More bull from Wallsend

This evening I’m going to look at recent examples of Mr Oldham’s main skill – bullshitting. Duncan is proof that “practice makes perfect” is a very poor saying. He practices every day, but he’s crap at it. He trips himself up far too often to be considered any good. Practice does not make perfect.
His bullshit ranges from the minor to the major. Telling his readers he wore a Sun hat because he didn’t know about the boycott is a lie, and fairly major for the owner of a Liverpool website. Banning members for minor indiscretions or even for asking simple questions then saying, “They aren’t banned” is minor bullshit on the grand scale of things, but not really the actions of someone who’s trying to drum up more trade using his “community” as  a reason for parting with cash. He can’t claim they’ll get insider information in his “insider” site, they don’t. He bullshits about that too.

Here’s a minor bit of bullshit. More exaggeration than anything. He doesn’t like criticism – he admits himself his podcast is the biggest pile of audio crap in Great Britain (well if he doesn’t he should). But you aren’t allowed to repeat this yourself.

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28-07-06 10:12 PM – Post#284738
In response to Dunk

Duncan, I listened to the first few mins of your first podcast.

Let me say that your day-job’s a good’un. Stick with it
KopTalk Daddy

28-07-06 10:44 PM – Post#284764
In response to slane85

Hmmm…. oh well, thousands listen every day and we get a lot of people who enjoy them. We’re not there to entertain, we just have a laugh to try and lighten things up a bit. Appreciate the feedback though

Edited by Dunk on 28-07-06 11:11 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

Thousands listen every day! Duncan, you’ve no longer got “thousands” of members, never mind thousands of members who’ll listen to your crap. It really is awful. That’s not a crime, nothing wrong with that – I doubt anyone listened to it twice though. And saying “thousands” is, well – bullshit.

How about this one for Bull? Dunk wants “cash in hand” for insider memberships – so much so that he’ll knock you a tenner off the price. Explain it to us please Dunk…


Sign-up offline (by post) sending a blank postal order or cash and pay only:

£10.00 for an Insider membership – save £10.00

£20.00 for a Gold Club membership (which includes a free Insider membership) – save £10.00

Discount is available via this method as we don’t have to pay any credit card handling fees or bank charges. Use the same instructions and address as detailed above. You MUST ensure your payment is not visible through the envelope. We advise you pay for recorded delivery to ensure your payment reaches us which costs 66p extra i.e. 96p in total first class. If you do not use recorded delivery and your application goes missing then you should contact Royal Mail as we will not be held responsible for items lost in the post. Unfortunately some people try it on. The discounted rate is applicable to new applications only.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the costs of taking a payment of either £20 or £30 via PayPal are not £10. Do I need to spell out why you want cash in hand for these memberships? Bent? I’d say so. It’s just bullshit of you to claim you’re knocking a tenner off because of the saving on bank charges.

The stuff above is one part of his sales blurb for the Gold Club. Like this –

Secret *links to FREE online audio commentary when available
Secret *links to FREE online live video footage of LFC games when available (99% of games covered in 2005-06)
Secret *links to FREE LFC video downloads for your iPod, PC etc when available. Some games can be downloaded in full!

Three reasons to join the Gold Club, all of which are illegal. That’s thirty quid for him in return for stuff that isn’t actually his. He does try (badly) to say it’s not his responsibility…

* KopTalk does not have an archive of any video or audio footage nor do we stream games. Members can assist in helping you watch the Reds live online. Links to video clips of LFC goals, interviews etc are provided by members when available. As a member if you discover anything that breaches copyright, please report this to us and we will see such content is removed. During the 2005-06 season 99% of Liverpool’s games were shown live via the web for free. Receiving such transmissions online may breach copyright, KopTalk does not condone this. KopTalk does not provide any form of software that will allow you to watch or download any kind of LFC video content. If you want to follow Liverpool to the max, a Gold Club sub will help you achieve this.

He does have archives of video and audio footage – don’t believe that bit of bullshit.

He doesn’t stream games, I’ll give him that – he just has a forum dedicated to links to the streams, provided by a member of his site that has been given moderator status. Although that member doesn’t get paid for his work providing the links, he does earn money for Oldham.

