Duncan proves yet again – he has no Reds contacts

Does anyone, ANYONE, still believe that Duncan Oldham has contacts inside Anfield? Or Melwood? or the Academy? Or for that matter the chippy down the road from Melwood?

If you do, or even if there’s a little bit of you that says “maybe”, here’s something to consider.

Duncan Oldham posted this information on Salif Diao just before 1pm today. After the Echo had updated their website. It was his first confirmation that Salif Diao had gone to Switzerland with the rest of the squad.

KopTalkInsider.com   KopTalk Staff
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Diao continues working with Rafa
#1573687 – Thu Jul 27 2006 12:57 PM
There have been rumours that Salif Diao failed to impress during his trial at Charlton with others claiming he failed a medical.

However, as confirmed by the local media, the Liverpool midfielder didn’t even attend the trial as it was cancelled.

We’ve been saddened to see so many Reds sticking the knife into Diao recently. Things haven’t worked out for the lad, simple as but at the end of the day he’s still a Red.

Some of the abuse aimed at him has been pathetic. He didn’t set his transfer fee and he collects a wage just like every other player does. He wants to move on and he will when the opportunity is there.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’ll gloss over whether or not Duncan has the right to call anyone pathetic for abusing a Liverpool player – after all, he’s the one who seems to do it the most. Peter Crouch is the latest, following on from Robbie Fowler a few years back.

The reason for publishing this snippet is because of how long it took Oldham to find it out. He doesn’t even read his own forums.

Post: Bad news on diao        (Topic#18776)
akbar  1st Team Player
26-07-06 11:54 AM – Post#280918

According to a reliable post on another liverpool forum the diao move to charlton has not gone through, he is travelling with the rest of our squad to the swiss training camp.

KopForLife   Reserve Player
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27-07-06 03:02 AM – Post#282310
In response to akbar

what forum are u refering to about this article?
akbar  1st Team Player
27-07-06 07:36 AM – Post#282358
In response to KopForLife

the forum is the liverpool way and is posted by dave usher. 

So I went to The Liverpool Way and had a look for the post by Dave Usher. It’s here. And it appeared a full day before Duncan Oldham revealed it. Wednesday, 11.31am – compared to Oldham’s Thursday, 12.57pm. Twenty-five-and-a-half hours later.

If Duncan had any contacts at Anfield, he’d have been able to find this out himself. If he knew the club coach-driver he’d have had a bit of a chance of finding it out. The kit-man. Any of the physios. The owner of The Liverpool Way probably found this out off a player. He knows Liverpool players, at different levels within the club – from first team down to academy.

Like yesterday, with the Jermaine Pennant deal, Oldham proves yet again he has not got the contacts he claims to have. He’s got no contacts inside Liverpool Football Club. Another site has – and it’s free (you have to register to see some bits, but there’s no charge for that. Or begging to be let in.) YNWA.tv.
Someone was kind enough to leave a comment here pointing to the relevant articles and posts on that site that saw them beat Duncan Oldham into space in terms of scooping the Jermain Pennant story. Thanks “Mudface”.


Just to reiterate YNWA.tv’s scoop on this, here’s the forum link (you’ll need to register to read this particular forum)- http://www.ynwa.tv/forum/index.php?showtopic=107854

The news article is here- http://www.ynwa.tv/news/index.php/2006/June/2158

They jumped the gun slightly, I suppose, after the attempt to sign Alves dragged on a while, but were spot on otherwise. Also, to emphasise other points made in these comments- ElishaScott’s posts on YNWA are accurate and well worth reading. He does genuinely appear to have inside knowledge due to his apparent friendship with a prominent player.

Jul 27, 10:55 AM

And this was left by “R A Softlad” –

R A Softlad 

Insider Insider and chapeau du soleil are correct in that we only run a story if it’s confirmed by two or more independent sources.

Jul 27, 3:02 PM

If we got Duncan Oldham to leave a comment, after taking a truth serum, it would read:

Fat Del

Everything on Koptalk is made up or stolen from somewhere else, even The Sun. I usually take me stuff from other LFC sites, and a little bit from the local press in Newcastle (especially strikers Newcastle are interested in from Germany). 

Still not had to update that count on the right-hand-side of this page by the way. The one showing how many scoops or exclusives Duncan Oldham has provided to his paying Insider members. He’s not even guessed anything right yet.


