Horsing around gets to Oldham

It all started off as just another day for Duncan. He logged on as “Koptalkinsider.coN” and published a news article about a striker that (according to comments elsewhere from visitors this blog) had already appeared on RAWK and YNWA. He also logged in as “The Informer” and created this piece of fiction.

Seems obsessed with horses now. Makes a change from greyhounds I suppose.

The Informer
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Kuyt and Klose
#1566239 – Mon Jul 24 2006 11:14 AM
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Feyenoord have lowered their asking price for Kuyt by £1m but the valuation is much higher than Liverpool are prepared to pay.

The horse has enquired to Werder Bremen about Miroslav Klose. Surprisingly they will let him leave to a non German club for around £8m.

I will be at the Anfield stadium this afternoon and may be able to obtain more information.

At this stage in the day Dunk was probably looking forward to another afternoon in the sun in the back yard, supping Asda’s own-brand cider and cursing the owner of the local kebab shop to anyone who’d listen. He could sit there relaxed, with nothing more to worry about than working out what kind of equestrian stories he’d be making up next time he logged in as “The Informer”.

Then a piece of cooling equipment in the Koptalk shed was impacted by some brown stuff. The insider member base got an email.

Dear Koptalker
Please accept my apologies for this uninvited email.

Last Wednesday in the gold and silver club I posted a genuine set of suggestions for improving the experience of everyone at Koptalk.

These took the form of a kind of 10 point manifesto for renewal that I hoped would start a serious debate about KT’s future and what we wanted as a community. The manifesto was a heartfelt attempt at stopping what I considered to be a decline in  the quality of user experience on the site and at no time was it intended to be an attack on the community or Duncan Oldham.

Unfortunately, like so many other recent posts on KT it was pulled after a mere 8 minutes by Dunk. Notwithstanding this I received 150 emails of support from KT people who either managed to see it during that time or were notified of it by other members later. I was later sent this email list of koptalk members by a Koptak Mod and told to “get this out there, people need to read it”. So I have.

About 3 hours after I made the original post I found that I had been banned from the site. I received a single email from Duncan Oldham telling me to put any feedback about the site into an email to Koptalk support.

I subsequently found out, that in response to KT members questions concerning my “disappearance” Duncan was saying that I hadn’t been banned and he’d sent me a number of emails to tell me.

This is a lie.

His banning of me (and subsequently many other long-standing KT’ers such as Fagan) was a completely over the top reaction to a serious post. Unfortunately that and other acts have confirmed for me that Koptalk has indeed gone over to “the dark side”.

You may have noticed that many of the a old familiar KT faces haven’t been around recently. That’s because
“the rebel alliance”  can now be found at: www.est1892.co.uk. Here you can breathe “the pure air of freedom”, and happily debate the reds to your hearts content without fear of “the daddy” snuffing you, and your posts out.

By the way, despite posting on KT since the late 1990s-  I never once, received any kind of thanks from Duncan for the “insider” information that I posted. Rude or cynical you decide, I certainly helped make him a shed-load of money.

best wishes

Cider abandoned, Katie-wig trampled, tonight’s podcast no doubt postponed, Duncan had to log in. He’s not been seen since.

Dunk  Administrator
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#1567157 – Mon Jul 24 2006 04:45 PM
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Please check the Board Room.

Even though he’s not been seen since, I think there’s no doubt he got news of this. This post lasted minutes, but after Dunk had shunned his emailed (and reasonable) feedback, a certain former member of the pay sites felt it was appropriate to air his views about Koptalk on the “free” site.

Post: Take notice        (Topic#18639)

24-07-06 05:15 PM – Post#278637

I was a member of the Gold Club for about 3 years until recently. I have been locked out of late for daring to say (in an email to Dunk, like he asks) that the Gold Club was going downhill and isn’t the same that it used to be, and that I wouldn’t be renewing my subscription.

If you are thinking of joining the Gold Club then can I suggest that you have a look at this website first, to see the things that Dunk doesn’t want you to know. Then if you decide then to join up, then fair enough.

All you will hear on this site is positives (the bits that Dunk wants all potential subscribers to hear) this blog gives you some of the negatives. I have asked Dunk a few times now to remove my positive feedback from his Gold Club feedback page, and although he said he would do it last week, it still remains there.



Pete the Pirate
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Loc: Boise , ID
24-07-06 05:19 PM – Post#278647
In response to ba75

It can’t be that bad or there wouldn’t be so many people subsribing to it and paying the money for it.

Lets get some other views.