When he says “members can assist” he means that particular moderator.

For “Links…provided by members when available” read links provided by members and also by Duncan, Steve, “Koptalkinsider.coN” and that username he created the other week.

Koptalk even put the video files onto their own servers. And if a member reported it he’d ban them (unless they reported it to Sky and the Premier League rather than to him).

So far it’s all bullshit, and to be honest I’d be less bothered about it and would probably be willing to turn a blind eye to it if he wasn’t insisting on charging people 30 quid each to get this stuff he’s never paid for.

How about this for bullshit – “Receiving such transmissions online may breach copyright, KopTalk does not condone this.” It’s almost funny – he doesn’t condone it yet he uses it to sell his 30 quid service.

Greedy liar that he is, he probably thinks this disclaimer gets him off the hook. It doesn’t. Especially when you end your disclaimer with this – “If you want to follow Liverpool to the max, a Gold Club sub will help you achieve this.”

Anyone got the email address for the people to report this to? Please either send it to me by email or leave it as a comment. Then anyone else who’s irritated can report it.

I’d forgotten how irritated I was by his money-making in this way. Let’s face it, Liverpool FC and the other Premiership clubs should be pressing for the rights to provide this service legally themselves, but in the meantime why should a repulsive Sun-supporter make money out of it in this way? This was one of his news articles yesterday (suitably written to get it onto News Now’s feed).

Kaiserslautern v Liverpool – AVAILABLE TO WATCH ONLINE (FREE)

Gold Club members are reporting that there will be several online (free) feeds of today’s match that will enable supporters to watch it live via their internet connected computers.

We are unable to promote the feeds on the site as it may be illegal in your country of residence, not that anyone’s going to put your front door in. We simply can’t help you as Big Brother is watching. However our Gold Club members may be able to help you.

Gold members are advised to log-in for full details of today’s coverage –>> (LInks to gold club sales page)


Gold Club members? He means the moderator we spoke of above. The one he gave his own section of the forum to. Whether it’s legal or not is a point of some debate, but he shouldn’t be doing it – and he knows this. I doubt very much it is legal, but selling a subscription to members so that they can get this information is almost certainly highly illegal. And as for bullshit – well he ends with this – “PLEASE DON’T ASK US FOR HELP BUT BY ALL MEANS ASK OTHER MEMBERS.”

Don’t ask for help? Explain this then Duncan –

NEWRY   Silver Member
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Anyone got – Gerrard’s A year in my life
#1578922 – Sun Jul 30 2006 04:44 AM
A link to the whole thing would be great
– – – – – – – – –

A few people leave some ideas, but then Duncan, who says he won’t help with provision of illegal feeds and so on, says this –

Dunk   KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Anyone got – Gerrard’s A year in my life [Re: karim787]
#1579203 – Sun Jul 30 2006 01:57 PM

If you forward any info to pass on to the member such as your email addresses, I will see he gets them lads.
– – – – – – – – –

A minor bit of bullshit in the midst of some major bullshit. And a minor bit of dodginess in the midst of some pretty major dodginess.

If you approve of Dunk’s support of the Sun (he’s still going on about the story he lifted from there yesterday), AND if you accept that the Insider information he claims to provide is in fact bullshit, AND if you don’t mind the fact that the “community” he claims is so great is nearly gone, you might still think that it’s worth joining for the feeds and the clips. Well I can’t see them being around much longer, so I’d hold back for now. And if Dunk continues to make money out of the feeds, then we’ll have to take steps ourselves to make them as freely available as we make his fake transfer rumours.

That’s if he can afford to keep his sites running, if the following stuff was true he’d not have a chance. Not even a small chance –

From his poor grey blog which look as dull as it sounds –

Hosting Solutions

Part of my job is to ensure that people who want to connect to any of our servers can do so without having to endure any problems. The forums have been experiencing outages nearly every day throughout the summer and this is not acceptable.

The forums are hosted with 1&1. Their servers are mainly hosted in Germany. This doesn’t affect the speed of the server much – although it doesn’t improve it – and support can be hit and miss.

