Two more "names" leave Koptalk

Tonight saw the departure from Koptalk of two of its best-liked moderators. I don’t think too many would disagree with me when I say that.

One of them is Red_Al_77.  Many former and current Koptalkers consider him to be a friend, even though they’ve never actually met. He’s got that kind of impact with people because his work in helping people find ways to watch the Reds was done for one reason – to help other people. It never occurred to him to take any more reward than hearing people say thank you.

Tonight he left Koptalk, and was joined by his fellow moderator, “Mumsafan”.

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Time to leave
#1587410 – Thu Aug 03 2006 09:08 PM

Well it’s time to move on. I have been fiercely defensive of the Koptalk community in the past so if anyone is expecting an explosive farewell post then they’d best look elsewhere.

Circumstances have dictated that I have to leave Koptalk for good. There will be no coming back this time, no sneaky logging in and no lurking. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time amongst this community but over a number of months things have gone sour. Things have been nagging away at me over that time and I’ve tried to answer all the questions, but there comes a time when you have to put you hands up and say enough is enough. I don’t enjoy it anymore much less becoming a visible pawn in a battle. I also received a phone call yesterday, which has bought things to a head. It’s time for people to fight their own battles.

The people within the community have bought me a lot of pleasure not least the ability to enjoy my football with fellow Liverpool fans. I hope I have contributed to enhancing the community on the site. Despite some differences along the way I have enjoyed my interaction with others on the site but at the same time it is but a cyberspace forum and when something as benign as that impacts on your work then its time to think of yourself despite everything. I have always gone into things with eyes wide open and that is why at times I have been critical of others who attempt to cast stones without sufficient knowledge or credibility.

I want to say something about the people on Koptalk and the people who used to be on the site. I have always found 99.9% of them both engaging and in some cases downright funny. The 0.01% has never really bothered me. Other things have but I’ve put that down to experience. I have made some extremely good friends who I now trust implicitly. Others have let me down but again we live and learn. People have recently made an issue of the streaming help, which although disappointing is understandable. It is not the reason I’m leaving though.

Someone recently questioned my allegiance to this site. I don’t have allegiances to sites, but I do to friends. The issue of forums, allegations, moral arguments, accusations etc etc is now overshadowing things and lessening my enjoyment of supporting Liverpool. It has all become a chore and it has become part of my work, which is wrong. To continue would call into question my integrity. It is very hard / impossible now for me to remain impartial.

I wanted to say a few final words about Koptalk as a ‘site’ because it is not really just a forum these days. A lot of ‘adults’ have gained a lot of pleasure from this site over a number of years including myself. I’m sure this site will continue to do so. It has pushed the boundaries and whatever may be alleged elsewhere it has changed the face of fora on the net. This is not the place to be critical, too much time has been spent elsewhere doing that.

People are probably reading this thinking I haven’t actually said much at all. That is actually the way it should be. Others may think it’s all a bit melodramatic. Well I can’t just walk away without saying goodbye. I at least owe some an explanation.

Finally I would ask that this post not be quickly deleted. I think I’m owed that after the time and effort I’ve put into this community over the last couple of years. I would also ask that my details be removed from the Koptalk system as and when.

Best wishes

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Re: Time to leave  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1587414 – Thu Aug 03 2006 09:10 PM          Reply      Quote

What Al has said goes for me as well.

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Re: Time to leave  [Re: Mumsafan]
#1587422 – Thu Aug 03 2006 09:17 PM          Reply      Quote


What Al has said goes for me as well.


sorry your going to mumsafan. You will be a great loss also.
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I also saw Dunk’s reply to the post, but I’ve not put it here. Al made a big step in leaving Koptalk today, and I know a lot of people reading this blog used to enjoy talking to him on Koptalk, before they left the site for whatever reasons. Dunk’s reply would require a further reply from me on here, and I don’t think it’s fair to hijack Al’s speech. Maybe I’ll put it on the blog another day.

Al – sorry you got caught up in all of this, I’m sure you’ll find a new “home” on the web sooner or later. If you do and you want me to pass anything on, let me know. Best wishes in whatever it is you decide to do. Mumsafan – best wishes to you too.

