Dunk knows best – how to kill a website

Did you know that Duncan’s attempts at keeping hits up on his forums are likely to drive people elsewhere? You knew that, I knew that, but strangely enough Duncan know’s best. He says.

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25-07-06 05:58 PM – Post#279867

Like others, I can’t post in the main forums either! I am not sure how long I have been a member but I know I have been visiting for years! I was an ‘Insider’ until a few months back and have always behaved myself so I would like to have a few more privileges please.

Crowd Control
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25-07-06 06:47 PM – Post#279934
In response to Steve001

The best thing to do is make a few posts and show that you’re capable of carrying out a debate and you’ll be allowed in shortly.    

I’ve no idea if Steve001’s another one of them, but a lot of those Dunk’s allowed to be “promoted” have been contributors to the blog. Just not worth begging for, unless you’re doing it to help us out for the big day.

This poster looks like he couldn’t wait. Snizwat he called himself, now he’s probably been banned. Still, every time someone posts something it adds the seeds of doubt into the minds of those who’d previously been completely unaware of Oldham. Especially this one – snizwat is posting something very significant.

Post: Email i recieved        (Topic#18718)
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25-07-06 06:35 PM – Post#279909

I dont care if you lot ban me. This needs to get out.
Wonder how long it will last in here.

I know I said I wasn’t going to post another article on KT, but I’ve just received this info, and it’s too important to ignore:

I’ve recently been emailed by someone in direct contact with some VERY senior figures at the club I’ve seen the emails, they are legit. The emails clarify recent claims made by Duncan Oldham on KT, here is a digest of what they say:

1) Rick Parry HAS NEVER spoken to Duncan Oldham and has no intention of ever doing so.

2) Ian Cotton HAS NEVER spoken to Duncan Oldham.

3) The anfield hierachy are aware of KT but consider it to be “laughable” (direct quote).

4) …As are Duncan’s claims to have a “gatemen” in KT’s payroll and to have CCTV cameras on Melwood.

5) They are DISPLEASED that Duncan has been slagging off senior members at the club. Not happy bunnies. At all.

The person who sent me these emails is totally legit, he knows stuff about anfield that only people closely involve with the club would know. He is also a personal friend of an “absolute legend”.

Good work Snizwat!

By the way, talking of Dunk’s catchphrase, did you know that if you type “dunk knows best” into google that this blog comes out first. If you put quotes around it you only get this blog. Try it.

Great catchphrase Duncan – I bet your mam used to say that to you when you were a teenager.

Some more to try (these were done without quotes, our blog’s position in brackets) –

  • sun hat dunk (1st)
  • koptalk insider (3rd)
  • koptalk lies (1st)
  • dave rawcliffe (6th)
  • david rawcliffe (4th)
  • liverpool slur (1st)
  • crouch tape (1st)
  • koptalk hates liverpool (1st)
  • koptalk (5th)

Dunk knows best. How best to kill his own websites.


83 Responses to “Dunk knows best – how to kill a website”

  1. amused Says:


    I think the problem arose because someone came on this blog last week and started posting a lot of criticism under a genuine member’s username. It’s highly likely this person was Dunk, so when reading the coments people are on the lookout for criticisms thinking it might be someone using a duplicate username.

    Also the fatc your username is similar to someone else’s caused further confusion.

    Good to see you’ve resolved your differences though!

  2. lobster Says:

    dunk had all possibilities covered, press conference or not, he will claim he is right. big twat.

  3. silentbutdeadly Says:

    He’s now updated it to say

    “Due to time limitations it has been decided that a press conference to parade Jermaine Pennant to the media – providing he completes his proposed transfer to Liverpool from Birmingham City – will not take place today.”

    Because he obviously relaised ther’ll not be time.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    big_fat_rip_off: No hard feelings!

  5. big_fat_rip_off Says:

    This should give you a giggle. fatty, er sorry, i mean wallet has just posted his transfer gossip. Its all already happened, wait til ya see his bullshit for reporting transfer news after the event. its hilarious. also, within the space of 1 minute, he resigned in as chunk, i mean dunk, and replied to it. Anyway, here it is

    Silver Member

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    Latest update..
    #1571598 – 26/07/06 04:30 PM Reply Quote


    Sorry, I found myself “locked out” for the last 3 days. Steve, if you’re reading this, thanks for sorting that out.

