Your views – Koptalk and Duncan Oldham

Without going through all of the comments one by one and classifying them as “pro-” or “anti-” this blog, I think it’s safe to say that the majority are from people who support what the blog is trying to do.

Every so often a small batch of apologists for Duncan appear, and I always appreciate this. I want to hear other views. It’s easy to follow a crowd and say, “Yes, that’s Dunk’s a right git isn’t he?” It’s harder to appear on here and say something opposite to what the blog says.

Of course on Koptalk, you couldn’t post anything showing signs of dissent, you’d be banned – or as the new saying goes, “You’ve been Tommed”.

This blog started off, originally, as a bit of a laugh to show how funny Duncan Oldham’s made-up transfer gossip was. It was intended to act as a record of what the claims were that he made, to come back to at a later date when it was so clear how wide of the mark they’d been. And as they weren’t in Dunk’s control, they couldn’t be changed or hidden to suit him.

As I continued to pay more attention to Koptalk than I had done before, I found out all kinds of things I’d forgotten about. Some of these things are worse than others. Some are fairly minor, others are fairly major. And my opinion on what’s major and minor possibly differs from yours.

Some of the things I’ve been told in emails I’ve been asked to keep confidential, because the informer ( ! ) has been frightened of it getting back to Duncan. Is this because they are lying, or is it because they’ve some kind of fear of Duncan? If anyone’s emailed me in the past about ways they’ve been ripped off by Oldham and now wants to let me report it then please get back in touch. I don’t report anything from my email account without permission.

Things have taken off with this blog in a much bigger way than I ever expected, Dunk’s impact on the internet side of LFC certainly isn’t small. Or at least it wasn’t. What’s hard now is to find time to take stock of all the things about Duncan Oldham and Koptalk we don’t like, and the aspects of Duncan Oldham and Koptalk we do like.

So I’d like you to try and list the good, the bad and the, well, the rest about Koptalk and Duncan Oldham.

So if you can, please leave a comment with your views on Koptalk and Duncan Oldham.




(If possible, state what you think is the worst thing about KT / DO and what you think is the best).

I’ll then try and use your comments to help newcomers find out about Oldham, and also to help me to concentrate on the majority of issues.


33 Responses to “Your views – Koptalk and Duncan Oldham”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Good – Err, umm, nope can’t think of anything.
    Bad – He’s alive?
    Other – Think I covered it under Bad.

    Seen this?

    “Just had a quote from one of the major hosts in the UK… just under £10,000-per year if we switch to them (for the forums) opposed to the £180-a-month I’m currently paying (for the forums)

    This sounds like what I want though… and you wanna know why we have subscriptions flmao!”

    Yeah right, I run what appears on the face of it to be a much larger forum and the cost for that comes in at about £130 / month,

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Observer – instead of bandwidth perhaps he is charged by the lie

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He pays 180 quid a month for hosting and no salaries to Steve and his Mum.

    What does he do with all the revenues from those 5,000 to 6,000 30 quid memberships, the book sales, the income from Adult Date Finder, from Google Ads, from sales of CD’s, LFC shirts and other goods he sells over the net. Surely he doesn’t pay it all in tax?

  4. Says:

    £10k a year you’ve got to be kiding me.

  5. jj_sawyer Says:

    10k a year for hosting!!??? that is laughable, one of his biggest lies yet. no way it will cost 800 a month to host a forum, and not very big one at that.

    there are some excellent hosts in the UK and Europe which would be able to host a decent server for less than £80 a month.

    you’re having a laff Oldham

  6. slightly disappointed Says:

    I wasn’t expecting to post on here often, and will change my username next time I comment, but I kept it for this so you’d know I was the one who commented on the “cult” blog.

    On Koptalk:

    Good – There have been a lot of good users of the site, and in the (fairly recent) past it has been a cut above most other forums in terms of the level of debate and analysis on there. The free SMS service is brilliant, not available elsewhere, and is invaluable if you work away often, or are out of the country a lot.

