Nightly round-up

A mixture of bits and pieces I’ve either found myself or had emailed me today. Or even before today. Rather than creating one post for each one I thought I’d make one great big post that you can skim through.

Some of this may actually be repeated elsewhere, that’s not intentional. It’s likely to be very random, much like Duncan Oldham this past few days / weeks / months.
We thought about ignoring this one but well it is quite funny and some of you have been banned from going anywhere near Koptalk thanks to Duncan’s paranoia. He’s never going to do this of course, and if he does, well – would you trust the airline he chooses?

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#1559109 – 20/07/06 09:25 AM
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Next season we’re going to make someone’s dreams come true. Basically we’re
going to get some fans to Anfield that have never been or who may never get
the chance in their life.

Two opportunities will exist. An overseas prize and a UK prize and we’re
going to pay for everything!


We’re going to fly in a Red and their guest from wherever they live in the

It doesn’t matter if they live in Ireland or Australia, we’ll pay for their

We’ll put them in a hotel in Liverpool (unless they want to bed down at
KOPTALK HQ but as our regular readers will know, we have a barcode in our
ranks that we are trying to convert back to red!) and we’ll give them free
tickets to a match.

The only thing they will need is some spending money.


As above but we’ll get them to Liverpool by train, taxi, coach or whatever
we think is best depending on their location.

The opportunity will only be offered to Gold Club members because of the
financial support they give us each year which makes the whole of KopTalk
possible in the first place.

If you’re considering become a Gold Club member, now is the ideal time to
join because both opportunities will be available to you even though you are
a newcomer.

If all goes well we will repeat these offers each season.

This post was on all of his forums today, and of course the “ST3” username has been hijacked by Dunk. (We’ve seen Steve’s rare posts before, and he’s not got the same way of writing as Oldham).

Also in the above post Mr Oldham uses a photo of his kids as part of his spin. It goes to show how much he actually is concerned about their welfare. Remember all of his recent comments about how his kids had been dragged into his row over his website and his lies? How he’d had nasty emails and photos sent to him and / or his kids? Remember the proof? No, because there wasn’t any. But why would you continue to use photos of your kids in your marketing schemes if you really had been victim of the types of threats he’d claimed? Answer – if you were a responsible parent you’d not even think about using those photons, not in the wake of threats like those. If you hadn’t received those threats in the first place, you might say it’s ok to use the pictures – but would a responsible parent make those claims in the first place?

I said this might be random – here Duncan bigs up a site second only to his for making stuff up. Although I don’t believe they charge for it.

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Re: Alonso off to Real Madrid ? [Re: FanaticalRed]
#1559366 – Thu Jul 20 2006 10:52 AM
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Here’s another article that’s slightly easier to understand, shame it’s from such a poor source….

The thing is, is Tribal a poor source? They’re only reporting what others are claiming. Some people don’t understand that. Unless I’m missing something.

Dunk’s got a certain amount of fondness for the tribal football site – he’s even bought their “” domain name.

He’s also possibly realised that he needs some good things saying about him in the midst of all the bad stuff he’s had of late. This is from yesterday morning actually…

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#1556813 – Wed Jul 19 2006 10:10 AM Reply

It’s that time of the year again when I ask for few lines of feedback for the main site. These comments are used on the sign-up pages. Each season I add new comments.

We have a feedback section for the Insider and also one for the Gold Club so please make it clear which you are referring to.

If you are a Gold Club member and you refer to both features, I will see that your comments are added to both pages.

In return for submitting feedback you will receive a brand new metal pin KopTalk-LFC 5 times badge.

If you want one or two more for your partner, a friend or your kids, please just ask and I will see you get what you want. It’s not a problem.

Please send feedback to


Will I get a pin-badge if I send my feedback? Will he publish it? I think the answer to both is something other than “Yes”.

