Disco – your moment in the spotlight.

A member of Koptalk has been leaving comments here under the username of “Disco”. He’s causing the comment count to rise rapidly as he seems willing to defend Duncan Oldham on the most minor of points. In my last post I mentioned how there were two types of people who read this blog yet still support Oldham. Those that are still, in a way, infatuated with Duncan’s claims of access to the stars, and those that love the attention that being controversial brings to them. Is Disco a third type, or one of those two?

His defence of Oldham is over the email from Ian Cotton that we published a few days ago.

Before I go on, can I just confirm that the email from Ian Cotton was genuine. I’ve seen the email headers, and they pretty much prove things. The email from customer services that another of our readers got actually says that yes, it’s really an email from Ian Cotton. If you are still in any doubt about it the only thing I can suggest is for you to write to LFC yourself and ask if the email was genuine – but there’s genuinely little point in doing that. Think of some other questions instead.

One of the defences for Oldham from Disco is that the email from Redz that Ian Cotton replied to wasn’t asking the questions correctly. It was asking about things that Duncan hadn’t said. Well here’s the mail from Redz.

Subject title: KopTalk/Mr Parry
Subject text:  Could you please help clear a matter up for me,i have been a gold club member of kopTalk for some time,now the site owner is claiming that he has an agreement with Mr Parry to have exclusive rights for information about forthcoming press conferences and transfer dealings.

Despite me asking the owner of the site he refuses to confirm this information,as a LFC fan this matter concerns me a great deal and would like some clarification from the official side of things.

He has also told us that he has came to an arrangement with Mr parry over a tape he has with peter Crouch talking to the s*n Newspaper it seems quite alarming that he could blackmail such an important member of our club for his own means.
Yours faithfully (removed)

Before I go any further, let me point out that Redz clearly asked these questions genuinely, and it was how he’d interpreted Duncan’s comments that made him come to these conclusions.

Here are some of the things Dunk has said in recent times. All from different threads, some from his “free” site, some from his pay site.

Crouch talks to The Sun (Topic#14710)
KopTalk Daddy

Age: 31
01-06-06 02:21 PM – Post#215249

Well, well, well… only days after I was told by Rushian that Liverpool players DO NOT talk to The Sun, after I said that they did, I see Crouch was talking to them about his dance.


(We’ve removed the quotes from the Sun that Duncan had cut and pasted into his post. Check his site if you want to read them, if he’s not deleted the thread by then.)

What shall we do? Shoot him? Hang him?

Don’t tell me, it was a freelance journo.. or maybe there were loads of journos there and he didn’t know he was speaking to.

Still, I suggest we skin him and stone him on the opening day of the season.


KopTalk Daddy

Age: 31

01-06-06 02:32 PM – Post#215271

In response to spider-neil

spider-neil Said:

dunk what exactly are you trying to achieve?

do you want people/players to talk to the sun with impunity

I would prefer they didn’t talk to the Sun. The point I’m trying to say is that the other day I was told that I was wrong when I said players DO talk to The Sun. I received plenty of stick for suggesting such.

Dunk knows best.



KopTalk Daddy

Age: 31


01-06-06 02:32 PM – Post#215272

In response to Rosco

Rosco Said:

I think we should sell him for that.

Me too.


KopTalk Daddy

Age: 31

01-06-06 02:40 PM – Post#215290

In response to brendan

No Brendan, I have the proof right here, I have the tapes. I’m going to lock them away until I decide it’s time for Crouch to be sold… probably next week then.


Some time later, Dunk said this –

KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04
Posts: 8113

Parry Meeting
#1534354 – 08/07/06 09:35 AM          Reply      Quote

I’m meeting Rick Parry at Anfield soon. I have told him I will try and get in before the season starts.

We’re actually negotiating for something. He wants something I have, I want something he can give me.

As my comments are always lifted from here and posted around the web, I can’t say any more.

What I can say is that it will be informal because I only put a suit on for the beak or funerals. It will be tea and biscuits although I’d prefer pie and peas.

I’ll report back AFTER the meeting.

KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04
Posts: 8113

Re: Parry Meeting [Re: PoolDude]
#1534373 – 08/07/06 09:46 AM          Reply      Quote


By the way – thanks for sharing and good luck at the meeting, hope ou get us some good insider info. Maybe we should give you a wish list before the meeting!

