Oldham: Koptalk Gold Club will stay dodgy

A pity that Dunk’s decision to carry on trying to make himself more money from other people’s work in providing links to football match streams saw the main person who provided them deciding to leave Koptalk. (Or at least see to it that his information leaves Koptalk). Or is it a pity? I certainly had no intention of mentioning the streams in any detail until he put his advertisement-loaded article onto the increasingly dubious News Now service. The links were very much what you’ll find all over the internet, mainly on free forums. Dunk provided a user with moderator access. The user provided the latest links and a link to his own password protected site. This was all contained in a forum which Dunk provided for that user.

It was a way of Duncan Oldham earning more £30 subscriptions, pure and simple. Can Duncan Oldham justify it in any other way? Why is this information only provided to the “Gold Club” members? Are those from the “Insider” section so bad? Is that what the reason is? Or is it because the “Gold Club” members have to pay more for it?

Most (not all) readers of this blog know why I decided to briefly mention the streams. I didn’t publish the links this time, or the password to the other site, or even the URL of the other site. If Dunk stops trying to plug the Gold Club by mentioning these streams then I will probably stop mentioning the fact they are there. But Dunk likes to tell us all that he knows best. So the streaming information will no doubt stay, and so will our coverage of it.

Reading the comments on here yesterday someone offered to show how the information is all freely available elsewhere. Free as in no charge. I’ve no doubt that some aspects of streaming football matches are illegal, and others are untested in court and may not therefore be illegal. If the stuff is legal then I am doing no harm be reproducing whatever information Duncan Oldham’s site provides. I am providing it free. If it turns out to be illegal then it does a service to those that deal with such things. If it turns out to be legal then all I’m doing is stopping the Sun-supporting website owner from making more money out of unsuspecting Reds.

Talking of the Sun-supporting website owner –

Dunk   KopTalk Daddy
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1581707 – Tue Aug 01 2006 01:16 AM

And they call themselves Liverpool fans….

I wouldn’t worry about it mate.. you can count your true pals on one hand.

Half of the loons out there are just kids.

I can’t wait for the season to get underway. Look after number one if I was you.

(It cuts me deep to be called a kid by big Dunk, I may have to stop the blog soon if he carries on calling me names. Liverpool fans don’t generally buy the Sun Duncan, so be careful what you say.)

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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Dunk]
#1581715 – Tue Aug 01 2006 01:29 AM

Whats this all about then? wos putting the pressure on you?

Wouldnt you think they have more things to worry about  (Dunk won’t say what really happened. He’s frightened to death of you reading the blog, with an open mind, and deciding you aren’t keen on him)

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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1581723 – Tue Aug 01 2006 02:59 AM
Don’t let the b*stards grind you down Al

Bitter Twisted Little F*ckers Is All They Are!!!  (I doubt IrishPaul has read this blog)

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sutty18    Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: IrishPaul]
#1581726 – Tue Aug 01 2006 03:09 AM

so does this mean that their will be no links to any site streaming our games posted on here? (If there are and Dunk uses them to plug his site you’ll hear about it on here.)
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kenny_lfc   Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: sutty18]
#1581787 – Tue Aug 01 2006 07:58 AM

so these so called Liverpool fans (i’m assuming), but from a different website, are hassling another Liverpool fan from another Website, and their jealousy and bitterness has brought them to a level that wants to make other fans lose out on being able to watch games so they can what… prove a [oops] point. (Liverpool fans yes, altough from more of a blog than a website. Not jealous, not bitter, not making anyone lose out – you just need to get the info in a slightly different way. We’ve not done anything to stop the actual streams.)

[oops] me, and i thought Liverpool fans were great. Stories like this doesn’t surprise me as to why some people actually hate us. Squabbling amongst ourselves, and i bet on match day, them w**kers are the ones who are sitting next to us Koptalkers celebrating everytime we score. (Put it this way kenny_lfc, when you know the whole truth about Dunk I bet you’ll not call him a true Liverpool fan any more)

[oops] disgrace, and i’m sorry to hear this Red_Al. Thanks for all your text commentry when i was in the chat room, and good luck for the future. (Don’t worry, I’m sure Red_Al’s info will still be available, just not lining Dunk’s pockets in the process).

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Red_Al_77    Honorary Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: sutty18]
#1581881 – Tue Aug 01 2006 09:32 AM

so does this mean that their will be no links to any site streaming our games posted on here?