And if former Koptalkers want to leave a comment for Al and Mumsafan feel free to do it here.


49 Responses to “Two more "names" leave Koptalk”

  1. est-er Says:

    Al and Mumsafan are 2 of the “good guys” although Mumsafan isn’t a guy. That will have a big impact on Koptalk. I hope they can both find a new home on the internet where they can continue to have fun. Best wishes to them both

  2. bigf00t Says:

    Damn… so will noone have any highlights of 2moros game?


  3. kopdan Says:

    Perhaps Dunk will put me back as moderator

    Bit surprised Mums left so I guess it was a joint decision. Which is a surprise.

  4. SilentButDeadly Says:

    “It has pushed the boundaries and whatever may be alleged elsewhere it has changed the face of fora on the net. ”

    That’s nonsense.

  5. Hoff Says:

    Can someone explain exactly why Red_Al has left KopTalk?

  6. ROCK(kop75) Says:

    bit sad that al got tied up in all this.
    al is a top lad who went out of his way for a lot of people on a regular basis.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    I don’t know Al. I have no reason to doubt his reasons for leaving. I have heard good things about him. I wish him well as I wish well of anyone well who gets out of KT.

    But I have to ask him to clarify whether his loyalty is to his years in KT and to Oldham or to LFC and its supporters.

    What was the telephone call about? It must have been pretty serious if it caused him to cut his ties so decisivley after so many years. I would especially like to know if it throws any light on the status of KT or Oldham? After all the bullshit to which we have been subjected, we have a right to know.

    Al says KT changed the face of fora on the net. I agree.

    It was the first attempt on the net to con LFC supporters into regarding their beloved club as being riddled with snitches and grasses and bribees willing to risk their own jobs and the reputation of the club to serve the aims of a two-bit operator from Yorkshire who began his career on the net as a petty thief who changed his name by deed-poll to “Mr. Manchester United.”

    How many hundreds or thousands of users of KT came to think that the club was unapproachable because Oldham had some sort of privileged access to shadowy “suits” and “big cheeses” and “top brass” who authorised him to disseminate information and intepret the club?

    This blog and its participants have exposed that lie and busted that con.

    KT is a stain in the reputation of LFC. It makes me sick to think of it being associated with the traditions of my grandfather and father and my brothers – the tradition of supporting Elsiha Scott, Stubbins, Liddell, Fagan, Paisley and the rest down the years to Dalglish , Rush, Fowler and Crouch and all the shareholders and directors and employees who have steered the club through two world wars and more than a century of football to the present day, without a stain on its character.

    Al suggests that KT and Oldham have been some admirable pioneers of the internet.

    Oldham and his site has always been a depositry of lies and rumours about our club and its players, its shareholders and employees. Oldham is sustained by the profits from materials he stole from the club.

    Let him take his site to Newcastle, as he plans, or to Spurs, or to Forest. There he won’t have to bother himself with the Hillsborough campaign. And we won’t need to bother ourselves with him.

  8. ROCK Says:

    was the thread deleted?

  9. ROCK Says:

    actually , nevermind, i found it, it was just locked.

  10. est-er Says:

    Well you’ll never have the answers to those questions rupert because Al has quite rightly kept himself out of all the arguments.
    He’s left Koptalk, a big blow for that site. That should be enough, he’s said his piece, we should respect the fact that he wants to move on.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    He may want to move on – but some of us are still on Oldham’s case.

    Al’s statement gives rise to questions – especially about the phone call. He is entitled not to answer if he does not want, and we are entitled to ask.

    He said he did not leave over the streaming issue – I think you will find that Oldham will try to suggest he did.

  12. punt Says:

    I believe my comments might have started this. I have been pointing out that posting streaming links is a grey area and encouraged users to contact the FA Premier League ( to report Koptalk.