I demand the absolute best from any of our suppliers. A friendly, informal relationship is preferred where you can talk about footy etc rather than technical stuff which does my head on. Sometimes you have to be realistic and understand that problems can happen but as far as I’m concerned they’re taking the piss now.

As such I have for the last few weeks been negotiating with a couple of new hosts. I’m actually looking at moving the website to the North West of England which should speed things up a lot. Not only that but we’re stepping up in terms of the quality of supplier. 1&1 are massive but their support is nothing short of a disgrace.

The server currently costs no more than £200-a-month. I’m not sure exactly how much, it’s probably about £180. If I move the site, the new cost for that single server will be closer to £900-a-month – and that’s just for one set of forums. I could look at cheaper options but if you demand the best, you pay the price. Simple as.

We have, and – all three sites receive a massive amount of traffic. Where people think we can get the wonga to pay for the kind of hosting we need without having a subscription site is beyond me.

There isn’t another fans site in the world that offers the amount of content, features and services that we do. That doesn’t mean we’re the best, but it does mean someone, somewhere has to pay for it all. To compare their situations with ours is a pretty stupid thing to do.

Totalling up what I expect us to spend on next season’s coverage is terrifying me. Everyone here though says we’ll do it if we knuckle down. I’m really hoping that next season will be our best. I hope people appreciate the effort, time and money that we do invest to try and provide them with a website that keeps them entertained and up to date.
posted by Dunk @ Friday, July 21, 2006  

And from his so-called “free” site, dated the same day –

21/07/06: Because of the intermittent connection problems we are upgrading to a more professional solution. The annual hosting cost just for these forums will then increase to £8000 from £2160. We hope this shows how much we value your participation. The work should be complete by the end of July.

So on “” he says it’s going to increase to 900 quid a month. On his Koptalk site he claims it will be 8000 quid a year. We’ll 900 quid a month is 10,800 quid a year. 8000 quid a year is 667 quid a month. So Dunk – is the monthly cost 900 quid or 667 quid? Is the annual cost 8000 quid or 10,600?
We expect your move of servers to be complete in a couple of days too – and we’ll be checking out who your new service provider is and ask them what we’d be getting for £10,600 a year.

If you’re going to bullshit at least try and stay consistent. As I said earlier, practice doesn’t make perfect. Just makes you look all the more a complete bullshitter.

And people don’t like shelling out to bullshitters.


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  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Since I used Al’s streams a lot, I hope to be one of his first customers.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    The Lauren charity doesn’t exist, if it does then it’s not a registered one. The payments on the site were to be paid to Duncan’s mum, and sent to Duncan’s PO Box address. We pointed that out. Someone said they’d told the police. The Lauren site disappeared. Maybe we should chase it up. I’ve (seriously) got a few things going on regarding DO behind the scenes though, so I’ll have to find time. If the person who did the reporting is still around, have you any update?

    After claiming to have 5000 members, Dunk now seems to have around 100 active members in the Gold club (whenever I check). Quite a drop. Especially when so many of them are leaving coded messages for other sites and the blog in mid-post.

    Will you renew?

  3. Disco Says:

    Renewing – ultimately down to how Koptalk develops in the next year. I don’t think the community is at it’s best at the moment but I still enjoy posting there.

    However, IF I left Koptalk, the likely reasons are :

    1-100 : didn’t enjoy community
    1000-1 : this blog


  4. Disco Says:

    Charity – you really should give up on that – be man enough to admit that you were mistaken. I KNOW that it’s getting to the right place.

    Who in their right mind would set up an official charity on a community website?

  5. univofchicago Says:

    Out of those “100 active members”, I wonder how many are followers of this blog who are “just sticking around” til their membership expires…I know of seven GC/Insider members whom i have exchanged pm’s/emails personally – they are definately with this blog. There is also, of course, the regular contributors of this blog: insider/rupert/fat_boy etc who are GCMembers. There also seem to be several dozen more judging from the est1892 forums. And according to Tom, he received about 150 emails of support KTers – my guess is that a fair majority have already turned their back on the website.

    Koptalk is going down…and fast….

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Exodus is the second book of the Torah (the Pentateuch) and also the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), and the Christian Old Testament. The major events of the book concern the Exodus, a departure of Hebrew slaves from Egypt, under the leadership of Moses.

