Koptalk make one refund.

The first version of this blog started off in March. Four months or so, getting more and more hits over time. Unfortunately the biggest part of the blog has been all about negative stuff. Believe it or not, I’d have been happy if at the start of this Duncan had just realised he was being watched, then sorted out things like the support for The Sun, The fake insider information, the theft of other people’s articles and so on. He couldn’t do it though. As a result his site is plummeting in popularity. He can deny it, but look at his desperate measures to try and up the post counts on his forums. Games on the Gold Club – but you’ve got be over a certain number of posts to play them. (Well you don’t really have to – it’s easy enough to go straight to the SWF files for each game instead – but he probably doesn’t realise that.) On the “free” site he’s going for the tactic of making people stop lurking by letting them only post in another area of the site until they’ve got enough posts in. Then they’ve got to beg to be allowed to go higher.

Can anyone be arsed? Except some of our readers who are only doing it to keep an eye on things.

Anyway, I said Koptalk made a refund, so this is something positive. Someone had probably not realised he’d set their paypal account up to automatically re-charge for the next year. In fact this user, “Eth”, has two email addresses registered on Koptalk. We emailed both of them today. No reply yet (in case Dunk thinks it’s time for a ban) but we did notice one of the two addresses bounced. What’s the chances that the bouncing email address was set up on an auto-charge setting? The user decided to renew using the newer email address.

Fair play to Oldham though – he did keep his promise that he’d refund anyone who was charged twice. It’s a pity that you’ve got to find this out yourself though – Dunk’s systems are far too amateur for him to find out if you’ve paid at all, never mind twice. That was why he had to lock people out of his site – that and to try and catch us. Which he’s still not done.

Eth Gold Member
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FAO Koptalkers
#1562561 – 21/07/06 04:45 PM
Giving feedback koptalk for a 2nd time this week!

Some of ya know me some of ya don’t…..

Its only a small thing but its something I’d like to highlight in the midst of the crap and allegations and accusations and putting down of this community thats going on this week.

I happened to notice this week that I made a balls up when paying my subscription through paypal and my sub was paid twice to Koptalk. All I had to do was get in contact with Ste via MSN and today that money has been refunded back to my account. I know its a no brainer but I think it highlights the fact that we’re dealing with decent and trustworthy BUSINESS people and fellow fans.

You will never hear me slag off other sites (which I am a member of almost all) or will I blacken the name of people no matter what they write – often I pity their short sightedness.

I find it good value here, the customer service is excellent, SMS Alerts are worth the subscription alone – the community is diverse and friendly.

Read the AUP – if you agree with them I recommend you join the GC – if not there are absolutely loads of other sites that may suit your needs better.

Attacking a man and worse still his family because he has chosen to build a successful business by doing something he enjoyed? – Shame, take a look at the big picture, take a walk outside, look at your own family. Think.

There are alternatives out there for you.

This is all I have to say on the matter

Dunk again I congratulate you on what you have going here – long may it last and long may you and your family prosper from the risks that you take.

– – – – – – – – –

We emailed Eth to ask if he’d seen the blog. Maybe he had, maybe he hadn’t. It just didn’t sound like someone who’d read the blog would go out of his way to say all of that. If you know Eth, email him and tell him your points on why the blog is so popular. He’s not replied to us, but he seems to have fallen for all of Duncan’s unfounded, untrue, unproven propaganda.

This is the part that saddens me most. “Attacking a man and worse still his family because he has chosen to build a successful business by doing something he enjoyed? – Shame, take a look at the big picture, take a walk outside, look at your own family. Think.”

Eth we do think. I look at my own family and think how much I love them and how I don’t want them to come to any harm. I think of all the things I’ve done over the years to protect them. It’s not the place of the blog to go into my personal troubles and triumphs, or the details of my family. But I would never, never put my own children’s safety in danger. Not for anything. Duncan claims all kinds of nasty things have happened to his kids as result of this blog. He says he’s got photos of his kids that have been doctored. He says he’s had threats to his family. He made claims in the past against people who tried to “out” him that were of a much more serious nature about his children. Despite all this, he decided to use his daughter on his Gold Club site tonight. She was posting (or he was posting pretending to be her, you can’t always tell). If he’d really had the threats he’d said, would she be allowed anywhere near his site? Not if he was a responsible parent.