25 Responses to “Duncan proves yet again – he has no Reds contacts”

  1. rupert Says:

    Once again that self-serving phrase “as confirmed by the local press”. He still hates Chris Bascombe and the Echo for showing him up years ago. He can’t bear to mention his name, except to have a go at him. So when Oldham steals from the Liverpool Echo or Daily Post, he never gives the name of his source. He says that his stolen version is “confirmed by the local press”.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    That is a great point – fatty has absolutely NO RIGHT to call anyone pathetic for abusing a player…I will never ever forget his treatment of Peter Crouch…some of the name-calling and stuff was just inexcusable (and this was all before a ball was kicked). A real hypocrite isn’t he?

    Btw, where is PAULCOOPER4? I have been waiting for him to respond…

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    He doesnt mind the fact when people on the site refer to Lecter as Chris Bascombe. Not once does he pop up and say “no he is not”. He likes that illusion, makes people want to stay etc that a well known journo for Liverpool posts on his site.

  4. rupert Says:

    He’s already a bit late on Pennant. About 4-6 weeks ago, when the story was doing the rounds that LFC had an an areement in principle with Pennant but the transfer had to wait until Rafa had tried to land other priorities, Brendan started on Pennant.

    I can’t remember the phrase exactly but it was something like “…thick fcuking, recidivist, gobshyte…”.

    Maybe big-fat-rip_off aka Paul Cooper4 had better start working on Brendan before Pennant gets to peek at the No.4 fans site.

  5. lobster Says:

    dung will never give credit, he is a thief and thief never tell the world where he stole from.

  6. rupert Says:

    fat_boy: “….when people on the site refer to Lecter as Chris Bascombe.”

    I didn’t know that. If you see any references like that and can copy the transcripts I’ll send them to Bascombe, if you want.

    Bascombe has already put down Oldham by ridiculing the claims of his site but deliberately mispelling its name in order not to give Oldham any free publicity. Oldham is such an amoral whore that he was more annoyed with Bascombe failing to give KT’s name than with Bascombe’s contempt.

    It’s difficult to understand why people would want to pay Oldham to read Bascombe and the other reporters of the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post. It would be quicker and more accurate to read the unadulterate version direct from the source. All they have to do is eliminate the KT bookmark and replace it with an icliverpool bookmark.

    If they wanted to know what other fans had to say about Bascombe’s reports they’d find far more independent minded fans at YNWA, RAWK, TLW, Est 1892 and all the other sites listed on the right of this page.

  7. jj_sawyer Says:

    lector is full of cack, he used to be a regular minion but suddenly he has inside knowledge. if he’s in the know then I’m Rick Parry

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    jj_sawyer, have you ever met Sir Lie-a-lot Oldham? If not. you MIGHT be Rick Parry!

  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I remember that Rupert. Chris Bascombe took the piss and deliberately called it K0pchat. Fatty went out and bought the domain. Nothing new there then.

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Regarding Lecter being referred to as Chris Bascombe.

    From the day ive joined its always been ‘put about’ that Lecter is Bascombe. Countless times people would say ‘thanks chris’ when Lecter has posted something. It is kind of seen as yes Lecter is Chris Bascombe, but never offically confirmed.

    The point being is the Oldham has not come on to a thread and said Lecter is not Bascombe. He likes the fact the a lot of people think he is, and i must admit when i first joined i did beleive that he was Bascombe. Its all part of the scam, make people believe things without directly saying it.

  11. tj Says:

    What did Bascombe say about KopTalk, and what did he call it?

  12. Mudface Says:

    Just out of interest, I went back through the NewsNow entries for today. Although the times aren’t 100% reliable (at least according to Paul Ward off .tv) they do provide a consistent account of where KopTalk’s recycled ‘news’ stories are stolen from. It appears it takes him only a couple of minutes to copy and rewrite articles from the Echo and the official site , but a while longer to steal stuff off Sky and other websites. Presumably he had a lie-in this morning as the Post’s stadium article wasn’t recycled until nearly 10 am.

    Below is a selection from today, I’ve been a bit of a transfer news hound for the last couple of days, and believe me this pattern is repeated day-in, day-out- it’s almost comical.

    Benitez admits Pennant signing is a gamble KopTalk.com 12:42
    Pennant deal a ‘gamble’ icLiverpool, Merseyside 11:56

    Liverpool FC: Resources there to build new stadium KopTalk.com 11:59
    Cash is in place for new Anfield icLiverpool, Merseyside 11:56

    Liverpool linked with Brescia starlet KopTalk.com 13:16
    Brescia starlet catches Reds’ eye Sky Sports 11:11

    Kaiserslautern game NOT postponed KopTalk.com 10:22
    Weekend friendly still on Liverpool FC – The Official Site 10:20

    Parry could be handed stadium reprieve KopTalk.com 09:52
    £9m question: Is stadium deal still on track? icLiverpool, Merseyside 08:47

  13. rupert Says:

    That good stuff Mudface. Someone was sugegsting we make a proper presentation to News Now since they ignore their own feedback system.