    Red_Al is well aware of these issues as he was involved in LFCStreams which was a free site and a very good one at that. the difference is, we cannot sit by and allow Duncan to charge for this information, the fact that Duncan makes a profit off the information and therefore has commercial involvement in potential breaches of copyright makes it a lot worse and worthy of reporting in my opinion

    as for the phone call he received, I do wonder myself what that was about. was it Duncan saying he’s had his collar felt? I doubt it was the League as they wouldn’t know him unless they were monitoring Duncan’s site and had his details which is possible I guess but highly unlikely

    the best thing to do is to continue to monitor the Gold Club to see if Duncan continues to post streaming links but I would advise Insider Insider not to repost those links as it may put the blog in jeopardy

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    The telephone call was serious enough to cause him to leave KT for good. He did not leave because of the recent fuss on here about the fact that he was providing links to the Gold Club which Oldham used to sell memberships. Al has been very clear about that.

    He had a long standing relationship with KT, enjoyed high status among long-term members and is generally regarded as being constructive towards KT and proective of it (as we see in his statment). Therefore, for such a person to leave so decisively indicates that the matter dealt with in the phone call was very serious.

    I respect his wish not to be drawn into further discussion of it. But I fear that Oldham will use the vacuum created by Al’s decision to try suppress the subject of the call and define the situation in a way that suits him.

    The rest of us can try to find out without intruding on Al’s privacy.

  14. Kopdan Says:

    Best just leave it as it is in my opinion. Als a good man so he had his reasons. Would rather people left him alone to get on with things.

    As for Mumsafan, who cares..

    …. 🙂

  15. paulcooper4 Says:

    red_al – Good on ya lad. From what I can gather, youre leaving will impact on koptalk more than any others. Rupert, I understand the points you are raising but its coming across as if youre giving him a hard time (although I dont think you mean it that way). He`s said his piece, we should respect that. I left after a month, it was easy for me, I had no friends on there, I just found out what a con it was so I went. What red_al did was obviously a hard thing to do, as he has been on there for years and was well respected. Obviously he has only recently discoveredwhat dunk and koptalk is all about thanks to this excellent blog, but it doesnt make it any easier for him. If a member of your family does something bad, you defend them, even ythough you know theyre wrong, but still privately punish them. This is precisely what red_al has done. Whatever thoughts you have rupert, just let them go, as red_al i feel has provided the final fatal blow to koptalk, and its only a matter of time now before it hits the floor.

  16. RISLC Says:

    PC4. If you really think this blog is gonna ‘bring down Koptalk’, you’re very wrong. KT will always have it’s followers and most people on there laugh at this blog.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now(for a laugh) and some of the things you have pulled Dunk up for are beyond stupid.

    You are even lifting stuff from the shoutbox and making yourselves look desperate. FFS have you nothing better to do.

    p.s. I’d rather not recieve anymore annoying emails from you, thanks.

  17. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Thanks Al. Top bloke. Your work was appricatied by many, although Oldhams using of you was not. I hope your decsion was based on the fact that although you were helping reds, you were also helping a con man.

  18. Toby Says:

    “KT will always have it’s followers and most people on there laugh at this blog.”

    How many of those people laughing have paid their £30 only to find the service they have forked out for being reproduced here for free?

  19. silentbutdeadly Says:


    The evidence is their that his audience is shrinking dramatically. There will come a point, probably not too far away, when running the site will be no longer profitable.

    When that happens, expect to see it shot down.

  20. silentbutdeadly Says:


    The evidence is there that his audience is shrinking dramatically. There will come a point, probably not too far away, when running the site will be no longer profitable.

    When that happens, expect him to lose interest.

    Some of the things on here are reasonably light hearted, but there are plenty of serious accusations (with evidence). If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t looked properly or you don’t want to see them.

  21. amused Says:


    The saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute”, so yes you’re right, I would imagine Koptalk will always have its followers…

  22. silentbutdeadly Says:

    so good i said it twice 🙂

  23. Chunky Says:

    Wasn’t this caused by some comments from Rosco questioning Al’s allegiance? It appears if you are a Koptalk user you have to be 100% faithful.

    Lordy, it really is like a cult.

  24. Tom Says:

    Al’s a great bloke. I fully respect his desire to draw a line under this.