One day his children will see him for what he is. At the moment they probably trust his every word, but given time they’ll realise things don’t add up. They’ll realise he’s used them. Does his daughter know what he’s claimed about her in the past? As someone on here posted earlier in the comments, it makes you quite angry. It’s no exaggeration at all to say that his attitude towards his children makes him the biggest threat they face. I won’t say, “I hope he’s proud of this”, because I don’t hope that. I hope he snaps out of his anti-depressant haze and realises what he’s doing. I hope his mother sees what he’s doing and snaps him out of it. Where’s his wife these days? Surely a mother can see what’s happening.

If you’ve got children you’ll probably understand my fears. He lives in a fantasy world and needs to be kept an eye on. I have seriously considered contacting social services in Newcastle about it, but I’d rather his own family tried to sort him out first. I know they read this blog (when he’s not looking) so I hope they can.

Duncan’s response to his user, the one who clearly doesn’t realise the extent of what Oldham’s done, was typical fantasy. There are so few users left on his forums now that his words are having a smaller and smaller impact.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: 20/08/04
Re: FAO Koptalkers [Re: Eth]
#1563715 – 22/07/06 01:04 PM
Please submit feedback by email or you will be covered in hot tar and feathers, dragged outside and then banned.
(No – submit negative feedback so that you can be banned quietly. Submit positive feedback so that Duncan can big himself up.)

Seriously, every single day we receive hundreds of emails and support tickets. These can be about subs, help, enquiries, refund requests (from overpayments like yourself), suppliers, friends, contacts. It takes ages to go through them all. I have 425 emails pending as I type this, there’s that many because I choose to respond to everyone personally who has supported me/us over the years. This is called respect. It takes time to deal with people but we try and prioritise them. (I wonder if he’s included the weight-loss pills and viagra emails in those).

Our current aim is to respond to support tickets within 24 hours although this is an absolute deadline, during the day we try to respond within an hour or two. The average is probably 6 hours.

(Here’s how Duncan makes sure he’s nominated for the title of worst employer in Britain.) I decided to make Steve contactable at the office 7 days a week. Sometimes though he ventures out, after all he does have a life. Even so though he takes 2 mobiles with him. His own and the KopTalk one so that he can say “Look, I’m just out mate but I’ll sort this for you a.s.a.p.”

We have worked hard as a team improving support because we know it’s frustrating if you need help. This is why I also have Steve on MSN nearly every hour of every day apart from when he’s in bed. Most nights Steve gets around 5 hours sleep. He’ll finish at 2 and then he’ll be back in here at 7, and this is 7 days a week. I also work similar hours. He is the most valued member of the team. (Of course Duncan’s lying, Steve spends nothing like that sort of time doing Oldham’s dirty work. Over 130 hours a week? Nothing of the sort. But if he does then he’s entitled to the minimum wage.)

(Next is Duncan’s long-standing line about who attacks him and his site. How long’s he been saying it? I’m still not banned. From any of his forums. And does this site look like a “rival” to Koptalk? It’s a broken record for some of you to hear me say this, but it needs pointing out for any newcomers. I don’t want to give too much away, but I chose to keep quiet when I found out the truth about Duncan, and as a result he never worked out who I was. I wasn’t prepared to stand up and be shot straight down by Duncan’s moderator army! I started the revolution instead!)

The only people that ever have a bad word off about us are people who have tried it on, former (banned) members (from either here or the main site forums) or people associated to rival websites. There has also been stuff because we are ‘out of towners’. We can handle it all. After all we all have our own lives. I just think people take things far too seriously. We treat people like they treat us. (The stuff about “out of towners” is designed to win him favour from his many “out of town” members. We aren’t bothered about where he’s from though – it’s him that keeps pretending he’s moving to Liverpool. He’s been saying that for years. He was about to open a bar in Formby once. Now he’s interested in buying Chris Waddle’s Liverpool home. Stop laughing.)

If someone comes to me with a sincere complaint or gripe I listen. (Your treatment of Tom is one example from years of proof of how that is a lie. You think you know best. Your arrogance will be the end of your sites.) But I don’t suffer fools. Topics that I feel are either posted to rock the boat some how or basically stir, are pulled and they would be elsewhere. If someone wants to leave, leave why be all dramatic like some 13-year-old girl. (Maybe it was at this point he decided his own 13-year-old girl would be making an appearance.) Tell me if you want to moan because the majority of the members don’t really care. (Is that right? It isn’t actually, Dunk Knows Jack-shit).

