Radio Newcastle – the highlights (fixed)

UPDATED: I’ve fixed the links – somehow a sympathetic computer chip hijacked the links to three of the clips and stopped them working. Should all be OK now, but perhaps that computer chip was trying to tell us something.

Can’t face three quarters of an hour’s torture to your ears from Duncan? Here’s some clips to make it less of a punishment. Most of you will go no further than the first clip. The rest of you are just gluttons for punishment.

14 seconds to decide what you think of Duncan Oldham

Duncan’s and Koptalk’s views on kebab shop owners

Duncan on Investment at Anfield

Duncan mentions Tom and introduces ‘Katie’
Thanks to “Giles” for enduring the full broadcast and pointing these bits out to us. He sacrificed his own sanity so you didn’t have to.


9 Responses to “Radio Newcastle – the highlights (fixed)”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Only the first clip plays. All the others show an error message that Media Player does not recognise the file.

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    VLC won’t play them from the links either, you have to d/l them
    After listening to them, I can see the player was trying to do me a favour 🙂

  3. chapeau du soleil Says:

    My mistake, they f*ck up even when d/ling

  4. Alan Says:

    i listened to some of this the other day, hes a prick. Who wants to listen to chunk talking about kebabs, over and over whilst hes drooling over the thought of one?

    anyone who actually likes listening to this is either death or needs shooting

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Try again with the clips (you need to refresh the page – the links had somehow lost part of the url – it has missed out “wordpress/” in the link. I didn’t even type the links in, I drag-and-dropped them. Some higher force is trying to save us all).

  6. AI Says:

    My goodness, he really should team up with Bernard Manning and Hasselhoff and form a racist letch trio called “The 3 ton-ners”. The kebab shop comment is totally uncalled for.

    The absolute nonsense about investment has now gone beyond a joke. He claims it’s doing his head in but speaks for about 6 minutes on it and tries to keep up the suspense. He should give it up as a bad job.
    The letching over “Katie” is vile.
    The “Dunk knows best” explanation is ridiculous.
    I think he should have left out the bit about tom, it just reminds people of what happened and Dunk does not come out of it well.

  7. Fred Says:

    There is a danger that people here are taking him too seriously. OK he’s no comedy genius, but in his own way he’s having a laugh at the expense of those who are taking him too seriously. I think this “campaign” has some very valid points and perhaps it would be best to stick to those. Getting personal about Dunk’s weight or picking up on his non-PC approach obviously doesn’t bother him. I don’t know if this podcast is a regular feature, but I can’t help thinking that the only people who are likely to listen to it are the people who don’t like him. Which was probably his intention.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Fred: Oldam used to admire BB – the Birkehhead used car salesman Brian Bentley of Teamtalk – for the outrageous lies he told about LFC transfers and his method of “getting bites” from the punters. He even tried to hire him on KT.

    Oldham frequently claims that his “non-PC” views are intended to get bites. I think they are, but also think that is a rationalisation. He actually does think like that , he wants everyone to know what he thinks and he cant stop talking.

    So he gets bites or “reactions”. But he censors which bites appear on his web site – just as BB did. So people will give their reactions elsewhere, such as here.

    There is also an analytic reason for having a look at his pod. It is just another example of how he uses interest in LFC to promote his views in addition to all the forums devoted to his views on KT, his proposed book, the KT editorials, his frequent intervenion in free forums, the running commentaries in the Insider and Gold Club and now – a pod. If the aeroplane he is going to fly over the Charity Shield match trails a blimp – we can also add that.

  9. univofchicago Says:

    funny how fatty is accusing his “sources” for getting the info all wrong. for every duncan bullshit, there is an exit strategy. this time, he decides grumbles about his imaginery “source” not giving him the updates…

    how pathetic…

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