    As for RISLC, well naive or stupid, probably a bit of both.

    Rupert is right in that Koptalk undermines the name of LFC.
    It’s an unethical business, that peddles lies.

  25. Insider Insider Says:

    RISLC – assuming you aren’t Dunk (you share ISPs with him, but so do many innocent people) then you haven’t read the blog. Clearly. In addition to what others have said above to you, I’d like to add –

    You: KT will always have it’s followers and most people on there laugh at this blog.
    Me: They don’t laugh at this blog on Koptalk. They get banned if they even mention it. Those few that hint about are dropping in numbers. Try and get it mentioned on KT today, see how many who are still there actually know about the blog.

    You: I’ve been reading this blog for a while now(for a laugh) and some of the things you have pulled Dunk up for are beyond stupid.
    Me: You’ve not been reading it properly if you’ve been reading it for a while. The blog contains a mixture of pure piss-take and serious points about Mr Oldham. I find it funny the way he reacts to this blog, especially when he claims it doesn’t bother him. It pisses him off. His Mourinho comments the other day were clear proof of that. Which was nice.

    You: You are even lifting stuff from the shoutbox and making yourselves look desperate. FFS have you nothing better to do.
    Me: I’ve not lifted anything from the shoutbox for some time now, but I know some who leave comments have. In fact I hardly visit either Koptalk site myself nowadays, most of my “material” comes from emails sent in to me. The blog is the work of many hands, all playing a part in getting the truth out about Mr Oldham so that LFC supporters can make their minds up about him. For example his support of the Sun is a fact, as is his making up of insider information. People who don’t like that tend to leave Koptalk, or at least start to think about leaving. We don’t make people leave – we just put our view forward alongside some facts. And by “our”, I mean everyone who contributes to the blog.

    You: p.s. I’d rather not recieve anymore annoying emails from you, thanks.
    Me: I’ve just checked to see how many emails I’ve sent to you. I’ve checked my various email accounts, including those that I use to get into Koptalk under different usernames. I’ve no record of emailing you at the email address you supplied with your comment. If you’ve received email from me at another email address please let me know the email address and I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t write to it again. In fact forward the email (with full headers) to my email address and I’ll even make sure it was sent by me. If you haven’t got any emails from me really then I look forward to your apology

    I don’t want to fall out with people, so here’s a chance for you to see why we write this blog. You’ve commented before with a similar kind of line. I’ve some more stuff to add to the blog later today that is a summary of some of Oldham’s lies, kindly supplied by another blog-reader. Drop me a line and I’ll let you see an advance copy of it if you like.

  26. Tom Says:


    Koptalk damages the club. It rides on the back of an institution that i have loved my entire life. It lies to and rips-off liverpool fans.

    The club are now aware and are taking action. If you love the club and have a shread of integrity you should resign your membership now. He’s taking you and the club for a ride.

  27. lobster Says:

    RISLC is probably super piss off that he lost his easy access to live LFC football streams..

  28. univofchicago Says:


    “KT will always have it’s followers and most people on there laugh at this blog”

    1) Koptalk DID have a large following. That following is shrinking fast thanks to this blog. Many members have already left. Even more have already made up their minds about Koptalk and will leave once their membership expires. And there is, of course, members who are there for the purpose of helping this blog out. Take all these people out, and I bet there won’t be many “followers” left.

    2) Most people don’t laugh at this blog. Most people who have read this blog long enough WITH AN OPEN MIND take it very seriously.

    3) The blog is laughed at by Koptalk because Duncan Oldham BANS you if you say something else. He won’t let you talk about this blog, but if he does you better come up with something that disparages the website. If not, your thread will be immediatly deleted with the threat of a ban. The blog won’t be laughed at if Duncan Oldham had allowed some sort of a healthy discussion in his forums not only about this blog but all the Koptalk controversy.