    I obviously haven’t been able to read any threads so if i’m repeating any information then apologies in advance.

    1. Alves – Rafa made a decision while in Spain to put this transfer on hold. The price is too high, the budget he has too low and we haven’t sold enough players to raise the desired funds for his final 2 transfers. However, he hasn’t given up hope in bringing Alves to Liverpool. From what I’ve been told this signing will happen in the future. When??

    2. Pennant, Rafas second choice will sign instead / too!!

    3. The remainder of the transfer budget will be used on a striker. Rafa is now looking at 2 options, the first being Kuyt and the other being Klose which was a bit of a surprise to me. Kuyt will be approx £2.5 more expensive but is a few years younger. A bid for Kuyt is expected later today which Parry believes is fair.

    4. Dudek will leave the club this window to raise funds. He was informed last night that Carson would be the clubs no.2 and was being offered a new long term deal. He took it like a professional and wants to get the best fee he can for Liverpool. Top bloke..

    YNWA Lauren – Liverpool’s No.1 Fan

    Post Extras:

  6. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Wallet confirms at 4.30 that Pennant is signing. Thanks Wallet – what we we do without you.

    Nice touch thanking Steve for locking him out too.

    EVERYTHING there is eaily makeupable by ANYONE with a passing knowledge of what Liverpool have been going for the last few weeks.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Sorry – I’ve been busy today but I’ll be checking out what the fatso’s been up to today soon. Just read this comment and wanted to reply to it (you may have not seen it as it got stuck in the moderation queue)…

    # Concerned Reader Says: July 26th, 2006 at 1:02 pm You accuse Him of chasing his readers away, but I’m afraid that you are doing the same. Who cares what pages come up on a Google search. All that proves is that he markets himself well.
    The google searches are not proof that he markets himself well – the results throw this blog up, not Mr Oldham’s sites. Re-read what I said.

    I’ve been reading this blog for about 3 weeks and was very interested in the beginning. However, your constant sniping at every move he makes, has become Boring. I suggest you spend your time better. Find the Real Hard evidence. Posting simply to have a new Gripe every day, is counter productive and most likely chasing readers away as quickly as Koptalk is doing.
    I’ve had a couple of people saying that I shouldn’t post every day, others saying I should post more. Most people are fairly happy with how things are. I’d appreciate more feedback on this. You can either do it in comments or email it to me. I don’t mind. I’ve also seen comments elsewhere too, again mixed points of view from different people. Let me know what you’d like me to do. I’ve also noticed different people have different ideas about what the aim of this blog is. What should its aim be?

  8. Tom Says:

    The whole idea of “blogging” is that you post everyday. It’s like a daily diary. People who don’t understand this haven’t got a clue about blog culture.

    Let me reiterate “blogs” are not websites – which broadly speaking contain static or slow changing information – blogs contain daily diary updates. Just like this one does in fact.

  9. Tom Says:

    How about this as a set of aims (I’ll leave objectives to you 😉 )

    This site aims to:

    1) freely provide up to the minute gossip and information about liverpool FC FOR FREE.
    2) inform former, current and future “customers” of Koptalk what they are buying into.
    3) track and archive news and other claims made by the KT site.
    4) give an overview of the activities current and past of the person currently known as Duncan Oldham.
    5) liase with the club (LFC) to ensure that it’s good name is not brought into disrespect through the dubious business activities of online fans forums.
    5) provide a forum for online liverpool fans to exchange views and information pertinent to points 1 to 5, freely and without censor.

    any other ideas

  10. purse Says:

    Quick transfer update:-
    Apparently Pennant may sign this month, a medical has been pencilled in for some time between now and when the transfer window closes
    LFC are looking to get rid of Salif Diao
    Marseille are interested in Djibril Cisse

    More when I read the papers or surf other LFC sites

    Sorry for the delay in posting this info, I took a chance by listening to a podcast by Duncan Oldham and it left me in a catatonic state till now. Thanks to Steve for hitting the “Stop” button eventually

  11. Hoff Says:

    6) act as a proxy to EST1892 if you can’t remember your login details while at work 🙂

  12. Tom Says:

    apologies for the crap use of english, am in a rush………

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    The blog is not only about words but also about research and direct action taken by blog participants.