(The next bit has been fairly true over the years, but I really don’t think he’s faced such an intense campaign as this before). Popular figures come and go. It goes in stages. But they are always replaced. It’s life. Sadly Chinese whispers kick in and before you know it I’m the anti-Christ and this is why I’m handing over these decisions to Steve. He’s 17 and he couldn’t care less who wants to moan. I don’t either but when you’re caught up with it all it takes up time that I could be spending on improving the site. (Instead of improving the site he’s making it worse – so say many people who used to like his site).

Many new members have come to me complaining of a clique mentality. In one way you can’t help this because friends of a year or two will have a laugh. There’s no problem with that but sometimes they do over step the mark. Thankfully this is improving a lot and members feel this because they tell us. (Nobody likes a clique – especially not Duncan. Duncan doesn’t like his forum members to be too friendly with each other, because that’s how the truth about him spreads. He can turn of private messaging and hide email addresses by changing a PHP file, but he can’t stop those who already had each other’s email addresses from speaking to each other.)

(Now for some classic Koptalk Bullshit.) Fortunately the majority keep us informed of who is doing and saying what and this is helpful as we keep an eye on folk. Sometimes people can’t understand a decision we make but sometimes we can’t divulge reasons even though if we did, people would understand or support us more so. It’s frustrating when sometimes you can’t be upfront but there are legal issues so we can’t just go spouting off. (You mean you are a lying tyrant who won’t tell any of his users how he’s a long-time conman).

Everyone who participates on KopTalk either here or on the free sites is a guest. They do not have licence to do or say what they want. (Another classic piece of Koptalk excuse-making. If you compare Koptalk to a pub, Duncan is trying to make out he’s banned people for smashing glasses and breaking tables. In truth he’s banned them for daring to suggest any form of change to the way the pub works. Not for demanding it, for suggesting it.)

(I’ll not comment (again) on this one too much. Do a search on Google Groups for (“po box 145” scarborough). In fact, click this. It’s just an example. And he’s clearly a violent angry individual at times, as he often tells us, and tells us here. He’s actually spoken in an email to someone about the people behind this blog, saying when he catches them he’ll “rip their faces off”. Nice man, nice man.) Allegations made against myself are laughable. The only things I’ve ever been in trouble for is criminal damage when a taxi driver nearly crashed into my car when Charlotte was a tot. I even went to the police station and turned myself in 10 minutes later and the next day in court the magistrates said “If only everyone was like you. You saved the police a lot of time”. All I had to do was pay for his window I have a driving conviction from around 1994/5 and that’s about it. A right Ronnie Biggs I am. My late father and late grandather (both Police Inspectors) would have disowned me… not.

The rivalry towards KopTalk has intensified since we started getting more organised. In November last year we started removing people who had managed to stay in. We’ve got rid of loads of them. (Not sure what he means about this, but I’ll just point out one thing. You’ve not got rid of us.)

Next season will be a massive step-up for us. I can’t say why because I know my everyword is lifted and pasted all over the net. (He can’t say why because he’s not sorted anything out yet.) Hopefully you will see why as the season progresses. But remember, we’re just football fans. KopTalk was just a mailing list and it evolved into a website. All from a hobby and my love of LFC.. I wasn’t prepared for such a transition and yeh (his spelling of “yeh” again, just him and Katie spell it this way) mistakes have been made but you can only learn from them. (That is the biggest problem for you Duncan. That’s why this blog’s here and your member numbers are plummetting. Your hits are falling. Because you will not learn. You refuse to stop the dodgy stuff.) An angel I’m not but I don’t take **** from anyone and people don’t like that. (I just don’t like the “****” you give to your innocent members).

(And on it goes…)

I always say if there’s a problem or if someone has genuine feedback bring it to us. We’re contactable nearly all the time.

( … )

Nobody gets banned for nothing, either from here or the main site. Anyone who says such is telling porkies or twisting the truth a little. You can only ban yourself. (Liar.)

I would like to thank you for yoru supportive comments above which I will close because I prefer positive and negative feedback to come through by email. Otherwise people will be accused of brown-nosing. (You close positive feedback, before someone adds anything negative, but you don’t delete it. Negative feedback is deleted and the user banned immediately. That’s the truth.)