Not by me on Koptalk. As Dunk says its time for me to look after myself. My name has now been dragged into all this and I want nothing more to do with it on Koptalk. I will however help people in my own way privately. I just need a bit of time to get things together. (I doubt Dunk meant for Al to look after just Al, I think he meant for you to look after him as well. Koptalk is a site that most Reds wouldn’t want to be associated with, full stop. Most decent Reds who’ve been members of Koptalk and found out about Duncan have moved on. Those that are left don’t know the truth about Koptalk, or are trying to ignore the theft from members and support of The Sun. And the key thing to note here is this – nobody taking the streams away here, they just won’t be linked to on Koptalk by Red_Al.)

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Red_Al_77   Honorary Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: jigga2004]
#1581897 – Tue Aug 01 2006 09:35 AM

i really thought that they put pressure more on paysites. so whats the worst that could happen with all the other free sites which provide streams? just wanted to know as as i know other sites which are free which give stream links.

They are closing everyone down mate. The market place is bare. I used to have a massive list. It’s rapidly diminishing. However if people are happy with that then fine. I know who to trust and who not to.

Did you know if I created a site and it was officially a search engine I could post what I wanted. That is why this is all rubbish.  (Al seems to know a lot about the legal situation. I don’t know what his background is for sure but I’d be interested if any readers know if he’s correct with what he says about the legalities of all this. If he is correct then there’s not much harm in me posting the information on here from the Gold Club – the only harm is the pocket of The Sun’s biggest “Liverpool Supporter”.)

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WEwonINinstanbul    Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1581987 – Tue Aug 01 2006 10:07 AM

bugger! cant believe it. Does not look like dunk can advertise it for the goldclub now   (We’ll see. He’s not moved the links so far, so maybe he’s got something else planned. Watch out for a new alias appearing, Dunk thinks it’s OK to have his users discussing such things, he says it gets him off the hook. The Informing Wallet may be the new one to listen out to.)

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Dunk   KopTalk Daddy
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: WEwonINinstanbul]
#1582089 – Tue Aug 01 2006 10:44 AM

I have spoken to the big cheese at several places and they have made it clear how things must be worded. When they threaten me I always ask them to take me to court for the publicity.

Having a dedicated site helping people will get nuked but the authorities can’t stop fans exchanging info between themselves.  (Is the “big cheese” more important than “the suits”? Several places? I wonder if Dunk’s got some publicity to look forward to then? Who can tell what’s going on behind the scenes? And there’s his line about how people can’t stop fans exchanging info between themselves – I think you’ll find that if a site owner fails to stop his members from carrying out illegal activities he stands to get some trouble too. Saying that though, Dunk does know best.)

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jigga2004  Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1582144 – Tue Aug 01 2006 11:20 AM

thanks for the reply mate i probably no just one site which has totally ignored netresult + hopefully they’ll stick it out as they actually post the links aswell. well ive had a site going aswell which netresult put pressure on + my host pulled the plug on it. ive restarted with a new one a couple of months ago + they havent said anything to me since but im getting worried about it. (As I said earlier, there are loads of sites offering this information, but I doubt any of them charge 30 quid for it.)

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paulr   Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1582336 – Tue Aug 01 2006 12:43 PM

Al – we all really appreciate what you’ve done in helping all reds watch games on the net. Is there any chance of a midweek RED_AL email list advising users on best ways to watch coming matches?
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KopTalkInsider.com    KopTalk Staff
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: paulr]
#1582369 – Tue Aug 01 2006 12:55 PM

I’ll discuss options with those in the know. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be sorted  (Those in the know? I thought Dunk knew best?)
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Musha    Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: KopTalkInsider.com]
#1582462 – Tue Aug 01 2006 01:27 PM

al really appreciate all the effort you have put into this in the past. Dunk is right look after number one. keep her lit Al. (Careful Musha – Dunk meant look after Dunk, not look after Al.)
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mcpike   Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Musha]
#1582807 – Tue Aug 01 2006 03:23 PM

Al – you’re a top bloke, cheers for all the tons of help on the streaming!
Please keep us all updated on any other options which may open up for watching liverpool games, I’ve relied solely on this portion of the site on matchday till now…
(Another hint of another member who joined the Gold Club for that one reason?)

