Ex-editor hints at official reprimand from Liverpool FC

I’ve seen this mentioned in the comments and some of you have emailed it to me. Duncan Oldham, ex-editor of Koptalk.com, has had another rant.

KOPTALK COMMENT: Why the worry?

With regards finance, it’s a little depressing hearing those involved or educated about the matter speaking so negatively about the club. I really do wish the club would pull something off and shut everyone up.

Hearing Professor Tom Cannon on Sky Sports News today saying we risk the chance of dropping out of the big four now if we fail to secure finance and a new stadium really concerned me. If it was just a journalist saying this I’d probably reserve my opinions but when an independent egghead starts talking it makes you listen. (I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff said about that particular Prof and his actual knowledge of Liverpool’s investment situation. I’ll not go into it in too much detail but I was told his views should be taken with a pinch of salt. Maybe Duncan should have checked this out before taking his word for it. Trouble is, the Professor’s opinions suit Oldham’s agenda – which is to attack Parry at every opportunity).

I was saddened to be informed recently that a non-executive figure at the club has apparently been trying to make things difficult for KOPTALK. Whether the top brass are aware of this I don’t know but I will be investigating when I can be arsed. It’s not the first time that this has happened and it certainly doesn’t concern me in the slightest. (No idea who you mean Oldham. Well, I’ve a few ideas who might be acting to protect the rights of Liverpool Football Club. That would be employees of Liverpool football club who are paid to act on behalf of Liverpool Football Club. I’m 99.9% certain (to coin a phrase) that the “top brass” are aware of this. I am also 99.9% certain that you won’t be able to “investigate” this directly with any of the “top brass” or executives – whether you can be arsed or not. “It doesn’t concern me in the slightest” – it does concern you. In fact it really, really pisses you off. It makes you so angry you could write a rant about it. Oh – you just did. Face it – you’ve stolen from the club once too often. You’ve written negative unfounded attacks on the club and its staff once too often. You’ve screwed up – once too often.)

Liverpool supporters have the right to make their own mind up regarding matters that affect the club be they on a positive or negative stance and the only people that suffer when you try and get heavy is the fans. I’m flattered of course but they should be embarrassed. Be careful because my book’s out this season and I’d hate to be forced into quoting you. (Ooh – I bet they’re quaking in their boots now aren’t they? First of all, you’ve got nothing to put in your infamous book about them. You’ve got trouble holding back from any of your many addictions, and slagging off others is one of those addictions. If you had anything, you’d have used it by now. Secondly, even if you did have anything, by the time you’ve finally written this long-promised book most of those you claim will be in it will be only seen at Anfield in the museum, long since having left the club. You’ve been promising the book for three years and you’ve claimed it was finished twice. It’s just another Oldham lie. As for “Liverpool supporters have the right to make their own mind up…” yes, they do. Except on Koptalk, where they’ve got to think what the Ex-Editor tells them to think or face a ban. It’s great for all the true LFC supporters who read this blog to hear, from what the “Informer” might call the “mouth of the ‘horse'”, that Liverpool Football Club are dealing with Mr Oldham. Well done Oldham for telling us. Well done LFC for doing it. Another big step towards taking our club back from the odious webmaster.)

We try to remain independent of conflicting opinions and views that relate to the club and this is something that I want to try and improve during the coming season. Sometimes it’s difficult when the club is in your heart but it’s better to let the fans decide what’s right for the club rather than the opinions of myself for example or those employed by the club. This attitude is something that I will be conveying to your new editor (Steve). (Crap. Completely. Oldham always wants the readers of his site to follow his line. Including reading the Sun if it comes to it. And shouldn’t the new teenage editor of your pathetic rag of a website be able to also make his own mind up about things? Or are you insisting he does things the Oldham way? You’ve already given him the Oldham name.)

You don’t make a lot of friends when you’re prepared to speak up but we refuse to just toe-the-line like many journalists and other websites do. (A dig at Chris Bascombe? He’s the only journalist I know of who would need to “toe-the-line” regarding LFC. And that need only goes so far, as I’ve heard him explain elsewhere (not Koptalk). He’ll be helpful to the club and they will be helpful to him, and as a result he gets exclusives that Oldham can only dream of. Bascombe once slagged Koptalk off (indirectly) in one of his columns, according to many of you in emails and comments, and as such is one of the many on Dunk’s hitlist of hated people. Other websites certainly don’t “toe-the-line” regarding the club, they just speak like true fans. That means criticism does come, but it’s generally constructive, and supporters who contribute to forums on those sites are allowed to say their piece too. Oldham’s criticism is all aimed at either getting back at people he doesn’t like, or generating hits.) 