The football season is nearly here thank God and I will be drawing a line under the issue. (You’d like to draw a line under the issue. Do you think we will? Not until you sort yourself out. We’re still waiting for you to send us an email. In confidence if you prefer.) I’m very happy for people to discuss KopTalk or myself and family like they already do on other sites, that shows the sort of people that frequent them. Anyone who chooses to manipulate photographs of my children (6 and 13) shows the level of these people. (He’s still claiming this. Have you seen any of these? I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I really can’t see that they do. And who’s sent them? I’d even be prepared to help find the culprit if they were as bad as he makes out. The truth is though, as we say above, Duncan Oldham does not give a shit about the safety or welfare of his children if the way he uses them in his campaign to make money is anything to go by). You will never see anyone here discussing others and I certainly won’t allow forum members to put down other sites. They want to rival KopTalk, we don’t want to rival anyone. We just want to spend our lives trying to make our supporters happy by providing as much as we can about LFC. (Should we repost your comments about Chris Bascombe? Or do you want us to post your criticism of the site you are the most jealous of? The Official Site? Oldham once claimed it was his idea to have a webcam at Anfield. Liverpool FC wouldn’t want any webcam of his anywhere near their premises.)

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JD Koptalk’s Rent Boy
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Re: FAO Koptalkers [Re: Eth]
#1563719 – 22/07/06 01:05 PM
I am sure Dunk will want to use some of this if not at all for the feedback section mate.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Dunk KopTalk Editor
Re: FAO Koptalkers [Re: JD]
#1563744 – 22/07/06 01:18 PM
I’ve just spoke to me mam about this post as she’s been following it all over the last few weeks.
(Here we go again… His mam is one of the people who received an email from us in the past. Questions about Duncan. She was contacted through the email address provided by Koptalk to discuss issues with the Gold Club.)

She is basically responsible for the running of the office in that she makes sure Steve and Katie (and even myself!) are doing what they’re supposed to. She’s basically my PA and who better to have. (Duncan – Katie does not exist. You made her up. The longer you go on about this imaginary 18-year-old friend of yours the longer you will look a dickhead. But you seem to think you know best.)

She was really happy with these comments when I read them down the phone and we’re going to print them off and put on the office wall, Rafa style. (He lives over the road from his mum. So he phones her. No wonder he’s struggling with his weight.)

Every day she speaks to Steve (I hope she does, she’s his stepmum and he lives in her house) and reminds him of the importance of everyone “These people put food in your fat gob” she reminds him when he sighs when he’s under a bit of pressure. (Not for much longer though Duncan, you’ve been shitting on them for far too long.)

Nobody will ever know how much we appreciate the people who support us. (They do know. As soon as they say anything even remotely questionable.)


Sorry for such a long post, but we felt it was worth repeating some facts for those who’ve just found the blog for the first time. We’re starting to make use of the list of email address we have access to. That’s where we got hold of Eth’s email address, and I hope he does find time to read the blog before he reads more of Dunk’s propaganda. It’s a pity Dunk didn’t just say, “No worries, of course we’ll refund you if you’ve been charged twice”. It would have made this a positive post for him.

9 Responses to “Koptalk make one refund.”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Does the fat one not realise that sometimes silience is golden?
    If he had left that post alone and not used it for his little war, then he would have gained a bit more respect. Yet he couldnt just leave it.

    I saw that Eth’s post when it very 1st posted and i expected Dunk to jump rite on it, to highjack it.
    Everytime i checked back he had not took the bait, or so i thought. When i saw it again yesterday the fatty had biten. Now like i said if he left it alone my opionion of him would have gone up by 0.3%, but i knew he couldnt leave it.

    Not only that but the dickhead made it a sticky thread!!!!! Dont you realise that all this self promoting of the apparent ‘good’ stuff about KT and the deleting of all the ‘bad’ stuff makes people think!!!!?

    P.S notice the time difference between the orignal post and Oldhams reply! Must have been typing that up on word ALL evening after he finished his shit radio show

  2. univofchicago Says:


    i LOVE his rants…

    i don’t think he realizes that its doing more harm than good…when he goes berserk, people will want to know what its about…(have i given away too much?)

    thats how i found this blog btw…

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    That “Sermon on the Mount” from the persecuted Christ of the Internet was prompted by a post saying essentially – KT refunded me after I paid twice.

    That’s how far we have come. He repays something that he owes to a customer and it is used as proof of his martyrdom and sanctitiy.

