Duncan Oldham – man or otherwise?

I’ve not seen the original thread or post referred to by this thread’s starter. He made an apology, which Dunk responded to using the “KOPTALK.COM” id rather than his own.

Post: An Apology to Dunk        (Topic#18615)
Stevie G – Proper Bo I tell thee
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24-07-06 02:26 PM – Post#278287     New Reply

Would just like to apologise once again for the schoolboy error I made with the thread on Alves. The thread was actually translated from a Gold-Club member and not somebody on the forums. I mis-read the thread.
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24-07-06 06:12 PM – Post#278695     New Reply
In response to Stevie G – Proper Bo I tell thee

Appreciated mate. At least you had the guts to admit it. You’re a man my son, a man

So, Duncan says the apology from SGPBITT (such a long username) is a good thing because he admitted his mistake. It makes him a man.

So is Dunk a man or a woman? Is there more to Katie than just a wig? Can Dunk admit a bit of embarrassing truth?

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tom email
#1567258 – Mon Jul 24 2006 05:54 PM
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im guessing a fair few of you received tom’s email about being banned. Dunk – can you shed some light on this for us mate? I do trust you, but Tom is a well respected poster…

Very confusing times on koptalk

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Re: tom email [Re: kris90210]
#1567294 – Mon Jul 24 2006 06:12 PM
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Just checked and yep got it too. Does leave you asking questions alright mate. Hope that the powers that be will comment.

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Re: tom email [Re: REDS5]
#1567303 – Mon Jul 24 2006 06:19 PM
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Tom was not banned but he’s chosen to tell everyone he is.

He was politely requested to submit feedback by email rather than post on the forums and he continually chose not to.

Instead a drama developed like in a school playground. We nipped it in the bud by deleting the thread.

We don’t need telling about Tom, we made him a Honorary Member. However he no longer wishes to be here.

As numerous people have said it’s very childish. As the majority of our members are only interested in LFC, we don’t do kiddie stuff on the forums. If anyone doesn’t like the way we moderate our forums, they don’t have to be a member here.

We’re now reporting spammers to their Internet Service Providers, email providers etc. If you continued to be spammed by anyone you can also report it to the police.

End of drama.

(One of his feedback requests were for members to have their avatars tamed down. For the benefit of everyone, you can disable avatars in your MY HOME section)

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See Duncan – you are a bare-faced lying coward. You are too frightened to face your users if they are armed with even a little bit of knowledge about you. You’ve not got the guts. You know they’d not like you then. So we’ll keep this going one way or another and thanks to emails and the power google we’ll ensure everyone gets to hear the truth. When we’ve finished, maybe we’ll write a book (send no money now!).

13 Responses to “Duncan Oldham – man or otherwise?”

  1. univofchicago Says:


    Google “Koptalk” – Insider Blog appears CONSISTENTLY on the front page. Currently 5th (excluding sub-pages)

    Google “Koptalk Insider” – ALWAYS on the front page. Currently 2nd!!!

    Google “Insider Koptalk” – ALWAYS on the front page. Currently 2nd!!!

    Google “Duncan Oldham” – ALWAYS on the front page. 2nd again!! 1st is Kraptalk!!

    Google “Koptalk Wikipedia” – Insider Blog is FIRST thanks to the now legendary ‘wikipedia fiasco’.

    Insider-Insider has come a long way!

  2. univofchicago Says:

    i don’t know if its just me…

    but the traffic here seems to have made this site VERY slow…i couldn’t even get on for a couple of minutes…and its taking me ages to get a comment through.

    anyone have the same problems?

  3. barry wom Says:

    it’s fine for me.

  4. Redz Says:

    Having the same problems been time out 3 times now?

  5. Toby Says:

    “We’re now reporting spammers to their Internet Service Providers, email providers etc. If you continued to be spammed by anyone you can also report it to the police.”

    Someone may wish to point out that the email addresses were actually collected by Koptalk and freely distributed on the website. If any breach of data protection has occurred the path will lead straight to his own shed door.