    Bad – A lot of those good users have gone – either banned for some minor indiscretion, or walked out of their own accord. There is precious little inside information on there these days, and quite a few liars who can easily be spotted peddling supposed inside information that doesn’t stack up. Too many kids, or illiterate knee-jerk posters, on there these days too. But then I don’t really rate any of the other various LFC forums any higher in terms of users or debates…

    Dunk – I just don’t know what to make of it all. The satellite cards thing seems dodgy as hell, and if there was a reasonable explanation you would have thought he would have shouted it from the rooftops rather than offer no comment on the allegations. I also disagree with his attitude towards the sun. I am from outside Liverpool but I knew full well what the Sun did in the aftermath so that excuse doesn’t really wash with me. I was at Hillsborough as an 11 year old too, so it is an emotional subject for me, as it is for anyone who was there. But, some of those who get all holier-than-thou over him wearing that hat can be pretty hypocritical at times, and I can see how he might have just put on a tango hat without thinking. If that was the case though he should have just owned up, said he made a mistake and said that he would never do the same again instead of trying to excuse it. On some of the other allegations, I haven’t really seen any objective proof, and too many people on here go that bit too far over the top in their criticism of Dunk, so that it sounds like biterness rather than a considered opinion. If you don’t like someone you can always find something to criticise. If you are neutral then you need proof before you will condemn someone based on other people’s opinions of them.

    Hope this helps. I’ll continue to read the blog with interest!

  7. MindGuerrillas Says:

    The company I used to work at built websites and other online stuff for large multinational companies. The last one I worked on before I left was for an enormous coproration that has millions of users and also spent a fortune on lots of TV advertising thereby attracting even more.

    The server they had cost them just £400 per month. It coped perfectly well with the heavy load and would have coped with much more. They did pay for a second server to run along side the main one incase of a problem with the first, this though was just because they could afford it and was really just overkill.

    Even with 2 massively powerfull servers their costs were less than Dunk claims he was quoted!

    Just another way to justify the subscription fee by the look of it.

  8. Tom Says:

    Good. Not in the last 2/3 years.

    Bad. See my manifesto

    Other. See my manifesto

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    slightly_disappointed. On just one point you made – it is not only about the hat. That is being used as a metaphor. I know he supplied gossip to the S** about Fowler. He admitted two or three weeks ago he takes the S** every day. He does not support the Hillsborough campaign on his site claiming it is “politics” and claiming that the people running it are too political (he said all this within the last month) and claiming that a PC he gave to the campaign is his pay off. In the last month or so he has made more than one post questioning the validity of the boycott of the S**. He promotes the S** by citing its stories on LFC.

    He is entitled to any and all of this . But he is the sole owner of a site that claims to be the No.1 LFC fan site representing the view of LFC supporters.

    Many supporters dispute that he represents their views.

  10. Norman de Sputum Says:

    I realise that they’re largely ripped off from other sources, but the ‘news’ items that get on News Now are a good thing. For those of us who enjoy rumours from all sites, and are well aware that 95% of them are bullshit, it’s a good way to aggregate the stories flying around. I would be much happier if the legitimate sites that are the sources for his articles made the effort to have their articles in News Now more often. Given the choice between reading a well-written article on any other site, or Koptalk’s sub-GCSE prose, I’m going to pick the other every single time. Given the choice between a Koptalk bullshit rumour and nothing, I’d read the Koptalk bullshit rumour, and take it with the necessary tablespoon of salt. (Ed: We have to say though, his standard of writing is so poor, that we’re surprised even one person paid money towards his book. We bet even Jeffrey Archer would look down his nose at Mr. Oldham’s desecration of the English language).

    At best, Koptalk is made up of people (from Duncan on downwards) thinking they are Billy Bigbollocks, spouting bullshit and making themselves out to be insiders when they’re clearly not. At worst, it’s a long-term, elaborate and immoral con, that has been used to milk people of tens of thousands of pounds.

    The Sun stuff disgusts me. His childish attempts to curry favour by burning the vile rag just show him up to be an ignoramus who has no understanding of the pain and hurt that was caused by those lies. Quite how anyone could claim to have anything to do with Liverpool, and yet be so insensitive to everyone affected by Hillsborough is astonishing and offensive.

    I’m concerned for the people running this site. I’m delighted that they’re shining a light on Duncan Oldham’s half-truths, lies, and scams. It is important to remember that not everyone is a natural skeptic, and that many people have been fooled into paying money for insider information that is anything but.

    My concern is that this will become some sort of personal vendetta, aimed not so much at stopping the con, but on bringing about Duncan Oldham’s ruin. From all that’s been said, it seems to be exactly what he deserves, but from the point of view of the people doing it, it’s not good for the soul. All I’m saying is that I hope people don’t do anything they’d regret. Spread the truth, but make sure it’s not peppered with too much malice. (A little bit of malice is good though).

