Yet more Koptalk fantasy.

Looks like there’ll be a lot of stuff made up on Koptalk today. How it can be see easy to see through something so big, so dense, so thick is surely one of the modern mysteries of science.  But we can see through Mr Oldham every time. And this will only be the start of his fantasies for today.

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LFC Press Conferences and European Travel
#1552955 – Mon Jul 17 2006 01:07 PM
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I’m unable to reveal too much at this time but as from the 2006-07 season we will have an official representative at every first team competitive fixture. This will include all European fixtures regardless of location.

We will also have every major LFC press conference covered e.g. parading of new signings etc.

Until now we have had to rely on friends in the local and national media to drop us snippets of info in return for a few pints on a Saturday night but as from next season, we will be stepping up our coverage as you will see.

I have spent all morning holding talks with the suits and have come to an arrangement that will benefit the site.

It’s taken me a few hours to sort things out so I’m gonna have a cup of tea and return to the normal site duties such as the news, emails etc.

So we have a dig at Dunk for not finding out about the trip overseas by Rafa. We had a dig over the weekend about the lack of the promised photos and videos from the first day back at pre-season training. We mentioned our disbelief of his claims he knows and meets CEO of LFC, Rick Parry.

This post is his response. He can’t help reading the blog, can’t help answering us back with some more lies. He has a season ticket so he claims – now he’s had to speak to “the suits” to get someone to be able to attend all the LFC games. Who’s that going to be then Oldham? Your mam? Steve? Chris Waddle?

This blog will still be here when the season starts Duncan, and we’ve still got a record of all of those claims you made about the coverage you’ll be providing for the new season. We’ll be making sure you stick to it.

Anyway, now we know we’ve still got your attention Mr Oldham, why not answer our other questions seeing as you’re in the mood?

Why did you wear that Sun hat when you knew about the boycott already?
Where is the Peter Crouch tape you claim to have?
Why did you lie and say you’d been talking to Steven Gerrard?
As someone who hates foreigners, how do you justify pretending to be their friends whilst fleecing them for their money?
Why did you lie about meeting Rick Parry.
Why do you rip your users off by banning them without reason?
Why are we jealous if we aren’t running another LFC site?
How can sites be your rivals if you have no rivals?
Why do you create misleading headlines for News Now?
Why do you hate Fowler so much?
Why do you hate Crouch so much?
Why do you pretend to be “The Informer”, “wallet”, “Anfield Mole”, “barry” and “Pat McCat” amongst others?
Why do you say and do so many anti-LFC things if you support LFC?
Why do you make up staff members?
Why do you lie about abuse of your kids from others?
Why do you not have custody of your kids all week – is that because of abuse from you?
Why do you steal domain names?
Why do you pretend you’ve got more visitors than you really have?
Why do you pretend to have season tickets at Anfield but refuse to provide any proof?
Why do you pretend to have competitions for XBoxes when you’ve not actually got one to give away, never mind three?
Why do you ban people for asking questions like “Where’s my Book?”?

There’s more, see how many of those you can get through and we’ll send you the rest. Email the answers to us, or leave them as a comment below (we know your IP addresses). Replying on your own site and glossing over bits here and there won’t work really, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

And if anyone’s in any doubt about Dunk, try asking him some of those questions on his site and see where it gets you. If he’s innocent he’ll answer them. If he’s not he’ll skirt around them, ignore them, delete them, lie about them. Try it – ask him on one of his forums – but be ready to be banned if you do.


17 Responses to “Yet more Koptalk fantasy.”

  1. chapeau du soleil Says:

    >> Until now we have had to rely on friends in the local and national media to drop us
    >> snippets of info in return for a few pints on a Saturday night

    3 things here
    1) Is he admitting that he actually had no real inside knowledge all along??

    2) local media? Presumably he is talking about his beloved magpies?

    3) Buying pints for someone in the National media? Does that mean the national journo would perhaps hail from the North East and go back there often to have a pint with blubberman. Wonder where Shaun Custis from the S*n is from….

    Point 3 is merely a speculative punt by the way, his whole article is almost certainly complete bollocks anyway

  2. Rich Says:

    Surely having an ‘official representative’ at all games will be easy with his season ticket. Apart from the fact he hasn’t got one.

    And aren’t press conferences all shown on the official site if you have an e-season ticket? Which he also claims to have?

    He’s more stupid than he looks (quite an achievement) if he thinks he can stop this blog by coming out with more and more lies. He looks at this site everyday so he must know that he’s only adding fuel to the fire

  3. lobster Says:

    lol @ dunk

  4. Toby Says:

    I’m sure he is aware that any official representation at Premiership matches needs to be registered with and approved by the Premier League/Football DataCo.

