No sources leaves Del feeling sore

Duncan Oldham bans anyone from his sites if they show the slightest bit of dissent.

Duncan Oldham claims anyone who criticises him elsewhere is a “former banned member” or someone he “binned”. Another one he uses is “jealous rival of this site”.

As I’ve said before, I’m neither. This blog is no rival, I’ve never been banned. Similar to many of those who stand up against him. The ones who are banned, you’d think it was for being abusive. Tom was banned for coming up with some very well-meant suggestions.

Duncan Oldham says he has no rivals. He doesn’t see anyone else as a rival to him. He says it, but doesn’t mean it. He lies a lot you see…

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I thought Kuyt was ‘due’ today
#1575797 – Fri Jul 28 2006 11:38 AM
Didnt we have a post from ‘a source’ claiming that dirk would be announced today?

Whilst i know LFC deadlines and dates always mean two weeks after orginally intended, is there any news on this?
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Re: I thought Kuyt was ‘due’ today  [Re: kingofkop]
#1575823 – Fri Jul 28 2006 11:43 AM   

It was a guy on another forum, claiming Carra told him – he wasn;t a well-known insider of any description.

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Re: I thought Kuyt was ‘due’ today  [Re: honourablegeorge]
#1575832 – Fri Jul 28 2006 11:45 AM
I thought elisha or Usher had said this and as far as im aware they are very good sources.
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Re: I thought Kuyt was ‘due’ today  [Re: carras_boot]
#1575973 – Fri Jul 28 2006 12:24 PM



(two smileys appeared here)

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ivenorivals1_380.jpg Click to enlarge.

So if Duncan’s got no rivals, and other sites don’t bother him, why is “The Liverpool Way” one of the targets of his cyber squatting attacks. Why post this about Dave Usher, the owner and editor (a real editor) of TLW? It’s because Oldham’s jealous of he fact that Dave Usher has contacts at the Academy, at Melwood and at Anfield. He’s friends with players. In fact Oldham’s probably jealous of the fact that Dave Usher has friends, players or not.

I know that there was a recent post on TLW about Salif Diao not leaving Anfield as expected and instead travelling to Switzerland with the rest of the squad. It came well ahead of Koptalk’s announcement. Like most things really. One of Duncan’s few remaining members asked why the player was on such a high contract. Ideal opportunity for Oldham to complain about anyone who didn’t like Daio, and also to have a go at Rick Parry again.

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Re: Dunk’s comments on Diao [Re: TommySmith]
#1575981 – Fri Jul 28 2006 12:27 PM

Just wondering what your views on this is.
I am one of those who has been frustrated by this situation. For me the problem is that we have spent about 15m on him in transfer fee and wages, we bought him (and Cheyrou and Diouf) when we seemed to be about to make the break-through back to the top level, and instead weent backwards. What a waste of money they were.

Now let me clarify. The issue I have is with GED and whoever else at the club signed these guys, rather than with Salif himself. I am sure he has tried his best and he has had injury problems. But why did we sign someone so unproven on such a long term contract. Surely if there is a risk, you sign a 2 or 3 year deal, make the salary small with big bonuses and you can always extend it later.

Second point is that as a LFC fan for 30 odd years I will always support the team 100%, but I am entitled, i think, to critisise the club or individual players, or voice my opinion on them, if i feel they are not good enough. That doesn’t mean that the next time they wear the liver bird on their chest I will not be 100% behind them again.

End of rant.


The manager doesn’t set the fee, the player doesn’t set the fee. The chief executive determines the wages and contract duration.

Cristicism of Diao is fine but some of the attacks on him have been disgraceful.

So the manager and player have absolutely no input into a player’s fee, wages or contract duration? I didn’t know that. There’s me thinking a player (and his agent) would discuss wages and length of contract. There’s me thinking that a manager might just say to his chief executive or chairman that he’d not want to pay over a certain amount for a player, or give him too long a contract. Still, we haven’t all got the same contacts as Mr Oldham have we?

As for Oldham’s way of following the news rather than using his claimed sources to get stories, here’s a great comment “Mudface” left yesterday. Thanks again “Mudface”.