    We really need concrete examples which demonstrate he is in breach of News Now charter.

  14. Toby Says:

    He uses the term local press to make people think he actually gets the local papers, while instead he waits for the headlines on the icLiverpool site. He doesn’t say this because his sheepish following would possibly go directly there instead, for free.

  15. Chunky Says:

    Correct Toby, at the weekend Dunk is fucked bacause the icLiverpool site isn’t updated.

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    And Saturday is when Bascombe has been known to write stuff Dunk would love to see on the net. It doesn’t usually make it to the net even the following Monday.

  17. Sinon Says:

    I used to be a part-time journo in Liverpool, I really wish I’d kept my contact details. I only met Chris twice (through Joe Riley, the entertainment editor who I freelanced for a few times) and seemed a pretty decent guy – certainly not the type of guy who would gladly be associated with Mr Oldham or ANYONE with an affinity to the S*n.

    I take it people have contact? If not I’ll try ringing about – Chris is virtually gospel when it comes to football stories in the Merseyside area (for those who don’t live there)

    P.S. Hi Dunk, we were chatting genially yesterday in a thread….guess who? P.S. It rhymes with PJ Kidney.

  18. Fibs Says:

    Sinon: Does that mean YOU are PJ Kidney?

    All this stuff is hilarious. I absolutely love it. Been a KT forum contributor for a fair while on and off, and thought I was the only one who could see through scam. This site’s been an absolute revelation, the funniest on the Web.

  19. univofchicago Says:


    You never know. Insider-Insider could be DJS. Rupert could be DJS. Fat_boy could be DJS. A lot of us are respected members of the Koptalk community and the fatman ain’t got a clue as to who we are. In fact, after all the chopping of members, he hasn’t been able to catch a single impostor!!!

    As the fat_boy_fat says, we will bring the fatman down from the inside!!!

  20. Sinon Says:

    I could be anyone Fibs, thats the point. There are several people ‘inside’ KopTalk and Dunk knows it…how do all the inside points get posted on here?

    Dunk is flapping – he’s paranoid about everything and everyone and locking innocent threads that mention other sites, have a ‘fcuk’ in the content or simply question things. A lot of the KT regulars (and mods…) pm each other on est1892 or email each other – I know this for a fact – and Dunk’s finger is twitching over the ‘ban button’.

    The thing he is hoping for is that he can get some new ‘morons’ or ‘loons’ to sign up quickly, hence keeping the regulars who raise debate and controvecy. Once that happens he will probably have a mass cull of them as they know too much. For now they are ‘allowed’ to be there to raise revenue and hits, but soon he will get rid of them, lock the door and blockade the new guys in without the whispers.

    Dunk knows he is an a crossroads and he has to take action, KopTalk has been through several ‘births’ but this could be the last.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    Sinon: Agreed with all of that. We have to keep the pressure on or he will just wait it out and crank it up again. I like your analogy of locking the door. He creates a hot house atmosphere and some of those who generate hits for him don’t really understand how he, KT and they are viewed in the wider world of LFC supporters on the net. He doesn’t want light or fresh air.

  22. univofchicago Says:

    “but soon he will get rid of them, lock the door and blockade the new guys in without the whispers”

    That is A GREAT POINT Sinon. Something that I have always feared and the reason why we have to keep this going until Koptalk goes completely defunct.

    There will always be plenty of newcomers because of the cheap way fatty adverts the website – its always high up in the Google Rankings, say “Liverpool Fansite”, misleading lines like “the biggest LFC fansite” and its popular (albeit illegal) newsfeeds are sure to attract the attention of new readers on a CONSISTENT basis.

    We have to keep this going…

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    One of the many small ways we can do it is to seed Google with objective information. Over the weekend I’m going to experiment with a Users Guide to LFC Fan Sites or some such thing. I have to get LFC and Koptalk in the title so it shows up in Google.

  24. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    I know Lecter, via email, and he is certainly not Chris Bascombe, and TBH I dont think he has ever pretended to be. One repspected poster was supposed to be Johnny Barnes as well!!!! Oh how i laughed when I was reading all that……

  25. Tom Says:

    Lec’s alright.

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