A new plan needs a new van

I looked at this again and again and again, trying to come up with something to say about it. I struggled. I managed only this –

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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Photography experts – Van dealerships too
#1579357 – 30/07/06 04:35 PM
1) Anyone know much about professional photography? I want to buy a paparazzi style camera and lense this season for use when we go on missions. Sell us a camera

2) Been trawling dealership for a van for the site. We have a small Corsa van but we want something Ford Transit size so we can have a mobile office in the back. Sell us a van


Sorry, I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I’ve composed myself a bit now.

So what’s the loony Toon got in mind now? What is this the start of? Last time he started coming out with this fantasy stuff he started his plans to buy Chris Waddle’s home overlooking Melwood, where he was going to fit CCTV cameras. Remember? He probably doesn’t, because it was all bullshit (see previous post).

I noticed he’s also got his mate Smooch on the Insider site now. His last mate, the one he met through playing games on the XBox I believe. The one who probably didn’t see Dunk’s comments about foreigners on his blog. Not his current blog, or the one before that (including its 4 or 5 versions) but the one before that. He’s had more blogs than sign-ups this year.

Maybe he’s planning to start some kind of A-Team for the Koptalk Insider members. Now Smooch has turned up he’s got enough members left – Dunk, Smooch, Steev and Rich Tea.  I think that’s right isn’t it? Four members? Dunk is quite clearly mad enough to be Murdoch, but Murdoch was actually fairly useful.

stevie_sees_fatty.jpgMaybe (as someone said in an email to me) he’s got plans to start supplying his favourite paper (The Sun) with some photos. Well he may have to use a long lens to get photos of players now after all. His relationship with Propaganda seems to have come to an end, he’s stopped using their photos now. Perhaps he was asked to pay up front, and Propaganda don’t take blank postal orders or paypal. Perhaps Duncan was actually asked to pay a big part of that 12k (from memory) he claimed he’d be shelling out on photos this season. Perhaps Propaganda didn’t like being called “Koptalk’s photographer”. We didn’t get a reply though, so this is all guess work. Propaganda have got photos from yesterday’s game on their site though, so it’s not like Duncan to have missed this opportunity. Will he still have his “official representatives” at every big LFC event this coming season?

Sorry, I’ve just read his post again, and now need to laugh quite loudly. “Missions”? “Mobile Office”?

Any other ideas on why “The Wool with the Bull” might want to buy this van and camera? Or more to the point, what this week’s fantasy is going to be?

(If you’re new to this blog you’ll maybe not know this, but I’m not bothered about Dunk being an “OOTer” or a “Wool”, despite his occasional claims that it’s one of our motivations. I just thought “The Wool with the Bull” was appropriate.) 


19 Responses to “A new plan needs a new van”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    On his “broadcast” last week, which was supposed to be about LFC playing at Crewe, he reviewd that day’s papers and zoned in on the NoW “exposure” about George Michael in Hampstead Heath. What seemed to particularly excite Oldham was the fact that the gentleman from Brighton in the story had a mattress on the floor of his van. (Fatty screwed up the story by saying the alleged action had taken place in the van).

    So I can’t help wondering if his need for a roomy van was inspired by that story and whether we will be receiving broadcasts from Hamsptead Heath soon.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    Wish it was fatty at the receiving end of that “finger”…

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    On your question about photos from Propoganda Agency and his claims to have official represenatives at every match and Press Conferences (because he claimed to have an arrangement with the “suits” who he does not name but implies it is the Press Office at LFC and/or Propoganda):

    it could be that he has gone silent and did not have access to Propoganda’s output this week

    (a) becausePropoganda took note of your emails and post on thsi blog or

    (b) LFC had a word with Popoganda about any “arragement” they may or may not have made with Oldham.

    We know for certain that he had no arrangement with LFC Press Office or the official site and that nobody at LFC has ever spoken to him or ever will.

  4. ba75 Says:

    He needs the van to stand on and overlook the walls at melwood, and with his long range camera take the pictures for the site, and claim he was thier as a guest of honour of parry or something…..Sounds familiar though 🙂

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    The word “missions” might be very significant. Remember my post with the question “is Koptalk a Cult” and what I said about recruiting new members?

  6. Ste Says:

    I think you’re probably right in guessing that Propoganda have pulled out of any agreements with him, so he probably fancies taking his own pictures now. Maybe he wants the van so he can stand on its roof to get those pictures from Melwood! Then he can sit in the back of the van and upload the images straight back to his Mum at Koptalk HQ!

  7. Ste Says:

    ba75 – you beat me to it! I started typing my comment before you posted but then went out of the room to do something else before coming back to finish it off…

  8. est-er Says:

    I can’t believe on Dunk’s blog he has an advert for a tour of Old Toilet. It makes me feel physically sick. Proof if ever proof were needed that he is purely motivated by greed and money.

  9. dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    what is the address of fatty’s blog? I know I should know but don’t.

  10. dunk thinks I am his pal Says:


  11. R A Softlad Says:

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone… but if you f*** with us, you’ll walk with a limp…”


  12. lobster Says:

    anyone care to ask him about the melwood property progress? maybe he cant be arsed now with a fixed property so go looking for the fat mobile.

  13. chapeau du soleil Says:

    lobster, more likely Del is just a lying, sun-supporting vile conman

  14. Toby Says:

    Maybe he’s preparing a suicide pact? He’ll pile in the remaining Insider members into the back of his van and gas them all.

  15. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    R A softlad I assume it is you from YNWA with the same name? We need to get FYDS on here…although I guess he is but under a different alias 🙂

  16. Robbie Says:

    Funny indeed. Pathetic.

  17. Fat Tax Says:

    Well, if anyone noticies a knackered Transit parked outside Melwood, leaning over to one side as Fat Boy tries to get his paparazzo shots out of the mirrored back window with a long lens, I hope they’ll do the responsible thing and report it to the appropriate authorities as a possible terrorist threat, Or maybe it could be a filthy paedophile taking pictures of kids. You just can’t take the chance these days, I mean imagine being the person who saw everything and did nothing. It’s the socially responsible thing to do.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    I think the long lens is just a symbol of a phallic wish.

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