Just out of interest, I went back through the NewsNow entries for today. Although the times aren’t 100% reliable (at least according to Paul Ward off .tv) they do provide a consistent account of where KopTalk’s recycled ‘news’ stories are stolen from. It appears it takes him only a couple of minutes to copy and rewrite articles from the Echo and the official site , but a while longer to steal stuff off Sky and other websites. Presumably he had a lie-in this morning as the Post’s stadium article wasn’t recycled until nearly 10 am.

Below is a selection from today, I’ve been a bit of a transfer news hound for the last couple of days, and believe me this pattern is repeated day-in, day-out- it’s almost comical.

Benitez admits Pennant signing is a gamble 12:42
Pennant deal a ‘gamble’ icLiverpool, Merseyside 11:56

Liverpool FC: Resources there to build new stadium 11:59
Cash is in place for new Anfield icLiverpool, Merseyside 11:56

Liverpool linked with Brescia starlet 13:16
Brescia starlet catches Reds’ eye Sky Sports 11:11

Kaiserslautern game NOT postponed 10:22
Weekend friendly still on Liverpool FC – The Official Site 10:20

Parry could be handed stadium reprieve 09:52
£9m question: Is stadium deal still on track? icLiverpool, Merseyside 08:47 

If only he’d name his sources more often (i.e. which website) and admit he’s got no sources (i.e. players or staff of LFC) then I’d personally not be too bothered.


17 Responses to “No sources leaves Del feeling sore”

  1. silentbutdeadly Says:

    What a despicable little shit he is to try and undermine Dave Usher. Dave obviously has contacts, and releases REAL inside information that he gets from players etc.

    Oldham is just a fat cunt hiding in a shed with a teenage boy.

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Dave U has real info and is a nice bloke to boot. Something fatty can only dream about

  3. An Observer Says:

    Stupid fat cunt having a go at Dave Usher. Given TLW is where the horrible fat shit nicks most of his content from though it’s hardly surprising.

    Oh regarding newsnow, it’s not all that accurate, say if there were two stories listed timed within 5-10 mins of each other you can’t really be sure what site had it up first due to how their spider works but if the time difference is over 10 mins then it’s pretty accurate to say the site with a story listed first was first.

  4. Whois Lookup Says:

    Neither Dave U nor Elisha have claimed Kuyt was signing Friday.

    In fact they’ve said the opposite – we won’t sign Kuyt without selling two or three fringe players first (Dudek, Traore, Kromkamp).

  5. Whois Lookup Says:

    Elisha’s only comments in the last four weeks on Kuyt were: “I think we will need to sell before a forward is bought. Djimi, Dudek, Kromkamp maybe? The money just isnt there for Kuyt or whoever at the moment.”

    27th July 2006, 12:58 PM

    Dave last comments on Kuyt were: “Alves would have taken up virtually all the cash Rafa has left. As it stands, he still needs to sell before he has the money for Kuyt, but if he’d bought Alves he’d have to raise a lot more cash. Clubs aren’t exactly lining up to take our unwanted cast offs.”

    26th July 2006, 01:23 PM

    His only other comment in the last 10 days when asked about Kuyt was: “I haven’t heard anything recently, which is why I haven’t posted anything. When I hear something, you lot will be the first to know!”

    26th July 2006, 11:21 AM

  6. DT Says:

    Mr. Oldham is an embarrassment to the Reds internet community. He would do well to look at Dave Usher for input on how to behave on the internet and how to run a forum. Dave’s made no fortune off his site or fanzine, but at least most people – TLW users or not – respect him for what he is, a genuine red.

    The best example I can think of to illustrate the difference between the two is when Dave broke the story that Liverpool were about to sell Danny Murphy (to Spurs who were looking like signing him before he went to Charlton instead) and Oldham rubbished the story. Oldham had previously hinted that Murphy was one of his sources, yet only a few hours after having declared that the TLW story was rubbish, I’m fairly sure he claimed it as an exclusive. Wouldn’t he have known about it before Dave, if he knew Murphy?