  6. Chunky Says:

    “If you continued to be spammed by anyone you can also report it to the police.”

    Drama queen alert….. Drama queen alert… call for Reagan and Carter…

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Chunky: Yes that warning about him reporting spammers to the police really frightened me too. I’ve not emailed him for a while though, which I have to say makes me feel much much better.

    I have an idea, which would be quite useful if he actually was reporting these emails to the police.

    Just spam him with emails, every day, asking him questions he’d rather the police didn’t see. Ask him about Del and the Sky cards for example. Then when the police read them they can ask him about the allegations.

    univofchicago: Not sure why the site was slow – it does that from time to time but it’s out of my control. It’s not doing too bad for a free hosting system, especially compared to Dunk’s 900 quid a month package.

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Everyones favorite freind has been posting more shite tonight.
    Anyone with access to gold club goto the ‘couple of extra pics’ thread by him

    Also goto the Rivals news thread thats been locked. hhhuuuummmmm does that bloke who posted that visit here i wonder?

    Maybe if your nice insider insider will post the full shite from Oldham for those who cant get on

  9. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Just a little thing i noticed from the fat one…. he loves making a tit out of himself.

    Anyway he posted this in a thread about the Sky magazine

    KopTalk Editor

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    Re: Sky magazine know something we don’t? [Re: Dave100]
    #1567540 – 24/07/06 08:47 PM Reply Quote

    I remember when they included some emails/letters from readers congratulating them on the latest movie premiere or tv series… anyway, it didn’t start to the next month!

    HAHAHHAHAH talk about the pot calling the kettle Oldham!
    Fat knobhead! You wreck my head Oldham!


  10. txtoto Says:

    Just a little question: any of dunk’s(or one of his aliasses) crap insider info come out true yet. It seems weird how the blokes paying 30 quid dont seem to realise that nothing comming from the insider is true yet.

    Sugestion: You guys should sumarise some of his ( or aliasses) major claims this summer (with the dates he posted it) in a post and people could see he’s just been making bulshit claims and knows nothing more than anyone else

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Remember his rant on his blog two days ago and on his pod yesterday about how the conflcit in Lebanon puts everything in perspective? Today he is threatening to call the police because someone sent a few mild emails to his victims!

  12. geeko Says:

    why should we believe that dunk is lying though?

    could tom be lying?

  13. rupert Says:

    We should log Oldham’s twists on turns on this story – investment in the stadium.

    According to Bascombe LFC say they have access to the funds

    We all read a couple of weeks ago Oldham’s statement that he believes that LFC does not have the funds. Then a few days later that they will have to make a decision about the stadium even if they do or do not have the funds – doh! Then his radio and pod statements a few days ago – also reflected in his written opinions – that “it is doing me “ed in all this investment, I don’t want to hear about it!”.

    Nobody would blame his frustration if he as genuine, but we have had years of him claiming to have insider information about it and to be a virtul adjunct to the L4 group and Kenny Dalglish and having inside information about the Kraft family interests after they allegedly broke off from the L4 group.

    We’ve heard his witterings about the Redrow Homes guy many times , implying that he understood his mind and as recently as a few days ago that he was angling to be part of whichever group was leading the investment.

    Then there were all his trailers about major news in May, put off to July, and now his belief that the group might not want to tell them – but he won’t call them, even though he could, because he does not want to make himself a nuisance. And throughout it all he has kept his breathless readers aware what was in the mind of Rick Parry (whom he has never met or spokent to) and David Moores and other directors.

    He’s also used the story to pursue his vendetta against the club for all his imagined hurts at being rejected by it. He wants the investment to result in the sacking of Moores and Parry – oh no he doesn’t – he would just love Moores to stay if someone would put up the money – but he fears (crocodile tears) that he and Parry will have to go.

    Its laughable in one way, but how many people has he convinced to sign up for the Insider and the Gold Club by this blatant con?

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