There’s no way he’s going to tell me anything. However, it’s what he can do for me that I want and I know I’ll get it (no homo!).

KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04
Posts: 8113

Re: Parry Meeting [Re: kingofkop]
#1534375 – 08/07/06 09:48 AM          Reply      Quote


go on , ask him the burning question, th eone all koptalkers want to know …..

where DOES he get those ties!

Thanks for keeping us updated

LOL… I tend to avoid him like the plague. They’re always trying to get me in, him or the official site top director, I never go because I imagine me sitting in a chair and then these things locking my wrists and ankles to it and all the windows having electric bars shooting up… I can’t explain what I mean lol.

KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04
Posts: 8113

Re: Parry Meeting [Re: Ally3009]
#1534393 – 08/07/06 10:11 AM          Reply      Quote


dear me your the new offal journo!!!

Been approached before, would never defect


A couple more weeks pass.

Dunk Administrator
KopTalk Editor
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LFC Press Conferences and European Travel
#1552955 – Mon Jul 17 2006 01:07 PM
Reply to this post Reply

I’m unable to reveal too much at this time but as from the 2006-07 season we will have an official representative at every first team competitive fixture. This will include all European fixtures regardless of location.

We will also have every major LFC press conference covered e.g. parading of new signings etc.

Until now we have had to rely on friends in the local and national media to drop us snippets of info in return for a few pints on a Saturday night but as from next season, we will be stepping up our coverage as you will see.

I have spent all morning holding talks with the suits and have come to an arrangement that will benefit the site.

It’s taken me a few hours to sort things out so I’m gonna have a cup of tea and return to the normal site duties such as the news, emails etc.

And here is the reply from Ian Cotton to the email that Redz sent.

From: LFC press office
To: <address removed>
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 4:30 PM
Subject: FW: Email from Liverpoolfc.tv Customer Contact Form

Dear Mr (removed)

Thank you for your email which has been passed to me for reply.

There is no agreement with Koptalk regarding transfers or press conferences.  Any club comment on transfers will be published on the Official site and certainly not given to an unofficial media organisation.  For your information, Koptalk do not attend any of our press conferences, nor do they have any access to Rick Parry.

Also, we do not arrange any interviews for our players with The Sun Newspaper for obvious reasons so I have no idea what Koptalk are referring to.  They certainly have not come to any arrangement with Mr Parry.

I hope this is of help

Yours sincerely

Ian Cotton
Head of Press
Press Office
Liverpool Football Club

So let’s look at this response again.

  • There is no agreement with Koptalk regarding transfers or press conferences. 
  • Any club comment on transfers will be published on the Official site and certainly not given to an unofficial media organisation. 
  • For your information, Koptalk do not attend any of our press conferences, nor do they have any access to Rick Parry.
  • Also, we do not arrange any interviews for our players with The Sun Newspaper for obvious reasons so I have no idea what Koptalk are referring to.
  • They certainly have not come to any arrangement with Mr Parry.

If somebody wants to be really, really pedantic then yes, they could argue the case for Oldham that Mr Cotton does not respond to the actual comments that Oldham made. He responds to an email. But is it not clear enough in what Mr Cotton says that there is no agreement, of any kind, between Koptalk (or its “staff”) and Liverpool FC (or its staff, officials and players)? Liverpool FC do not speak to Oldham. There are no arrangements. He is not someone they would want working for them.

Duncan Oldham is a liar and one who would happily see Liverpool FC suffer if it meant he got more money for himself.

Disco – if you still want to defend Oldham on the contents of this email from Ian Cotton, then rather than commenting here, try sending your own email to Anfield. Ask them about the lies told by Oldham in the quotes of his we’ve published above. If they reply by saying that Oldham is being honest and that Crouch did give an interview to the Sun then let us know. Ask them if Rick Parry has ever met Oldham.