    Now carry on kicking his fat fucking arse.

  11. Disco Says:

    Tom – where’s your manifesto mate?

  12. lobster Says:

    koptalk Good – They do a good job copy and pasting LFC news from all over the place (whether accurate or not) and host them in one place.
    koptalk Bad – Ripping off people with his Gold Club and Insider stuff. Adult contents. Sadistic posters. Misleading headlines. Website comes with a lot of junkies, slows down performance. Steal others exclusives without giving credits.
    Dunk – Fucking big liar. Dictator. Con artist. Not a true Liverpool supporter. Sad father (lied about his daugther being raped). Sad individual (frequently play the “begging for sympathy” card). Unfaithful husband (boasts about how he shagged other chicks). Cheapskate employer.

  13. slightly disappointed Says:


    I agree with all of that. The hat thing is only relevant in the sense that I think he was challenged over that, dug himself into a hole trying to make us some sort of excuse, and has since refused to back down and admit that he is completely out of synch with the vast majority of Liverpool fans on that issue (though sadly I do know one or two cockney LFC fans who buy the Sun).

    He contradicts himself all the time on the Sun issue.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    Slightly of topic but it might give you a smile. Contrast Oldham’s stalking and slandering of Robbie Fowler with what this true fan thought about him when he came around to his house. Also a good photo of a the mean, lean, killing machine.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    GOOD – You can scroll down all the posts without having to click next page.

    BAD – Can’t think of anything.

    OTHER – Yes, lots of “the other” on KT

  16. duncanmitty Says:

    I’m treating KT and DO as one. Like Laurel and Hardy, they were made for each other.

    1) I quite like the colour scheme on KT, red seems quite suitable for LFC websites.
    2) I find DO quite amusing. Imagining his reactions as he is slowly realising his “empire” is crashing down around him is bliss. Laughable stories like meeting Rick Parry, buying a house near Melwood, arranging to buy Chris Waddle’s house and opening a hotel in Liverpool for KT forumites. All classics, even if you’ve forked out money you have to laugh at this.
    3) Guessing which users are Dunk in disguise, drumming up hits, is a good game if you have a few hours to spare.

    1) Fabricated “insider” information. If it were real it might be a selling point, unfortunately it’s not. If you want rumours you’ll get them on all forums, why pay?
    2) The tabloid style rewording of news stories than can easily be found NewsNow a few minutes earlier. The general NewsNow pollution, I can barely stand to use their service any more.
    3) The cliquey forum minions that are there to rip into newbies or even non-newbies.
    4) The forum minions that exist solely to create hits on the website and strive for quantity over quality. 20,000 posts?
    5) Ed’s comments – Who cares what this ersatz Kelvin MacKenzie has to say about Liverpool, his kids, his doctor, his car, his HQ or his plasma screens. Why clog up a Liverpool site with this self-indulgent rubbish. OK, I think he’s got rid of that section but it will be back when he needs cash.
    6) The money grabbing attitude, anything that can be turned into an earner is turned into an earner. Rehashing old earners like the Gold Club SMS service into a new £40 a year SMS service.
    7) The lack of any criticism allowed on the site. It’s that reason this blog has taken off and it’s his own fault. If he’d listened to criticism then koptalk might have lasted. As it stands, its days are numbered.
    8) The forums. Nothing against the individuals (apart from his minions) but it doesn’t impart much information. Quantity over quality. Then again, quantity is abysmal these days so it can’t even do that.
    9) brendan and DJ_Sydney – possibly the two most obnoxious online people you could ever have the misfortune to bump into. I just hope they aren’t like that in real life.
    10) The porno ads, the blonde model in the bright red header and the porn forum. That’s not really what an LFC site is about. You couldn’t log in at work so he’s even losing readers there. Well, that might be a good one actually 🙂
    11) The lies, the contradictions, the con schemes, the sob stories, the “family” subtext when he needs cash. Read the blog for those in detail.
    12) Most importantly, the use of his own children for website pictures and sob stories. That is the lowest of the low.

    This comment is becoming like KT, quantity over quality… read the blog, decide for yourselves whether he’s a conman and then leave. Vote with your feet or your mice. Just get out.

    1) Not sure if it’s good or bad but this blog is bloody addictive.