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Zlatko   Gold Member
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: mcpike]
#1582913 – Tue Aug 01 2006 04:06 PM

Tnx for all the help. It’s a big blow for us who can’t see the match every weekend on telly. Are you gonna keep the guide on the net? The people who reporet this are just jelous and made other fans shorten for games + they made you have troubles. (Not jealous, just don’t approve of lying Sun supporters ripping off fellow Reds)

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Dunk     KopTalk Daddy
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Re: The end in sight.  [Re: Zlatko]
#1582918 – Tue Aug 01 2006 04:07 PM

We’ll get the info in here indirectly… Dunk knows best

Grass, grass, grass… you’re just a sad Billy no mates  (Oh no. More name-calling. I’ll have to stop the blog now, it’s just getting too much. And it wasn’t me that “grassed” if you read the blog more carefully. Bullies always love accusing others of being “grasses” don’t they? They bully someone else and try to belittle the victim if they tell anyone by calling them a grass. If you think about this though Dunk, you getting the info onto the Gold Club indirectly – does that mean the blog won’t be able to get that same info? Have you got a special forum for non-bloggers too? Shucks, hadn’t thought of that, after all it says it clearly in the profiles of all the insider insiders that they are working for the good of the blog! Actually, sarcasm apart, I’ll say it more clearly. If the information is on your site (directly or indirectly), and you use that fact to plug your 30 quid service, we’ll mention it on here. If I don’t get the info I’m sure someone will.)

– – – – – –

And the plugs go on – here’s what Duncan Oldham is claiming on his Koptallocks.info site still, even after the departure of Red_Al –

http://www.koptalk. info/goldclub.shtml

Secret *links to FREE online live video footage of LFC games when available (99% of games covered in 2005-06)

* KopTalk does not have an archive of any video or audio footage nor do we stream games. Members can assist in helping you watch the Reds live online. Links to video clips of LFC goals, interviews etc are provided by members when available. As a member if you discover anything that breaches copyright, please report this to us and we will see such content is removed. During the 2005-06 season 99% of Liverpool’s games were shown live via the web for free. Receiving such transmissions online may breach copyright, KopTalk does not condone this. KopTalk does not provide any form of software that will allow you to watch or download any kind of LFC video content. If you want to follow Liverpool to the max, a Gold Club sub will help you achieve this.

It’s a poor disclaimer (still), which I’ve been told doesn’t get him off the hook, despite what his big cheesy friends have told him.

He’s plugging it. He’s making money by promoting the fact this information is available on his website. If it isn’t, then surely he can be forced to give refunds to members by Trading Standards. Please contact the Trading Standards department in Newcastle if you feel you’ve been mis-sold the Koptalk Insider or Gold Club products.

http://www.koptalk .info/memberoptions.shtml

*Links to downloadable LFC matches (full 90 mins)
*Links to free online LIVE video coverage
*Links to video clips of LFC goals within mins of FT

* KopTalk does not have an archive of any video or audio footage nor do we stream games. Members can assist in helping you watch the Reds live online. Links to video clips of LFC goals, interviews etc are provided by members when available. As a member if you discover anything that breaches copyright, please report this to us and we will see such content is removed. During the 2005-06 season 99% of Liverpool’s games were shown live via the web for free. Receiving such transmissions online may breach copyright, KopTalk does not condone this. KopTalk does not provide any form of software that will allow you to watch or download any kind of LFC video content. If you want to follow Liverpool to the max, a Gold Club sub will help you achieve this.

The line “If you want to follow Liverpool to the max, a Gold Club sub will help you achieve this” seems to contradict  “Receiving such transmissions online may breach copyright, KopTalk does not condone this“. In fact it’s quite possibly the funniest bit of disclaimer nonsense you’ll read on the net anytime soon.

Look at some of the other things you get from the Gold and Insider clubs.

Free LFC Email Account      (Would you trust Duncan Oldham to look after your personal email? I wouldn’t, I’d be concerned that he’d use his administrator access to pry into my emails. So the email address would be pretty useless.)

Exclusive LFC news reports (Insider access)     (I can safely say this line should now be removed from the sales page – anyone think otherwise?)

Insider Community access (Very popular)     (Popular? Not really nowadays though is it?)

*Links to downloadable LFC matches (full 90 mins)  (Illegal? Yes. Very. And depriving LFC of income too some would say. Links will also appear on this blog if he carries on with this.)

*Links to free online LIVE video coverage (That’s what we’ve already mentioned.)

*Links to video clips of LFC goals within mins of FT (Same as full 90 mins – shouldn’t be there, if they are we’ll put them here too to prove that he’s doing this.)