As for some of Oldham’s other claims, the only way he’s got any access to any Press Conferences is possibly through a photographer. As others will tell you, photographers only attend major press conferences. They are called in for the likes of major signings because Liverpool like to announce to the world that they’ve just spent £x million on a new player. They are called in for Champions League press conferences because it’s a UEFA regulation. They don’t get invited to the weekly press conference, because for starters there’s not a lot to see – they’ve enough photos in their libraries of Rafa with an LFC backdrop behind him. Unless Rafa turned up with a black eye one day a photographer hasn’t got much to gain from turning up at a weekly press conference. Any press photographer can tell you this.
Funnily enough, for the first time in my memory, Duncan Oldham has been using photos on his sites with credit given to the owner of the copyright. I noticed this and said nothing, but some of you emailed me and others left comments. He now features photos from David Rawcliffe and the Propaganda photo agency. He gives them a credit, he even has a “propaganda” folder on his server. Now either Duncan has come to “an arrangement” with David Rawcliffe and Propaganda, or he’s stolen the photos from David Rawcliffe and Propaganda. If he’s come to “an arrangement” with David Rawcliffe for the use of those photos, he may mean exactly this when he talks about having someone representing him at games and at major press conferences. Whether David Rawcliffe would know this is what Dunk sees it as remains to be seen. We’ve tried twice to contact Mr Rawcliffe by email but have had no reply yet. I don’t honestly think Mr Rawcliffe could know about Oldham, so I doubt he’d go into any arrangement with him of the type Oldham expects. And if he has made any arrangements, even if it’s just a fee for the use of the photos, I hope he’s asked for the payment up front. As many former “contributors” to Koptalk will tell you, Oldham doesn’t actually like paying for things if he can help it. He promised to pay, then backs out.

If anyone knows Mr Rawcliffe, we’d be interested on his views on this. I doubt he really wants to be associated with someone like Duncan Oldham. And if he does, I expect he’ll want any fees they’d agreed.
Duncan hinted at having paid a gateman (through his brother) for access to information at Melwood. We’ve learned since from various sources that even if Oldham had managed to do this, he’d not get much information. All the gatemen are rotated on a regular basis, so the person he’s given money to would be the one laughing at that arrangement. If it had actually happened.

Liverpool players don’t give an interview unless it goes through the club first for clearance. The club don’t clear interviews with the Sun. Ask around about that, it’s something you’ll hear said quite clearly. Crouch was on duty with England at the time Duncan made his false claims – and the interviews given at that time by the England players were in press conferences, attended by journalists from the Sun and all other national newspapers, not to mention some non-UK newspapers. Liverpool players do not talk exclusively to the Sun.

Now I’d like Disco to spend a little bit of time in asking Dunk about this. Try doing it on one of the Koptalk websites.


61 Responses to “Disco – your moment in the spotlight.”

  1. lobster Says:

    We should remain our focus on the big fat wolf instead of wasting precious energy to counter disagreements from others. I guess each to his own, everyone has different way of thinking, different way to analyse things and difference purpose in everything. So, i suggest just let them be, let them have their own opinions no matter what we believe is true or not, all we can wish is for them to see the light one day. Our focus and pursuit should remain solely on the fatty alone. Lets not fall into a diversion plot (if theres any).
    You are doing a great job, Rupert and Insider Insider.

  2. lobster Says:

    P.S. Even Jesus cannot convince everyone during his time that he is the son of god despite the many miracles he performed. This is no different. Try our level best and the rest is up to them.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    lobster: I agree. We are not in the throwaway one-line business – although it’s sometimes fun, and we do a bit of that on the side.

    The blog is about the exposure of Koptalk and specifically Oldham.

    That can’t be done with one liners. It can’t be done without some repetiton. We can see from the posts that some commentators have not read or fully taken in what has been proven or argued before in earlier pages.

    Every new reader wants the whole story in a nutshell.

    We are dealing with history to some extent but also with new developments as they unfold.

    Also, as readers go through a process of realization they are curious about potential connections and patterns – they want to revisit some of the facts revealed earlier.

    Oldham’s claims are repetitive, one lie is replaced by another – so for that reason alone our reporting has to be repetitive.

    We cannot control the quality or the timing of what he puts out – but many people come here to read what was on the KT today – they want to see what he’s saying in the Insider and Gold Club. That removes the need to pay him for it.