    Jews call the book by its first words Ve-eleh shemoth (Hebrew: ואלה שמות) (i.e., “And these are the names”) or simply “Shemoth” (שמות). The Septuagint designates the second book of the Pentateuch as “Exodus” (Greek: Εξοδος), meaning “departure” or “out-going”. The Latin translation adopted the name, which passed into other languages. LFC supporters refer to it as “Kopwalk” referring to a a passage of supporters in the 2006-2007 season from a barren rocky site to fertile sites in the land of milk and honey. As a result of the theme of the first half of the book, the term “an exodus” has come to mean a departure of a great number of people. . Wikepedia Encylcopaedia

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Does somebody else want to reply to Disco? Or is it best to ignore him?

    By the way – he’s an “honorary member” so he doesn’t actually have to renew in order to stay in. And so that makes us (Rupert and me) wrong in our assumption he was annoyed because of his £30 going up in smoke. So what is his motivation to keep coming back here and emptily defending his boss?

    He says he “KNOWS” that the Lauren money is going to the right place. To “KNOW” that the Lauren money is going to the right place he must have some kind of proof, how else would he “KNOW”?

    So Darren – show us the proof. I will make it into a post all of its own on the blog then. A lot of people have donated big sums for Lauren – they want to know it got there in its entirety. People bought things from Dunk for huge sums when he said the proceeds were all going to Lauren – again they want to know that it did go to Lauren. And we’re not talking small amounts of money overall here either.

    If you can’t show us the proof then I suggest you go and defend Duncan elsewhere, because you’re getting quite boring now.

    (Expects Disco to reply later on missing 90% of what was said)

  8. Disco Says:

    People have confirmed that they’ve received thanks from her family and I’ve had an e-mail to that effect. It’s not for me to publicise though is it?

    Motivation – there is none (how stupid can you guys be to bang on about this, it’s like talking to children), I started off trying to help you guys, pointing out what was interesting, but also pointing out what was flawed (and if you remember one of Dunk’s early “replies” to you (before he decided you weren’t worth worrying about 😉 ) he replied almost directly to 1 or 2 things I thought were interesting and ‘I’d like to hear a response’.

    Anyway, you’re quite right, I’m boring myself now. Much funnier to watch the same 3-4 posters/bloggers rant at each other. 🙂

    PS re. £26 or whatever : it’s not even a night out, so I’m not going to miss it, and I’m happy to pay that to someone who runs Koptalk as a full time job. That’s my decision (it’s also, laughably, yours). I can choose to not renew if I want to.

  9. Sinon Says:

    Disco – I never got anything from the family. I’m not saying she didn’t get every penny (surely people wouldn’t be that manipulative) but blanket statements don’t help for either arguement. My contribution, no matter how small, was and still is wholeheartly meant by myself, regardless of what Dunk has done. I didn’t expect a reply and didn’t get one.

  10. univofchicago Says:

    I’d ignore him too…

  11. Disco Says:

    I’d ignore me too 😦

  12. The Oracle Says:

    Just ignore him. It’s the same old patronising nonsense from him anyway.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider: “And so that makes us (Rupert and me) wrong in our assumption he was annoyed because of his £30 going up in smoke.2

    No it doesn’t. He has said many times (and just repeated it since your post) that he paid for membership.

    I said at the beginning that he is an insincere poseur. He serves a very limited purpose in allowing us to repeat some things which bear repeating for newbies.

  14. univofchicago Says:

    “I said at the beginning that he is an insincere poseur”

    Yes rupert and that is why, I say again, that ignorance is bliss when it comes to disco…

  15. Disco Says:

    “insincere poseur” – oh the irony 🙂

    You keep preaching to the choir lads, best of luck with it all! 😉

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    On the subject of charities or appeals – people on here have been very clear. I have written several posts on the subject.

    It is not illegal to organise an appeal. It is not necessary to register an appeal as a charity. It is illegal to use the proceeds for any other purpose than those for which they were raised. Depending on the circumstances this could be classified as fraud, deception and/or breach of trust.

    One leaves oneself open to suspicion if one mixes revenues intended for an appeal with the revenues of one’s business or personal account. The same applies if one mixes expenses connected with the administration of an appeal with one’s personal or business expenses.