Ed’s Email Inbox     (Actually, a place for Dunk to put some more made up stuff. You don’t actually get to see the hundreds of complaints he gets from former members)  

KopTalk Diary     (I thought he had a blog now?)

Can browse photo galleries

Can upload to photo galleries

Can create own photo gallery     (Other LFC sites have photo galleries, and they don’t charge for them either.)

Unlimited access to on-site Games Arcade     (Games are of the type you see all around the net and if I get time I’ll post the links to his versions – you don’t actually have to be a member to play the games themselves, all are available to anyone, member or not.)

Media articles – Match previews – Match reports     (All ripped off from other sites)  

*Help with match-day tickets      (No doubt some members help – Dunk will charge over the odds for any he gets for you)  

Exclusive Competitions (PSP’s, XBOX 360’s, MP3 players)     (We’ve mentioned before how this is another scam)

Weekly Lotto Syndicate (£100+ a month!)     (Has only bought tickets once as far as we can tell. £25 quid’s worth one week.)

Weekly Football Pools Syndicate     (Nope, still no proof he actually does this.)

Weekly Football Millionaire Syndicate     (Proof? Of course not.)

Teletext Teasers Request Service     (One of the many justifications for this blog is that if he thinks it’s OK to provide this service of revealing their information, it’s OK for us to divulge the crap he spouts as insider info on his own site).  

Priority email support     (No – you have to raise a support ticket, use MSN, or call a mobile.)

Direct SMS and Tel contact with KopTalk Editor     (Now that a teenager has been named “editor” I suppose this is true – but Steve’s not really got any editorial control over the site.)

Match ticket give-aways    (Has this ever really happened? How long since it did?)

The Chamber (Anfield Mole)     (One of Dunk’s aliases, no longer on the Gold Club.)

The Ed Files     (His paper copies of your personal information?)

Every major Rick Parry quote     (This used to be the full column from Rick Parry from the official LFC magazine, reproduced without any permission. He’s now got two quotes in there from the papers and seems to have stopped using the LFC magazine columns in their entirety).

Every major Rafael Benitez quote     (None actually. All deleted recently as part of Dunk’s evidence-hiding).  

25% of all LFC merchandise we advertise     (My favourite. First of all, if this is 25% OF all the merchandise, doest that not pose a problem? Assuming there are more than four members, those 25%s will all be used up quite soon. Or does he not mean OF after all? If he means OFF then this means 25% off codes should be clearly visible on the Gold Club for money off at Kitbag, where he’s currently linking to in his adverts for Liverpool FC shirts. I’ve seen none, meaning this is ANOTHER false claim)

So come on Dunk, put those last few pages of your work on your book to one side for an afternoon, and correct your website. Otherwise you’ll need to refund all of your members. (I’ll give you that bit of advice free).


27 Responses to “Oldham: Koptalk Gold Club will stay dodgy”

  1. Right Insider Says:

    So let’s get this straight, Dunk wants people who do live feeds to sue him for the publicity? What would actually come out is that he’s SELLING feeds that don’t belong to him. Therefore, more people will realise that his site is a waste of money.

    The podcast was hilarious, by the way, especially the end where he asks ‘Katy’ and some other bint (probably his mum) to say ‘bye’ at the end. He’s obviously offered two teenage girls a fiver each if they come in and say bye when he tells them to.


  2. Right Insider Says:

    At the top of each forum page, there’s the following:

    21/07/06: Because of the intermittent connection problems we are upgrading to a more
    professional solution. The annual hosting cost just for these forums will then increase to £8000 from £2160. We hope this shows how much we value your participation. The work should be complete by the end of July.


  3. rupertinsider Says:


    A a list of the names Oldham (and Steve) (and DJ) calls his readers and paying members:

    Billy no mates
    persistent offenders
    sorry individuals
    wittering girls
    fecking 6-year-olds
    need to take their heads out of their asses
    split arse

    30 yr somethings acting like teenage girls – Steve

    benders – DJ
    cnuts – DJ
    split-arses i.e. women – DJ


  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Reading that list how he abuses his readers and paying members he doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of children or women, does he?

    When I see his references to his conversations with big cheeses and suits I keep seeing Salvador Dali type images.

    I interpret today’s remark about his conversation with the big cheeses about how he should word his service to mean that a big cheese may have called him, not the other way around, and warned him. I know that some kids who read this blog have written to the big cheeses and the suits. Some of the kids on here are actually suits and big cheeses, too, if that’s not a contradiction in terms.