    Insider’s patient line by line analysis of what Oldham he puts out to KT readers, is, in my view, very effective. People are getting the message that there is nothing of value in the information or in his opinions. There is nothing exclusive. There is nothing true – unless it has previously been said by other media or the LFC. They are also learning Oldham’s techniques and we see evidence that even the active users of KT are now skeptical of his every claim or new initiative.

    We cater to those who are serious about exposing Koptalk and Oldham. We encourage people not to take our word for anything but to make their own enquiries and to contact the club and players and the media – check out every statement Oldham puts out.

    One result of that is the letter Redz got from Ian Cotton. But there are other positive results we cannot talk about.

    When I see “we” I mean all of us who support the stated objective of this blog which is to expose Koptalk and especially Oldham.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    silentbutdeadly – My apologies – I now know you are a genuine poster and in no way connected with Brendan. Thanks for passing on the post from the 1892 site.

  5. Whois Lookup Says:

    Concentrate on Oldham and his misdemeanours.

    Brendan, Disco, DJ Sydney, richt, and any other poster are surely totally irrelevant to the purpose of this blog and deflect attention away from every con perpetrated by Oldham.

  6. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Rupert – God forbid.

    My username is about farting 🙂

    Maybe it is a comment on Brendan after all…..

  7. lobster Says:

    Yes Rupert, i understand fully the need to repeat some of the fatty’s con jobs in the blog entries. They might sound like (broken record / lacking of new things to talk about) to regular readers of this blog but its gold for newcomers to this site and help them see a bigger picture straight away.
    Keep up the good fight!

  8. kermy38 Says:

    my goodness!!

    If anyone out there still thinks “Dunk” is an honest guy and businessman what planet do you live in.

    Disco1999 as your known, come on man your a sensible poster on KT surely you can see that he is full of it, I am still on KT for people that can and do give some info, Dunk is not one of them and TBF never has been!!

  9. univofchicago Says:

    rupert, insider-insider:

    its becoming increasingly clear to me that disco comes here to seek attention: not for himself but to take the main focus out of the arguments that the blogger makes. that way, he can make the arguments seem less credible than it actually is. when the insider-insider comes up with something “hot”, disco is one of the first posters into it, immediatly diverting attention to himself.

    i know that insider-insider is all up for discussion. he won’t lock, delete, ban like duncan always does. but i sense that no matter how convincing an argument rupert, insider-insider, or the others make, disco subtlely dodges the question and counter argues in a way to make it *seem* like hes engaging himself in a clean, healthy, legit debate.

    its best that we ignore him. its not worth the time trying to explain to him this and that. just my opinion.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Univofchicag: Agreed. I think we did the right thing in letting him express his views repeatedly (including some direct personal insults). He would never have been able to do the same on Koptalk. We – all of us – were right to answer him point by point – repeatedly.

    However. its clear that he has an agenda of some kind. Whenever he is presented with a rational response that he cannot answer he says he has not read the blog. Yet he adopts the pose of rational critic of or mentor to the bog!

    I think he may also be confused.

    But his parallel posts on other sites often contradict what he says on here so I think he has a large dose of insincerity, too.

    I won’t be responding to him any more.

  11. Disco Says:

    Rupert – just because I’ve said I find your posts/blogs long-winded and boring doesn’t mean I’ve insulted you?! I’m not the only one to say that this site would be better if left to Insiderinsider 😉

    I simply don’t have an agenda, I’ve essentially ripped apart a few claims – while pointing out one or two relevant parts of it – and while you think you’ve responded point by point…. well, no actually I can rarely remember when you have.

    Indeed, recently anyone who can’t be bothered to see that I might have a point just wheels out the ‘agenda’ argument. Well, if you want to delude yourself that ‘redz’ letter/response (for one example) was an amazing bit of journalism then fair enough 🙂

    in fact I’m bored of this all now. It’s lost its intrigue/amusement now you guys are scraping the barrel. Have a look at ‘recent posts’ – they’re all a bit lame (including this one 😉 )

    Honest bit of advice – quality not quantity. Believe it or not I have taken away a few things of interest. Perhaps I’m now more wary of Dunk. However, Tom and other posters leaving is far more likely to see me not renew my membership than this site…. as it currently stands.

    Good luck – I’ll probably keep reading now and again and respond if there’s anything interesting to respond to!

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