    These have already produced an official denial from LFC that Oldham or KopTalk has any access or communication with LFC. There have been other tangible results such as the 50% drop in hits on KT and the number of defections to other sites, especially Est 1892. In addition, a number of enquiries are ongoing. The blog cannot control these enquiries or their results but can report on them when and if information is forthcoming.

    The blog cannot control the quality of what Oldham says on his site or when he says it. eHe has a 6-8 years head start, and he’s at it about 18 hours a day in pods, radio broadcasts, editorials, forums and in posts on the Insider and Gold Club.

    A lot of what he puts out is banal rubbish – but it is by the daily demonstration of that on this blog that we demystify his “insider information” and remove the only reason why an LFC supporter would use his site rather than one of the others.

    This blog is a voluntary effort by one man helped by participants. I think Insider is right to ask for feedback and for ideas of how his resources and ours are best used to achieve the aims.

    I like Tom’s list.

    There are those readers who are really serious about achieving those aims and willing to help in research and direct action and who understand that there will be days when there is nothing to report and reporting Oldham’s words is – well reporting Oldham’s words. And there are others, interested, entertained and amused but whose involvement is more that of an observor or even a show-me skeptic. Their attention span is fleeting. They want to be amused.

    I think Oldham would be delighted if he knew that his words would not be subjected to independent analysis within hours of uttering them or if he could go back to claiming that his Insider and Gold Club offere exclusive news from LFC.

    But how Insider and the rest of us do this on the blog is a good topic for discussion.

  14. fattyhater Says:

    Dunk has passed on the title of Editor to Steve. All the fuss over Toms post and yet he is implementing some of the points from that manifesto 🙂

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Or he is getting read to bolt leavign Steve to hold the bag.

  16. Hoff Says:

    No chance of him bolting while the site is still making money.

  17. jj_sawyer Says:

    it won’t be making money for long – and his insider signups are down almost 80% compared to last July, so something is surely working.

    As for feedback, I don’t really bother visiting Koptalk anymore, I come here and spend a large portion of my spare time here and at newsnow (not clicking koptalk links of course)

    I think how things have been done thus far is having an effect, there will always be the odd dissenter, but keep it going, we will bring him down.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    My first theory is he will bolt to Malta (or somewhere else) and run it from there until the heat from the enquiries cools off. . But he’ll need a snail mail address and distribution centre in the UK – hence Steve in the trailer. The main counter-argumetn is that he is too comfortable in his Wallsend trailer and he would miss the meat pies “abroad”.

    My second theory is that he is looking for even easier ways to make money – like porn. If he finds it, KT will become a subsidiary run by his Ma and Steve and Steve’s dad.

    Unfortunately for us he seems to have stumbled on the business model that football sites – it really doesn’t matter which ones (Liverpool, Toon, Spurs, Forest) – are a very good hook for a porn business . They attract vulnerable youngsters and youngish adults who can be led from the football pages to the porn pages, products and services.

    My third theory is that he will gradually switch over his resources to his Toon site . We’ve delayed that for him by alerting FusionBB to his illegal use of his KT licence so he will now have to find the money to pay for another licence – or – close down KT and use the licence for the Toon site.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    If people readign thsi blog make sure he is paying his way as a citizen – VAT, business taxes, income taxes and that he and his staff are not drawing benefits for the unemployed or sick – and that he pays royalties and stops stealing material – then he will make only enough money to pay the running costs – like the other sites. I don’t think that will be enough for him.

  20. jj_sawyer Says:

    insiderinsider, that story/thread going on at the moment regarding wallet being locked out for 3 days and “thanking” Steve for getting him back in is class, pure gold, gotta get that on the blog for everyone to comment on.

    this is one thing I love about this blog, the commentary that goes with each post.

    my bad too, I just popped over there to see what the latest lies were.