    It looks like the blog has hit him hard where it hurts most – in the pocket. The links service he got free from a member are important to him (as they should be for any site). The difference between his site and the others is he uses them as a hook to make money and he claism they are exclusive to his site.

    In all his icreasingly crazed rantings about us he never once mentions our name. Why? If we are kids and jealous and grasses and all the other nice things he says surely its in his interest for his readers to read the blog and discover that for themselves?

    Reinforced, they will then return to KT and demonsrate their outrage at what we have written by offering him more money. So why doesn’t he mention the blog’s name?

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider Insider: I’m interested in what you said about him no longer reproducing the entire Rick Parry column from the offical Site. Is this another success for the blog?

    fat_boy_fat, one of the blog’s more active contributors, explained that Oldham was providing paying GC members with the entire contents of Rick Parry’s and Rafa’s column and interviews with players – which he stole from the Official Site. If this wholesale theft was not bad enough Oldham then has the gall to diss the Official Site.

    As I understand it, fat_boy_fat and others reported this theft to the official site. If Oldham is now reduced to providing only excerpts – then perhaps something has happened to change his shady practice.

    Bit by bit his ill-gotten gains are being taken from him.

    BTW given his long history of ripping off Sky by selling dodgy satellite cards – and all his other scams – I wonder what package he is currently subscribed to with Sky (and the BBC for that matter). I suppose he wouldn’t be running this huge communciation network on the back of his Ma’s home BBC licence would he?

  6. Sinon Says:

    Sunk – Why not just clear your site of illegal and innappropriate material, apologise for your stalinist actions, open the doors and close down the subscription site and refund your customers their last payments. THAT way you may just get away with the money you have stolen so far. You know its for the best.

    Billy no mates, ah boo hoo. Big fat cry baby.

  7. Sinon Says:

    P.S. Sunk was a spelling mistake – supposed to be Dunk. However it seems quite appropriate…

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    # silentbutdeadly Says:
    August 2nd, 2006 at 8:00 am

    There are other sites who sole motivation is to issue links to streams. I never found it a problem and I never used Koptalk. There are 2 sites in particular that I used a lot and as long as you have pplive or similar it was as simple as clicking on a published link for the majority of games. Occasionally, it was a little more difficult – but that tended to be the midweek games that had been rescheduled etc. Rupert – if you have access to my email through this site drop me a line/through insider and I’ll send you the websites urls.

    Like you say, these things tended to change a lot, and the sites occassionally get shut down, but these 2 provided the links for me for most of last season (I didn’t used them for the last month or 2 becuase I went to a lot of the games and we were on TV a lot also). If they do so again next season, great. if not others will spring from their ashes!

    We’ll see what the situation is come the new season. Maybe someone with the time could set up a blog and people with the ability to find them could issue the links – I wouldn’t have a problem helping out.

    Edit: I took the liberty of copying this from another thread because it seemed more appropriate on here – Rupert Insider

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Siletnbut Deadly. Thanks for your offer. I would like those links

    My email is

    rupertinsider (at) gmail.com

    (I see Ryan was boasting on EST 1892 a couple of days ago that he has my email address – bit of an empty boast given that I post it on here)

  10. RISLC Says:

    Have you ever considered that people pay the sub because theyare happy with the service?

    I have been a member for about 2 mopnths now and am happy with the service.

    I’ve read your blog and all I can sense is bitterness. In my eyes Dunk has done nothing wrong. He is offering a service and people have the choice if they want to pay or not. Nobody is forcing them.

    Of course I’m expecting you to come out and say I’m blind and will soon realise that you were right all along.

    I cant believe anyone would go to all this trouble, just to try and cause trouble for some fella who owns a website. I really do pity you.

  11. lobster Says:

    cant believe some of the ppl on koptalk are so naive or just plain bloody lazy?? if they search hard enough, i am sure they can find a bloody link to the game if they are so desperate!!! all so lazy just want to be spoon fed!!

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    RISLC: “He is offering a service and people have the choice if they want to pay or not. Nobody is forcing them”

    You could say that of everybody who buys from a con man, copyright stealer, CD and video pirate, ticket tout, competition rigger. The fact is some of the things he does are not legal. It doesn’t make them legal because you want to buy from him and enjoy them. It doesn’t make the fact that he uses his site to promotes the S** right because you also like to read the S**

    Furthemore, we hear from many people every day that they would not have bought from him if they knew he was lying about his connections with LFC, his alleged meetings with LFC officials, his alleged connections with LFC players. Some people ask why the club has not taken care of him before now, or why other fans never warned them.

