How best to leave Koptalk

Another disgruntled customer of Koptalk.

Is he now banned? Will he get a refund? I think we know the answers.

Thanks to one of our spies for getting these screenshots before Oldham got wind of it.

bfro01.jpgbfro02.jpgbfro03.jpg 3

If you’re going to leave Koptalk after finding out you wasted your money, this is the way to do it. Although a red from Zambia seems 100% behind Dunk according to his comments here, it’s actually probably only 99.9% now. And that 0.1 of a percent is the start of the crack that soon grows bigger and bigger, as more and more doubt starts to creep in.


23 Responses to “How best to leave Koptalk”

  1. Malaga Red Says:

    lol! Thanks for that! Great start to my Sunday!

  2. univofchicago Says:

    yes, that is the way to do it.

    but perhaps paulcooper4 could have added a little link to this blog!

  3. Fred Says:

    It looks like Dunk spotted the post quite quickly and therefore it didn’t have the impact it deserved. It’s a bit of a waste of money if someone’s going to get banned after one month – better to gently stir things up over time in my opinion.

    I’m still considering whether or not to renew my membership – it’s a bit of a quandary. On the one hand I don’t want to support the site, but on the other I don’t want to miss out on the fun.

  4. Disco Says:

    Why don’t one of the more significant posters/editors of this site ‘go out in a blaze of glory’, or are you just happy to see cannon-fodder nobodies do your dirty work? 😉

  5. univofchicago Says:

    understand freddy.

    there is the est1892 site. still in its infancy, so maybe its not as “fun” as you would like, but im sure with time it will get a whole lot better. and all the quality posters are moving to est1892, so i don’t think its a bad idea. your choice though.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    Disco – I didn’t ask Mr Cooper to do what he did on Koptalk. I’m glad he did it though.

    Reason? Whenever anyone writes to me to say they are a member of the Insider and they have decided not to renew, a lot of them ask what they can do with their remaining subscription to help the blog. I usually ask them to keep an eye out for interesting posts and to send them on to me. I never tell anyone to go out in a blaze of glory. What I say is that seeing as they paid for the subscription in the first place, they should do whatever would give them the most satisfaction. If that’s sending me posts then do that. If shouting from the top of the Gold Club that they think Dunk is a **** would be their favourite choice then do that. If writing a complaint to Dunk in a formal way asking for a refund is their choice, then do that. Get the idea?

    Paul felt like shouting at the top of his forum voice about Mr Oldham’s taking of his money under false pretences.

    It’s not my “dirty work”. People can carry on going back to Koptalk if they choose to. People can carry on paying Dunk money for what they now see is really available to them for that money. Fake gossip. A community that is starting to leak away. Where you can’t speak freely or make suggestions about improvements. A Liverpool FC website that supports the Sun!

    If anyone is doing someone’s “dirty work” around here it’s you! Your criticism on here (and elsewhere) of this blog is laughable, because I’m yet to understand what exactly you are criticising the blog for. You just drop hints and say very little.

    Intentional or not, Dunk must be quite proud of your efforts, but not exactly pleased. Most of what you say is falling on deaf ears.

    I’ve heard people say good things about you from what they’ve read from you on Koptalk, and how they wonder if it really is the same person posting here and elsewhere as the one from Koptalk. I’d not heard of you before you started writing your comments in here, so I have to take their word for it.

    On here you sound like a bitter apologist for Duncan – and without giving anyone any actual reasons why! Try and explain yourself before you make yourself look any worse. Nobody will ever take you seriously (again?) if you carry on like this.

  7. alan Says:

    Why dont people go to any of the other sites listed on the right? they are made by proper reds fans who dont rip people off. And they dont print bullshit that they have insider info.

  8. univofchicago Says:


    people have left for years. and for every disgruntled member that left, duncan oldham has been able to “get some new ‘morons’ or ‘loons’ to sign up quickly” with his cheap way of marketing the site. it always went in cycles. unhappy people left, the credulous came in. this went on for about 4-5 years.

    this year is very different though. the blog has really made an impact in terms of convincing the Koptalk faithful that the website should be boycotted. Not only is the rate in which the blog has been able to change peoples mind been remarkable but the fact that a lot of the members that have left (or have plans not to renew) are part of a strong loyal base of the Gold Club/Insider.