  17. Tom Says:


    It’s what Dunk banned me for. I had the temerity to suggest some improvements.
    It’s been reposted on this blog somewhere, just do a search for tom.

  18. Devils Advocate Says:

    Good: Most of the people on the insider used to appear pretty sound people, what appeared to be some pretty good info from Tom(8999797), Cricket69, Tom, and a few other feckers who used to post riddles which I’d have me mates up the wall with. Also I only ever paid a quid to join the insider, won tickets to a valencia pre-season game – last one they had at anfield before rafa. Was able to sort out a gig for publicising Bill Hicks Biography through a cool dude called Gerrard Socks (hicks is me hero, simon I think the dides name was worked for Bbc radio – cheers mate, I did something small in getting yers together but I’m proud to say I played a small part!)

    Bad: the intrusion of the editor and his life on the site… bestkept to yerself mate sorry, it was a football site, not a place to air all your grievances – began to get as bad as watching coronation street. the sun – sorry but there’s no excuses, it’s a fucking rag, it told lies about my family and frineds who were at hilsborough and me uncle never came home, the hat is one thing – we all make mistakes (although reading on this site yer were fully aware of the boycott, but yer don’t live in liverpool and mebbez yer were pissed), but to post on an LFC related website that yer get it delivered every day – sorry thats just fucking scum, never mind whether it’s paid for or nicked its a fucking rag. reading about buying a gaffe by melwood, nice big merc, if yer doing well out the site don’t start ramming it down the throat of every poor cunt who is paying yer… thats when I started getting really fucked off, me and me bird can’t afford to buy a house, here comes billy big bollocks saying he’s gonna buy one in liverpool (capital of culture by the way, so anything is gonna be worth a mint in a couple of years – can’t blame yer for ploughing yer users subs into a bit of property). At the end of the day as someone posted moons ago, he had a good thing going and it could have been sweet but he fucking milked it, tried to earn as much as he could by taking the piss out of contributors with info as much as the poor proles paying entrance fees.

    Other: the fat shit jibes and those against his ma/bro are a bit out of order in my book, look how many people he’s conned he doesn’t know, don’t inflict more shit on them – but thats just my book – however the BOOK getting published since what 2003 – thats a major piss take. What was the score with all the donations for Lauren – yeah we know her folks got somemoney but in such circumstances you got to be able to prove they got it all – shitty way to look at things but what with the constant delays over the book, new ways of wringing money out of people, loss of all major sources of information yer on very shaky ground. Locking people out for nothing shit in a true democracy they’d have locked you out moons ago yer divvy, tom offered yer a wayout and yer shit it, I’m just glad I got banned (for fcukall by the way) EST1892 the way forward boys, just don’t ban us for posting shite when I’ve had a few too many.

    Dunk: You may think that kopites are gobshites – but the anny road end boys are after you, yer fucked

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    duncanmitty: why don’t you offer Insider Insider an article – concentrate on an aspect of KT or offer and analysis or some examples. Just a thought!

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    devilsadvocate: I’ve received a “confession” from someone who claims to have been Cricket69. He wants everyone to know he’s doing well in Australia and sends his regards. More later!

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    duncanmitty: I’ve just read over my post to you – just in case the tone was not clear – I thought your post was great, and very well written. Maybe there is an aspect of KT you would like to expand on in an article.

  22. Disco Says:

    Tom – yes, I’ve been e-mailed it 🙂

    Agree with most of your points, obviously we have different views on one or two things. Amazed you were banned for it though 😦

  23. univofchicago Says:

    dis is a great idea insider-insider. this is my take:


    – although they mislead readers sometimes by claiming it to be an exclusive (as well as being illegal), they do a good job of getting all the news from various newsfeeds and sources, and as lobster said “host them in one place”.
    – believe it or not, i quite like koptalk radio. i tune in often, it just makes me laugh. dont know why.
    – koptalk USED to be a GREAT site. and it benefits from being ONCE the best LFC site. some of the quotes that koptalk uses to market its GC/Insider are genuine, but the problem is that its all from 5-6 years ago and doesnt hold truth anymore. it had GREAT posters (few still remains but a lot of them have left) and the community WAS second to none. but in the space of 5 years, the forums have gone from being the best to the shittiest (no kidding).