  29. devils advocate Says:

    Just a bit of supposition here, but I’m sure one of the decent koptalkers was a steward, now if red al has said his job is now being affected – could it possibly be he’s been warned off by the club? either way yer better off out of it Al. get over to tlw or est 1892

  30. billybunter Says:

    i recieved an email about 2weeks ago telling me about this blog’s existence. at first i took it with a pinch of salt. i remembered billybullshit mentioning to ignore any emails because there had been threats to his family (yet more shite flowing from the cave of shit) so i wasnt to sure about what to think.

    the more and more i read the more and more i realised i had been conned. i was reading the free site in january, a month prior to joining, and dunk mentioned his friend proividing links to all kinds of free tv on the internet along with lf matches. it would only cost me a £5, what the hell i thought and joined. again yet more lies i realised when i found this blog, he set the friggin thing up his my my arse! why lie?!

    thats what pisses me off the most, although later finding out that links were provided anyway if i had of joined free lfc websites. the forum that provided the the links was rubbish so i decided to take the plunge and join the gold club. i was enticed by the lotto tickets, competions and the exclusiveness of being a gold member, kinda like that guy from austin powers. yet again a total waste of money.

    from reading certain threads he (fatty) posted i began to feel sorry for the harrasment he was recieving, for the costs of the server that he was using, etc, etc. how stupid do i feel. next time im at anfield i feel like waving a banner or wearing a tshirt saying how much of a sheizter duncan oldham is. at the end of the day i just feel a little foolish for handing over money to a fat geordie for exclusives that werent even exclusives.

    i can rest assured that i will not be renewing my membership you lying, decitfull scumbag.

    ahh that feels better to get that off my chest, even if it doesn’t make a great deal of sense. 😀

  31. Insider Insider Says:

    Excellent post BillyBunter.

    It does make sense, a lot of people know where you are coming from. It’s strange how once you’ve seen a little bit of truth about Oldham how much more of it falls into place.

    And anti-Koptalk banners? Now there’s an idea!

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    The poster RISLC said on here a couple of days ago that he had been a KT paid up member for 4 months and all that mattered was that he enjoyed the service. Most of us have been or are members of KT for much longer than that so are in a better position to judge.

    I replied to his first post that because he enjoyed buying a service from a con man and thief etc did not make the illegal and unethical goings-on right. Many ex-KT members have asked why they had not been warned by the club or by other supporters before they wasted their money.

    Others on here replied to him with specifics. He has not answered any of my points or the other specifics in his second post. Now he says that KT members laugh at the blog.

    Whoever he may be, I know better than he does, that all those currently registered as members of KT, do not laugh at the blog or support his analysis. He will find this out himself, quite soon.

    Meanhwile, perhaps he would like to prove his point by posting the name and address of this blog on KT so that all the members there can read it for themselves instead of having it spoon-fed to them by Oldham as though they were children.

    Nor does Oldham think the blog is a laughing matter. He studiously avoids metnioning its name, even though he refers to it in his posts, his “editorials” his broadcasts and pods. Apparently it is always on his mind. He has instructed all his mods to be on constant watch 24 hours x 7 and to eradicate any reference to it.

    (Insider: The poster does not say you, personally sent him emails. Even if he had, most people here and on KT would take your word over Oldham’s or that of any of his aliases or neophytes).

  33. Toby Says:

    How about a plane at Cardiff with the message ‘FUCK OFF BACK TO NEWCASTLE?’ or ‘WHERE’S MY BOOK?’

  34. rupertinsider Says:

    “….once you’ve seen a little bit of truth about Oldham how much more of it falls into place.”

    It’s like cults – all it needs is one crack in the superstructure and the whole rotten thing cracks.

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    “And anti-Koptalk banners? Now there’s an idea!”

    I like the shirts, idea, too. Imagine Oldham usng his (alleged) season ticket surrounded by anti-KT shirts. How about one with the fat, green Dr. Who monster? I’d paya few quid for one of those.

  36. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Someone designed some tshirts a while back and posted a link didn’t they. Was it WillRobbo?

  37. Chunka Says:

    Banners should be for supporting the team. not giving him publicity

  38. rupertinsider Says:

    sieltnbut deadly: It was Toby. But they had mainly screenshots of a KT page. Some of the artwork on here has been great and would make a good shirt. My favourite is the Dr. Who character but you’d probably need a licence for that.