    It is illegal to “borrow” money from an appeal to run one’s business or pay one’s personal expenses, or subject the money to any other form of risk before it is handed over to the intended recipient.

    As I understand it, it does not exonerate a person either from prosecution or from suspicion, to say that they have put the money back or made the appeal good, from their own personal pocket or from their business, once they have been found out to have been mixing appeal funds or “borrowing” them or misusing them.

    For obvious reasons those who conduct appeals usually follow certain procedures to give confidence to those who might want to donate and to avoid bringing suspicion on themselves or the appeal. These procedures are followed even by very well-known people who are trustworthy and normally above suspicion.

    For example, they will provide a bank account dedicated to the appeal and instruct that donations be sent directly there. In the very rare (so rare I cannot think of any) cases where they ask for the money to be sent to their own address they still ask that the cheques be made at to the bank account for deposit. Not all, but most, will provide receipts to the donors. All will provide an accounting – either publicly – or by request.l

    None of these procedures are mandatory. If they are not followed then questions are invariably asked.

    As I understand it questions have been asked about Oldham’s appeals. He does not have a good reputation – in fact many on the net have questioned his business ethics going back more than a decade. There are links to that on this blog.

    He does not give the name and address or account where the funds are deposited. He specifies that cheques and other forms of payment be made to him, personally, or in one case, to his mother.

    He does not provide receipts, as a matter of course, nor a public accounting.

    When questions he rants – and his rants usually involve the idea that he has personally put the appeal right with money from his own pocket as well as accusing those who ask the questions of harming his children.

    This extreme reaction to normal questions – especially in the light of his decision not to follow normal procedures – is itself a cause of suspicion.

    Some people are confused about registered charities. If the main purpose of a corporation is to do charitable work, then it can apply for the status of a charity and, if successful, receive a charter and a registered charity number. Those donating to the corporation will be able to claim their donation – or part of it – as a deduction on the income tax or corporate return- citing the receipt with the charity number. None of this applies either to KT or to any of Oldham’s appeals.

    So if people were to have a reasonable suspicion about an Oldham appeals, for example, they would not report it to the Charities Commisioner – unless Oldham had said or implied that the appeal or his business was a registered charity. They would report it to the police.

  17. Disco Says:

    Sorry, can’t resist :

    I thought the blog had already called the police

    Make up your mind lads 😉 (or even better admit it’s bollocks 😉 )

    Or are you going to claim it’s a different ‘insider’ so nothing to do with you…..

  18. paulcooper4 Says:

    Is anyone else having problems on est1892? It keeps saying database error and to refresh the page. I have and fuck all has happened. Any ideas? the only thing i can think of is that disco`s incessant shite talking has blocked the system…..

  19. Toby Says:

    At least Duncan Oldham should provide photgraphic evidence of Lauren smiling infront of her/his* new plasma telly in the Koptalk shed.

    *delete as appropriate

  20. Insider Insider Says:

    Does anyone know of a blog aimed at infant school children. Those who can’t read very well? Disco said…

    # Disco Says: August 1st, 2006 at 1:26 pm
    Sorry, can’t resist :

    I thought the blog had already called the police

    Make up your mind lads 😉 (or even better admit it’s bollocks 😉 )

    Or are you going to claim it’s a different ‘insider’ so nothing to do with you…..

    Look to the end of that post, right near the links for leaving comments and so on. It says, in small writing I grant you, but it does say it – Posted by Right Insider

    That’s not me. That’s another contributor. Like Rupert’s another contributor, going by the name of “Rupert Insider”. If you send me an email with any questions you’ve got for either “Right Insider” or “Rupert Insider” I’ll glady forward them on.

    Do you realise that the blog started off taking the piss out of Dunk’s made-up transfer stories. Pointing out to people that their money was being wasted if that was what they spent it for? Others pointed out to me there was more to it than the transfer stories for them. Trouble was, Dunk couldn’t admit he was wrong – so he dug a bigger and bigger hole all the time. And more and more people found that the site had less and less of an attraction for them as members were banned, PMs were disabled, moderation got worse than before and so on. If he’d only admitted he’d been making up the stories at the start and concentrated on all the other stuff, and maybe added that other members had some bits of gossip worth listening to (those ones have since left of course). He’s made himself a hole too big to climb out of.

