Dunk's new alias provides LFC v Crewe goal

Dunk’s got a new alias.


This user became a member of the Gold Club today, and has made 11 posts in total. First of all though, the links to the videos. It seems Dunk’s realised how dodgy it was to store match coverage on his own server. As long as he uses dodgy video clips to help plug his pay-sites we’ll continue to repeat the information here. If he took all the mentions of it out of his promotional material, and stopped referring to it, we’d probably not need to show the links any more. For now though, it’s in the same category as “fake transfer rumours” – you should be paying him for this.

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Crewe v LFC 1st goal
#1564094 – Sat Jul 22 2006 04:29 PM


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Re: Crewe v LFC 1st goal [Re: NJRED]
#1564236 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:20 PM
Thanks, and here is the YouTube Version to share:


Edited by Red_Del (Sat Jul 22 2006 05:23 PM)
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Re: Crewe v LFC 1st goal [Re: Red_Del]
#1564244 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:22 PM

It says no longer available.
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Re: Crewe v LFC 1st goal [Re: NJRED]
#1564246 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:23 PM
Now you’ve edited it, it’s just showing Wrexham.
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Re: Crewe v LFC 1st goal [Re: NJRED]
#1564249 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:25 PM
Should slow down, apparently it takes a while to convert at YouTube end!

Now done

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Re: Crewe v LFC 1st goal [Re: Red_Del]
#1564280 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:40 PM

ok thanks


So why choose NJRED as an alias? Pretending to be Smoov(e)? I thought Dunk’s XBox friend was from NY rather than NJ? Maybe NJ means Newcastle Jeanette.

I think that “Red Del” is a real user. It’s just a coincidence that “Del” was an alias Duncan once used to rip people off with dodgy Sky cards. See this post – Alternative Reading – for a couple of links to Dunk’s past as Del Johnson the Sky Card seller and as Miss Hargreave’s Adult Friend Finder.
He forgot to log back in as himself (he had the same problem when he was pretending to be Del) and so gives the game away a little bit more. He recently mentioned how he liked the new Arsenal stadium when he was logged in as Dunk. But if he was an “NJ” Red, more than likely based in New Jersey USA, how the hell’s he watching Channel 5?

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Huntelaar on 5
#1564218 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:15 PM
Just wondering if anyone wants to know about this guy Hunterlaar who is being talked about hes playing on Channel 5 at the minute at the Dennis Berkamp testimonial. Looking good in the opening 14 minutes.
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Re: Huntelaar on 5 [Re: irishkop]
#1564256 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:26 PM

missed 2 sitters, looks a bit cr*p, as does the emirates stadium! does not have an impressive atmosphere or feel to the place … doesn’t have feel of anfield, old trafford or highbury!
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Re: Huntelaar on 5 [Re: irishkop]
#1564258 – Sat Jul 22 2006 05:27 PM

Lovely stadium though.


14 Responses to “Dunk's new alias provides LFC v Crewe goal”

  1. Scratch Says:

    So why choose NJRED as an alias? Pretending to be Smoov(e)? Or Scratch. Or are they from NY rather than NJ? Maybe NJ means Newcastle Jeanette.

    Someone wants to pretend to be me? Heavens above, I’ve never had a stalker before!

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Sorry Scratch – you obviously posted from work rather than home yesterday, and your IP address made me think there was a remote chance you could have been Smoove!

    I’ll change the post now for your benefit. Unless anyone objects.

    Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you. 🙂

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Has anyone seen what this contridicting wanker is doing now?
    After all the fuss he has kicked up about his kids not being dragged into the attacks against him (which they havent by the way) he now has his 13 year old daughter posting on the gold club!!!!!!
    What a WANKER!!! whether its him doing it or really is her is not the point, the point is that he is using his OWN kids and a way of gaining more sympathy on his site and possible to try and trap this blog into posting something she has posted.
    Im sure insider insider and rupert are to clever to post her thread on here and will only make comment that he has done it.

    Feel sorry for the poor kid, imagine having a dad who will use you as a tool for his own gains!

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    sorry had to post again because im FUMING about this.
    i mean what sicko uses their own kids to trap people and shit?
    I can see his big plan with this one. As soon as it was posted on here, he would lift it to post on KT to say to everyone ‘see i told you they are bringing my kids into it’
    PRICK!!! and would also say ‘i dont want to show the sick photos they have done incase my kids see them’ WHAT PHOTO’S FATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
    Dont you realise your the only one who has NO MORALS. The people of this blog have morals, thats why they are campaigning against you! Not everyone works and thinks like you (thank god)
    TOSSSERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve to rot !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Insider Insider, I think you are being unfair….surely the scoop count should be more than 0 now, the Chris Waddle house story deserved a point for creativity!

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Has anyone ever been in a school (Dotheboys?) securee community (Broadmoor?) military unit (Guantamo Bay?) or any form of closed community where they talk to you like this:

    KopTalk Editor

    Loc: KOPTALK
    Offline 20-07-06 03:40 PM – Post#274695

    On Thursday 20th July 2006 we reverted back to the old format in that we now have 2 groups of forums:

    After a period of settling in moderators will then consider granting you full access to the other forums.