    1. I am suspicious of Eth’s post. Of course it may be genuine and I hope it is, but his phraseology is similar to Oldham’s. Oldham has planted false posts before so we have a right to be suspicious.

    2. There have been many posters on here and other sites reporting that after they have cancelled thier membership or been banned, he has charged for an additional year through standing orders on their PayPal account or credit card. I hope that all these will now receive the same treatment Eth says he has received.

    3. Many posters on here and other sites have a distinctive different experience from Seth’s. They cannot get service or responses.

    4.. He closes membership on a whim yet does not refund membership fees in whole or part. But maybe all that will change in the light of his new found honesty.

    5. Once again he uses his children to deflect criticism of him and his shady business practices. I can’t be arsed looking, but I saw new photos of his kids on his site yesterday. Somebody on here pointed out a few days ago that he has just removed photos of his daughter last week from the advertisment for his non-existent book – I had thought that might signal a reform of his policy of using photos of his kids and of orphans to generate money, as a result of our criticism, but it seems not. He said he had one or more of his his kids on KT radio last week, now he has them writing in his site. For newbie’s if you want to know how he uses his children look at the article on here “Oldham’s Big Lie”.

    5. He claims that he works so hard to provide service conflicts but boasts, in his blog and on his site, that he spends many days drinking in his garden or in a pub. We also know he is setting up rival Toon and Spurs sites, which must take away from the time he has for those who are paying for those sites through their membership fees for his LFC site. His claims also conflicts with his anger towards those who ask for service – on my last count there were 12 favourite words he uses to describe them. I’ll update it soon.

    6. Does he not yet understand the revulsion people have that he uses a site which is ostensibly about LFC to talk on and on about himself and his family. What other football site in the world – indeed what other non-personal site on the internet – features the private life of its Owner like KT does?

    Under our criticism he removed three or four forums or features last week dedicated to his own views.

    But now there’s a new personal blog, and there’s his radio show, the main purpose of which is to give him another platform to talk about himself, the editorials, the articles, the comments woven into news stories “we think this or that”. Last week, also under pressure from us, he declared he would withdraw from the forums and leave them to his 17 year old step brother to manage. Within hours he was back – he could not resist a swipe at Paul Tomkins – a writer he promised to pay and didn’t. And since then he is in back in full forum mode – intervening and sounding off all over the place. He is out of control.

    7. What prompted the long explanation of his police record and reference to his family members who were policemen. Has something happened that is relevent? Is he helping them in their enquiries? His righteousness contrasts with his reference to his “underworld friends” when he wants to frighten off critcism.

    8. “I decided to make Steve contactable at the office 7 days a week…..” What no ankle monitor?

    “This is why I also have Steve on MSN nearly every hour of every day apart from when he’s in bed. Most nights Steve gets around 5 hours sleep. He’ll finish at 2 and start at 7”.

    That sort of thing was made illegal in Britain in the 19th century. In other posts he repeatedly claims he does not pay Steve.

    Well I hope those congratulating Oldham on his service realise that their membership fees don’t pay Steve a wage. And I hope those who worry about those “attacking his family” realise that it is Oldham who treats the 16 (now 17) year step-brother likes this, not us.

    9. Once again he accuses his critics of being banned members or associated with other sites. Well I am not banned. He has put me in the senior forum again. I’ve never been banned by him in something like 7 years.

    And why shouldn’t his critics use other sites? They can’t use his to criticise him. Only a wannabbe cult leader would talk like he does about ex-members. He implies that the very fact that someone has left his cult is proof, itself, that they are bad. This is a technique used by cults.

  4. lobster Says:

    this man really makes me sick, the amount of lies he makes with his eyes wide open is amazing, he is such a habitual liar since young and he thinks he can get over it every single time. One day tho, all these lies and scams he made will finally catch up with him and he is going to suffer immensely, God knows best.

  5. lobster Says:

    i have never been banned either

  6. JonyMadness Says:

    Just for fun, let’s see how often steve is on MSN, according to the big fella he’s on all day except for the 5 hours he’s asleep. Well here we go:

    Monday July 24th 11.00am – No sighting.

  7. JonyMadness Says:

    Monday July 24th 12.00pm – No sighting

  8. JonyMadness Says:

    Monday July 24th 2.00pm – No sighting

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Maybe he’s run away again.

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