On the Kop and asking for captions.

I’ve had some interesting correspondance in the last few hours and overnight, former Koptalkers are telling me little bits and pieces that again I’d love to put on the site but can’t. Stuff about Dunk, stuff about how officials see Dunk and so on. I’ll not break their confidences though, and if that makes me sound like the infamous man himself then I apologise.

One fairly minor thing that was emailed to me is who he used to support as a kid – before he started to “support” Liverpool. I think I’d heard this before, but I’ll see if anyone else knows before I mention who it was.

We’re still waiting on other emails and other responses too.

In the meantime, let’s look at what the clearly rattled owner of Koptalk spoke about late last night. First of all, some stuff about how he used to stand on the Kop.

iain    Gold Member
where did you stand in the kop ?
#1556391 – Tue Jul 18 2006 11:32 PM

I have just been watching some old tapes of our games and it brought back some fond memories of the Kop. I always use to stand behind the Goal (left hand post) just about a third of the way up. Does anyone else remember where they use to stand or are there any Anny Rd boys here?
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Dunk   KopTalk Editor
Re: where did you stand in the kop ?  [Re: iain]
#1556394 – Tue Jul 18 2006 11:34 PM

I used to stand down the front to the left of the goal from behind looking forward. I only went a few times as a kid mind as I was one me own as I used to sneak to Liverpool on the train from Scarborough by saving my dinner money up during the week… yes, I turned down food lol!
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Dunk   KopTalk Editor

Re: where did you stand in the kop ?  [Re: red g]
#1556405 – Tue Jul 18 2006 11:42 PM

Last game I was on Kop (standing) was when we won the league and they did a lap of honour. QPR… don’t know the date off the top of my head and can’t be bothered to look
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Dunk   KopTalk Editor
Re: where did you stand in the kop ?  [Re: iain]
#1556427 – Wed Jul 19 2006 12:03 AM


Dunk what was your first game? mine was against Norwich in 76 one nil
Stevie H !!

I was born in ’74 and lived at the other side of the country so I didn’t have family to take me or anything like that.

The first Liverpool game I ever went to was the 1986 FA Cup final, so I would have been 11 when it was played

After that I used to sneak to Liverpool by train. Even as a teenager I struck up my first relationship with someone who worked at Anfield who used to take me inside the red carpet areas. I met all my heroes, Digger, Rushie etc. It was unreal.

I used to get the train alone which took about 3 or 4 hours. I’d then walk from Lime Street to the ground and back and pay cash on the turnstiles. I can’t remember how much, probably about £8 or £10.

I’m really looking forward to the coming season as it’s been a real good summer in terms of me getting more help etc with the site so I’ll have more free time.

One question though, do you prefer home or away games? I’ve always liked the away games me as you get your die-hards who want to sing and stuff. For me, a big part of football is the atmosphere. I like the electricity of it.
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Yes, it all sounds a little far-fetched to me too.

He also ran three separate caption competitions – one for Insider members, one for Gold Club members, one for “.org” visitors.

All the same photo – http://archive.propaganda-photo.com/gps.aspx?pid=802770 except he’d edited it and put a black rectangle over the eyes of the guy at the back of the photo. They guy right behind Rick Parry. All part of his pretence that he’s got information we don’t know about.

He actually tried to enter it himself (this is not a new thing in a Koptalk competition, we’ve got plenty to say about that in a future post on the site). Here are three of his side-splitting entries…

Dunk   KopTalk Editor
#1556498 – Wed Jul 19 2006 01:01 AM
“Dunk’s got 50 Sky cards, three David Bowie LP’s and a goat… I say we offer him £200, Rick?”

#1556500 – Wed Jul 19 2006 01:01 AM          Reply      Quote
“It’s called who wants to be a millionaire… want a go?”

#1556511 – Wed Jul 19 2006 01:09 AM          Reply      Quote
“Ian said he never sent it… told you didn’t I, it had paragraphs in it. It was so easy to tell!”

