Dumbing down at Koptalk

In his attempts at trying to get his forums back again, Dunk’s decided to restrict access to parts of his “free” site to just those people he likes. There’s no particular rule in place, he’s decided who’s in and who’s out. If you want to be in, you’ve got to go and grovel to him.

Like anyone with any dignity should have to do that.

As hard as we try to help him keep his sites alive, with our free advice on how he ought to consider a little more honesty from time to time, we can’t keep up with his own efforts to kill his sites off. He’s doing very well by the looks of it.

Dunk  KopTalk Editor
20-07-06 09:40 PM – Post#274695

On Thursday 20th July 2006 we reverted back to the old format in that we now have 2 groups of forums:




When you register for the forums you can view all the forums but you can only post in the forums in the RESERVES section.

After a period of settling in moderators will then consider granting you full access to the other forums.

We have this system to help deters rival fans and numpties. With the school holidays only a few days away, there could be an increase in younger members – although saying that, a lot of the older members are probably worse


Just inform a moderator who will pass the message on to Steve (our new community manager). If I’m knocking about I’ll also assist. Moderators can not promote you, only site admin can i.e. Steve.

The RESERVES forums are to encourage newcomers to get involved and hopefully make the step up into the first team.

Just because someone has a FIRST TEAM PLAYER title does not necessarily mean they have access to the FIRST TEAM forums.

Although we have RESERVES forums also, we will not be demoting people from the FIRST TEAM if they feck around. They will be banned as normal because if they act like idiots in FIRST TEAM they’ll act like idiots in the RESERVES.

These measures are just to try and give you a better community. Please be patient if you are awaiting access to the FIRST TEAM. We will try and get as many people in as possible.

As quickly as anyone can be added they can be removed.

Thankyou for supporting the site by making here your home. We listen to all your feedback and we will do all we can to keep the place as sensible and mature as possible

(That domain name in his signature isn’t real by the way – we changed it a little. Maybe someone will go out and register it now.)

So there you are then. What a welcoming place it is. Koptalk – home of more archaic rules than a dodgy B&B in Scarborough.

He doesn’t even trust his moderators to “promote” his members to the “first team” either. When you are so clearly not to be trusted, I suppose you automatically wouldn’t trust others.

How many of the Insider Insider visitors and contributors are in the first team? How many of our many aliases are in the first team?

One thing that he’s decided on is to make it easy for bensuruncle to play with the traffic. Sorry, to play “traffic lights” in the shoitebox. That’s how poor the conversation levels have got on Koptalk. The most fun the remaining members can have is to play a game where they post three messages in the shoitebox, in red then orange then green. Bensuruncle seems to enjoy it most. Now though his competition will be cut down.

A lot of our emailers have fun in the shoitebox too. And as some of them are long-term members I’m sure that will continue, despite Dunk’s best efforts –

KopTalk Editor
21-07-06 01:22 AM – Post#275151     New Reply

Only FIRST TEAM members can post shouts in the shoutbox.

The new changes will not only make the shoitebox easier for him to keep an eye on, and maybe (maybe) cut down on a lot of subliminal advertising for this blog, but look at the kind of members who’ll be posting in the forum. This is the type of Liverpool “supporter” who appeals most to Duncan. And with so many “newbies” kept out, this is pretty much all you’ll see.

Post: Lurch isn’t scoring off the pitch        (Topic#18417)
1st Team Player
Loc: London
21-07-06 09:38 AM – Post#275313     New Reply

Despite her tabloid protestations about Lurchio “forgiving” her various misdemeanours (spit-roasts, cocaine, etc etc), Abi has deffo been dumped by Pete, who has finally realised that perhaps she wasn’t that interested in him as a person.

Good move.
Am I being unreasonable?

That’s something you notice about Koptalk when you’ve noticed all of the other stuff. That particular poster has bragged about all the other places he’s been banned from. He’s not banned from Koptalk. He gets the hits up, because genuine Liverpool supporters don’t like to listen to someone who sounds like he was rejected from the Everton supporters club for being too bitter.  He’s also one of Dunk’s allies in the Koptalk battle to make The Sun acceptable.

