Dunk's lack of contacts still doesn't stop him…

Duncan Oldham has no contacts at Anfield, Melwood or the Academy. Liverpool FC don’t even give him any special treatment for his purchases from the online club shop (he actually ordered new shirts from the club shop rather than off the affiliate link with Kitbag he was heavily plugging his own site users to buy from – but he did make sure he dropped hints that the official site was having problems when he tried to order from it).

He tries to pretend he has contacts in every aspect of Liverpool FC. Whatever story might come up, Oldham’s got his own expert and insider to call up as and when he needs. One of them conveniently appeared to send him a text when he was on one of his rare outings away from his house with someone other than his mum or step-brother. What a coincidence that was.

Now he has managed to get some quotes from the politicians who are involved in Liverpool’s bid to build a new stadium, so he thinks he can start his crap about insider knowledge on club investment. He knows nothing. He knows nobody. After an ill-informed rant about the new stadium, including a rare acknowledgement of taking some of it from the Daily Post, Oldham makes these laughable statements.

Those who have been happy to come to me to circulate news regarding developments in the background have suddenly gone quiet. Either they’re keeping me out of it because they know I’ll spill the beans or their approach isn’t going to materialise. (We don’t believe you had contacts Dunk, but if you did, they’ve no doubt got wind of you. You’ll never get any decent contacts now.)

Personally I believe that they would be honest and upfront with me so my opinion is that they’re talking to the club and that they don’t want anything to get out. So maybe, just maybe, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. (As above.)



* Please note that Steve will be taking over as Editor from 1st August to enable me to concentrate on other matters relating to KOPTALK. I’ll still be here as normal but it’s time a younger pup got more involved to free up some time for me. He’ll also be your main contact for all community related enquiries. I’m getting too old to be rubbing shoulders with teenagers even though I’m a big kid myself 😉 (We know you’ll be here as normal, but you’re already hiding behind Steve. More on that later if I’ve time. But does it make Koptalk any better to move from having a liar for an editor to have a teenage editor? It’s like a school website now. Or did Steve threaten to leave?).

Some more of Duncan’s “wallet” rubbish. I’d forgotten to post this…

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Re: Latest update.. [Re: WelshRed]

#1573168 – Thu Jul 27 2006 09:52 AM


Thanks for the info Wallet. You sound very excited by this Klose link – do you think that he is now more likely than Kuyt ?

No Kuyt is the number one target, I was just interested to hear Kloses name linked with us for the first time. He’s the back-up I believe after Trezeguet was priced out of a move. (Trezeguet was priced out of a move? Of course Duncan – luckily Rafa got that copy of the Newcastle evening news you passed him. Found out about Klose then. Phew!)

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Re: Why on earth would we splash 8 million for Pennant? [Re: Chris_G]

#1573648 – Thu Jul 27 2006 12:42 PM

To be honest when Heskey went for £5.5m alarm bells started ringing for me. The market dictates the price and if Heskey is worth that amount then we’ve done fantastically well with our purchases this summer with Pennant being the most expensive so far..

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Re: Latest update.. [Re: jigga2004]

#1573975 – Thu Jul 27 2006 02:37 PM

I’m not so sure we’ll sign another central midfielder. Zenden has been earmarked for that position and has played well there so far this pre-season..

Later on, Duncan’s back with his own hat on. (Not the Sun hat, this one is a cone-shaped one, with his name on the front. Well, it has an extra “E” after the “DUNC” but he likes it). Time for Dunk’s opinion on investment. Look out for this one – “It’ll kick off tomorrow and I think it’s potentially damaging because it could force us into some kind of investment deal that we don’t want.” –

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Put up or shut up Parry

#1574720 – Thu Jul 27 2006 09:46 PM

Right, I was told that statement was coming as we know… the thing is… who is trying to put the pressure on the club and in particular Parry? Someone’s got it in for us/him/them. Trust me, I’m not reading into something that isn’t there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if potential investors were rubbing their hands in anticipation of us losing this grant today to enable them to swoop (covered this on the podcast earlier).

I spent most of this afternoon talking to people involved in investment, the new stadium, regeneration etc etc etc. Although some of these people are supposed to be independent and shouldn’t have an opinion either way, it was clear that someone, somewhere has an agenda and wants us to fail with the funds for the stadium.

No wonder Parry wanted to go to Switzerland! It’ll kick off tomorrow and I think it’s potentially damaging because it could force us into some kind of investment deal that we don’t want. Now I know it’s only lol, “only” £9m but the knock on effect would see us lose much, much more. We have to show we have the funding for the stadium by Sept 28th.

According to Parry we’ll still try and press on if we lose the funding but unless we get investment in this new stadium isn’t going to happen if we lose the Euro cash.

I was offered access today to some key figures in local government who clearly wanted me to air their comments on the site (negative comments). I declined and preferred to say that the ‘shut up or put up’ would follow later and within a few hours surprise, surprise, they did via the BBC… clearly they went to the BBC instead of the BBC going to them.

I’m sure the Post/Echo will run the same comments tomorrow but more indepth. I know everyone’s only interested in transfers and stuff but I just thought this was a worry. I just feel a bit for Parry/Moores because any potentional investor knows we’re in trouble on this front.

I hate discussing investment and stadiums

(This is investment I guess so I’ll move it)


I hope those “key figures in local government” are aware of Duncan Oldham’s claims about them. Are Liverpool City Council happy to be associated with a con-man from Scarborough?


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Re: Put up or shut up Parry [Re: Dunk]

#1574817 – Thu Jul 27 2006 10:30 PM

I am glad and think they are right we should put up or shut up. About time this saga finished one way or another it is just boring now.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy

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Re: Put up or shut up Parry [Re: The_Milkman]

#1574866 – Thu Jul 27 2006 10:49 PM

But would you rather someone got the club on the cheap or at the real value? The club could suffer if they are forced into something. I’m sick of it too but I just hope we’re not cornered.

Duncan – you’d love it if we (Liverpool FC) got some hit-generating controversy, especially if it meant you could con your readers out of some more money some way. You don’t want Rick Parry to have any more success as LFC CEO, you’d love it if Morgan came in because in your deluded mind he’d come and make you Head of Internet Comms or something. Reality check – he’s seen your type over the years and if he did become owner of LFC he’d make sure you were kept as far away as possible.

Perhaps it’s time you went and picked on Freddie instead.

4 Responses to “Dunk's lack of contacts still doesn't stop him…”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    oh dear, here we go again…

    hes desperate isn’t he? he is desperate to show to his (seemingly) loyal readers that he does have insider access. now that the blog has disproved his access to rick parry/steve morgan/players/ian cotton (the list goes on…), he now turns to a LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL….

    won’t be long, i think, before we have real insiders here providing hard evidence (not that we need one really…) that duncan is indeed bullshitting again…


  2. Chunky Says:

    He’s becoming seperated from reality. More holes in his recent ‘exclusives’ than Swiss cheese.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He is so out of his depth. Even if LFC were to lose 10 million in grants – that would be a pin prick in a budget of 175 million or more. The 10 milliom and the other that would follow from the European money is for peripheral “landscaping” and would not affect the core cost of the project. Having that money would be comforting to the lenders who are putting up the bulk of the money for the stadium because it indicates local government support, but it is not critical in a financial sense.

    Apart from that, LFC still has the option to expand on the current site or go to an entirely different site. In any of those two scenarios the cost would be substantially lower and in the second of those – the different site option – there would be other forms of grants.

    Fatty should listen to his own pods and broadcasts “—investment does me “ead in”.

  4. ggccs Says:

    yuo thio kino

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