So who exactly is “Ian” then in the third entry? Dunk probably doesn’t even remember posting these.

So Koptalk isn’t even the best site on the net for caption competitions.

(On the subject of competitions, can people please send in their recollections of Dunk’s various xbox / psp / ticket / dvd / satellite system comps in recent times. I’ve already got quite a bit, but more would be welcome. Has anyone actually won something and got their prize? Let me know. Dunk – don’t try replying yourself using an alias, we’ll work it out again!) 


9 Responses to “On the Kop and asking for captions.”

  1. Phil Thompson Says:

    I have posted a number of threads with screenshots on Kraptalk. You’ve probably already seen them.

  2. Sinon Says:

    Its Ian Cotton he is referring to, ihe is implying that he has spoken to Ian and he denies sending it ‘because it has more than one paragraph’.

    So him saying ‘told you didn’t I’ is his response…fucking hell, told us, lets shut up shop now…

    As for his position on the Kop, that is EXACTLY I where I used to stand…but I used to get in at 1pm with my dad, sit on the barrier for two hours to get that spec. Fatty used to just turn up and get a prime spot did he then, or did he sneak off from Scarborough to get the 9am train to get such a seat?

    His parents must have been invesigated surely? This chubby little kids, who eats nothing through the week (remember it was a poor background he grew up in, yadda yadda….make cheques payable to….but he got money not packed lunch) saving all his money (£8-10 plus train fare) to go across the country from at least 9am to 9pm??

    Oh, and then they probably didn’t notice two weeks later when he was gone for another 12 hours minimum?

    He also went all the time, poor little littlest hobo, from 86 to 90 (i was at the QPR game and got on the pitch at the end) and then didn’t bother for another two years until the Kop was redeveloped. Thats committment, probably discovered girls and started a newsletter to get more and VHS them with his childhood sweatheart…

  3. Toby Says:

    “Look Rick, it’s Toby from Kraptalk telling us to watch out for a fat cunt with a Sun hat who reckons he knows us both. Any idea why that bloke behind is dressed as a letterbox?”

  4. Ted R. Says:

    One lad in the .org site named Piedro was supposed to have won an IPOD from Oldham about 6 months ago.

    Needless to say, Oldham never sent him his prize, this despite a number of posts from Piedro asking where the Ipod was. Oldham just dismisses it as a joke and said ‘it’s still in the post’…..

    Another one – about a year ago – there was a special free pass into ‘The Insider’ if you reached 2000 posts on the .org site. I made it up to that level, sent in my request for the upgraded access – and he basically told me to piss off if I wasn’t willing to shell out some money.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    My guess of who he used to support is Manchester United.

    He changed his name by deed poll to Mr. Manchster United. What LFC supporter could do that? It smacks of someone trying to be popular with the Mancs.

    If that’s not correct, then I would say Leeds United.

    It’s not Newcastle is it ? Odd though that he claims his son, whom he says he called Robbie after Fowler, supports Newcastle.

  6. Duncan (no, not that one) Says:

    With regards to the competitions that have been ran by Fatman and Robbing, it would be most useful if anyone has screengrabs/cached pages that show the “terms and conditions” as set out for each draw. Any published lists of winners could also prove to be handy. Plus their privacy policy…

  7. rednotdead Says:

    I got to the last 3 in a guess the score (or result) comp a coupe of seasons ago.

    I lost – but noticed that the declared winner had posted AFTER the match.

    I wrote in more than once pointing this out but nothing ever came of it.

  8. robbo Says:

    Hmm just had a poke around and can’t seem to find the caption thread on the forums now. I entered for shits and giggles last night to see if I won he might hand out a prize; now nothings there.

  9. ReReformed Says:

    He was born in 74 and paid £8 – £10 to stand on the kop as a teenager??

    I don’t think so. I’m a few years younger and remember paying something more like 4 quid to stand on the Kop as a teenager.

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