  21. Fred Says:

    If Dunk/Wallet gets locked out then I guess it must be okay to lock everybody else out for a bit after all! Well done Steve for letting Dunk/Wallet back in, even though it did take three days.

    Fancy replying to his own thread – Dunk really is a prize tosser.

  22. fattyhater Says:

    Probably a load of bollocks, make out he knew what was happening all along, but couldnt get into the site.

  23. Insider Insider Says:

    I’ve put the wallet one on. I’m finding it hard to wade through the rest. Not because there’s a lot to wade through, I just keep laughing at it all…

  24. Insider Insider Says:

    Can I also say that someone who leaves comments on this blog should go back to Koptalk and correct this post he made (talking about Pennant) –

    “If you had just signed for the biggest club in the world i reckon you might log on to that clubs biggest fansite and see what the fans of the club think of you, i know i would. so how about giving him a welcome here and show him what true reds are like.”

    Koptalk isn’t the club’s biggest fansite. Most of the true reds have now left Koptalk. That poster actually lives in Merseyside, but continues to post on Koptalk in this way. Koptalk love the Sun – you should be ashamed of yourself.

  25. univofchicago Says:


    1) “most likely chasing readers away as quickly as Koptalk is doing”

    WRONG. people here have explained that this is a “blog”. let me add that this “blog”, much to your surprise, has done extremely well in “chasing readers away” from Koptalk. Initially, I thought the sometimes “playful” nature of the blog might drive readers away, and suggested many times to the blogger that he should set up a separate page for newcomers. I have been proven wrong. Fortunately, most people come here with an open mind and are willing to read through all the stuff and take the matters seriously. And many of them find the blog amusing. I think that is what makes this blog funny as well as being informative!

    2) “Find the Real Hard evidence”

    The “Real Hard evidence” has been presented by insider-insider on numerous occasions! I can’t emphasize this point enough. Btw, when did Oldham EVER provide counter-evidence?

  26. big_fat_rip_off Says:

    insider insider : fuck me you twist fucking everything!!!! this is a fucking joke. Right, print the whole post you tit. I was welcoming a new player to the club, because everybody else was slagging him off, WHERES THE FUCKING PROBLEM IN THAT??? That is why i said show him what true reds are like, and if you show the whole thread you would see that, but no, you show what you want to show. but the reason im reacting so angrily is because my fucking blood is boiling. ive put up with twisted, spun shit off you lot all day, but now you have crossed the line with your hillsborough remark. I dont just live on merseyside as you say, i live in liverpool. wavertree to be precise. and you dare to insinuate ive got anything to do with the sun you fucking shithouse prick!!!! the reason you have got me so worked up you shithouse is that i was at hillsborough, in the leppings lane end you fucking prick and will go to the grave with what i saw that day. you have overstepped the line here you piece of shit. I am not ashamed of myself, i was not ashamed on the day when as a 14 year old i cut my hands to ribbons ripping advertising hoardins up for stretchers, i was not ashamed about 3 weeks later when (i guess now you would call it post traumatic stress) i burst out crying in front of all my mates for no apparant reason, it all just came flooding home to me. I wasnt ashamed at the funeral of one of my mates. How fucking dare you you piece of shit, you know nothing about me. you have took what you know to be a innocent post welcoming a new player to the club and spun it to suit your needs. i can put up with most shit but you have really lowered the fucking tone here. now insult me all you want, but if youre gonna bring hillsborough into it, do me a favour, youve got my e-mail, arrange a face to face meeting with me if you want to say shit like that about hillsborough to me.

  27. rupert Says:

    Big_rip_off – or whatever your name is:

    This is Bonaparte Napoleon speaking also known as rupert.

    You said on KT that it was the No. 1 fan site. Its not. It’s third of the unofficial sites, and fourth if you include the official site. The official site – that is the site owned and operated by LFC – is easily the largest. You were wrong.

    “ive put up with twisted, spun shit off you lot all day,..”

    No you haven’t. There’s been none here. You must be thinking of KT where you
    are a paying member and spend a good part of your day.