The fans are more important than the suits and that’s why we report what we do and in a style that we hope they understand or can at least relate to.  (That’s it though Dunk, you have to try and think to yourself, “what would a fan think right now?” – Genuine from-the-heart Liverpool fans don’t need to try  – they say what they feel. From their heart. Without “the suits”, we’d not have a transfer fund of any kind, not to mention the other uses they have, including those who are rarely seen in public. Liverpool FC is a unique club in so many ways, not least of which is that “the suits” are also Liverpool fans, not always the case elsewhere. And “the suits” may be well rewarded for their work, as are the players, but they do put the club first, not the bank balance. And they think long-term, not short-term. You ought to try thinking that way too Oldham, but you do, of course, know best.)

As Bill Shankly once said, big words are just used to try and make an ordinary person appear inferior. (Dunk = Arse. That short enough for you Mr Oldham?)

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my gob although I must confess forks are rarely out of it. We’re football fans. We’re not here to be liked. We’re not here to be politically correct. We’re not here to intentionally offend. But we just don’t want tree-huggers here. As the official LFC website states in their terms and conditions: (I think the most common item found in the Oldham mouth is the Oldham foot. You do offend Duncan, and you do it intentionally – the “Crouch tape” comments are just one example of your attempts to offend others.)

‘If you are dissatisfied with the Website or any content or materials on it, your sole exclusive remedy is to discontinue your use of it.’ (What does the official site say about the e-season ticket or other paid-for content? Does it say that it will take one year’s payment up front, then ban you for no good reason one month later without any refund? What about taking money twice, or taking money after the service had already been cancelled? What about banning customers for asking simple questions or supplying some kind of constructive feedback? Somehow I doubt the club would act in the despicable ways that Koptalk does. And does the official site steal stuff from elsewhere to make money? I think we all know the answers.)

Listen to our podcasts or submit comments and opinions about LFC matters @ http://www.koptalk.coN/podcast  (Don’t expect your opinions to be aired though unless they match the Oldham view on everything.)

Duncan Oldham
Executive Editor  (Still has me laughing every time that one!)

(No there aren’t fatty. As LFC seem to have reminded you!)

For all you speed readers out there here’s a summary-

Duncan Oldham seems to have been officially told off by LFC and isn’t very happy because they used long words and he couldn’t work out what they meant but he’s writing a book which will have lots of short words in it and he’ll be calling everyone smelly-bum in it so they had better watch out.

Sorry, couldn’t be arsed with the use of full-stops.


26 Responses to “Ex-editor hints at official reprimand from Liverpool FC”

  1. Chunky Says:

    Tom Cannon? hahahaha hahahaha.

    Dunk really hasn’t got a clue.

  2. paulcooper4 Says:

    sounds to me like the club have definitely had enough of this conman ripping their loyal fans off

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider: That was funny!

  4. est-er Says:

    Thanks for that Dunk, had me in fits of laughter. Especially the quote:

    “Be careful because my book’s out this season and I’d hate to be forced into quoting you”

    Pure comedy gold. His book’s out this season, Cha ‘ right. Most of the people who have paid up front have left his site becuase they know he talks bollocks, who in their right mind would buy his book these days? Who in their right mind would publish it? I can see “the suits” quaking in their boots about Dunk quoting them. I bet they’d rip up their season tickets if Dunk exposed all his information 🙂

    Where did that “tree-huggers” reference come from? Any chance that van be added to rupert’s list? 🙂

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    I can never figure out if he’s talking about us or suits or big cheeses or top brass. Then again maybe he can’t figure it out either.

  6. Shaggy Says:

    The tree huggers comment pissed me off too. I’m no ‘Swampy’, but to a right wing fascist like him I might be considered a “tree-hugger”. I’m a bit of a lefty hippy, to put it simply, as are plenty of other Koptalk members. Way to alienate a good chunk of your membership, huh? (Although I’m now an ex member!)

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    “but he’s writing a book which will have lots of short words in it and he’ll be calling everyone smelly-bum in it so they had better watch out.”

    The first ten buyers of his book will get a free copy of his new recording of “My Way”

  8. Redz Says:

    What a C**t dunk, Tom Cannon is on the bitters board why would that clown have an objective view about us.
    Last warning from the suits fatty then its court time ha ha ha.

  9. Hoff Says:

    I think Dunk was a tabloid sub-editor in a past life. No one except sub-editors on tabloids use language such as ‘suits’ ‘big cheeses’ to describe directors or higher management.

    My all time fave was ‘beak’. Beak meaning judge.

    Dunk ‘ I won’t be on KopTalk much today. I’m up before the beak’


  10. Toby Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading the reprimand on the feedback page. What? It’s been filtered out before it even got to Koptalk HQ?