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Re: Fan Card Joke [Re: RedMarc]
#1559189 – Thu Jul 20 2006 10:02 AM Reply Quote


As a pority ticket holde who pays £50 before the start of the season and goes to every game that costs £34 + 2.50 for every ticket on line booking fee. I would love to just pay £500 + upfront. But with most of the names on the season tickets being about 101 what chance has any one of moving up the list to get a season ticket?

Sadly that’s a different topic. If you had a season ticket would you expect priority?

It’s just a shame that everyone cant go

Does anyone reading that actually think Ste wrote it? Or this, a typical piece of Oldham goalpost movement –

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Re: medical [Re: paulcooper4]
#1559187 – Thu Jul 20 2006 10:00 AM


Is that medical that was meant to be last week but moved to this week gonna be today or tomorrow? any news on who the medical is for yet? also, is rick parry still in italy and rafa in spain?

There was a medical pencilled in for last week but this was put off because of the Italian situation.

Feedback from Melwood suggests a medical would take place either today or Friday subject to progress in the market.

As yet no arrangements are final. This could change later today. If it does change, we will know.

Duncan has no contacts at Melwood, at Anfield, at the Academy or anywhere inside any of Liverpool FC’s establishments. He’s guessing. As always. Why would Liverpool put a medical off “because of the Italian situation”? How many new readers of the blog are starting to see through him for the first time? I remember myself it took a while to see through his lies to the truth, but it does click in the end. I’m perhaps more gullible than some. “If it does change, we will know.” Pure bullshit Duncan.

Back to the less serious stuff now, the lies which make Oldham look more stupid than he actually does look, if that makes sense. Nobody believes him about Katy, but he logged on as ST3 again to tell us this –

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Re: Are any of the koptalk members sexy females?? [Re: RedDavie]
#1557757 – Wed Jul 19 2006 03:49 PM Reply Quote

Katie is sweet!

Of course he is ST3, of course he is.

The new domain name – is now available if you want an easier to remember domain – someone sent us this image to remind you of it (click to make it bigger) –

Someone else had a look back to old posts from ST3 – and for once this post from ST3 probably was written by him. I’m told it’s still on the first page of posts if you search for all posts by ST3. So he doesn’t post often.

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Re: Webcam [Re: Kopdan]
#1220265 – Tue Jan 24 2006 11:19 PM Reply Quote

How do boys and girls LOL you lot spying on me again. Damn camera.

Steve was referring to some stick he’d been getting after some users had seen him on the long-lost (switched off) webcam. Here’s some blurb on that Webcam from Oldham, it’s still on his site now too. And for those who don’t like us calling Duncan Oldham “fatty” or other names relating to his weight, you’ll note he’s more than happy to call himself names for his weight. In fact “Fatty” is probably how he’s best known to most long-standing “former Koptalkers”. And not necessarily “rivals” or “jealous” people or even “banned former members”.


This is a live stream from our cosy little, brand new office which we moved into towards the end of 2005.

The site has come a long way since starting out in a small terraced 2-bedroom house with a computer next to a bunk-bed with little Charlotte (Dunk’s daughter) tucked-up asleep!

These days we have dedicated office premises and an on-site house to go with it which is where Steve is imprisoned 24/7 to oversee things when fat-boy’s out and about on an “errand” or down at his house pretending to be working –>>


To be added this week….

That was added to his site an absolute age ago. So “this week” has been a long time comeing. The link in the article takes you to this page –


Powered by
No box above? Go HERE.

This is the live webcam stream from our office. The camera is the view from the editor’s desk if looking to the left. His desk is positioned so he can keep an eye on Steve who’s usually sat at the far end viewing websites he’s not supposed to!

Below the camera (when it’s looking at the three computers to the left) is the ed’s sofa for when he’s chillin’ on the XBOX 360 although he says he has to review games for the site!

Off screen to the left there are four portable televisions and off screen to the right are two 42″ rear projections televisions for our multi-satellite system (overseas football, newsfeeds etc) and Sky + for rewinding breaking news reports so we can jot down important quotes for you.