  39. Toby Says:

    Not me, I think it was rupert.

    I’d definitely fork out for one that said “FUCK KOPTALK” on the front in big letters though.

  40. rupertinsider Says:

    Toby: No it was not me.

  41. SilentButDeadly Says:

    almost certain it was willrobbo from tlw who hasn’t been on the comments for a while.

  42. StevieM Says:

    Ultimately, “if” Koptalk winds up, it will be because the quality of the pay site has detoriated seriously over the last few years. Regardless of what people think about the “con” a lot of people sigjned up and participated because it was a vibrant website, with a good cimmiunity and interesting discussions. It even worked to an extent as an information hub.

    I’m sure if Duncan Oldham wishes it, the free site will continue for as long as he wants it to… there are people who are happy to post and interast there… and if people who have subscribed to his pay site feel the need to remain there until they get the full use of their subscription then so be it.

    I have to say that talk of banners and t-shirts, really is nonsense.

    This Blog has, no doubt, played a big part in the downfall of Koptalk… but there are other forces at work as well.

  43. rupertinsider Says:

    “…..a lot of people sigjned up and participated because it was a vibrant website, with a good cimmiunity and interesting discussions. It even worked to an extent as an information hub.”

    Depends when you are talking about. 5-6 years ago it was the main site because the genre – internet footy community – was still in its infancy. There was no Official Site. The person who started the site had laid good foundations. Even when Oldham took over ownership of the site, its community kept him more or less under control. When they lost contolf of him and he became the focla point, they left to set up YNWA and RAWK.

    If you mean in more recent times – I don’t agree. Members could not have know it was “a good community” before they signed up.

    They signed up because he lied. In his main Google listing and all his ads he says it is voted the No. 1 fans site in the world – which is a lie. He also says it is the No. 1 LFC fan site – which is a lie.

    He claims to have EXCLUSIVE NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDER ANFIELD, MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY and that is a powerful lie for someone looking for a fan site, and he says KT offers OFFICIAL NEWS FROM INSIDE ANFIELD which is another lie.

    He says that his “communiy” includes various journalists and players and ex players – and that is a lie.

    He says that membership brings with it exclusive access to information – about feeds and a whole host of other things – and that is a lie.

    In his various news stories and other come-ons which are reproduced in services like News Now, he lies about specific news and information he has.

    In his free forums he lies about his connections with the club and its officials in order to induce those people to sign up. He repeats the same lies to members of his “community”.

    Now if you make the point that despites the lies and false promises people who signed up then created a group and generated interaction which was pleasurable for them – so be it.

    They could have done that on any of the free forums. He used their tacit (or even vocal) support as an endorsement of his lies to recruit others to pay him 20 -30 quid. “Join my vibrant community.”

    On other sites they would have had the same lively discussions without being subjected to financial appeals for his relatives, or dodgy competitions, lottery ticket and gambling schemes over which they had no control.

    Nor would so much of the interaction been about the “inside informants” in their midst who were, in fact, either Oldham’s aliases or other members playing a game – except in a few rare cases.

    If they had rejected his lies, he could not have hid behind “fans” in his various slanderous campaigns against players and officials – “I represent thousands of fans, etc etc”.

    And it appears that the vibrancy of that community may have been more febrile and brittle than it appeared – it has certainly turned sour and broken up quickly – and many ex-members are now saying they never felt entirely comfortable with the lies and the posturing and the misinformation and censorship and manipualtion and are glad to have got out.

    All it needed was the “community” to move to healthier, freer sites – which is what it seems to be doing.

    Oldham will not continue with the free site unless its generate sufficient profit.

    It will not do that unless he continues to use the same dirty tricks he has used in the past to drum up sufficient hits to earn advertising revenue or unless he can persuade the users to buy goods and services from him. He will also need to continue to steal copyright materials from LFC and other sites – and that will be made increasingly difficult for him.

