…

    If you go to http://www.est1892.co.uk/forums and you see the normal est1892.co.uk sign-on screen then congrats – you’ll be able to get back in with your old details.

    If you get a box instead asking for a username and password, including a message from Paul, you’ve still got the old site.

    Try using in the meantime, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t quite work properly – that’s the “secret” address for the new server.

  20. Fat Tax Says:

    He’s an utter spunkbucket. The story relies on the age-old principle that if you’re writing about a technical matter, like finance for example, at least 95% of your readers won’t have the background to know if it’s complete bollocks or not.

    I’d love to know what role at the club multi-millionaire Moores would fancy after selling all of his shares to a consortium looking for a complete take-over, Maybe he could do a bit in the ticket office? Perhaps a steward?

  21. Koppite67 Says:

    I’ve been an enemy of Koptalk since I realised they just new about newsnow before we did and got access to reports a little before everyone else.

    This investment one is a classic piece of crap. He clearly doesn’t understand that actually as a Private company, LFC cannot be subjected to a aggressive takeover and certainly not when Moores already holds a majority stake!

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    Maybe by “aggressive takeover” he means his famous “underworld friends” and “Smoove the Bouncer” will put a horses head in Moore’s bed and make an offer he can’t refuse.

    BTW He does not get access to reports before everyone else. He posts his doctored version of prior News Now reports after everybody else. But by some weird arrangement that seems to qualify him for going to the top of News Now top twenties list on the right of the page. Many of us have written complaining but News Now never reply.

    Toby, who has studied this unatural phenomenon for a number of years, suspects that Oldham and his family spend a good part of their day clicking on their own links from News Now to earn their stories a bogus priority.

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