Some more bans at Koptalk for asking questions.

I’ve just been sent this little piece of communication from the “Shoitbox”. I’m guessing here, but I’d say it was all posted at around quarter to four.

<brendan> Such a shame, I’d posted a beautifully vitriolic post that eviscerated Jamo, as well
< Dunk> Ryan and AA both banned. There is an acceptable use policy on the site and has been since day 1. If anyone else wishes to leave, this can be arranged.
<onceared> What was unnacceptable dunk? i dont understand this one sorry!
< CheshireDave> How long they been banned for?
<onceared> I must have missed something in the thread before it was deleted?
< discobiscuit> i don;t even know what as in teh thread
<onceared> Some posters were laughing because traore hasgone, andsome were sticking up for him. i didnt see the controversy bit though?
<kingFowl> CD : wats the time over there
< CheshireDave> Thats all I saw andy, although I looked at it about 15 mins ago, must have been posted since then.
<CheshireDave > 15:45
<Xability> thats amazing, it is also 15.45 here too
< kingFowl> thanks pal
<onceared> The last post i saw was AA saying i only read the first post!
< onceared> NO WAY!!! Its 15.45 here too!!! *LOOKSSHOCKED*
<Xability> I think it is more to do with the slagging off of the site in the shoutbox » brendan concurs
< CheshireDave> I bet the shoutbox gets disabled soon.
<onceared> Maybe so Xab, but then why was the thread deleted??
< Dunk> nobody likes moderating the forums but there is an Acceptable Use Policy for the benefit of everyone who don’t want to endure peopel wittering on like girls all day

I’ve been told that the thread included some questions about Koptalk or Dunk, and nothing unreasonable. I’ve not seen the thread (or shoutbox entries if that’s what it was) so I can only go off what I’ve been told.

The last three major “incidents” involving Koptalk have all been from his own members. One member sent an email to Ian Cotton at LFC. Another member put some ideas forward relating to trying to get Koptalk back to a site he’d like to continue visiting. The third one was one of his “free” visitors asking questions.

We’ve hardly got time to visit Koptalk ourselves these days. Does the level of concern from so many of his members not raise any concerns for him, or for his other long-term members?


26 Responses to “Some more bans at Koptalk for asking questions.”

  1. lobster Says:

    haha, i commented about this in your previous post.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    How about making a list of the names Oldham call his readers and paying members:


    any more?

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    what do the girls think of his “wittering like girls remarks….”

    Maybe that’s what girls do in Yorkshire…..witter.

    Can you hear it now “Eee, do give over with your wittering Enid”

    Where’s Vicky Pollard when you want her?

  4. Chunka Says:

    If nobody likes Moderating the forums. Why do they do it for free?

    I actually pasted the previous entry of the shoutbox into a comment. But I can’t find it.

  5. Disco Says:

    It has all gone a little tense over there.

    I think you guys have seriously fucked with his head!

    Thought for you guys though – presumably not that many people read the post. Are you sure he can’t find out who did read it (and therefore who may have copied and pasted it?!)

  6. lobster Says:


  7. lobster Says:

    not sure if theres such a feature in fusionBB?

  8. barry wom Says:

    the man appears to be totally off his rocker now.

    after some of the stuff that’s been on here or posted on KT the last few days, it shocks me how many supporters he still seems to have. i know people have boring jobs and go on to kill time and that – but there are other forums. even if you’ve built up releationships with people on that forum, somebody has set up the est1892 site, so koptalkers can continue to have their community, without Herr Flick coming along telling people how to think and save yourself 30 quid into the bargain. i just find it really astonishing that people want to back him and i really don’t understand the logic behind it.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    How about making a list of the names Oldham call his readers and paying members:


    rejects (from lobster)


  10. lobster Says:

    barry wom : those are posting and visiting for free maybe?

  11. lobster Says:

    rupert : “trolls”

  12. lobster Says:

    fatty just assigned / pushed all forum responsibilities to poor steve……haha..probably trying to tell ppl if they get banned, dont blame it on him….yeah right fatso.

  13. jj_sawyer Says:

    for the record the tone of ST3 is that of Dunk, he just couldn’t face logging on as himself at this tense time so like always he posts under a different name, this time is step-brother/cousin/drinking pal/unpaid staff or whatever he does be. and now ST3 (aka Dunk is Community Manager – or has it always been like that?)

    oh and another name he calls his members are “loons”

  14. Toby Says:

    barry wom, the sad truth is that there’s always a percentage of web users who are unaware of what is available elsewhere and how to find it. That is why he refuses any links to other websites so as to avoid desertion.

    My father thought that Google WAS the web until I put him right. A lot of non-web people are very gullible and it’s this small minority Duncan Oldham of Koptalk preys upon.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    How about making a list of the names Oldham call his readers and paying members:


    rejects (from lobster)
    trolls (from lobster)
    loons (from jj)


  16. rupertinsider Says:

    “If nobody likes Moderating the forums. Why do they do it for free”

    There’s a phalanx of Hitler Youth just lusting for the power to ban their comrades, just like der Fuhrer.

  17. nick Says:

    put ur emails forward if u’d like to recieve the latest from koptalk hq.

    an honoury members post in the goldclub complaining of the running of the site was deleted.

    i still have the post saved

  18. lobster Says:

    anyone notice fatty old editorials seem to have all but disappeared? trying to hide something or take back his words? or maybe i am blind and couldnt see it.

  19. nick Says:

    dunks editorials cause alot of contreversy on the site

    the reason dunk deletes the posts related to his running of the site is because if he allows discussion everyone would rip into him. about 95% of insiders don’t approve of dunks running of the site.

  20. barry wom Says:

    lobster … but i don’t even really understand that. even if it’s free, he makes money from your hits. i would resent him making anything to be honest. and there’s plenty of people on the gold club who pay and continue to buy into this whole thing.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    barry . 900 + people took arsenic-laced Koolaid and died in that Guyana jungle camp about 1981 because a guy called Jones told them, to.

  22. barry wom Says:

    rupert … but i get the impression these fellas who run cults have a certain magnetism and charisma about them. even back when KT was a decent site, have you ever thought that about Oldham? I’ve always thought he came across as obnoxious, even back then.

  23. univofchicago Says:

    wow…duncan has totally broken down…

  24. Redz Says:

    see fatty has removed the ian cotton sticky wonder why?

  25. tj Says:

    Rupert, that ol’ prick Dj_Sydney continually calls members: ‘benders’ and ‘cnuts’ .. he doesn’t realise they’re not all his friends.

  26. paidupbut lockedout Says:

    The worst for me is “split arses” (women) I kid you not.

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