    I agree that he could continue if it was a labour of love and he needed only enough revenue to pay the running expenses and a living wage. But it is not a labour of love – it is an easy-money con to maximise profits. If he can’t do that with a free LFC site he will go elsewhere with his money-making schemes or move to a different subject.

    As for the anti-KT banners being nonsense – I think it was a tongue in cheek suggestion – which pales in comparison with what Oldham actually does – such as hiring planes to trail banners over some of our main matches to advertise his site. He is even trying to commercialise our games. The T-shirts are a different matter. If they were witty enough, I think there would be a small market for them among the thousands of ex-users of KT – what you might call the vibrant community of ex-Koptalkers.

  44. jj_sawyer Says:

    Maybe we should all chip in for our own chartered plane over the Millenium Stadium with the banner “Kraptalk.Con – 99.9% Lies”

  45. Whois Lookup Says:

    “When they lost control of him and he became the focla point, they left to set up YNWA and RAWK.”

    Rupert, the only two sites set up by disaffected Koptalkers in the past were YNWA and Talk LFC. This has now been joined by Est1892.

    All the other main sites (RAOTL, Shanklygates, RAWK, TIA, LFCOnline, TTWAR, TLW) have no connection with Koptalk.

    It’s important to be accurate about these things as if you aren’t you’ll feed the paranoia about all the other sites being set up by “ex-mmebers/enemies of Koptalk”.

  46. PunisherWM Says:

    You know, about a couple of years ago or there abouts i think i kept on chiselling good ole dunc about the benefits of ‘paying’ for ‘insider info’ and even at that time he really didn’t give me a straight up answer, more like a merry go round effect.

    Man, i am really getting disenchanted with that site even though i have been a loyal ‘follower of that site for the past hmmm 5-6 years (inc. its .org old format), the forumns are engaging, until of late, well i guess my time in posting on that site is nearly up…

  47. rupertinsider Says:


    I don’t know whose “paranoia” you are referring to – perhaps Oldham’s?

    The fact is that thousands of LFC fans who use the net have looked at or posted on KT at some time, became critical of it, rejected it and no longer use it. Many of them now prefer other sites. This does not define those sites as having been created by “ex-members/enemies of Koptalk” – except in Oldham’s mind. But I would not classify that as paranoia although it is a form of delusion.

    You seem to agree that YNWA was created as an organised break away from KT by some of the leading posters in KT. And I think that the Talk FC people agree that their site started in a similar way. I’m not sure that EST 1892 would agree exactly with your definition of them – although there is no doubt that their membersbhip is being swollen by the exodus of KT’s who have broken away during the life of this blog.

    But I should think that is true of every other LFC fan site – surely they are all benefitting from new members from ex-KTers ?

    So your main point of disagreement was that RAWK was not “set up” as a result of the KT community losing control of Oldham a few years ago? I don’t know RAWK’s precise history – if you or someone who knows tells me that it was set up before that event then I accept that. But I don’t accept that RAWK has no connection with KT.

    One of its leading members (you know who I mean) was a very active poster on KT. I believe you could say he was one of the pillars of the KT forums. He was active in the anti-Fowler campaign, for example, but posted on many other issues especally finances, the stadium and shareholder issues. (No doubt he would say he was not anti-Fowler only critical of his “attitude” – because I saw him post something to that effect on YNWA recently). But when the exouds from KT started he seemed to switch his output from KT to mainly RAWK. Oldham referred then and later to RAWK as a site for “old fogeys”who left KT.

    I can understand that there may be some sensitivites there. I’m not a footie site historian. Perhaps you, or someone else, would care to offer a brief history.

  48. jakethered Says:

    good to see dan is still a knob, we never did meet for that beer.

    this is all very interesting.

    there was a good community there somewhere and it’s a shame to see that its all fallen apart.

    was always a bit suspicous of the fat mans motives – hes never a red hes just a businessman.

    and mums was always a sheep – thats why dan liked her so much.

  49. Will Robbo Says:

    Re threads above:

    WillRobbo is alive and well, just posting under a different username thanks to some prick choosing to use my name to slate the blog.


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