Some say he is Dunk. Has anyone seen any pictures of him? Or is he just another Katie / Chloe / Gianna / Barry?

I’ve mentioned two Koptalk posters in here who know about this blog, know about what we’ve been saying about Oldham, but continue to support him. Bensuruncle seems to be someone who’s still full of blind faith in Oldham, he’s a long way off being able to read this blog with an open mind. If Dunk told him that Alex Ferguson was a long-time Liverpool supporter and held 38% of shares at Anfield, Ben would believe him and tell all his friends. Brendan knows about this blog, and about Oldham, but isn’t particularly bothered – he goes to Koptalk for his chance to be controversial, if that means having a go at anything in Red then so be it. He likes the attention.

These are the only two types of Koptalk members that will be left on there soon. The ones in it for some self-attention, the ones who are just far too blind to see the truth about Oldham.

We can’t do anything about the attention-seekers, and to be honest, wouldn’t you prefer them to stick with Dunk anyway? We can only chip away at the beliefs of those too blind to see what Oldham is really about, maybe they’ll turn the other way sooner or later.

What you can do though is allow anyone else on Koptalk to know about Oldham. You might also have been getting yourself some aliases set up. Find a time to drop hints to any remaining decent-minded Koptalk members and let them know.

Koptalk sucks. Its members don’t have to.


12 Responses to “Dumbing down at Koptalk”

  1. Sinon Says:

    Ooooh, I’ve been promoted…Thank you Dunk & Steve! Guess who fatty…

  2. Rich Says:

    He’s trying to revive the rapidly declining forums by switching to the old format, back to when it was quite good on there.
    The problem is that there aren’t really enough people on there now.

  3. Toby Says:

    The attention-seekers will fade away when the blind regain their vision and there’s no audience for them.

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    And with sinon being promoted Oldhams whole plan falls at the first hurdle. just like all your ‘insider’ transfer news!

  5. Chunky Says:

    hehehe, he’s just like FIFA – makes up rules to keep himself occupied.

  6. Scratch Says:

    Actuially, makes good sense to me. If you prove to be a sensible poster, you get access to other parts of the forum. If you are a bit of a “numpty” you get stuck out in the playground. And if you’re a pillock, you get banned.

    Most webistes try and keep sensible posters whilst weeder out those that either set out to antagonise or are generally disruptive, so why criticise Oldham over this?

  7. Sinon Says:

    For anyone who gets promoted, wait until about midnight onwards, and then use the Shoitebox to educate people (there are hardly any mods about and Dunk is drunk chatting up girls on myspace)- even if you just get one person to have a look at Est1892 or the blog it’ll be worth it. You can then ‘fix’ the Shoitebox afterwards to cover your tracks by just cleaning it.

    I did it three times under my old name before I finally got caught…come on Dunk, who am I? Try and ban me, just take a guess…

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    cue fatty staying up all night, desperately trying to spot anything

  9. Sinon Says:

    Hehe!! He has recruited some foreign fans as Mods now, so its a bit more difficult due to the time difference. Just check ‘Whos online’ before you post.

    24/7 Dunk, we’ll keep trying so you need to watch that Shoitebox all day and night. Cue the Shitebox only open during the day or closed completely!

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Has anyone noticed the amount of SLY references people are making about Dunk, obviously through reading this blog. Virtually any thread you click on in Gold and insider section with be having a small dig at Fatty regarding his wild claims about everything.
    HAHAHAHHAH you can see it happening Veltz but cant ban everyone can you??? …………………………………………….. or actually you woould and still claim to have 6000 members. BTW 6000 alias DONT COUNT!

  11. a kt insider user Says:

    Im glad that prick Brendan has been noticed by you fellas. He really is a spineless, gutter snipe shithead that would get the ever loving shit kicked out of him if ever stepped foot in Liverpool. Its pricks like him that are doing more harm than good to the fatmans reputation.

  12. Tom Says:

    He’s trying it on in 1892 now.

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