24-07-06 05:21 PM – Post#278651
In response to Pete the Pirate

well if Dunk allowed you to reply to this you would see another side. Check out the website

I bet “The Informer” forgets to do his update now.


15 Responses to “Horsing around gets to Oldham”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    You can almost see Oldham staring in the eye glasses of the periscope, then spotting the Tom depth charge, slamming down the periscope and switching on the emergency siren. “Submerge! Sumberge!”

    #1567157 – Mon Jul 24 2006 04:45 PM
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    Please check the Board Room.

  2. A_I Says:

    Hilarious, loved the bits about Dunk’s day and also tom’s email. I would have loved to have read his rant in the board room.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    “I will be at the Anfield stadium this afternoon and may be able to obtain more information.”

    “Stadium” – very odd phrase. Maybe he wants to stress he won’t be lurking in Anfield’s Stanley Park?

    But I think it’s something else. He’s wary about saying just “Anfield” because that implies the offices or PC room or some such thing – and he knows that we know that he has never been admitted and won’t ever be admitted.

    So is there a semi-public showing of the new kit in the actual “stadium” ?

    Even if there is why would he go? There are perfectly good photos of the new kit on the net. Who would want his out -of- focus shots.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    that email list is proving to be some tool…

    150 emails? nice…..

    that list is only going to get bigger and bigger…

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Posted on KT by Oldham! must have been thre reason for the boardroom meeting.
    Oldham: rite chaps this is the story regarding TOM
    Mods: YES SIR!
    Oldham: plus you all must come around to the shed and lick melted chocolate orange off my man breasts!

    KopTalk Staff
    Reged: 28/07/03
    Posts: 22930

    Re: tom email [Re: REDS5]
    #1567303 – 24/07/06 06:19 PM
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    Tom was not banned but he’s chosen to tell everyone he is.

    He was polited requested to submit feedback by email rather than post on the forums and he continually chose not to.

    Instead a drama developed like in a school playground. We nipped it in the bud by deleting the thread.

    We don’t need telling about Tom, we made him a Honorary Member. However he no longer wishes to be here.

    As numerous people have said it’s very childish. As the majority of our members are only interested in LFC, we don’t do kiddie stuff on the forums. If anyone doesn’t like the way we moderate our forums, they don’t have to be a member here.

    End of drama.

    (One of his feedback requests were for members to have their avatars tamed down. For the benefit of everyone, you can disable avatars in your MY HOME section)

  6. Tom Says:

    Fly on the wall in the board room would have had quite a view.

    “Ok you fuckers, at least one of you, if not more is a double agent” Steve, get the thumb screws out. …..”

  7. A_I Says:

    Like a wounded animal Dunk goes onto the attack, the usual stuff: 1) Undermine tom 2) Undermine everyone who doesn’t agree by calling them kiddies and childish.

    This has got to him.

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    At least he can’t claim the email to be the work of a jealous, banned member 😉

  9. Tom Says:

    I think a tipping point has been reached at KT. So many of the good posters have
    registered and are posting at est1892 that dunk must be seriously rattled.

  10. univofchicago Says:

    LOL at chapeau du soleil

  11. Tom Says:

    Interestingly, that email from Dunk contradicts what he was telling everyone last week, i.e. that I hadn’t been banned, and that he ‘d left me *numerous* emails ALL DAY to tell me so.

    This week he’s changed the story. He now agrees with me, that I received ONE email telling me to submit suggestions via email. After that zilch.

    Please try to keep track of your lies Dunk. Or better still don’t. We’re lovin’ it.

  12. rupertinsider Says:


    A a list of the names Oldham (and DJ) call his readers and paying members:

    fecking 6-year-olds
    need to take their heads out of their asses

    benders – DJ
    cnuts – DJ
    split-arses i.e. women – DJ


    Please note “feedback” on KT has now been classifed as “whinges”

  13. univofchicago Says:

    wasn’t “split-arse” first used by oldham?

    i remember oldham calling his then wife, maria, a ‘split arse’ in koptalk radio.

    oldham later admitted that there were ‘some troubles at home’ after she found out.

  14. Disco Says:

    Split arse is a Roy Chubby Brown phrase.

    I’m very sorry for knowing that 🙂

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    Just looking back at this, I thought I’d do a search to see where Dunk had got Miroslav Klose from. I searched Google News, sorted by Date.

    Every single entry, for about three pages, was a Newcastle story.

    At least we know where Dunk got the link to Klose from.

    Save yourself 30 quid on the insider, just check the Newcastle Evening Chronicle every night for the latest transfer gossip. From Newcastle. On Newcastle United.

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