    Duncan Oldham is having difficulty coming to terms with it. He says hes seen it all before, but I bet nothing of this scale. He is worried that is for sure. If this trend continues, I think its fair to say that Koptalk will go ‘out of business’ very soon.

  9. Disco Says:

    Insider – I never have and never will have a particular motive.

    I came here and said you had some interesting things to say, and you’ve ‘planted some seeds’, but I’ve pointed out IMO where posts/actions/claims are tenuous or worse laughable.

    It’s a shame, because it reduces the impact of your other posts.

    re. Paul’s post on KT – I saw it and just laughed, but overall I just thought it was stupid to give away his subscription so easily.

  10. paulcooper4 Says:

    Fred : very good point mate, i realised within a few hours of joining koptalk that id been ripped off on the inside information front. Then realised that the odd couple of people who were posting (wrong) info were actually aliases of the twat whod conned me. Then i found out about him supporting the sun. so id paid 20 quid, what to do now, i decided for a bit to just use it as a (very expensive) liverpool forum until my sub ran out and just keep a look out for anything pro sun on there and argue the toss about it. but i couldnt even do that, after a month in there i realised i would rather just go, and hopefully maybe convince a couple more to go too. Even as a forum its shite, as most of the people in there seem to be anti-lfc. even people slagging rafa – hey rosco. So there you go, didnt think it would cause this much fuss like, but im glad its got under the skin of disco because i think hes a tit. At first i thought he just had his own viewpoint and actually defended him on here to insider, but now ive realised hes just a gobshite with a big mouth insulting people from behind the safety of a computer screen.

  11. Disco Says:

    Paul – I can guarantee you’ve not got under my skin mate 😉

    It appears to be the opposite 🙂

  12. ROCK Says:

    i think youve got to figure out when would be the best time to do what paul did , for maximum impact.
    there are, i would like to point out quite a number of people off koptalki wouldnt like to see on estd1892.and a few of them are well known posters.

    have been watching the who’s onlin ebit of kt lately just to see how his figures are doing and he seems to be averaging at about 170, how that compares to his usual numbers i dont know, but i do know it is very very quiet on there.

  13. jj_sawyer Says:

    i’mm sure a few months back there used to be 300-400 people logged in at any given time during the day… anyone we know people are leaving and he’s not getting the same kind of signups anymore. The word is already out on you Oldham and we’re bringing you down from the inside.

    I’ve thought about how is best to go out. Now I’m guessing there are literally hundreds of members reading this blog who are prepared to Kamikaze their memberships for the greater good of LFC fans. But how best to make use of these “useless” memberships.

    We want to spread the word, or the truth if you will, about Duncan Oldham, Caboodle, his S*n loving and Orwellian antics. I’m not sure if a blaze of glory is the best way of doing things “generally”. Ok for a few people now and again, such as Tom, and other notable posters/contributers it does leave a ripple effect, as is ever so evident from recent events, but if you’re a part-time poster/lurker then it probably doesn’t have the same impact.

    I think what is most effective is not contributing anything to the community there. Don’t add any value. What we need to be doing is taking value away maybe, by discrediting the remaining idiotic posters/Dunk minions and maybe lowering the tone of the threads there, hence creating a ‘negative’ environment,

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    Always remember that despite his occasional fits of sentimentality about his “mates” on KT – especially when he feesl a plea for personal charity coming on – he has no genuine loyalty to any of his members. He excludes and bans his oldest, most valuable members as easily as the newest – and when they are gone they become “the booted ones”.

    He has always been interested first and foremost in money.

    So for those who are disaffected with him and want to extract some satisfaction for the money they gave him the most effective response is to prevent him making more money. That means not clicking on his “News Now” leads, reducing the amount of page refreshes to the minimum when visiting his site. not making any post that would cause anyone else to refresh the page.

    For the very skilled – and I warn you it is difficult to fly beneath his paranoic radar – even though I’ve been doing it for years – you can make “innocently naive” posts that raise questions about his operations or pointing to this blog or other sites.