  7. Chunky Says:

    Pointless to compare a fanzine with player interviews to a website that has no content.

  8. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    Not sure if any of you know that a friend of mine manged to get the now defunct Kewelltalk an exclusive interview with Harry Kewerll, if you know who to ask getting interviews is not hard. I was promised an interview with GH aftre he left and was going to give it to Kewelltalk as well, but sadly GH stopped being om MOTD2, it was with them that I was going to do the interview. I don’t think fatty has managed to get to players since Heggem left….I may be wrong about this, but I am not usually. He has no sources or contacts…and charges people it makes me sick.

    If anyone is interested GH was ‘sacked’ from MOTD as he wouldn’t spill the beans about anything and spoke too quietly. I was told he had loads of interesting things to say but never did!!!!!!

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    And let’s be clear even about Heggem. He was Norwegian, single and living alone in the Albert Dock appartments at the Pier Head. He went through a long period of injury and was alone a lot. In those days he was probably the only LFC player who knew how to get on the net. He had his own site in English and Norwegian. It was mainly about footie and he wrote a diary mainly for his fans, family and friends. The net was still a novelty. He wanted to link to other sites and his first links were to Norwegian fan sites, including LFC fan sites in Norway. He then discovered KopTalk which was more or less an open free-wheeling forum in those days – not yet the personal platform of the odious one. So he linked to it on his site and he gave an interview and allowed his photo to be used.

    Oldham’s mercilessly milked this connection. Veggem cooled off, and eventually cut the connection when he left the club.

    I think this early connection to Norway through Veggem generated some interest in KT fom Norweigian fans. Despite claiming to be dedicated to the site which he would never give up, Oldham suddenly announced he was trying to sell it to a group in Norway. He reported that he had travelled to Norway, at their expense, had drunk to excess, at their expense, had received and offer that was too good to turn down. Subsequently he claimed that he refused it. To which I say – Nor-way! (Excuse the Yorkshire accent)

  10. fredo Says:

    Dave Usher may have credible sources but he is an absolute cunt. His forum is a disgrace anyway.

  11. Insider Insider Says:

    Why do you say that fredo?

    I hate pointing out the obvious, but without explaining yourself you’re making yourself sound very much like both those things.

  12. fredo Says:

    That’s my opinion, like you sure have yours. 🙂

    As for his forum, it’s full of bitter twats in there. Does Dave Usher bears to moderate it ? No, obviously … he’s too much of a cunt to do that.

    No offense to you insider … was just a parting shot at Usher anyway. Back to the shire now.

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    Fredo – I have my opinions, but I do try to back them up with evidence. You’ve also had a swipe at Dave Usher on the Insider forum –
    Honorary Member
    Reged: Jul 01 2003
    Loc: Home sweet home
    Re: I thought Kuyt was ‘due’ today [Re: steve101]
    #1577799 – Sat Jul 29 2006 09:58 AM Reply Quote
    From what i’ve read, i concur that Dave Usher is indeed a tool.

    Again, why do you think this? Is it a general opinion on Dave Usher from reading his articles or is it something more specific?

    TLW has moderators, but I don’t think they’re called into action very often.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I don’t know Dave Usher. I know his site was very small in the early 2000’s when KopTalk was in full pursuit of Robbie Fowler. Dave Usher supported us dissidents.

    I also read his post the other day which was in such contrast to Oldham’s. Somebody asked him what was happening about Kuyt. He said he didn’t know, he had no news and if he had he would post it (his forum is free). Then the questioner made another comment to say he was disappointed. Dave got back, would you prefer me to make it up?

  15. fredo Says:

    Anyway guys, get a life (especially you insider insider). 🙂

  16. Fat Tax Says:

    Fredo – Dave Usher’s forum full of “bitter twats”? What the fuck are you on about? Let me guess. Did you go on there and say “Hiya, I’m Fredo. You’re a bunch of bitter twats, aren’t you?”

    I’ve only ever seen one kind of person get flamed on TLW. Complete fucking idiots.

  17. gerard Says:

    build the new stadium tom hicks andgeorge gillet

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