    You’re also digging a hole for yourself. It’s getting bigger. You won’t be able to climb out of it soon.

  21. Disco Says:

    So you’re saying (as I predicted, if YOU can read) that as it was a different insider it has nothing to do with you (and therefore the blog)…… OK then. Surely you can e-mail your mate to find out and update us….

    Extending this, basically you’re a keyboard warrior who likes posting bollocks and getting other people to ban themselves/call authorities etc. etc. and you don’t actually care about the results. Good to know 😉

    I can see why people called you the Al Quaeda (sp?) of internet warriors.

    re. Digging hole – are you on crack? 😉

  22. Disco Says:

    PS Why isn’t Right Insider posting stuff from Koptalk any more? 😉

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    Just to be clear, I am not Insider Insider or Right Insider. I am Rupert Insider. I did not call the police about Oldham’s appeal.

    If an appeal is conducted in such an unusual way that it raises reasonable suspiscion, then a person might start by asking the oganisers of the appeal to explain.

    As I read Right Insider’s post – that is what he did – he telephoned KT, asked the question, and the person responding would not answer and cut him off.

    Faced with that response his suspiscions increased.

    As I explained in my post above at 1.07 pm if someone has a reasonable suspiscion about unsual aspects of the conduct of an appeal then the only authority to whom that person can report the suspiscion is the police.

    As I read Right Insider’s post that is what he did.

    First he checked with the Charity Commissioner to see if the appeal (or KT) was registered as a charity. If they were then he would have reported his suspiscion or his questions to the Charity Commission. But the Commision advised him to report it to the police.

  24. Insider Insider Says:

    Disco – if you or anyone else want me to pass an email on to Right Insider then all you have to do is email me.

  25. discoisatwat Says:


    You talk wank. Can you not see what has been presented to you? Take a look at the google group entry were fat cunt refers to the s*n. Then claims he didn’t know anything about it.

    he might as well pissed on the graves of the 96.


  26. Ron Nasty Says:

    Disco’s a prick who can’t see the wood for the trees.

  27. univofchicago Says:


    i experienced that today…i THINK it was because they were upgrading the server, thus the temporary outrage…maybe the est1892 admins could confirm.

    its a new site…give it some more time^^

  28. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Quite so, Discoisatwat. He denied knowing about the boycott of the s*n when he wore that hat in France during the World Cup June-July 1998, yet a couple of weeks earlier, he magically seems to be aware of it.

    From: ®__D_u_n_c_a_n – view profile
    Date: Thurs, May 28 1998 12:00 am
    Email: ® D u n c a n
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    Reply | Reply to Author | Forward | Print | Individual Message | Show original | Report Abuse | Find messages by this author

    On Thu, 28 May 1998 17:18:05 GMT, edstradl… (Ed
    Stradling) wrote:
    >On Thu, 28 May 1998 15:12:24 +0100, Tony Henshall
    > wrote:

    >>The message
    >> from “Matthew Brechin” contains these words:
    >>> PS – just completed my “Dream Team” from the Sun, tell me what you think:-

    >>I think, as a Liverpool fan, you shouldn’t be buying the Sun after
    >>the lies that they wrote about the dead and injured at Hillsborough.
    >>No offence to you, you might not even have known, but it might be
    >>something for you to think about in the future.

    This is also applies to the Daily Mirror now as one of those top
    people recently moved to the Mirror and a boycott was suggest in
    various fanzines.

    ® D u n c a n

  29. est-er Says:

    rupertinsider Says:

    August 1st, 2006 at 1:07 pm
    On the subject of charities or appeals – people on here have been very clear. I have written several posts on the subject.

    It is not illegal to organise an appeal. It is not necessary to register an appeal as a charity. It is illegal to use the proceeds for any other purpose than those for which they were raised. Depending on the circumstances this could be classified as fraud, deception and/or breach of trust.

    One leaves oneself open to suspicion if one mixes revenues intended for an appeal with the revenues of one’s business or personal account. The same applies if one mixes expenses connected with the administration of an appeal with one’s personal or business expenses.