  11. An Observer Says:

    What a stupid tosser.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    He said that when he visits Parry to negotiate what Parry wants from him, he isnists on it being informal – “tea and biscuits”. He said he never wears a suit except when up before a beak or at a funeral. Makes you wonder how often he has been up before a beak.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    This had to be the most surreal thing he said:

    “This attitude is something that I will be conveying to your new editor (Steve)”

    Doesn’t Steve already haev this attitude? He is his step-brother, has been working on KT since he was 9, and at 17 is completely dependent on him for handouts, and is in his company so much that Oldham has taken to referring to him as Steve Oldham even though his name is McNeish.

    What additional measures will Oldham use to convey his attitude to Steve – send him a letter by courier, or take him on retreat for 3 days brainwashing?

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I wish he did write a book. Since he will never get an independent publisher he will have to print it himself. Hopefully, without an editor to rein him in, he will then say what he has been hinting at about “exposing ” Anfield. That is when the club, the officials, the players and their families and anyone else he has libelled can crush him in the courts.

    Up to now it has been seven or eight years of internet innuendo, lies from will-o-the-wisp false personas and throw-away comments on forums or in editorials that can be eliminated from the archives with the click of a button.

    But when it is in hard copy – in a book – with his name on it, he has no escape from the consequences.

  15. Robbie Says:

    Good to hear the club is reacting to stop this farce. I didnt think they could be arsed but apparently he went one step too far…As I already said, the cards are in the club’s hands and only threats of pursuing Dunk into a court might persuade him to stop.

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    Robbie: And I told you that the club was on his case, also told you that this blog had a lot to do with it.

    The club has to distinguish between what is the private affairs of fans – and that includes giving moral and financial support to Oldahm – and what is the club’s business – such as his theft of its copyright and his false claims of communicating with officials, his false claims to have bribed employees, his false claims to be receiving information from employees, players or executives etc

    Supporters have a responsibility to clean up Oldham’s and KT’s act – because it is supporters who choose to support him – but the club can take action when he directly infringes its rights and its good name.

    he has had a warning. I think he will try to wriggle out of it because he can’t control himself. Then I think the club will hit him hard.

    But supporters can save the club the trouble if they stop sending him money directly or supporting his site through their visits. Supporters made him they should unmake him. Even he argues that supporters should decide.

  17. rupertinsider Says:


    A a list of the names Oldham (and Steve) (and DJ) calls his readers and paying members:

    tree huggers
    Billy no mates
    persistent offenders
    sorry individuals
    wittering girls
    fecking 6-year-olds
    need to take their heads out of their asses
    split arse

    30 yr somethings acting like teenage girls – Steve

    benders – DJ
    cnuts – DJ
    split-arses i.e. women – DJ


    Noe: “feedback” is now classifed as “whinges”

  18. est-er Says:

    Thanks for the update rupert LMAO.

  19. univofchicago Says:

    hilarious rant by dunk…

    his rants get better and better with time….

    keep up the good work fatty!

  20. Fat Tax Says:

    You’ve got more chance of seeing Glen Miller fucking Amelia Earhart on the Marie Celeste than seeing that book.

  21. lobster Says:

    the book probably has only 2 pages…..the front and back cover.

  22. Another One Says:

    Priceless Toby Thank you very much

  23. Tom Says:

    “Be careful because my book’s out this season and I’d hate to be forced into quoting you”

    That’s not nice and is hardly going to endear the club to you dunk…
    almost tantramount to blackmail, I also laughed about the “non-executive” part of the rant. I can assure you that “executives” at the club of the highest order are scruitinising you and your unethical business practices.

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    Tom: Insider saw another blackmail connection ….. he thought Oldhams’ recent claim that Parry wanted something that Oldham had and had asked him to a meeting about it at Anfield and, as a result, Oldham would get what he wanted from Parry, when he coudl fidn the time to attend the meeting, was also a hint at blackmail.

    Insider thought it linked to Oldham’s claims at that time (now denied) to have tapes of Crouch giving an interview to the S**.

    There’s no doubt that he tries to convey that he has something on LFC and its officers that gives him influence over them. It might be precisely that implied slander that will hang him, in the end.

    The very title of his non-existent book suggests he has dirt on LFC as does his use of it as a kind of threat.

    For those who don’t know the proposed title of his proposed book it is “Anfield Exposed”.

    This blog is turning into a book called “Oldham Exposed”.

  25. Faz Says:

    I once wrote to Koptalk telling him that he was full of shit and all the information on the website was either guesswork, pubtalk (Koptalk .. ha ha ha ) or taken from other sources. They have short memories of publishing something eg about investors and then tottaly change the story later hoping people do not remember their earlier bullshit. I expressed my honest oppinion about their site and the lack of genuine info. The message I got back was ” Why bother with our website if not like it – get out out more and get laid you C**t”. So that was the level of discussions I could get out of them. Since then I do not bother reading any of their articles and to be honest the one source I really trust apart from LFC official website is the articles in the Liverpool Echo which seem to have it right most of the time.

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