    We are warning people. We give reasons and we prove our main alelgations where prove is available.

    You can decide to heed the warning or not. It would help if you read the blog first. If you want to debate it, it would help if you would specify exactly what this blog has got wrong. Oldham does not deny any of its major allegations.

  13. Tom Says:

    RISLC – you obviously haven’t read the blog. Try again.

  14. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I agree with Rupert here, slowly but surely we are loosing Oldhams grip on his dodgy activites. He has had to remove the material he copied from the offical magazine, no propagnda photos, live feeds are not as they were

    We have to keep it up though!!!!


    Try some of these people to keep the pressure on Oldham

    Premier League
    Tax man
    Scarbrough council
    V.A.T man
    Benefit cheat hotline

    They are just a few. Any of scams that he starts then we need to be right on top of it!


  15. fat_boy_fat Says:



  16. fattyhater Says:

    I have already started. A number of emails were sent out last week 🙂

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    25. Another KT Mug Says:
    August 2nd, 2006 at 5:33 pm

    I hope I haven’t hijacked this topic but I should tell you all (especially those who think Dunk is honest) of my experience.

    I signed up to KT through the Betfair promo, which I believed entitled me to a lifetime membership in return for lodging a tenner with Betfair. When I got locked out I -mailed Steve to ask why but got no reply. I sent Steve the e-mails I got from KT when I registered and again I got no reply. By this stage the transfer window had opened and I was convinced I was missing out on all the “insider info” from Wallet, The Informer and his horse. I am embarrassed to say that I said fuck it and decided to pay for a subscription. I know, its pathetic, I am well educated and definitely old enough to know better but I was sure that there were some gems of info on KT among an increasing amount of shit. (Daft as I am, I was always dubious about the Lauren campaign and the appeal to buy Ged Houlliers wife flowers seemed suss.) In spite of this scepticism I still convinced myself it was worth a tenner (or £14) to see what guys like Johnny H had to say.

    When I paid my sub through Paypal in June I expected to get instant access. After a week nothing. By this stage I had read this blog. I decided to lodge a query with Paypal and hey presto my best mate Dunk popped up and everything was sorted. (He called me “mate” about 50 times in his message to me!). Once back in I got an e-mail from Steve looking for my postal address etc. Having read this blog I knew why the cunts wanted these details, possibly due to Dunk’s paranoia, or most likely to sell on to third parties. I ignored this e-mail and contnued to visit the site, albeit with a much different perspective having read this blog.

    I went for a week’s holidays in July and when I got back I found that I was locked out again. I assume I have been locked out becasue I didn’t provide my personal details. I know if I contact Dunk or even Paypal I will be told I will get back in if I update my profile. While I don’t want to lose the sub I have paid for, I am not prepared to give personal information to a con man.

    I would be interested in any ideas you might have to get some justice. To be honest the site doesn’t appear to be worth visiting anyway but I wouldn’t mind the oppotunity of getting back in for one last post.

    27. rupertinsider Says:
    August 2nd, 2006 at 6:17 pm

    Another KT Mug: It makes my blood boil just reading that. As I’ve pointd out before, the absolute amount in each case is small – but not so small that Oldham doesn’t go after it like a hungry shark – but when you add it up to the hundreds (he claims 5,000 to 6,000 paying memebrs) then it is a serious business. But because is is a relatively small amount for the individual most people don’t want to pursue it – its not cost effective. (See my post “Anatomy of a Con”).

    We really need a UK based lawyer/reader to advise how something could be done to represent all the people who have been ripped off. Not only those like you, but those who haev never received a refund of part or all of their membership fees. I mean those who have had their membership cancelled onhis whim for expressing an opinion, or askign a question or for refusing to give him personal details he has demanded after he has taken their money, or charging them another year’s membership after they have let their membership expire without actively renewing or after they have cancelled.

    Ps. If you don’t mind I’ve pasted your post on this thread, too where there is a discussion of this going on.

  18. Hoff Says:

    Any news on Oldhams much vaunted £40 SMS service?

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    “Any news on Oldhams much vaunted £40 SMS service?”

    That’s just the basic massage without the extras.