    Your site, KT, refuses to allow appeals for the victims of Hillsborough or to support the boycott of the S** In fact the Owner of your site takes the S** every day, publishes reports from the S** on KT, which you probably read, even if unknowingly, and he uses his site to argue against the validity of boycott of the S**.

    If you and the Owner of your site think it is the biggest LFC fan site do you and he think it appropriate that he should take a position so opposed to the position of LFC and most people in Liverpool and the families of those killed and large numbers of LFC fans?

    Insider Insider points all of these truths out in this log. Any reasonable person can see from his consistent and enlightened output that he is working for the victims of Hillsborough and their families – in his case, by holding to account, what you call the Owner of the No. 1 fan’s site for trying to undermine the boycott.

    If you had the experiences you say you had I think you would be grateful for the work of this blog.

    It is difficult to understand why anyone who was at Hillsborough would pay a membership in a site that uses and promotes the S** and tries to bury the memory of those killed and injured at Hillsborough and what the S** did to hurt those in mourning and stain the memory and reputation of those who died.

    It’s not as if KT has something that cannot be got free from other LFC sites which do honour the memory of those at Hillsborough and support the boycott.

    Your site said Hillsboroguh is “politics”. We say the memory of that event and those people and concern for their families and the struggle to get a proper apology from the S** is essential to the culture of our club.

  28. Tom Says:

    I don’t doubt you were at hillsborough.

    I must point out that dunkin has very recently posted his support of the S*n on the free site he runs. It’s shocking. He’s also told lies about crouchy’s relationship with that paper. It’s loathsome. Whatever you think about this blog I implore you to sever any relationship with KT. Peace.

  29. Insider Insider Says:

    big_fat_rip_off Says: July 27th, 2006 at 2:29 am insider insider : f*ck me you twist f*cking everything!!!! this is a f*cking joke. Right, print the whole post you t*t. I was welcoming a new player to the club, because everybody else was slagging him off, WHERES THE F*CKING PROBLEM IN THAT???
    Thanks bfro. As requested, here’s the whole post, and the rest of the thread prior to that post, including the original post that opened the thread.
    Silver Member
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    Jermain Pennant – Welcome to LFC
    #1572142 – Wed Jul 26 2006 07:40 PM
    Welcome to liverpool football club jermaine. We have been crying out for a right winger for some time and Rafa has identified you as the solution. Now if rafa rates you then you have most definitely got the talent. If you work hard here we will give you support like you have never experienced at any other club. Just dont let yourself down off the pitch, work hard and all will be fine. Youve got a clean slate here now, basically, your career starts now. Good luck lad, i have high hopes for you. Dont let yourself down mate, in 10 months time you will have a premier league winners medal round your neck.
    – – – – – – – –
    Honorary Member
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    Re: Jermain Pennant – Welcome to LFC [Re: paulcooper4]
    #1572146 – Wed Jul 26 2006 07:41 PM Reply Quote
    Welcome aboard buddy. Now go put some crosses in.
    – – – – – – – –
    Silver Member
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    Re: Jermain Pennant – Welcome to LFC [Re: fatistuta]
    #1572171 – Wed Jul 26 2006 07:48 PM Reply Quote
    If you had just signed for the biggest club in the world i reckon you might log on to that clubs biggest fansite and see what the fans of the club think of you, i know i would. so how about giving him a welcome here and show him what true reds are like.
    – – – – – – – –

    So now we know that “BFRO” is “PaulCooper4”. I knew that already but as per the policy of the blog I didn’t reveal that name to the readers. Your request that I did makes things easier for me and also for Rupert (not his real name btw). Other readers can now put a name to the person on the blog calling himself “BFRO” and the “PaulCooper4” who’s appeared on the blog recently (when we published the thread started by “Heskey8”).

    In my opinion, and it’s just my opinion, although you are a Liverpool supporter (a passionate Liverpool supporter), from the way you’ve conducted yourself on here you are not what Jermaine Pennant should be seeing if he wants to know what a “true red” is like. I could be wrong, very wrong, but most “true reds”, and indeed many “true blues”, to my knowledge, would not read the Sun. They would not buy the Sun. If they saw someone else, especially a fellow Red, Blue or even non-football-following-Scouser reading the Sun, they may well have a word with that reader and point out their error.

