New home kit picture

redkit0607.jpgIf Dunk claims to have exclusive shots of the new home kit later tonight, he’s got the picture from one of his users. Here’s him slavering at the mouth at the thought of him getting it emailed to him. But it went to another user before he could get himself into play. He was too busy with the “Cropper” oddness to see this.

(The person who provided this to Koptalk might want to apologise to his friend as well, if what he says is true. His friend might want to give his boss a call too to apologise.)


10 Responses to “New home kit picture”

  1. Sinon Says:

    Posted months ago by several KT members (and undoubtedly other sites).

    Dunk just managed to get his greasy hands off the pies long enough to declare it an ‘exclusive’

  2. Bill Says:

    Looks like one of lazy boy (off rawks) fake mock ups.

  3. bigf00t Says:

    the kit matches the ones that were shown on TLW and other forums… the ones which were on maniquins(sp?)…

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    I think that this finally is the real kit (I’ve seen some pretty bad fakes in the past few months). The most recent ones on the shop dummies (I can’t spell mannequin either!) looked like this, but they had no “Carlsberg” on the front.

  5. bigf00t Says:

    the way its presented in the picture is also similar to the way the official site presented the European away kit on saturday…

  6. Sinon Says:

    SECOND (at least) YET again.

    on Rawk at :
    Re: Liverpool Shirt release dates announced
    « Reply #767 on: Yesterday at 06:48:58 PM »

    11 minutes before he posted the picture:

    Check a third down the page, exactly the same kit as he posted but in a different pose, then the same pose a little later – so Dunk simply knows the same websites to look as the minions on RAWK (abeit later), yet charges £40 for it!

    Blog that Fatty

  7. Sinon Says:

    I looked at that Bob, but its just a made up version using the Chelski top. It doesn’t have the collar. The one at 6:48 is the correct one, and precedes Dunks ‘exclusive’.

    Where do I sign up for such unique opportuinities to get the upper hand on the ‘rivals’ and always get the exclusive Insider ‘facts’?

    £40 you say? Bargain…

  8. Whois Lookup Says:

    Think it turns up even earlier on Rawk – this is from July 6th:

  9. chloe Says:

    hello boss liverpool kits

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