    We have this system to help deters rival fans and numpties. With the school holidays only a few days away, there could be an increase in younger members – although saying that, a lot of the older members are probably worse


    Just inform a moderator who will pass the message on to Steve (our new community manager). If I’m knocking about I’ll also assist. Moderators can not promote you, only site admin can i.e. Steve.

    The RESERVES forums are to encourage newcomers to get involved and hopefully make the step up into the first team.

    Just because someone has a FIRST TEAM PLAYER title does not necessarily mean they have access to the FIRST TEAM forums.

    Although we have RESERVES forums also, we will not be demoting people from the FIRST TEAM if they feck around. They will be banned as normal because if they act like idiots in FIRST TEAM they’ll act like idiots in the RESERVES.

    These measures are just to try and give you a better community. Please be patient if you are awaiting access to the FIRST TEAM. We will try and get as many people in as possible.

    As quickly as anyone can be added they can be removed.

    Thankyou for supporting the site by making here your home. We listen to all your feedback and we will do all we can to keep the place as sensible and mature as possible

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Spot the contradictions in the above?

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    A poster on here a couple of days ago cut and pasted from KT a banner to the effect that it contains “offical” information from Anfield. Now I can’t find that post. Nor can I find it where that is located on KT. Does anyone remember the post or can cut and paste from KT?

    (I do not mean the two line statement under every news in red block letters to the effect that it is exclusive news and whispers form Anfield Melwood and the Academy).

    Does anyone know of any other banner, apart from those tww mentioned above, or any ad of any kind in which he says stuff on KT is official and exclusive?

    Please post or send by email rupertinsider@gmail.com

  9. lobster Says:

    Did anyone notice this?
    When he put a news related to other clubs, he will put RIVALS at the start.
    But for the damien duff transfer, he just put “Duff to sign for newcastle – OFFICIAL”

  10. univofchicago Says:

    well lobster, thats because a day before, duncan oldham had put out another one of his bullshit (or stolen) stories that “Chelsea winger Damien Duff [had] been given permission to discuss a possible transfer to Anfield”.

    a day later, news comes out that duff is about to sign for newcastle…

    sol campbell saga dejavu?

  11. univofchicago Says:

    koptalks seen a huge dip in new signups this summer. summers are supposed to be a peak time for him because thats when he can make up all sorts of bullshit stories to feed the news-hungry red fans. his new sms service and feedback update is an attempt to get the revenue levels up again and sign of desperate times at koptalk:

    New feedback is added to this page on a regular basis. Rather than listen to what our former (banned) forum members say or people associated to websites who choose to rival us, read what the actual EXISTING members say. Every one of the members below can be found either in the Gold Club or The Insider (or both if they’re a Gold member). If you enjoy KOPTALK, and you’re in a position to support us, please sign-up online or offline today!


    ADDED: 21/07/06 @ 1041

    “I am a Gold Club member and I can’t live without it. It’s an excellent source of info on the club. There is a great community spirit unlike other sites which are full of aggro. The Insider info is fantastic with plenty news on impending transfers long before anyone else hears them,” – Xabi_is_God (Gold Club & Insider)

    ADDED: 21/07/06 @ 1036

    “I started using Koptalk at the start of the transfer window after winning the Champs League for the 5th time. The free site was good in combination with Sky Sports to tell me everything about the club and transfers, but upgrading to the Gold Club really did filter out the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

    “I’ve never followed LFC so closely since I discovered Koptalk and now it’s become a way of life!

    “Paying to be part of a community is worth it’s weight in gold compared to some of the sites I have seen where all sorts of childish behaviour goes on. Not to mention you don’t get any non-LFC fans on the forum just looking to wind you up.

    “It doesn’t take long from becoming a member to know who the characters are on Koptalk and they keep me amused all day long.

    “For 8p a day, whether you get true insider info, total BS or just a laugh in the other forums. Then i don’t know where better to spend my money.

    “Plus you get £25 a week entered on the Lottery!” – Est1892 (Gold Club & Insider)

    ADDED: 21/07/06 @ 1036

    “I bloody love it! I honestly dont know how I’d get through the day without KopTalk. The crack is great and the services are brilliant. I love the competitions that run during the season. Half the time, I’m not even interested in the prize, I just enjoy the laugh of having a go. I’m a Gold Club member but I go through all sections as there is always something somewhere of interest. The SMS service is brilliant and I feel privileged at being able to tell other Reds about club happenings before it hits the news,” – hurricanephil (Gold Club & Insider)

  12. Fred Says:

    The on-line discussion between Dunk and his daughter is bizarre! Why don’t they just talk to each other?

    Is Dunk’s daughter really only 13? Her written English is very good for her age.

  13. punt Says:

    those testimonials are hilarious. he is trying to use the association and fans loyalty to LFC to make cash. it is shameless and is surely usage of the Liverpool Football Club trademark and brand for commercial purposes. it is NOT allowed as he is NOT licensed and I sincerly hope the club will protect their valuable trademark as people are being DUPED. plain and simple. Duncan’s day will come.

  14. jo Says:

    this is pathetic. you people have too much time on your hands

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