    Some have decided to assist this blog to monitor his forums and shoutbox and his pods and broadcast, taking screenshots of interesting posts, so that others can see what they see.

    jj_sawyer: remember that the number of those shown to be visiting his site at any one time inlcude us and others who are there as observors only: a poster on here reported that he has lost 50% of his hits in the last couple of weeks: somebody else reported that his new signings are a fraction of what they normally are at this time of the year.

    His demise won’t happen overnight. He has slid from being No.1 unofficial site a few years ago, to being No. 3 now (No.4 if you include the official site). The indications are that the speed of the slide is accelerating. I would not be surprised to see EST1892 and some of the other sites moving past his in the next 6-12 months.

  15. rupertinsider Says:


    A a list of the names Oldham (and Steve) (and DJ) calls his readers and paying members:

    persistent offenders
    sorry individuals
    wittering girls
    fecking 6-year-olds
    need to take their heads out of their asses
    split arse

    30 yr somethings acting like teenage girls – Steve

    benders – DJ
    cnuts – DJ
    split-arses i.e. women – DJ


    Please note “feedback” on KT has now been classifed as “whinges”

    Leave a Reply

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    You can use his free forums and get his insider and gold club stuff on here.

  17. gold member Says:

    Disco writes as though he is speaking for the many, when he is actually only giving his own opinion.

    “You make some good points, but then let yourself down” type comments imply he feels he is in a position to judge which are which.

    I disagree, I think it is him that makes only some very rare good points. The remainder are an attempt to position himself in Dunk’s good books, whilst remaining ‘friends’ with some of the edgier posters of the lfc community.

    In other words fence sitting by proxy.

  18. Fred Says:

    univofchicago/rupertinsider – I didn’t mean that KT is ‘fun’ in the amusing/pleasurable sense. I just want a good close up view of the site when it finally crumbles. It’s gratifying being able to observe what’s happening to it from the inside.

    I know some of the interesting and controversial threads get cut and pasted onto this blog, and that there are other (much better) free Liverpool forums. It’s all a question of choice. For now I choose to be a member of KT, in the future I may not. I’m not defending Dunk, it would be a decent site if he just left it alone.

  19. Disco Says:

    Gold member – you’re spot on, it’s only my opinion. I’d never suppose to talk for other people, but a few other people have made similar comments.

    Do I feel I’m in a position to judge? – that doesn’t make sense, it’s just an opinion. If anyone agrees, well woo-hoo, if anyone disagrees, well who cares.

    Remember – arguing on the internet is like the special olympics. Even if you win you’re still a retard. 😉

  20. est-er Says:

    I think the best time for impact now is to wait until January. OK if your membership expires beforehand then have a blow out on the last day. January is another transfer window, it will be another set of bullshit posts from wallets, horses, Pat McCat and other aliases which come to nothing. Maybe one of them will strike gold by chance and become the new chosen one but basically it’s crap. There will also be more mysterious texts from his contact on the invesment saga. It’s on, it’s off, update at the end of next month, update postponed, Parry-bashing, Moores-bashing etc etc…
    I thought Paul Coopers post was good because he mentioned the lies, the fraud and Dunks association with that tabloid. All the ways to have maximum impact.

  21. Kaip Says:


  22. Peter Says:

    Great work Paul Cooper

    You’re welcome at anytime (applause)

  23. strazzaque Says:

    I used to be an ordinary member of KT before upgrading to the Gold Club.

    I let my membership lapse because I saw little value in a renewal- what info is claimed is usually stuff I already knew by the time I logged in at work.

    What I do wonder though, is what became of guys like LFCisse, a fellow Aussie fan, and forum icon with a ridiculously high post count.

    There was also a Maltese fan, I forget his handle, who went off like a rocket anytime there was criticism of LFC which he deemed unreasonable.

    I also wonder what happened to “Tom Numbers” – one of the comments alluded to him being banned.

    Guys, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well. As for the rest of you, I don’t recognise many names here, Kopdan and Fred notwithstanding. I’m sure the feeling’s mutual as I only had about 90 or so posts. ;]

    I am however, noticing the same sense of community developing in the Comments page, which is a thread unto itself.

    Perhaps it is time to visit those other sites linking off this site and reacquaint myself with some familiar names.

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