  20. estt-er Says:

    This will definitely hit Dunk’s renewels. If, as it seems, the provider of stream information is going to email it to a select few then they will ask themselves the question “why renew?”. This can only be good news for genuine LFC fans.
    My mind isn’t made up on the streams which is one of the reasons I didn’t touch them. It’s the same about his radio “updates”. Both these services are essentially taking money from the club in the form of e-season tickets. If that info wasn’t available, more people would take up the e-season ticket offer in my opinion.
    What really bugs me about Sunk (like it sinon) is that he uses all his guile, all his deception to rake in money off LFC fans some of which would be spent on the official club services ; THEN he has the neck to moan about “Parry and Moores” and their “incompetance”.
    It’s only when you’re out of the bull that you realise what he is doing. I don’t blame the people who defend him, it’s a kind of internet brainwashing. If people actually thought about it, any money accumulated in LFC’s name should be going to the club, or AT LEAST a percentage. Sunk’s membership doesn’t, it goes straight into his back pocket. I feel nauseous that he continues to get away with it, he’s robbing our fans and he’s robbing our club.
    The guys running this blog should be proud.

  21. fat_boy_fat Says:


    Just a little thing, has anyone seen what Oldham has put in his “koptalk comment” section?(previously the editors section i think)

    Anyway here is the 1st paragraph :

    People tend to talk about you if they’re jealous of you. If people don’t like you they obviously have some kind of obsession about you for whatever reasons.

    If I don’t like someone I don’t spend my life talking about them because talking about them even negatively means they’re receiving my attention. If you’re a nobody, people leave you alone.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO i thought as i was reading this it was about this blog. Actually nope, its about Mourinho’s comments about LFC.
    Looks like fatty and sidekick fatty (for a 17 year old he has some beef on him) are obssessed with this blog, so much so that he is having sly digs in his comments section.



  22. fat_boy_fat Says:

    And just another little thing that makes us feel all warm inside. He posted this in the insider section. another example of how we are getting there people!!! KEEP IT UP (a month back this would have been directly lifted from 442)

    Executive Editor

    Reged: 20/08/04
    Posts: 8921
    Loc: KOPTALK

    Gonzalez interview
    #1585178 – 02/08/06 04:46 PM Reply Quote

    Great interview and feature in 442 magazine (Sept 2006). I can’t scan and post it as the feds will bust me and throw away the keys.. just thought I’d mention it. We’ll review it on the podcast this evening.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    “People tend to talk about you if they’re jealous of you. ”

    He can’t mean that surely? Some notorious people who nobody is jealous of:

    Adolf Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Elephant Man, Gary Glitter – but getting closer to Oldham’s level…Bowyer

  24. punt Says:

    for those who want a refund COMPLAIN TO PAYPAL. they can handle things like this surely they will assist you in these matters and it may even result in Duncan losing his ability to accept PAYPAL.

    so start a dispute in Paypal im sure its possible or contact them and tell them you’ve been ripped off by a fat Geordie and want a refund or will contact the Financial Services Authority and raise the matter with the Financial Ombudsman (http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/) both of whom Paypal are regulated by, they will act if you raise this

  25. An Observer Says:

    If you do a dispute with paypal, make sure no to select it as a service or they will probably rule in the suppliers favour. Tick the other option and you should be laughing.

  26. rupertinsider Says:

    fat:boy: “… (a month back this would have been directly lifted from 442)”

    You mean like this:


    (Don’t forget to come back to the blog).
    EDIT: The article on RAWK linked to above by Rupert is an example of how these things should be done, in my opinion. And probably in most other people’s opinions too. The first thing the RAWK article post says is “Mark Gonzalez interview, FourFourTwo September issue” – it leaves no doubt whatsoever where it came from, it’s not claiming it as a RAWK exclusive, it’s not saying that you’ve got to subscribe to RAWK to read it.  It was posted by a RAWK visitor, not an official RAWKer (if that’s what they are called!).

    I think there’s a fair few Reds who’ll now go out and buy a copy of the mag that maybe wouldn’t have done before. It certainly won’t stop anyone from buying it, it just might stop one or two of those really tight-fisted people you see in WH Smiths of a lunchtime using the shop as a library, reading all the mags without buying them. But that’s for another blog. The link now opens in a new window too.

    Insider Insider

  27. fat_boy_fat Says:

    RedandWhitekop arent using that material to sell subscriptions on the back of it.
    We could live with Oldham (just about anyway) if he wasnt charging people for lies and copyright material.

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