  5. Rich Says:

    I imagine he became aware as soon as you wrote that Toby!

  6. rupert Says:

    He can fix that easily – a free Gold Club membership to each one of the directors of the Premiere League.

  7. rupert Says:

    “Until now we have had to rely on friends in the local and national media to drop us
    snippets of info in return for a few pints on a Saturday night”

    There he goes again. The Artful Dodger’s view of the world. All these honourable people – LFC employees, seasoned reporters – all ready to hand over privileged information to a fat Yorkie for a bribe or a drink. It fits in so well with his S** like view of “thieving scousers” and his view of LFC as “the other side”.

    I wonder how he accounts for that on his business account? – “To bribes to gatemen, and drinks to local reporters”.

    Sorry Fatty, but Internal Revenue needs proof – like cancelled cheques, bills and receipts.

  8. Richard S Says:

    Who remembers that daft Sidney_DJ Twat posting his ‘insider’ scoop over the years?

    Hahahah….He said Anelka was dead cert to be rejoining…. Kewell was to be sold last summer……Owen was on the plane back from Madrid to re-sign for the Reds…..

    and best of all – just a few weeks posted a hillarious letter from an ‘insider’ at the club!!!

    The funny thing is HE WROTE THE LETTER HIMSELF addressed TO HIMSELF!!!

  9. rupert Says:

    “The funny thing is HE WROTE THE LETTER HIMSELF addressed TO HIMSELF!!!”

    What was that all about? Do you have an url or copy?

  10. kopwank Says:

    Newsnow – I complained to newsnow formally again today, I will continue to do so until they reply properly.

    A google for koptalk newsnow reveals people bitching about this 4 years ago – come on Newsnow these bullshit misleading headlines have to stop..

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Maybe News Now have other reasons for not stopping his scams. Possible Dunk has made ‘freinds’ with the sports editor etc of news now. Or maybe they generate more hits because of his wild headlines thus its better for the sdvertising partners etc.

  12. fat_boy_fat Says:

    *advertising partners etc

  13. rupert Says:

    Fat boy: he would like you to think that the world is a world of artful dodgers like him – and that he could bribe the guys at NEWS NOW. But he really is very, very small time. Nobody would give him the time of day if it were not for his lies about KT. He uses KT as a calling card – how many people know that it is NOT the No.1 LFC site? We have to educate these people as we did with the Wikepedia last week.

    NEWS NOW have put up some resistance to complaints about him because he told them that the criticisms were from rival sites – his usual bilge.

    If people would write to them an say that what they are doing is offensive – that you object to being tricked by false or distorted headlines, and it reflects badly on NEWS NOW as a credible news source. Another argument is that we object to NEWS NOW quota of sources for LFC being dominated by KT links excluding faster and more credible sites.

  14. duncanmitty Says:

    If you write to NewsNow, make sure you argue the points in the following text cut from their editorial policy at

    NewsNow aims to aggregate sources that:

    * do not consist entirely of articles syndicated from other publications we are already aggregating but write at least some original content;
    * do not infringe the copyright of others;
    * appear accurate and well-researched, well-written and typo-free;
    * conform to a reasonable standard of the language in which they are written;
    * do not contain excessive use of profanity;
    * do not engage in excessive promotion of goods or services within their editorial content;
    * abide by the laws of the land, e.g. are not libellous, defamatory or contain hate speech.

    I think the copyright infringement, well researched and excessive promotion clauses are good to argue against koptalk’s inclusion but you may have a better idea.

  15. Richard S Says:

    Sorry Rupert, I’m not in the mood to trawl back through months of threads to find Sidney Dj’s letter he wrote to himself ! Though if you do get a chance, try to find it….it’s an all time classic!

  16. Richard S Says:

    Sorry Rupert, I’m not in the mood to trawl back through months of threads to find Sidney Dj’s letter he wrote to himself ! Though if you do get a chance, try to find it….it’s an all time classic! !

  17. rupert Says:

    Richard: fair enough. I thought you could click on DJ’s name and then look under “previous posts” or whatever it is. I don’t even know the subject-matter of the letter so I can’t look.

    Anyway, the main point is how he predicts with such certainty this or that. I remember about three weeks ago he announced that he would be receiving a phone call the next afternoon about a transfer. He said the information was not related to the Insider or Oldham. The thread had about 100 replies and there were spin-off threads. Needless to say when the next day came and went without the phone call – he just turned to something else. Having earned possibly 1,000 or 2,000 hits for his OWNER it was job well done.

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