The broadcast should start automatically but press play if that option is available to you. It could take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to launch. If it doesn’t kick in, try refreshing your browser. If it’s pitch black, it’s probably because we’re fast asleep or there’s too many users viewing the stream at once.

If the feed is down for more than a few hours (we sometimes take it off on matchdays), please let us know by using the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page.

viewfromtopmtoldham.jpgThe feed is no longer around the link goes to a page that has now gone too. Maybe he forgot about it. Maybe he didn’t want us to see that the office was empty as much as it is. Here’s how it would have looked once, before his wife Maria had escaped. It’s probably Steve’s dad at the back of the picture, Dunk’s “step-dad”.

If you take a picture from the opposite side of the “office”, you see a wall adorned with Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur posters and scarves. At the far end is a small noticeboard with Michael Barrymore snaps. Probably.

free_sms_from_koptalk.jpgSomething else I think you’ll all like, assuming any of you are actually still allowed in as “Gold Club” members, is this offer for free SMS messages. This is still on Duncan Oldham’s website, nothing on his site says that this is no longer available, so you need to get in touch and make sure you’re added. Remember, it’s all of his SMS services that you are entitled to – so no need to pay that £40 for some tripe he’s copied off someone else. When he actually bothers to send it. Click the thumbnail for the screenshot. Hurry though – he’ll be deleting this page soon (if he can remember where it is!). And you’ll probably have to speak to Steve to get it – ask if Katie’s around while you’re there.


8 Responses to “Nightly round-up”

  1. Tom Says:

    I like the fact that he’s giving out KT badges to his fans. It means we can spot them in the street and either ignore them or give them a pice of – depending on mood. 🙂

  2. univofchicago Says:

    anyone know whats happened to maria?

    has she left duncan for good? anyone know why she left him?

    just curious…

  3. The Cardinal Says:

    “Off screen to the left there are four portable… etc etc”

    This is my favourite bit!

  4. barry wom Says:

    she probably left him because he was trying to get here fucked on usenet.

  5. univofchicago Says:

    das what i thought too, initially. i remember insider-insider posting a story of duncan’s infamous threesome ad and then (coincidentally or not) dunk admitting having some troubles at home some time after.

    but then wasn’t miss hargreaves maria? the description of miss hargreaves suddenly matches up.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    The threesome ad was in his usenet days – late 90’s. That ad can be found on here. The implication of it was that his wife was a willing participant in mild sado-masochsim – and the idea of a threesome with two men – well one man and Fatty. But who knows what the truth is.

    I don’t follow his marriage but from what I learn on here it has turned sour in the last few years.

    His boasting on KT that he shags girls he meets on MySpace probably didn’t help.

  7. barry wom Says:

    Disco – “what can I do”? Well if I was you I would be kicking off. Who’s to say you won’t be next? Your stance reminds me of football fans around the country when you try and educate them about the s*n to stop buying it. Even though all the evidence is there, even though they know it cuold have been them the rag lied about, they just put their fingers in their ears shouting “but there’s tits on page 3” over and over again. I won’t bother replying to anymore of your posts, as you clearly have your mind set in a certain direction and nomatter who Oldham fucks over, no matter what he does, all you can think about is getting your 30 quids worth.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    There is no wriggling out for Oldham because Redz got his account wrong – about Oldham’s lie about the Crouch interview and tapes.

    Nor is there any wriggling out if the Crouch tape story was a sick Oldham joke to his sidekick Brendan. What Oldham also said was:

    “The point I’m trying to say is that the other day I was told that I was wrong when I said players DO talk to The Sun. I received plenty of stick for suggesting such. Dunk knows best.”

    He is wrong. Players do not talk to the SUN. The club arranges and clears all interviews and the Head of Press in his letter to REDZ confirmed that the club does not arrange interviews with the SUN.

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