    – the forums have gone downhill. ill just echo what tom said in his manifesto. some of the bickering, squabbling and childish behaviour is just unbearable. KTers called themselves “liberals”, they argue that while a lot of its controversial opinions may not be ‘mainstream’, its all down to the fact that koptalk is more open than say its so called “rival websites’. yes, we are all for an open debate, but then you have to draw the line between whats an open healthy debate and an open slanging match.
    – excessive adverts
    – charging people for information that already exists
    – quoting from tom again, “excessive authoritarianism”.
    – the main motive of koptalk is to make money. duncan’s classic excuse is that he needs the money to cover the “costs” but everyone knows hes made a handsome profit over the last 4-5 years. an liverpool fansite should be be first and foremost be a fanpage for the fans. unfortunately, money has taken precedence and its becoming increasingly clear that the owner is using the site as a cash cow and nothing else.


    there are so many bad things about this guy, so ill just list a few:

    – lies. lies. lies. i have never known a person who lies as much. ppl talk about the sun and his hat but what bothers me is NOT that he wore a sun hat as much as he LIED about now knowing anything about it. and even when confronted with evidence, he still has the guts to lie: “it was all a joke”.
    – hypocritical. again there are so many examples but one that stands out for me is his repeated reference to his family to garner sympathy. talking about his wife’s miscarriage, death threats, rape stories, hate mail (when it didn’t even happen) to entice readers, pull in more money and to counter-argue the accusations is disgusting and hypocritical in my opinion.
    – dictator. as i said, the way he runs the site reminds me of another fat-man known for his authoritarian rule.

  24. univofchicago Says:

    oh, may I also add that dunk hates foreigners.

    and being a foreigner myself (as well as many of my friends who are insider members), i feel disturbed that this two-faced hypocrite pretends to be all foreigner-friendly when all hes after is…our money.

  25. Tom Says:


    dying to hear the Cricket story, please do tell…….

  26. The Platinum Club Says:

    I know who the Informer was originally and I haven’t the faintest idea how he would have any insider information.

  27. Tom Says:

    Mega, this stuff needsd to be bought out into the open.

    I used to get my info from (cough, cough) an ex-member of the medical staff…..

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    Tom I’ve received letters some time ago from a real person who has given me his name and address etc, who claims to have been the Cricket69. He reads the blog. Naturally, he is not “Digger”. He explains that he never actually claimed he was – he played a game on the Insider of maybe I am maybe I’ not. He also mentioned another poster at the same time who was in on the game. They got a lot of fun from it.

    I believe him.

    He wants people to know he is doing well in Adelaide. And has authorised me to say what I just did. He has a specific reason which he explained to me why he cannot come out openly himself, at the moment.

    But like Insider Insider I am a bit cautious about posting stuff we get in emails – if we don’t have any independent way of verifying who the author is. I asked him to verify – for example by giving some specific stories about specific posts he made or in some other way. He said he would get back to me on that. But “devils advocate” reference to Cricket69 prompted me to mention it.

    If you are reading this Cricket69 – and I know you are – how about a story?

  29. Scratch Says:

    On Koptalk:

    Good: Some of the more pretentious posters have left in a huff. Still a great place for a footy debate (or religion and war, always popular and always seem to be hand in hand). A great place to go to pass the more boring hours at work, and too see all the gossip in one place, along with “informed views” from some of the more questionable posters. 🙂

    Bad: Quality of info that reaches the silvers. (Dunk reckons it all filters down, but I don’t believe it does) Still some people who take everything at face value, and have hissy fits when rumours and insider gossip don’t materialise. Johnny H was a good source, but he rarely visits the lesser beings. And Tom numbers was always fun.

  30. Tom Says:

    It was well known that cricket went to Adelaid. LfcMan got to know him quite well. He’ll be able to verify (you probably know where to find him 🙂 ).

    We all knew he wasn’t digger anyhow 🙂

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    Tom – He has given me the name of his business on its email format. I won’t reveal it but if LFCMan were to write to me in private with Cricket69’s real life initials (or one of them) and something about his business – that would be pretty convincing.

    But I would not have any more to reveal other than what I have said.

    Suffice to say he keeps an active eye on things.

    Perhaps he will send me more comments that I can post.

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    “We all knew he wasn’t digger anyhow :)”

    But he did meet him once, he telsl me.

    As did I, but nobody on the net ever believes the bizzare circumstances of my meeting – so I won’t repeat it.

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