    What would you do today if you saw a 32-year-old Liverpool supporter reading the Sun in front of you in the pub? Sitting there in a Liverpool shirt so it’s clear they support Liverpool, but reading the Sun?

    Let’s assume you were as bold to them as you are in your criticisms of Rupert, myself and others on here. I think you’d point out to them (probably not too politely) that they shouldn’t be reading that paper.

    What if they laughed at you for it? What if their answer was, “Are you saying I should boycott Sky, The Times, TalkSport and so on too!”, with them laughing as they said it? Then they turn to their “friends” and tell them what they’ve just said, and next thing you know there’s a few of them laughing at you for saying the Sun shouldn’t be read.

    If the people laughing at you included the landlord of the pub, what would you do about him? Would you continue to drink in his pub every day? Would you tell other customers it was the biggest pub for Liverpool supporters too?

    That’s basically what you do when you go to Koptalk and post things like you did yesterday.

    Anyone who’s been hurt by Hillsborough in even a fraction of the way you say you were is very much against the lies the Sun printed in 1989. Duncan Oldham and Koptalk laugh at people who remind others of the Sun boycott. Duncan Oldham deleted a post from someone which was a run-down of why the Sun shouldn’t be bought by Reds. Duncan Oldham buys the Sun every day. Duncan Oldham publishes rumours from the Sun every day that he’s cut and pasted from the BBC website. He claims he can’t do anything about what he puts on the site. He’s a liar, who uses the Sun to help line his pockets, and cares not one bit about the lies the Sun told in 1989.

    I look forward to your next reply, but please calm down a little before writing it. I posted your original post (anonymously) because I felt you had to realise that a) Koptalk is not the biggest fansite and b) true reds do not support Koptalk once they know about its Sun sympathies.

    a) Is a fact (in fact the insider is even lower down the list of Liverpool fan sites).
    b) Is my opinion (but not only my opinion. Very few Reds stay and support Koptalk once they find out about its Sun sympathies).

  30. univofchicago Says:

    May I just add that I find it strange for someone who was at Hillsborough and even lost a friend can still be a member of Koptalk and be posting as a honorary member (and I am not doubting that you were at Hillsborough!).

    Unless…unless…you were NOT aware of Duncan Oldham and his relationship with the Sun newspaper. If not, then I suggest you follow this link: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/read-me/the_sun

    If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us any questions.

  31. Sinon Says:

    Ouch, this particular nail must have hurt:

    “Very few Reds stay and support Koptalk once they find out about its Sun sympathies”

    So true. Paul C – You aren’t the only person to have personal memories of Hillsborough, but please don’t use it as a stick in a rant to try and beat this blog.

    Just go back to KopTalk and think about it. Does it feel as good to be on that site when you know its association to the S*n? It didn’t for me.

    I would also like to bring up the ‘collection’ that Dunk held for Mrs Houllier. How much was taken by Dunk for the flowers? Was any pocketed I wonder?

    I once asked Dunk to have a collection for Gary McAllister and his family after the sad loss of his wife. Dunk locked the thread saying “no problem, I’ll get onto it”…he must have conveniently forgotten, or maybe he thought there wouldn’t be enough of a collection? EVERYTHING on KopTalk has a bad smell. He’ll happily talk about visiting his dads grave, the death of his doctor, his poor cousin…all sad admittedly…but try and express our symathies with an ex-player and its ignored.

  32. Norman De Sputum Says:

    The important Google results are for searches like “should I join koptalk?” and “is koptalk good value for money?” This blog is 2nd and 1st for those searches, warning people doing basic research before handing over their money. A great result.

  33. rupert Says:

    Sinon: He probably avoided the Gary McAllister opportunity because there was so much suspicion over the fate of the money he raised in the Houllier appeal.

    As I have pointd out before he profited a lot from the Houllier appeal (and I don’t mean in however much he took in “administration”) but in the thank you note he got from the Houlliers that “KT readers had made them feel so special”. He is still running that note as a recommendation on his site 3-4 years after he got it from them. As I also pointed out Houllier did not read his site and would not give Oldham the time of day.

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