    LOL! I can see it now. On a remote island just off the north east coast, Katie sat in her chair shouting “drink, arse, feck”, idiot boy Ste in his tanktop whorshipping Dunk and saying “what?” and Dunk, the man himself endlessly repeating:


  30. SilentButDeadly Says:

    On the subject of live streams which the koptalk minnions seem to be crying about-

    I am sure the good people of koptalk appreciate what RED All 77 has done for them, but the information he supplies is readily available to anyone.

    if you can get on Koptalk, you presumably have a computer. If you have a computer it probably has a keyboard. If you can hit the keys with your fingers, you can probably type and if you have 10 minutes to spare, you can quite easily find literally DOZENS of sites where that sort of information is FREELY available. For example I believe RED AL 77 was part of which posted the same info to members who registered on its forums for free last season, although it wasn’t one of the sites I used personally that often. There are plenty about. I managed to work it out all by myself last season.

    Failing that, if you need a little more help, go to TLW or one of the less moderated sites and there will inevitably be FREE information on streams. How long that will remain, I don’t know.

    Do your own leg work, save £30 and find it for yourself.

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    SilentButDeadly: Thanks – I have to rely on streams quite a lot. The problems seems to be that the live streams scene changes so often. What worked before no longer works. If you use Google you can find lots of sites, as you said, but often you have to plough through their forums or FAQs to figure it all out, or they give links to, let’s say, a PPLive site, but the damn thing either does not work or does not have a readable directory. And at the end of all that, the application may decide not to work or send up error messages about new versions.

    I for one would appreciate a genuine service that is really current for that day, for that match, with clear instructions on how to work out bugs.

  32. Ron Nasty Says:

    And that’s why Red_Al was/is the only good thing about KT.

  33. rupertinsider Says:

    Was. BTW he posts on Est 1892.

  34. silentbutdeadly Says:

    There are other sites who sole motivation is to issue links to streams. I never found it a problem and I never used Koptalk. There are 2 sites in particular that I used a lot and as long as you have pplive or similar it was as simple as clicking on a published link for the majority of games. Occasionally, it was a little more difficult – but that tended to be the midweek games that had been rescheduled etc. Rupert – if you have access to my email through this site drop me a line/through insider and I’ll send you the websites urls.

    Like you say, these things tended to change a lot, and the sites occassionally get shut down, but these 2 provided the links for me for most of last season (I didn’t used them for the last month or 2 becuase I went to a lot of the games and we were on TV a lot also). If they do so again next season, great. if not others will spring from their ashes!

    We’ll see what the situation is come the new season. Maybe someone with the time could set up a blog and people with the ability to find them could issue the links – I wouldn’t have a problem helping out.

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    I took the liberty of pasting your post on the later thread about the “Gold Club Staying Dodgy” – because it is relevant there.

    I also posted my email address. I would appreciate those links:

    rupertinsider (at)


  36. Fat Tax Says:

    Couple of points. Regarding the streams, I can think of at least one other LFC site that usually gets posts with links to streams of LFC games right through the season. The main difference from Koptalk is that you don’t even need to be a member to read the forums and thus spot the posts in question.

    I won’t mention it by name because I happen to think people should frequent forums because of what they can bring to them rather than what they can take from them, but I can’t believe that it’s the only forum with similar information. It’s just one more example of Duncan peddling something that’s not his to sell in the first place. There’s a word for people who do that.

    As far as the “discount” goes, that is one of the funniest things I’ve read in ages. Do you think he’s worried about all those recorded taxable earnings he’s receiving? Surely not! The idea that in 2006 a supposedly honest businessman would encourage people to pay for a service by sending CASH THROUGH THE POST is pure comedy gold. Not to mention that to any figures of officialdom that may or may not be watching him, there’s NOTHING that confirms a person’s shady nature quite like this kind of thing. Well, apart form flogging dodgy Sky cards and advertising on swingers sites, obviously. He might as well start wearing a black and white striped jumper and carrying a swag bag. What am I saying? He’s already got a black and white striped top, hasn’t he. One with “Shearer” on the back…

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